Why I resigned from Ovation in 2004 — Sage Sammy Hassan

In this red-exclusive encounter with Asabe Afrika TV in the Federal Capital City of Abuja, Niger State born SAMMY HASSAN, The SAGE speaks about the unpublished magical trajectory of his 15 years sojourn as a word poet expert and how his vision is changing the lives of many young people across Nigeria.

Sammy Hassan, a journalist, poet, teacher, music lover and author of trendsetting book ‘The Dream Maker’ allowed us unrestricted access into the very core of his being, his struggles, his pain, his victories, past, present and the future.

Sammy, a former Editor with OVATION International Magazine spoke about his resignation from the Magazine company and disengagement from journalism in year 2004 into word poetry in year 2005.

Sammy told us what it takes to be a poet and why leadership and success has a different meaning to many young people around Nigeria and West Africa.

He spoke on dreams, vision, living, leading and success.

His definition of S-U-C-C-E-S-S will spur you into a new awakening.

Just find out more in this new clip.



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