Untold Story of Waripamo Dudafa, the man who keeps Patience Jonathan’s loot + Why they fell apart!

Patience Jonathan sharing a toast with her boy, Waripamo Osei Dudafa as Preye his wife looks on
Since the
return of democracy in 1999, the office of Special
Adviser to the
President on domestic
has come to be recognized as an office that comes with affluence,
power and ambition in one swoop. Starting with President Olusegun
whose reign glamorized the office, one Dr. Andy Uba who was said
to be a United States of America
based medical practitioner (before his appointment) became the first holder of
that office.

Throughout his reign, Andy Uba, whose brother, Chris
(Eselu) Uba
is a tough and influential politician in Anambra state (South Eastern Nigeria)
exuded power and influence on everyone around the seat of power Aso Rock Villa and even up till the exit
of his principal; Uba became a permanent fixture on the Nigerian political

The Dudafas with God Mummy & baby Tarimobo

The office
of Special Adviser on domestic matters
under Andy Uba also came with her own peculiar scandal and traumas.
If Andy
is not accused of supplying “Chics”
(Free ladies of easy virtues) for the sexual appetite of his principal at odd
hours of the day inside Aso Rock, his
name will be connected with an aircraft loaded with dollars and flown into a
financial observant country like the United
of America. Andy Uba’s tenure as Special Adviser to the President on Domestic
Affairs was dotted with so many
scandals including the one that alleged that his educational qualifications are
much in doubt. Andy’s office was dirty. Andy’s transactions were equally filthy.
And even till now, his personality still begs for clearance from morality.  His name is still featuring in bad boys’
movies like the “Ekiti Gate”

The Dudafas with Mama Peace carrying Baby Tarimobo Dudafa

Enter Waripamo-Owei Dudafa…

Unlike Dr Any
who hails from Anambra State
(South Eastern Nigeria), this suave and calm looking man is from Bayelsa State in oil rich South-South
Nigeria.  This blog knows nothing much
about Honorable (Dr.) Waripamo-Owei Dudafa’s educational
background.  Little is also known about
his political background. So, we wouldn’t know how he got his “Honorable” title
as well as his doctorate title. We are open to more enlightenment from any other
media platform or from Dudafa’s family as we are eager to
find out which educational institution this powerful ex-presidential aide
attended and what his early political experiences are.
Waripamo, his wife Preye, his four kids with Mama Peace

Enter the Office of the Special
Adviser to the President on Household Matters & Social Event.

Unlike Dr.
Andy Uba
who tagged his own office as ‘Office of the Special Adviser to
the President on Domestic Affairs’
(Which made him one of the most
powerful men in Aso Rock of his own
days as he was the first and last person to see the President of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria) Dr. Dudafa (They are both Doctors)
elevated his own office to the title of ‘Office of the Special Adviser to the

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on House-Hold matters and Social Event’
.  Like Andy Uba, Waripamo Dudafa
was equally influential and politically powerful.  He was one of the strongest politicians on
the Abuja corridors of power and with
time, he built a home based political think-thank in Bayelsa state which clearly revealed his political ambition.

Patience Jonathan holding Baby Tarimobo Daniel Dudafa

The Dudafa trademark…

Unlike Dr.
Andy Uba
who was President Obasanjo’s jobber man, Waripamo
was never President Goodluck Jonathan’s jobber man per say; he was rather his wife,
Faka Jonathan’s
‘spy boy’ and ‘political baby’.  Patience only plotted him in Aso Rock and around her husband to
monitor and do what can be termed ‘political horse tradings’ for her. Like a
former minister of Defense, General T.Y. Danjuma angrily
noted and allegedly pointed out to President Jonathan towards the end
of his sleazy regime “You are not in
charge, we have 5 Presidents running the affairs of this nation. The first one
is Patience Jonathan, second one is Diezani Alison Madueke, third one is Ngozi
Okonjo Iweala, fourth is Stella Odua and the last one is Mr. Goodluck Jonathan”
Waripamo Dudafa in a joyful mood as Mama Peace carries his baby while others look on

