Toto Abuga’s wife’s facebook post generates controversy + “Why I sacked all my friends” | Says “No man can meet my standard for marriage”

The GDA with Madam after the interactive session

Biola Alade Olatunji (Nee Oredein) is a popular celebrity lady in the black community in the
United Kingdom and Lagos, South West Nigeria. She is equally influential in
Ibadan the capital of Oyo state and largest city in West Africa which is her
place of birth and early years.

The very versatile international business woman
came into limelight few days after her equally famous husband, Alhaji Lookmon Alade Olatunji aka Toto Abuga,
a Lagos socialite was murdered in the evening of Saturday June 8, 2008 on his way back
from the United Kingdom. Toto Abuga
who is very famous with top Lagos musicians especially Fuji Music Czar,
King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (K-1 De-Ultimate) on account of his
generosity to them was killed while driving out of the Murthala Muhammed
International Airport, Lagos, South West Nigeria few hours after his arrival
from London. He was killed around Oworonshoki area of Lagos. His assassination
raised so many dusts and noise in 2008 but up till now, no arrest has been made
by the Nigerian police. However, the noise made by her husband’s gruesome
murder was small compared to that generated by her epic battle with her
mother-in-law, a 75 years old Madam
Kehinde Olatunji
who battled Biola over
some of her husband’s choice properties and won four years later because of
some valid document she gained access to through her late son, Toto Abuga when the later was alive.
Few weeks back, Biola who is a real time business woman with interest in eatery,
hospitality, and real estate; fabrics and jewelries posted three controversial
posts on her face book page which generated lots of reactions from her friends
and foes alike. One of the posts stated “Not
all friends deserve to be close; some
for party; some for advice; some for chats, some for nothing. Some for trash
and some for love; trust me I know where everyone belongs”.
This particular
post led to many of her friends with accounts on face book asking her which
category they belong in the hierarchy. In a second post, she stated “Don’t be scared to cut off hateful, disrespectful and disloyal people. You are
better off without them”.
This second post generated several comments and
commendations yet what mattered to the author of the posts was the message
therein. Last week, Biola who was in town for business and socials organized a
memoriam prayer for her eldest maternal sister, Late Mrs. Oluwaseun Thompson. Your Africa’s number 1 celebrity encounter
blog asabeafrika later met her at
her Magodo GRA, Lagos office where she told us reasons behind the controvesial
faceboook posts plus why she can’t find a man that can match her late husband,
Toto Abuga. Enjoy the except only on your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter
blog asabeafrika
Yes that is the reality of life. Some people will actually stab you at
the back and they will still be asking why do you have blood gushing out of
your back and they are the ones behind the whole mess. So, people are just what
they are, malicious, hateful, disrespectful, and spiteful and what have you. Especially
when you make success; not everyone can stand you when you are successful and
the better you know this; it will go a long way in keeping you going strong”
The GDA in a hearty session with Madam Biola Olatunji

Why I moved to England

On why she
has been so scarce on the Lagos social, the very big and beautiful woman said
“I have been so scarce because I now reside more in England than Nigeria even
though I have couple of businesses I run here with capable hands running them
on my behalf. The reason is not farfetched; I have been looking after my
children and equally facing my own education. I hope you know that I am doing a
theology and counseling course in England and I will be graduating next year
July because I am in the final year as we speak”.
Madam Abuga equally told us reasons behind her special prayer session for late elder sister who is
equaly the first child of her mother and why the occasion is dear to her heart
“My sister, Oluwaseun Thompson was a
very pleasant, social, nice and elegant lady in her life time. She is of course
my maternal sister, we shared the same mother and I can tell you that she was an
epitome of beauty in her life time. She used to be a banker in her lifetime and
married to Mr. Idowu Thompson from the Thompson family in Lagos. She was
an executive of Habaccuss Merchant Bank
and she did her job well before she passed away. Today (October 30th)
which marks her 15th year demise I am organizing a small prayer for her
by sharing food for the ordinary people here in Lagos because that was what she
did most in her life time, she was one of the patrons of Little Saints Orphanage and she did it religiously. She was one of
the partners giving things to the orphanage and she did it so passionately at
the time and none of us got the drift that she was only trying to be Godly in
her own way. I think she lived ahead of her time and by the time she passed
away in 1999; it was like something big left the family. Today, we remember her
with tears in our eyes but with a happy heart that she lived the life God
demanded we all live before ascension to the great beyond”.
Madam Biola…..’People’s attitude to success surprises me’
Madam Biola Olatunji…’I am a philosopher

