Tope Brown Exclusive Part 2: “How I met and fell in love with Dele Momodu” + The story of my TBS Entertainment

The GDA with the Brown family @ their Abuja home

In this last part of our encounter with Ovation
magazine’s number 1 paparazzi, Tope Brown Olowoyeye in Lagos we
bring you the very interesting hearty revelation of the well travelled Photo journalist
who has covered several high class events for Ovation magazine around
the world including the famous wedding nuptials of famous Nollywood actress Stephanie
with Philanthropist business man husband Linus Idahosa in Paris, France on April 21st 2012.

Other events he covered for the high class magazine includes the London
Olympics 2012, FIFA World Cup 2014 and African Fashion Week in London and
Paris.  Tope who has touched several
parts of the world in the name of covering high class events for Ovation
magazine is a journalist’s delight who will thrill you with his ever
charismatic smiles, chatty spirit and occasionally busty  laughter that usually peaks the high points
of the encounter.  He told asabeafrika
how he met his innovative and dynamic boss while working as the highest
paid staff of Foto Tech, a
photography company he worked with after his graduation from UNILAG. He equally
shared with us the interesting story of how he met and fell in love with his
beautiful wife, Beatrice Brown (Nee
an industrial mathematician and his love and passion for his
daughter, Lisa Opemipo Brown. 
Enjoy the excerpts with your favorite drink and snacks only on your
Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika.

“Women coming around me are a normal thing; I belong to what I call the seduction zone and if you are under that zone you will always have it happen to you but i thank God that one is able to handle such situations.  Although I have so many of them but I am not a womanizer; yes,  I have a number of female admirers who probably love me because of my shots; you know women love taking pictures and either we want it or not they are our biggest fans”

The G D A with TB sharing opinion over a copy of Ovation magazine
TB lifts his Beatrice on their wedding day in Abuja in the glare of everybody

My encounter with Bashorun Dele

started this session with the tale of his encounter with his boss of 12 years, Bashorun
(Dr.) Joseph
Ayobamidele Ojutelegan Ajani Momodu
“The entire event of crossing from Foto Tech to Ovation started with my
encounter with the present Oragun of Oke Ila in Osun state, HRM Oba (Dr.) Dokun Abolarin
aka Sir
who was still into law and media practice then. I met him at an
event and he saw my shots and he said to me ‘boy, you are good with this thing’
he later promised to take me to Chief Dele Momdu; those were the early starting
years of the Ovation brand which was catching a lot of fire in town then.
And to be very honest with you, the very first day I set my eyes on Ovation
magazine I just loved the brand; that was when Ajayi Oyebo was the photo
editor and he was equally making a lot of waves then. Those days I used to see
him with the elite photo journalist, Dayo Adedayo and I will say to
myself ‘Father Lord, this is the kind of thing I want to be doing. I love to
work with this magazine’ and I never knew that Jehovah God recorded my supplication
and granted it.  

Tope & Beatrice Brown…’Love made in heaven’
The Girl

So, I was like ‘this is
a great magazine, look at the way the photo guy is travelling up and down’ and
indeed I love travelling. Travelling is part of my hobby. I love it so much; so
after my encounter with Oba Dokun Abolarin and he promised
to connect me with Chief Dele Momodu I was relaxed but anxious to meet the
publisher. But again, another client came to hire us from Foto Tech and I happened
to be the one to go and cover the event. It was a fashion show and that was how
I came in contact with the Nigerian fashion promoter, Lexy Mojo Eyes. I covered
the events and the shots turned out fantastic. Lexy Mojo Eyes later
called me and asked for some of the shots which I made available to him. When
he saw them he was amazed and he took it to Ovation where it was to
be published and I think Dele Momodu also commented on the
pictures and that was just it. All my connections to Dele Momodu came from
different angles and it was just God’s divine arrangement to make me work with
him. So, to me it was a destined relationship to work with Dele Momodu”

Tope Brown in London
Tope Brown shows love to daughter, Lisa during a trip to the UK

My Foto Tech-to-Ovation move
Tope shared with us how he dumped Foto Tech
for Ovation “After that event I was transferred  to Abuja to go and turn around the newly established
studio in the capital city, that is Foto Palace at Wuse
market, I was the Studio manager then. From there Ovation was contacting me
to do one or two jobs for them in Abuja up to up north and I can tell you that Dele
as a creative person loved my shots, I wouldn’t know why. He
said ‘Tope you are creative’ and from that point he said he was really
interested in me. I had no choice than to cross over; when I was leaving I
didn’t even inform the Chairman of Foto Tech that is Alhaji
Adebola Adegunwa.
I couldn’t tell him because working in Ovation
had always been my dream and I can tell you that the Baba (Adegunwa) loves me
so much. He is a wonderful person but very difficult to please; you cant please
that man but I tried my best to please him and he equally loved me and the
reason he gave for loving me is that there is what he calls “Kee’ke” in business, he said I have Kee’ke which I can translate to acumen
for business, Baba Adegunwa said I can persuade anybody to buy anything I sell
even if it is shit. And I have it in
me, it is an inbuilt and from God. Abinibi ni not ability; Baba Adegunwa said
that was why he loved me and it was one of the primary reasons I was posted to
the Abuja office.