appointment of Waripamo Dudafa in Goodluck Jonathan’s government was a
confirmation that Jonathan as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed
forces was only in government and not in power. He was in government while his
wife, Patience and the other 3 ladies (Dieziani, Iweala & Odua)
were in power. In many instances, it has been said that Madam Patience Jonathan
is the real politician who fixes things around her much gentler and probably
docile husband. In most cases, she takes decisions while her husband
complements her wishes. Waripamo-Owei Dudafa was one of such
powerful ‘decisions’ of Patience Jonathan that was
complemented by her husband, Goodluck Jonathan who is famously
regarded as the “Clueless President”

from his good look and intellect, Honorable
(Dr.) Waripamo-Owei Dudafa
comes across as one guy that is very dependable
and able to function on many fronts and in many capacities both politically and
other wise. He is said to be one of Patience
‘corporate leg boys’ who run some of her ‘under-Gee’ errands for

Waripamo and wife, Preye Dudafa
Why Patience loves Dudafa
Apart from
his good look and intellect, Honorable (Dr.) Waripamo-Owei Dudafa
comes across as one guy that is very dependable and able to function on many
fronts and in many capacities both politically and other wise. He is said to be
one of Patience Jonathan’s ‘corporate leg boys’ who run some of her
‘under-Gee’ errands for her. Another good thing about this Kolokuma/Opokuma Bayelsa state born dude is his ability to run
head-tasking financial transactions like opening of companies, running of financial
accounts and multi-tasking efforts that are not very common with regular
people. His ability to run several companies at the same time which endeared
him to the first family can be traced to his present predicament with EFCC
as the Economic and Financial Crime Commission found Dudafa to be the major
promoter of several firms like Ibige Services Ltd, De
Fast Food & Restaurant Nigeria Ltd, Ebiwise Resources Ltd, Avalon
Property Development Company Ltd, Rotato Interlinks Services Ltd
among several other companies he uses to launder the millions of dollars kept
in his care by Madam.
 A tall, handsome and dandy man; these are some
of the attributes said to have endeared Dudafa to Patience Jonathan. Even
though, Dudafa later grew his aspiration and became politically
ambitious as he wanted to become the governor of Bayelsa State, a project which was passionately supported by his
godmother, Patience but rejected by God and the people of Bayelsa State.
Dudafa….The Man Patience Jonathan blessed

How Patience showed unbounded Grace
to her Dudafa

Among the
several Presidential aides that worked in Aso
Rock Villa
during the six years reign of President Goodluck Jonathan,
was alleged to have been shown more grace and given more privileges by the
first lady than his contemporaries. On many occasion, Mrs. Jonathan was said to
have gone out of her way to support Dudafa and please him in his daring
wishes. One of such rare occasion was the christening ceremony of Dudafa’s
4th child on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 at The
Redeemed Christian Church of God
(Fountain of Love Parish) beside Skye
Bank Ltd
inside Lekki, Lagos
new estate, Osapa London (Along Lekki-Express Way). The baby christening
ceremony which started 8 am dot had
the first lady of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria
abandoning all other activities to storm the occasion.
She was not only at the church with couple of her esteemed friends like Madam.
Bola Shagaya
, she was equally at the reception which took place inside
the Grand Ball Room of the prestigious Oriental Hotel, Lekki at 1pm.
The Man Hon. (Dr.)  Waripamo Osei Dudafa

The Big list @ the Dudufa Party…

Some of the
dignitaries that came to felicitate with Dudafa and his pretty wife, Preye
on the occasion of the dedication of their 4th child,  Tarimobo Daniel Dudafa were the Bayelsa State Governor, Honorable
Seriake Dickson
who was accompanied by his wife, Rachael. (The irony of it
all is that the same Dudafa who had
the privilege of having Dickson at
his child’s christening later fell out with Dickson
as he wanted to take his seat as Governor).
 Other dignitaries at the event were the late Governor
Patrick Yakowa
of Kaduna State who equally attended the event
with his wife, Mrs. Amina Yakowa. Others were the then minister of culture and
tourism, Chief Edem Duke, then Minister of Defense (State) Senator
Musiliu Obanikoro
, ex-NDDC boss Timi Alaibe, Senator Ben
Murray Bruce
, Senator Joy Emordi,  Senator Nimi Barigha, influential
business woman, Hajia Bola Shagaya, Ovation
Publishr, Basorun (Dr.) Dele Momodu, ex-NIMASA
DG, Patrick
,  Honorable
Kuku (SA to Jonathan on Amnesty matters), Dr. Doyin Okupe (SA to
Jonathan on Public Affairs) and a host of other influential Nigerians and
L-R; Preye Dudafa, Rachael Dickson & Patience Jonathan carrying Baby Tarimobo Daniel Dudafa