Why I am doing Theology
On her new
found love for theology, the Abuga widow gave us her reasons “Of course at this
my age I don’t need any other educational discipline again than theology. Do I want
to go and study business administration and become a business woman again; I
have done business for over a silver jubilee years and I have made success of
it. Business has always been a part of me and those who know me can tell you much
more about my business acumen. I know how to do business, I know how to earn
money but above all that, one have to be very close to God in this very wicked
world and that was what led me to study theology and being a theologian enables
you to have every field of life packed into one course. It will soon hit you
that life itself is vanity. You have to walk in the right way of God and being
a widow as well, I want to make sure I bring up my children in the way of God.
I want them to fear God. If you raise a child and you don’t raise that child
with the fear of God as a parent you have raise an empty vessel. You must raise
a child not just to be a success to society but equally to be a success to God.
These are the high benefits of studying to show you approved before God. I love
Theology and I am enjoying the revelation about life and God. I think it was
just the best way for me to go”. 

Madam Toto Abuga to asabeafrika….’I cant share a man with anybody’

The story of my controversial face
book post
Talking on
her contoversial post on facebook which was talking about category of friends
and what to be done with them, Mrs. Biola Oredein Olatunji gave a
smile before her candid response to asabeafrika “Not really but as a
living soul life will always teach you new lessons and as a philosopher I just
put it to make a statement of fact, it is just a philosophy of life. I don’t
mean any harm but you know at times Yoruba will say “Ase buburu, e kuu ara fuu”; anybody those words apply to can just pick
them. I don’t have anybody particularly in mind” On how she felt with people’s
reaction to her post, she answered “The reactions only made me feel I have passed
a message and you know a strong message is like a splash of mud; it touches
whoever it wants to touch without such person preparing for it. Yes, I had
friends asking questions on my wall, they said ‘Olori, hope you are not
referring to me, hope this message is not for me’ and all that and in my mind
of mind I was like ‘well, that is a tonic for them all, a good philosophy that
can bruise and heal the heart at the same time’. Life itself is a lesson and
philosophies are the basic courses we get out of the lessons of life. I am a

Gbenga, take it or leave it if I settle for any man and the man has a
wife forget that wife. I am going to be on top of the wife and I don’t want
such a situation. I don’t like sharing; I love to have my thing to myself
alone. You cannot compete with me when it comes to having the heart of the man
and there is no man I will go and marry and he has a wife that means I am going
to break that home”
Madam Biola Olatunji (Nee Oredein) with late husband, Lookman Alade Olatunji aka Toto Abuga taking a vow for love during his life time

Two more controversial posts

“Don’t be scared to cut
off hateful, disrespectful and disloyal people; you are better off without
“People stab you behind and ask why is
blood coming out of your back?
Those were two other controversial posts by
Mrs. Biola Olatunji (Nee Oredein) and when asabeafrika asked her to tell the
message behind those two new posts she answered like this Yes that is the reality of life. Some people will actually stab
you at the back and they will still be asking why do you have blood gushing out
of your back and they are the ones behind the whole mess. So, people are just
what they are, malicious, hateful, disrespectful, and spiteful and what have
you. Especially when you make success; not everyone can stand you when you are
successful and the better you know this; it will go a long way in keeping you
going strong” Will she say the messages gave some inclination into her life
experience as a widow and business woman? “Yes, it is a summary of my life
because indeed I have seen it all both in family life and even in friendship”
Biola enthused and continued “I have learnt it in a very hot way, right now I
don’t have friends and I don’t hang out with friends anymore because I have
really learnt my lessons when it comes to friendship. I don’t have friends but
I have confidants and my younger sister, Odunola Oredein Quadri is my best
friend and confidant and I have another junior friend, Adunni (Malo Oils’ wife),
these two are my confidants because I know they are sincere and truthful to me”

Madam Biola Olatunji Nee Oredein….’No Woman Can share a man with me’