TB, wife Beatrice & Daughter Lisa in the UK
TB @ the Olympics in London

I think they gave the Abuja team a target of like Seven
Hundred Thousand Naira a month and they couldn’t make up half of it but on
getting there, the first month, I beat up the target and we made like a million
three hundred and something thousand Naira. So, it was like a big surprise and
from there they just increased my salary and it was really fantastic. They later
increased target to a million naira per month and I just kept topping it and
the man came to love me so much but I still had to leave. I just gave them a
resignation letter that was sent to Lagos, I didn’t even show up as Dele
has asked me to report. It was after like two months that the
man (Adegunwa) sent for me and he told me that he was actually planning to give
me the Abuja Foto Palace office as a venture and  that I was going to be managing it and be
paying him a yearly tribute. But it was too late because I have moved and
working in Ovation has been my own dream and to me it was a dream come
true and before you know it I was everywhere travelling around the world”

Tope Brown with former United States President, George Bush @ a diplomatic event in Abuja
Tope Brown feeding his Beatrice on their wedding day

My most challenging event
who has the rare honor of covering so many high octane wedding events in Kano,
Abuja, Katsina, Kaduna,  Paris and
several events like the FIFA World Cup 2014, London Olympics 2012 and the
African Fashion Week in Paris and London took a deep breath before telling us
what he can define as his most tasking assignment in the lots “I think my
biggest and most tasking assignment was the Olympic games in the United
Kingdom; I was there and it was very, very tasking but full of fun. Yeah, I
love the weather but you had to jump from train-station-to train-station and
that could be pretty tasking because if you say you want to engage a cab the
charges could be exorbitant and the topography could also be demanding. So, to
get the real action, one had to jump from one end to the other on train. But it
was really fun for me because it was in the UK where there is orderly; if it
has been in Nigeria, it could have been tasking.  I met a lot of people and equally made new
friends; my second hobby is making new friends and that journey afforded me the
opportunity to do so”. 

Tope Brown

The Tope Brown Studio idea
now, Tope’s innovation from photography and celebrity journalism is taking him
to the next level as he recently established what is now known as one of
Abuja’s leading entertainment outfits, TBS Entertainment. He told us the reason
behind the decision “TBS Entertainment is not a today’s thing. It has always
been in my mind for a long time that I want to penetrate into the entertainment
industry especially in a conservative city like Abuja. TBS is an acronym
derived from my name which means Tope Brown Studios Entertainment.
I discovered some talented guys that we are presently promoting on our label,
most of them I discovered at events and I didn’t want their talent to waste
away, so I gave a lifet. I have a gospel artist I discovered at an Abuja
church, he is a praise and worship singer and I signed him on, he is the only
gospel artiste that we have. 

Lisa, GDA & TB in a recent visit to Tope’s Abuja home

His name is Kenneth Ozioma. My first artist is Akin
Michael Afolabi,
his stage name is SLO FLO, he used to be in Abuja but
right now he has relocated to Lagos and he is one artiste who has performed
with many top artistes like Tuface, with Jaywon, with Jay
and with Sanni Danja who is number one northern Nigeria’s top Hip-Pop
act at the moment, he is their number one. The work is on all radio stations in
Abuja right now, the title is TERIBA and we are presently shooting the video.
We also have an artiste called Rude Bone who is based in the United
Kingdom, Scotland precisely. And he
is a raga hip-pop artiste while SLO FLO is an Afro-Hip-Pop artiste and Kenneth
Ozioma is the only full blown gospel artiste among them. It is really
challenging because it is only me, no support from any quarters except God
Almighty and I must also thank my wife, Beatrice who has supported me in so
many ways I cannot explain”