A plethora
of musical artistes like D-Banj, Asu Ekiye, Kefee
, Midnight Crew, Buchi and others were on hand to
serenade guests. Comedy was provided in great measure by Bovi while Cool
D.J. Jimmy Jat
, Nigeria’s most espensive Deejay was the man on the wheel of steel reeling out sensational
and danceable tunes for the high calibre guests.  The Chairman of that baby christening ceremony
was Lagos business man, Otunba Funso Lawal.

To show how
faithful Patience is toDudafa, those who covered the event
said she appeared some 36 minutes into the church service and made sure she was
the one carrying the baby during the dedication service by ministers of God.
The entire Lekki axis of Lagos was blocked that morning as the
First Lady of Nigeria, arrived Lagos for
the christening of baby Tarimobo Daniel Dudafa in Lekki. The first lady later led guests
down to the Prestigious Oriental Hotel
for the grand reception where guests were welcomed with a red carpet treatment
as they strolled magnificently into the grand ball room of the venue.
That is just
one of the scenes among the several scenes of dotting actions shown to Honorable
by his loving godmother, Patience Faka Jonathan. Even though
his boss, Goodluck was not there in person, his wife dragged herself and
two governors and their wives to the event.
Mrs. Preye Dudafa…The Woman who would have unseated Rachael Dickson

The Bigger Dream that flopped…

It was in
between this time, that Patience allegedly started romancing
for her private runs, entrusting him to silently run her business empire on her
behalf. He was said to have started running things for her since his
appointment as SA to President
on House-hold matters
& Social Event
. However, either Mrs. Jonathan or Waripamo
himself was the architect of his own ambition to become the next
Governor of Bayelsa State, we
wouldn’t know. But his ambition surfaced at the beginning of Governor
Seriake Dickson’s
ambition to go for a second term sometimes in late
2015. By this time, Patience Jonathan had fallen out with Seriake Dickson who is
largely seen as a Jonathan’s boy in many quarters. Like she did with Rivers State’s Rotimi Amaechi and
forcefully placed Nyesom Wike as Amaechi’s successor, Patience
picked a fight with Dickson and it became a political struggle for Dickson
who narrowly emerged as PDP gubernatorial candidate for the second term after
some dirty politics in Bayelsa.
The Couple who would have become the first couple of Bayelsa State

The War of Dudafa…

At the peak
of the Bayelsa State election, Dudafa,
haven been booted out of the PDP umbrella was almost taking his
stand with the All Progressive Grand
Party, (APGA) to achieve his dream of becoming governor. With ex-Governor
Timipre Silva
having his shot with APC and incumbent Governor, Seriake
taking his stand with PDP,
whose image was already looming large was to find a convenient house to achieve
his dream, APGA extended the opportunity to him while his god mother was ready
to use her political clout to push him into Creek
Haven Government House
. However, a lot of factors worked against him. One
of such was President Jonathan’s dwindling electoral value which saw the ex-president
sliding off the popularity index until he slipped off with the March 28, 2015
election which saw him booted out of power.
The Dudafas with their Godmother during the christening of their 4th child Tarimobo Daniel

 Even though, Dudafa pulled his weight
in Bayelsa
as his candidate for Kolokuma/Opokuma
Constituency 2,
one Engineer Ebiye Barabina won Bayelsa
of Assembly
under APGA.  By then, Dudafa and Seriake Dickson had
started a bitter political war fare courtesy the influence of Patience
. At another time, some Bayelsa politicians had peddled a rumor
that Dudafa
had been asked to join and work with Dickson but Dudafa came out via a
Press statement denying such alliance and further lambasting Dickson
describing him as a failure that is not fit to rule Bayelsa State for another again. It was now glaring that
was being pushed by Patience but Dickson who is equally
politically savvy used some under hand tactics to starve off the strong
oppositions. One of such tactics was the pronouncement by some Bayelsan youths that on no account
should Patience Jonathan storm Bayelsa
for any public rally as she could be stoned with sachet of pure water
and wounded. Although the threat was dismissed by Patience’s loyalists but for
a long time, she couldn’t storm Bayelsa
especially after her husband lost power in Abuja. Funny enough, as a
form of political compensation, it was same Seriake Dickson who gave Patience
her unmerited position of a Permanent Secretary (AWOL) at the Bayelsa State Ministry of Education but Patience was never ready to look out
for that as she battled to replace Dickson with Dudafa.

