Untold Story of my clash with late Kola Olawuyi —Prophet (Dr.) T. A. Jegede’s Silver Jubilee Exclusive | + How he began his career @ Agbala-Itura

Prophet (Dr.) Titus Adeniyi Jegede aka Baba Ago

Prophet (Dr.) Titus
Adeniyi Jegede
is one of Nigeria’s rare prophets
and church administrator. A quite and unassuming man with the double gifts of
prophecy and music in one full swoop; the man fondly called Baba Ago is the founder of Christ Apostolic Church, Ago Adura
Ti Gbogbo Eniyan
which has her headquarter at Pipeline, Ile-Epo—Oke Odo Area of Lagos along Lagos Abeokuta Express Road. The Church equally has her Prayer
Ground located at Ekuku in Itori area of SangoOta Ogun State
(Berger Bus Stop). A Bible Teacher and Chattered Theologian, Prophet (Dr.) T. A. Jegede began his
journey to the vineyard with Christ
Church, Agbala Itura as the Church’s first
Choir Leader in 1984 before God called him out in 1990 to establish his own
ministry, a dream which came true in 1991. Baba
gift of prophecy in addition to his talent of music breed a high
level of envy which threatened his existence at Agbala Itura under the leadership of Prophet (Dr.) Samuel Kayode Abiara. But until the Holy Spirit instructed
him to leave the fold in 1990, Prophet
ensured he left his old church in very good stead and later received
instruction to start Ago Adura Nla Ti
Gbogbo Eniyan
which he started with just 10 members inside his sitting room
on Easter Sunday of year 1991. Today, the church boasts of over 5 million
worshippers across the world.

This coming Sunday, April 24th, Ago Adura will be 25 years and a
massive celebration with the presence of various ministers of God from all
walks of life will mark the occasion. Last Monday afternoon, your Africa’s
number 1 Celebrity Encounter Blog, Asabeafrika
paid a courtesy visit to the great man of God who welcomed us with a deep sense
of humility. The Ilesa-Osun
State—South Western Nigerian born minister of God told us the story of his rise
from zero-to-hero in ministry work and how at several intervals of his ministry
career, the devil used all sort of tricks to challenge his calling. One of such
tricks was the media battle late mystery event broadcaster; Kola Olawuyi gave him couple of years
back over some sordid allegations made against his church.  In this Part 1 of Baba’s exclusive interview
with Asabeafrika, you will know much
about this gifted African prophet. Enjoy the excerpts.

The GDA meets Baba Ago in his Lagos Church

I am first Choir Master of CAC,
Agbala Itura….
Daddy, we are quite happy for the
opportunity given to us to speak with you this afternoon. Can we start by
asking you how you got the call to start Ago
Adura Nla ti Gbogbo
If we are
talking about God’s work, there is various type of calling. We have those God
called into the prophetic ministry. You can call them prophets. We have those
who are called into the evangelism ministry, we call them evangelists and there
are those who are church shepherds. But let’s say it is of two dimensions,
those who are called into the prophetic ministry will not need to go before
anybody to establish their own ministry. In fact, we have prophets who don’t go
to church at all, but if God gives direction, he or she honors. Some are in the
church, he might not be a pastor or church warding but he will just be in the
church and the spirit of God will begin to work in him.  He will direct prayers, preach and nobody
will teach him but the Holy Spirit. That is my kind of calling, I didn’t have
to go to any Bible School or learn the work from a man; of course, I was born
into a Christian family and I loved music. I used to be a good singer and
instrumentalist and I will use my songs to minister the word of God through the
Holy Bible. I will preach the word through my music ministration.

Kola Olawuyi

The GDA display a poster of the 25th anniversary behind Baba Ago’s official car

My songs were
much of prophetic declarations at the time; that was in 1984 when I started in CAC, Agbala Itura. We started Agbala
at the arrival of Baba
in Lagos. I was the first person to organize the choir at the time
because there was no building on that land at the time; the entire environment
was still barren. Then, we used to sit on blocks to conduct service and Baba Abiara insisted that we must have
a choir no matter how small the church is. 
That was how I set up a ten member choir group and we were the first set
of choristers at Agbala Itura. So, I
organized the choir and we started singing. Nobody made me the choirmaster but
when the church saw how I directed the affairs of the choir, they decided to
allow me continue as the choir master and that was how I got the inspiration
and graduated into a Bible teacher. I equally interpreted dreams for them and I
grew to the stage when my choir members didn’t want to see any other pastor
than me. If I finish my music ministration, they will line up to see me one by
one and I will give them spiritual directions on what to do. That was how God
established my gift at CAC, Agbala Itura. In year 1990,
November precisely, God asked me to leave the church. In fact, before I left,
there was already a state of envy and jealousy for my talent. Some leaders were
so threatened, if I start to speak in tongues in the choir, people will just be
threatened and you will see them peeping from the window that ‘Ah, is this man
trying to establish his own church?’

“In fact, before I left, there was
already a state of envy and jealousy for my talent. Some leaders were so
threatened, if I start to speak in tongues in the choir, people will just be
threatened and you will see them peeping from the window that ‘Ah, is this man
trying to establish his own church?”