Beatrice signing her love unto Tope Brown on her happiest day on earth
Me & Women 
the editorial his boss, Dele Momodu did on him inside the issue 108 of Ovation
magazine where Tope was celebrated for his ingenuity at getting the story of
the nuptial of late President Yar ‘Adua’s daughter, Nafisat with the Bauchi
state governor, Isa Yuguda, the publisher further described his creative
employee thus “The ladies love Tope to bits. He has their formula at his finger
tips” and that actually formed the basis for our next question; how does Tope handle women who throng after him
as a celebrity photo journalist?  “Women
coming around me are a normal thing; I belong to what I call the seduction zone
and if you are under that zone you will always have it happen to you but i
thank God that one is able to handle such situations.  Although I have so many of them but I am not
a womanizer; yes,  I have a number of
female admirers who probably love me because of my shots; you know women love
taking pictures and either we want it or not they are our biggest fans.  I am married to a very beautiful woman who
has been able to cure me of all my excesses and made me a complete man”
Igwe Tope Brown during a special visit to his in-laws in Warri, Delta state
‘Here is the man i give my all-in-all to’ Beautrice seems to say to TB on their wedding day

How I met and fell in love with my

first Tope refused to tell us the story of how he met the mother of his
daughter, Lisa but after some persuasion from us, he agreed to open up to asabeafrika
“I met my wife in Abuja under a very interesting circumstance; actually
I was inside a Kabu-kabu car on the day I saw my wife, she was coming out of a
saloon with couple of friends when I sighted her. I quickly approached her and
said ‘hello, hello, hello’ but I think her friends had more influence on her
sense of decision at that moment.  She
ignored me and the way I was dressed that day was really humble; because I love
simple wears and I was just wearing a taxi cap and I was in a red jalopy
kabu-kabu car as well. So, she was just wondering ‘who is this one?’ and her
friends all beautiful girls were equally wondering what have befallen me?’ So,
I said ‘let me just let her go jare’. You know at times when ladies walk in
group and you want to chase one of them it could be very difficult to
penetrate. But I just believe God has destined us to be. 

Tope and Beatrice taking royal blessing from Beautrice’s parent

So, I left them and
went to do my runs. But on returning after couple of hours, I now saw her
walking alone in her neighborhood. I was in a cab so I quickly ordered the cab
guy to drop me and I started walking along the road with her and persuading her
to accept me and before she uttered a word I recall she said “Ah, ah? You this
guy again?” So, to me I think it is destiny. 
Destiny brought us together. My wife’s name is Beatrice; she is from the
famous Emaike family in Urhobo, Delta state. Her Dad is a traditional ruler and
she is the last child of 9 children on her mum’s side because she has many step
brothers and sisters from her three step mums. Her mum is the eldest wife of
Chief Emaike.  My wife studies industrial
mathematics and works with a government establishment. She is a first class for
that matter, so I treasure her. I love her and I am just happy to have found
her as my missing rib”

Tope kissing Beatrice on their wedding day
Tope, wife and boss, Chief Dele Momodu & the GDA (R) on his wedding day in March 2010
Lisa Opemipo Brown (LOB)

…. Lisa my daughter
Brown went ahead to appreciate the creative tendency of his three years old
daughter, Lisa “My daughter’s name is Lisa Brown. Her native name is Opemipo,
she is a wonderful girl. A gifted child and a very interesting personality, I am
very happy with my family. Do you know Lisa is one of the driving spirit
behind my TBS Entertainment; she is really supporting me because anytime I am
driving her to school in the morning  or
during weekends when I decides to take her and her mother on picnic, my
daughter will say “Daddy, put SLO FLO” and she can sing like three songs of  my artiste SLO FLO from her head from
beginning to the end like “Kokoro Ola mi
da, Tori mo ti go ri ola”
she can sing it fluently, she sings all the three
songs of SLO FLO and even the newly released Teriba number, Lisa sings
it. Ah, Lisa, that girl is a powerful girl. I love her so much and I thank God
for the gift of Lisa as a child”

Lisa and mum on a foreign tour
Lisa & Beatrice Brown

My golden advice to starters
magazine’s number 1 Paparazzi closes the encounter with a word of advice for
young people who aim for success “Young people should be determined in whatever
they are doing. They have to be focused and never disappoint themselves; your
parent might disappoint you, your guardian might disappoint you, anybody can
disappoint you but please don’t disappoint yourself. If you don’t disappoint
yourself God will never disappoint you. You can always achieve the best you
desire for and just like me, I aspired to work with Ovation even though I was
earning a fat salary as at then at Foto Tech but I still wanted to fulfill that
thing in me and today I am the brands number 1 Paparazzi; the sky is the limit
for any youth wishing to be different in their approach to life only if you can
dream big.” 

Tope Brown in Paris….with security officials
Tope Brown @ the London Olympics
Tope and Beatrice during their traditional wedding in 2009


  1. What a creative encounter with this guy. I enjoy every bits of the interview but what i don't understand is the fact that such a handsome guy like Mr. Brown does not womanize. Please, make we put that one aside o jare!