Baba Ogunorunlayede in a very joyous mood during a revival

Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlaiyede (JP) was born on May 1,
1942 into a Christian family (Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion) at Idi Emi
via Aiyetoro, Yewa Local Government of Ogun State. His father was Pa Peter
Adesola Adio Ogunlade and his mother, Madam Susanah Ajoke Ogunlade.

Educational Career
career saw him through Irogun Ilaro Primary School, in the then Egbado South
Local Government of Western Region of Nigeria, now Yewa South Local Government
of Ogun State. He proceeds to the United Secondary Modern School, Aiyetoro,
Yewa North Local Government, having completed his primary education. He bagged
a diploma as Communication Technician from Western Region Vocational Training
School in Ile-Ife. Finally he obtained his Ordinary Level of Education through
Wholsey College, London (Correspondence College). Baba Joshua was adjudged the
epitome of brilliance by his colleagues during his time.
With First wife, late Mother Celestila Felicia Abegbe Ogunorunlayede during a service in 2011
His Working Career

the completion of his Secondary education he left his home base, Idi Emi for Osogbo in search of greener
pasture. He put up with a relation, Corporal Nathanial Alao Bamigbade, a.k.a
Alao Jagua, a police officer
the assistance of this relation he secured an employment with Rediffusion Nig. Ltd a subsidiary of
the then Western Nigerian Broadcasting
(WNBC). He was sent
for six months vocational training on Communication at Ife where he bagged his
diploma as Communication Technician. He took charge of the entire Osogbo
province now Osun State Connecting more than thirty towns and villages together
with Rediffusion Communication. These towns and villages included Osogbo, Ife,
Gbongon, Ijebujesha, Ilesha, Ilaorangun, Iseyin, Ede, Ilobu, Ire, Ikire, Apomu,
Ikoyi and many more. His zeal for climbing while connecting communities earned
him a nickname EJo (Snake) among the

The Jesus @ Golgotha Banner at the entrance of the church on December 1st 2013
among these communities is very symbolic in the life of Baba, not only for his
staying there for over nine years; it was at Ikoyi, he met Mama M/C
Felicia Abegbe Ogunorunlaiyede and marriage got contracted culminating into his
becoming a father in life.
Superior Evangelist (Dr) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlaiyede is never daunted any day
anytime or under whatever circumstance. Neither his marriage nor his herculean
and extensive official assignments prevented him from struggling on with his
private study with his Wholsey Correspondence
College in London.
got his Ordinary Level General
Certificate of Education
in 1971 and a year later he passed his Advance Level General Certificate on
1972, he relocated to Lagos with his family. In Lagos he had an encounter with
his Uncle, Ayinde Tinubu (now Sup. Evangelist Ayinde Tinubu of CCC. Agege
, Ogba). Uncle Ayinde as a mentor contributed in no small measure to
the redemption of the life of our father, Sup. Evang.(Dr.) J. A.
Ogunorunlaiyede (JP) both morally and spiritually.
With one of Pastor Founder SBJ Oschoffa’s son, Evangelist Tosho.
Evang. (Dr.) Ayinde Tinubu a.k.a Olori
in 1973 got Baba Ogunorunlaiyede initiated into the Celestial Church of Christ and he
bought him the first Sultana dress.
proceeded on his journey in Celestial
with special interest in message writing.
He rose to the rank of Onibode (Side
. Baba while waiting on the Lords for an employment is usually found
within the church premises either reading his Bible or recording prophetic
messages for people. He was doing this for a while living on charity. By divine
arrangement, Baba got a job with United Bank for Africa, Marina in
was sent on various courses relating to his new profession in which he excelled
each time. There was that particular course leading to managerial promotion for
selected executives from the then thirteen branches of the bank and the
headquarters. He was among them. At the end of the course and examination only
three persons passed the examination for this promotion and our indefatigable Ogunorunlaiyede
was among the three persons.
the jubilation lasted in the official circles the message came from the divine
realm that Baba, Superior Evangelist Joshua Akande Ogunornlaiyede (JP) should
proceed immediately into the vineyard of God with the mandate to build a church
for the Lord. The voice further opined, a protracted illness would follow the
refusal of this divine instruction and that the illness will pave way for
therefore put up his letter of resignation. His manager, Mr. J. A. Olorunniola (now of CCC Ikeja II) was rather surprised at
the development but God’s will must be fulfilled. He was left with no other
option than to receive the letter from him.
Superior Evanglist (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlaiyede (JP) came to this
wilderness now known as Calvary Parish 1 in 1980. The name Orile Aguda Parish was given to the Parish then. As the work of the
Lord progressed the name Orile Aguda Parish was changed through divine message
from Orile
to Celestial Church of
Christ, Calvary
Parish and that
the Parish would in future have seven branch parishes. Today we already have
six Calvary Parishes while the seventh in the offing.
Baba; Blessing worshippers with expensive perfume
These Six Parishes are:
 05/04/81 – CCC Calvary 1 Aguda Ogba.
– CCC Calvary 11 Akute Ogun State
– CCC Calvary 111 Itele Road, Ota, Ogun State
– CC C Calvary 1V Idi-Eme, Ogun State.
– CCC Calvary V Old Akute Road, Obawole
– CCC Calvary V1 Olowora, Isheri, Lagos.
six parishes aside, we still have about fifteen other parishes as offspring of
Calvary 1. These include Gesthemane, Canaan, Ile Ileri, Ajinde Ayo, etc.
Baba’s Condolense Register…has 1,500 posts as at 1st March.
His Transformation
Superior Evangelist (DR.) JA Ogunorunlaiyede (JP) is a child covenant as
narrated by Pa Peter Ado Ogunlade, his biological father.
Ogunorunlaiyede is the only male child of his mother’s six children, the rest
being females. His father not satisfied with only female children went to the
Lord in prayer as a devoted Christian leader of the church of Nigeria Anglican Communion.
God be the glory, in the year 1940 during the New Year eve, i.e December 31st
1940. The Reverend, after the night’s sermon asked individuals to make request
for one important thing in their lives. This time Pa Ogunlade put it to prayer requesting God to give him a male
child with a covenant that the child would work for the Lord in his vineyard
and his prayer was answered.
On First
day of May 1942, Baba Ogunorunlaiyede the requested male child was born. He was
christened Julius Akande Ogunlade, a
very special child. But while he became a shepherd after ten years the voice of
the Lord came down to effect a complete change of the entire name from Julius to Joshua and Ogunlade to Ogunorunlaiyede meaning an Angel
came from heaven
in human body.
Superior Evang. (Dr). J. A
received many awards from National and International
Organizations in his life time and these includes Distinguished Christian Merit Award (CMA), Grand Commander of healing and Spiritual Administration (GCHSA), Patriotic
Leadership Merit Award
(ELMA) Justice of Peace (JP) and
many more.
To the glory of God, Baba was happily married with children
and grand children.