Why successful people are targets of
Mrs. Abuga takes time to lecture you on why
people seem to pick hatred with those who hit success “You know success is
challenging, success elevates you out of ordinary assembly and envy is always
the direct result of such elevation. Right from the Biblical times success has
always brought contempt.  It happened
between Cain and Abel, it happened between Joseph and his brothers, it happened
between King Saul and David. People will always laugh at you
when you are down but when you are successful they welcome you with a lively
conduct but immediately you step out of their ambience they will make a pot of
hot soup out of you, they will curse and bad mouth you. Although I don’t mind
whatever anyone says about me so far I am pure. To me as far as I am concerned
I only owe my God and my children an explanation for being successful. I am
very sure I am a pure and sincere person. I am an open minded person and I
believe if 80% of women are like me, forget it, we won’t have bad people in
this world. I am not self praising myself but I am saying the honest fact. I am
sincere to a fault and that they will tell you about me. I don’t beef success
and I don’t get uncomfortable over people’s achievements. 

Madam Biola Abuga with Best Sister and Confidant, Mrs. Odunola Oredein Quadri

Men Chase me on facebook
On how she
has been handling men’s advances in the last six years without her husband,
Biola who is a plus size beauty had this to say to this blog “Lots of toasters,
lots of people that have good intentions, bad intentions have been chasing me;
even if I am ugly and I am a lazy woman, people will still come. But all it
takes is to just apply your senses. That is what can save you; even on this
face book you are talking about, I have a lot of toasters there. People will
come physically, they will send in memos and cards; they come in different ways
and at times I feel ‘what is going on?’ what do they really want, my beauty, my
pedigree or what but I can also tell you that I apply common sense. That is
what often saves me. And the grace of God is enough for me to sustain the
temptation”. Is Biola saying she has not met a man who dusts the qualities of
her late husband? “I have not seen yet” she declared and spoke further “I have
not seen yet and that is the honest truth because majority of these men outside
are lazy and my husband was a very strong and industrious man, he was a hard
worker likewise me. So, I want someone like him if I am going to have somebody”

Madam Biola Abuga to asabeafrika….’No man can match my late husband’s standards in terms of industry’

Marriage; not for me!
So, is Madam Biola seeing marriage in the
picture? Her answer “But Gbenga,  I have
always told you that marriage is never in my dictionary, nothing like that; the
only wedding I will do now is for my children not for myself” When you try to
prod her on the necessity of re-marrying, the super rich business woman cum
widow gives you a dotting expression laced with cynicism and asks you the most
shocking question s“Do I need it or will you marry me? Do you want to marry me?
If you want to marry me, let me know and we can arrange it” she dares you with
an air of finality.  On what a real
prospective suitor needs to do to sweep Biola’s feet and make her change her
mind, she replies “He should flaunt his love and let me know what he is up to”.

Madam Abuga with friends during a social outing in Lagos
Madam Abuga with her two beautiful daughters Mojadesola and Anjolaoluwa when they visited Nigeria recently

No woman can share a man with me
With Biola’s
intimidating success we asked if a potential suitor won’t be scared off but our
guest disagrees “Yes, if you have the best confidence in the world and you are
up and doing, then come? If I see you and you posses the characteristic of my
late husband, why not, I will go for it but not marriage just companionship
because I am not ready to break anybody’s home. 
There is no man that will ever come to me without losing his wife and I
don’t want to be a second best to anybody. And it is difficult for me to see a
single man to marry at this age”

Front view of her newly opened multi-million Naira M4 Plaza in Lagos

I don’t want to be a burden to a
man’s home
We made
Madam realize that she could still find young men who are ready to sacrifice
all to earn her love but still, she disagreed with this blog “It is not
possible, how I will find a single man who will wed a widow?” Biola asked with
a feign expression written on her face “Maybe if he is a widower but I don’t
want any commitment like that. I don’t want to have a rival and to equally be a
burden to someone’s home. That is not me; that is not my kind of person because
I equally have girls as children and I wouldn’t also want their home destroyed.
Gbenga, take it or leave it if I settle for any man and the man has a wife,
forget that wife. I am going to be on top of the wife and I don’t want such a situation.
I don’t like sharing; I love to have my thing to myself alone. You cannot
compete with me when it comes to having the heart of the man and there is no
man I will go and marry and he has a wife that means I am going to break that
home. I wouldn’t like to be a home breaker. It is not a good thing; that is not
me. I love my peace and I love the peace of my man”. 