A toast to the gubernatorial seat of Bayelsa State

The Crash of Dudafa’s ambition…

The final
hammer that broke the chord of love between Dudafa and his god mummy
was sometimes in early 2016 when Patience Jonathan was rumored to
have dumped the ex-Presidential aide for ex-NDDC boss, Timi Alaibe who is a more
prominent and seasoned politician  in Bayelsa state. Alaibe a serial
gubernatorial aspirant who have tried to rule Bayelsa State up to four times was said to have been chosen by some
elders of Bayelsa who had a meeting
with Patience Jonathan in Abuja. The elders under the aegis of Bayelsa
Consultative Forum (BECF) were said to have asked Patience
to endorse Alaibe and dump Dudafa. Both Alaibe and Dudafa
hail from same Kolokuma/Opokuma federal constituency of Bayelsa State.

The Dudafas expressing joy as Mama Peace joyfully carries baby Tarimobo

When Patience
protested that it is Dudafa or nobody, the elders cited ‘Political immaturity’ as their reason
for dropping Dudafa for Timi Alaibe claiming that the later
is more matured for the job than the former. When Patience allegedly
kicked, this blog gathered that the elders threatened to return to Bayelsa and re-dedicate their allegiance
to Seriake
than supporting Dudafa. It was at this junction that
who was no longer in power and who badly needed to prove a
point to Seriake Dickson that she is ‘a powerful woman’ agreed to
sacrifice her political godson for another interest. Even though Dudafa’s
house was bugled and attempts made on his life by people suspected to be agents
of government, the decision by his godmother to ditch him at the last minute
and use a stronger candidate to sack Dickson didn’t go down well with Dudafa
as his relationship with Patience fractured.

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa meets and greets Waripamo Osei Dudafa as wife, Preye Dudafa looks the governor wrily

The last straw…

The last
straw that broke the camel’s back is said not to be the last minutes political
ditching alone but a $6.9 million dollars
forty feet mobile stage contract for campaign of ex-President Jonathan which was directly under the purview of his
office but the money was allegedly taken off him and paid by ex-Petroleum
minister, Alison Madueke during the last hour of his boss and that got
him angry and felt slighted. Other deals involving his name like the sharing of
ten billion naira to some Pro Jonathan group during the election period were
also busted by security agencies as his name kept cropping up in several money
spinning deals of President Jonathan and his wife.

Dudafas with Patience Jonathan, Rachael Dickson and Amina Yakowa during
prayer session at the Christening of Baby Tarimobo Dudafa Daniel

Sometimes in the middle of the
year, Mr. Dudafa who is believed to be privy to a plethora of shady
deals done by the Jonathan’s family
suddenly became the guests of the Economic
and Financial
Crime Commission;
and probably because of a lot of bad blood arising from his failed dream to
rule Bayelsa
which he felt was largely caused by his godmother, Dudafa allegedly decided
to spill the beans. It was in the realm of his spurious revelations that the 4
accounts at Skye Bank domiciled with over $30 million Dollars
were traced and frozen. Although, the ex-first lady is claiming that Dr.
was the one who deliberately opened four of the accounts in the
names of companies belonging to him while he opened just one in her name, the
question Mrs. Patience Jonathan will need to answer with time is that ‘Why
was it possible for her to be the sole signatory and to be able to withdraw
monies from those accounts with a master card from any parts of the world?’

Pictures shown in this story, it is crystal clear that Dr. Waripamo-Owei Dudafa
was not just a political godson of Mrs. Patience Jonathan but was
equally her business development manager of what can be termed ‘Business
The Dudafas with Mrs. Patience Jonathan & Late Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State
Credit: Ovation International Magazine


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