Prophet (Dr.) T.A. Jegede to Asabeafrika…’What baffles me most is when people say i use Juju to perform miracles’

Why I left Agbala Itura to preach
inside Molue…
So, how did you escape the steam of
envy in the church?
Yes, at that
period of my life I was still a neophyte to the strict things of the Holy
Spirit but I noticed the Holy Spirit directed me to move out of the place. I
didn’t know where to go because I was just a singer and a drummer. So, I never
taught of ever being a shepherd.  In fact
my first work was “Baba Mimo O Se” which was my first album and I was about doing
the second album when that spirit asked me to leave, that I should go and be
praying. That was December 1990, I stopped going to any church. In fact I was
in-door for months because I couldn’t just comprehend where next to go. So,
that was how I left Agbala-Itura.

Prophet (Dr.) T.A. Jegede to Asabeafrika…’Kola Olawuyi provoked me when he tried comparing work of faith to work of idol’

Having heard the instruction to leave
the church, were there other things God did to show you that He really needed
you to work in His vineyard. Were you taken with strong hand?
What I just
know at the time was that I was very familiar with the Bible and the teachings
of God’s words. I didn’t know how I developed that but it got to a point I
started preaching inside Molue (Public transport vehicle),
then when it was a year to the calling, God asked me to start a fasting
session, that was few months before I left Agbala Itura. The funny thing was that
I was always going to work despite the divine instruction to start fasting. I
used to ride my motorcycle to work in Lagos Island and it got to a point,
they stole the motor cycle when I didn’t want to preach as God directed. So, I
started traveling by Molue, you can imagine a shy person
like me, God asked me to stand up and start preaching inside the Molue.
But I had to honor His voice, I stood up and first read Psalm 1 up to Psalm 3, I read it off hand. Then I started
preaching and to my surprise, everyone became quite, listening to my sermon. I
was fasting and praying daily. God said I should continue the fasting and I did
till the year ran out. In 1990, when I moved out (From Agbala-Itura) I started
receiving different prophecies that I will change my church, I will change my
rented apartment and many other things. But I didn’t reveal such to anybody,
even, I didn’t attend the mountain. I was just the only one receiving the
message, even Baba Abiara was not
aware. Nobody knew, it was only my choir people that started noticing my
changed appearance. Later, my boss who is an expatriate became afraid, he said
my face had changed but I assured him there was no problem.

“I don’t see challenges from the
perspective of challenges but what give me concern most is those people who
speculate that I use charm to run my ministry. That is one thing that baffles
me, even some elders in the Christ Apostolic Church are so surprised at
the rise of my ministry and they will always say ‘No, you are using something”

Prophet (Dr.) T.A. Jegede to Asabeafrika…’I started Prophesying as a Choir Master @ Agbala Itura in 1984′

Were you forced out of Agbala Itura?
Never, I
wasn’t forced out, yes my gift of prophecy bothered some people but I had no
fight with anybody. I was instructed to move and I moved forward. In fact,
there was no rancor; I left on my own volition. If I call Baba Abiara today, he will be here. He even calls to say “My son, how are you doing” and I will
say “Daddy, I am fine”. So, there was no rancor at all, I left and I told my
chorister team, I said ‘where I am going,
you don’t know the place, please, don’t leave here. Continue singing here in
Agbala Itura’
and that was how I left and started living at No 17, Oduroye at the time. In 1991, God said I should change that
particular house. He said I should leave the apartment quickly and He gave me
signs. So, I took a new apartment at Yaro’s
here in Ile-Epo; that was January 1991. But God instructed me again to
start praying that I want to release an album. So, I started praying for a new
album and I titled the album Freedom
that God should raise me helpers that will establish me. Then, I suddenly saw
ten people I have taught instruments in the past.

Front View of CAC, Ago Adura Nla Ti Gbogbo Eniyan

Those ones like to move
around with me, they said they had no where to go than to follow my music
ministry. After church, they will always be with me, we started praying and I
will organize vigils from 12am to 3am and it was during those vigils that God
said to me “I am sending you to the
entire world, not by releasing albums alone”
and that was where those who
were following me started leaving one by one because they were expecting me to
establish a band and they can all benefit from the tripping. But I told them ‘Sorry, this is what God wants me to do for
Him and I cannot deny my maker’.
I was still going to my secular job all
those period. I finally started my ministry on Good Friday of year 1991. I told
my followers, I said ‘God said you should
all bring your spouses and start sitting here that I may be blessing your
. And they obeyed and God added that ‘Since they are now under your anointing, they should not go anywhere
any longer; you, just begin a church for me’
but I was still shy. I said ‘No, I
cannot call it a church, it is a meeting’
I was naïve.