Some of Madam Abuga’s fabrics called ‘Olori Fabrics International’

My new line of business is…..
Few months
ago there was a rumor that Mrs. Biola Abuga has sold her choice hotel 4Ms
international at Ajao estate, Lagos. We put it to her but she denied the rumor
“Yes, basically because of my children and my own education in England, I have
partially moved back to England and you know Hotel business can be damn
engaging, it is time consuming and you need to be on ground to make it work and
if you do such a business and you are not on ground you might have yourself to
blame. My children are my best legacy for now and for me, their education comes
first. I need to be there to mentor and prod them on. That is why I want to
phase the hotel business out and concentrate on real estate and fashion
business which can be done without my physical presence. I have competent hands
that make things work in my absence and we are even expanding on that and I can
say the sky is the limit for us here” “We our hotel but we are in the process
of selling off the hotel so that we can concentrate on the fabric business and
real estate which has always been my passion”.

The Logo of her new brand; OLORI FABRICS

Olori fabrics is Lagos’ No 1
Mrs. Biola Olatunji spoke on her new line of business
which has to do with supplying quality fabrics for Lagos Party makers. Hear her
is known for quality because we can’t afford to miss it on
quality; to start with we have our own special signature and trademark which is
done by our manufacturers. We have various manufacturers in Austria and
Switzerland. Like I said earlier, I don’t joke with quality even the same thing
goes for my real estate business. Most of the properties we build are not only
durable but very unique in style and structure. I don’t compromise quality, we
have HOH embroideries, HKG embroideries and FILTEX embroideries in Austria, and
they are our major manufacturers. We are into Aso ebi as well and that
is one aspect of the fabric business that takes much of my time these days; we
sell Swiss voil, Swiss organza, and Swiss net
. We equally have Swiss fine
polish lace and other
fabrics that are in vogue.  We are
already booked till December and I just thank God for the kind of patronage we
get from Lagos merry makers because they trust us for quality. The
just booked us for December for their son’s wedding. We are
doing the groom’s Aso-Ebi and I can tell you that we have a roll call of very big
clients; the Olatunjis, the Sofolas, the Oderindes and many top people that we have done Aso Ebi for.
The secret is quality and value for money coupled with good service”

Madam Biola Abuga to asabeafrika…..’I started as a fashion designer’
Madam Abuga….’You cant catch me wearing a swimming pant in public’

My Business sense
The mother
of four (Two girls, two boys) shared her success tip in business with this blog
“If you are focused you won’t be challenged. There is no life endeavor without
challenges but you just have to be focused, that is key; if you are focused no
matter the challenges you will overcome it; our group is planning to have
another business in London now, it is a hotel business and we are making good
plans towards it. That will engage me much in England but let me quickly tell
you this; if you are a good leader you don’t have to be on ground to make
things happen. You must be able to create effective and dynamic lieutenants
that will run thing on your behalf and in your absence. It is part of what I
learnt in school, leadership. If you want to be a good leader, you must make
sure people around you can do whatever you can do in your absence. My Lagos
office is run by Mr. Sunday Abimbola, he
is one of the young Nigerians that has done so well in the property and real
estate management business. He is in charge of our new plaza here in Magodo and
all you need is just a call away to great service delivery and effective
leadership. A leader must train to lead and lead to train”. 

The very stylish Madam Biola Olatunji in her London neigbourhood

My fashion sense
“I think I
have told you before that I started as a fashion designer; that was my first
job and business. I like fashion; even though I am big and beautiful I love
fashion and that is why my first daughter is now studying fashion and textile
at Northampton
London. She is rounding up her study in fashion and textile.
She makes me proud because I have always loved fashion and Mojadesola my first daughter is also into fashion, she is as big as
me but she is very, very fashion conscious. I am very proud of her. So, fashion
to me is suitability. Your fashion sense must not be lousy but moderate with a
touch of style. My outings speak for me, in London you will catch me on jeans
and T-Shirt but Lagos for me is a social city, so, you won’t stop catching me
on Iro
and Buba.
I am an Iro and Buba person on a normal weekend in
Lagos but if I am at home with friends and family, you will catch me in my bou-bou
or evening gown”

Madam Abuga….’I trust nobody but God Almighty

The fashion apparel you won’t catch
me wearing in public
Maybe a
swimming pant!