Untold Story of How I lost My Husband & Became First Female Bishop = Bishop Bola Odeleke

Wednesday September 1st, 2021, the crew of Asabe Afrika TV paid Africa’s first Female Bishop, BISHOP (DR.) MARGARET BOLA ODELEKE a special visit inside her Okota, Lagos, Western Nigeria based Power Pentecostal Church (PPC) office where the gifted Bishop gave brilliant submissions to questions raised for the edification of the good work of Jesus Christ in the Pentecostal family in Nigeria and Africa.

Born in 1950, Bishop Bola Odeleke is a Nigerian Born Pastor, Evangelist, Preacher and Author of over four decades in the vineyard of God.

Her early ministry, Agbara Olorun Ki Baa Ti was famous for signs and wonders in the 80s and 90s and up to early year 2000 when she spread her tentacles around the world.

She is an epitome of brain, brawn and beauty as she commands lot of respect in the Pentecostal family home and abroad.

Bola Odeleke became a Bishop on May 28, 1995 and she was the first African woman to become a Bishop.

Married to late Brigadier General Lasun Odeleke, the mother of Seven successful kids spoke on how she lost the father of her children in a motor accident in 1990 and how she was anointed as Bishop in London and Nigeria. It is such a miraculous experience.

She told us how she coped with two marriages that didn’t work and the sad reality of a widow.

She used the opportunity to break the story of how she escaped sudden death last year after coming out of a massive stroke at age 70. It is such a divine healing for the faith expert.

You will find her experience rewarding.



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