Prophet (Dr.) T. A. Jegede to Asabeafrika…’When People started calling me ‘Pastor’ i scolded them but God scolded me’

So, we started it
all in my sitting room and behold, every other things started adding up. People
started bringing friends and relatives and they will say “Sir, we want to see Pastor Jegede” and I will scold them “Look, I am not Pastor o” but God
ministered to me, He said ‘Stop
de-robbing yourself, stop saying you are not a Pastor’
.  I will go to work and on my return from work,
legion of people will be waiting to see me for spiritual consultation. I was
working at Idumota, Lagos Island but I will still return
home and start consulting for people. One will say ‘oh, I have this dream’ and I will interpret the dream and tell him
what to go do and he will get his divine solution and that made them to bring
in more and more people and that was how the church started and by August 1992,
I officially decided to start the church and because of his compassion for me
and the way I work, my boss the expatriate, noticed my calling and he quickly
offered me a place in his factory but I rejected. I said ‘I can only stay where God ask me to say’ because he was so happy
with the way I treated his job, up till now if I call him he will be here.
Is he still alive and what is his
Dr. Lavani is still alive, he is an Indian
expatriate; he is the producer of Omega.
He cherished my sense of duty and didn’t want me to leave but I had to honor
God’s calling. 

“I uttered the statement because the
word he made was very demeaning. I said ‘How on earth will you compare God’s
action with idol worshiping?’ I said ‘if it is God who commissioned me on this
job in this country, you will see what will happen by next year”.

Prophet (Dr.) T. A. Jegede to Asabeafrika…’I started my church with just 10 people in my sitting room’

My battle with late Kola Olawuyi over
Juju allegation….
Can you recount one of your most challenging
moments in 25 years of ministry? That moment that tested your faith as a church
Like I said
earlier, I have been so filled with the spirit of God that makes my behavior
peculiar. I don’t see challenges from the perspective of challenges but what
give me concern most is those people who speculate that I use charm to run my
ministry. That is one thing that baffles me, even some elders in the Christ
are so surprised at the rise of my ministry and they will always
say ‘No, you are using something’.
They ask ‘How are you doing it?’ and
all I will say is ‘Just watch and see’
and that scenario has made many of them to avoid me because they are so afraid
of me. In fact, there is a man who is doing this kind of your job, they went to
report me to him that I am using charms to run my church and I said ‘Charms?, how do you mean that I am using
charm to run my ministry?’.
I said ‘ok,
where is the charm? Go and uproot that charm and let the world see it’.
‘If it is true, bring before me those who
made the allegation and let’s see eyeball to eyeball. I am the one feeding
them, how will they allege that I am using charm?’
; he said ‘No, they cant come and face you’. But
what made me so angry with that man was when he said ‘If they don’t see, they won’t allege’. And I said to him ‘Why didn’t you invite them over to come and
confront me?’
I said ‘You don’t know what is called faith’ and he
replied ‘That is how you people always
and that struck me hard. I said ‘All
the People standing here move back. I said if truly God called me to serve Him,
by one year you will know’
(Kola Olawuyi, the man he is
referring to in this interview died the following year). I uttered the
statement because the word he made was very demeaning. I said ‘How on earth will you compare God’s action
with idol worshiping?’
I said ‘if it
is God who commissioned me on this job in this country, you will see what will
happen by next year’
. I was very angry because he challenged my calling and
because I was really angry, the spirit said I should mellow down. But I was
angry. That was one episode in my career that challenged my faith and i called
God to prove His presence in my life.

Baba Ago to Asabeafrika…’My Prophetic Talent sents jitters down the spine of leaders in my old church’

(Cuts in) Yes, I am aware of the
story and the man you are referring to was the late Kola Olawuyi who alleged
that you were using charm to take over people’s properties and real estate in
Ile-Epo here. How did you wriggle yourself out of that stigma?
People know
me, such things don’t shake me. Even on the particular day the story broke out,
we had a very massive crusade here and people continued with their crusade.
There was a multitude, even he (Kola Olawuyi) didn’t know what was going on, and
he asked what are we doing? I said we are doing our 9-to-9 prayer session
(9am to 9pm); and we were fasting. The congregation was surprised; they said ‘Baba, what kind of a man is this? What is
the government doing about it?’
and I said ‘Don’t worry; the Lord is doing something about it’. I said ‘Leave him, he only wants to investigate us, he is not disturbing us’ and we
continued our revival. Nobody was moved till this day. The revival continued
till today and it was during that time I became more emboldened, and that was
the time I started doing my ‘Prayer Albums’ where we recorded prayer points for
the nation.

The right wing side of the church

At another time, a guy came out to
allege that your humble self, Pa SK Abiara and some other prominent pastors do
engage him to help with fresh human heads which you burry under your church
cathedral. Of course the same guy was arrested in Cotonou, Benin Republic few
months back only to recant and asked for forgiveness from you and Pa. Abiara.
How did you survive that episode too?
I don’t
count such things as big challenges, I only said ‘People will see and know
the truth’. Some people phoned to ask
me about the allegation and I said ‘Please,
let’s wait for the Lord will unveil
I said ‘leave the man
alone except if God is not involved, if it is not God that called me, you will
see signs in the country’
that is how I always respond to such
controversies when they come my way. It doesn’t bother me because God is
involved in my dealings. He will never disappoint me.

Another side of the massive church

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our next post on Asabeafrika)


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