Why Lagos Big Gal, Ajibola Olubiyi lost her bar business

Ajibola Ayana Olubiyi

There are really a
few women who would single handedly run a lounge/club and make a success of it
in Nigeria and Ajibola Olubiyi
happens to be in that category. She does know a thing or two about managing a
successful lounge/bar business, especially in a tough business terrain like Lagos.

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Not only is her drive,
determination and hard work palpable, it is without mincing words, infectious
such that she was able to run SWE Bar and position it to the
height it attained before its standard fell like a pack of badly arrange cards,
when she quit. At the height of SWE Bar and Lounge, it was the place to be for fashion and entertainment
industry professionals, celebrities and regular Nigerian patrons. But after
running the bar for six years, she left when she felt she had positioned the
bar well enough to run her own show, an Events management company. Having  been off the scene for a while, Ayana as she is fondly called, may
decided to return to what she knows how to do best, running a lounge, what with
her association with a certain bar called Lounge 15. She has been seen to be
at the behest of an ongoing recruitment process for the lounge in recent times.