Why we need to sack President Jonathan!

“To educate
a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society”—-Theodore

The worst thing that can happen to a man is
his inability to use his God given intelligence to change his cause and
immediate environment.  The case of the
average Nigerian is a peculiar mess that does not seize to amuse me any time I
find the common chance to vex. To start with, we Nigerians are brainy but we
lack the will to challenge stupidity. Stupidity like the one Mr. Goodluck Ebele
Jonathan gives to us every minute, every hour, every day, every week and month
running into years.
Right now, Nigeria is going through the biggest challenge
of having one of the world’s most clueless Presidents in an era when technology
and innovative governance is breaking stereotypical barriers yet we have no
courage to say “No” to Mr. Jonathan’s brand of leadership. Years ago when I was
a boy I used to hear a song on Radio Kano 2 (I don’t know if that radio station
still exist today) and the song goes does: “Wherever
You go, wherever you be, do not say ‘yes’
when you mean to say ‘No’””.
I am sure some of us are familiar with that
song and if you do, thank God. However, for me, then; I was not too familiar
with the message of the song but was much more familiar and in love with the
melody because it often make my mind merry. Many years later, we will gather on
school play ground and use the melody of that same song to amuse ourselves and
we would sing thus “wherever you go (go
go gon-go) wherever you be (Sisi Eko?) do not say yes when you mean to say no”.

Ok, that was then when boys were boys, now with little intelligence garnered
with age maturity I think I appreciate the message more than the melody. And
the message is far reaching than the melody, that’s for those who have common
sense with a bit of brightness in their intelligence.

Today, the twin demons of intellectual
paralysis and attitudinal paralysis have damaged our psyche beyond control and
what we can boast of is a nation of what I call Ya-ya-ya people
or Wetin-Dey?
brand of citizens; People who take themselves too cheap and just hang
their hope and faith on the decimated discretion of one unfortunate leader whom
they always ascribe his ascendancy to power to the grace and will of God.  It is not like that with the Ghanaians and the
Sierra Leoneans. And I will buttress my point with facts for us to know that we
have lost it as a nation of people with veins and bones in our body. If you are
privileged to be reading me as a military officer, Police Officer, lawyer, top
security agent, diplomat or a student, I think you should be ashamed of your
good self any time you see such a man like Mr. Jonathan come across your
television or news paper bulletin shaking hands with other rational leaders,
you should be able to say to yourself “This is not the kind of man I deserve to
lead me”.  That is why till date, I thank
God I didn’t vote President Jonathan in the last Presidential election of 2011.
At the pooling booth where I registered somewhere in Ogba area of Lagos, I
voted General Muhammad Buhari and till date, it remains my biggest political
decision. Yes, let me bore you a bit with my election schedule on this very
interesting day of our good lives. At the pooling both I was at liberty to vote
two men whom I believe had something to offer Nigeria but never the too slow to
speak and incoherent Goodluck Jonathan. 
The first was my role model and mentor, Chief Dele Ojutelegan Momodu,
publisher of Ovation International
Magazine whom I passionately followed and witnessed his electoral challenges
from the elitist led/Dan Iwayanwun controlled Labor Party (LP) to the more rationally
led National Conscience Party (NCP) established by the late human right lawyer,
Chief Gani Fawehinmi. And the second was the Spartan Nigerian Army General
turned politician, General Muhammad Buhari.  For me, I didn’t only show sympathy for Dele Momdu
to lead but I equally remember that I invited the famous journalist to my
former employer, Business Hallmark Newspaper on Monday February 14th
2011 where he met and shared his aspiration to lead Nigeria with our board of
editors. Yes, I strongly believed in Chief Dele Momodu’s vision to lead Nigeria
even better than Goodluck Jonathan whose world view is limited to Bayelsa state
and Port Harcourt, Rivers State in South-South Nigeria. I love what the Ovation Publisher did by declaring to
run for presidency. His was a great sacrifice that may end up paying up for
some of us tomorrow. What he did was the turf of what I simply call “the spirit
of Innovative Leadership” which is lacking among our educated adults who laughs
too much but think less and never change for better.  But at the pooling booth on that sunny
afternoon, I decided to choose reason over emotion. Yes, Dele Momodu can do it;
he is lettered, well read, technologically savvy, well travelled and highly
educated but I think at this terrible junction Nigeria finds herself, we need a
man that can give discipline. Right now, Nigeria is like a rowdy class of
pupils with no prefect or better still with a prefect that is too shallow in
morals and won’t take necessary action to halt the activity of the noise makers.
The magic is to get a stern looking teacher like our own Mr. Segun Bolarinwa of
the Lagos State University Department of History and International Studies to
bring such a class to normalcy. A man with a reputation of clean integrity and
discipline; and that man for me, then, was General Muhammad Buhari hence I
sacrificed my role model, Dele Momodu  to
vote Buhari in as my country leader. However, at the pooling booth, PDP made
away with 86 votes while A.C.N (Now APC) made away with something around
seventy-nine votes or thereabout; and what of our own CPC? We had just 16
votes! And you know what? I said to myself and the other loyal and truthful
voters “We are the most intelligent 16 Nigerians” and today, I
guess my assumption has been confirmed with the dose of foolish and stupid does
of leadership Mr. Jonathan and his wife, Madam Patience gives us on a daily
basis. And if the next election comes today, I will still vote for this Spartan
General turned politician, Muhammad Buhari because I will never say “Yes” when
I mean to say “No” or vice-versa.

If Nigerians are as intelligent as we ought
to be, then you won’t permit the wife of your “President” to be awarded with a
non desirable honor like that of a Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa state while
serving outside station. That was too banal and foolish to start with. The most
insulting part of the whole charade was that the “House boy Governor of Baylesa
State”, Seriake Dickson gave madam the Perm Sec portfolio under the Ministry of
Education. What a baffling scenario? You mean a woman who is adjudged to be
unfortunate with the command of English Language was allowed to teach and work
in a special ministry like that? God! No wonder, we have a Dagboru man like Nyesom Wike supervising Nigeria’s ministry of
education; a man that would have performed far better as a political tug than a
minister. It is only in Nigeria and Nigerians that can tolerate this brand of
absurdity. Not Ghana, not Sierra Leon.

Secondly, sometimes ago we all read the
absurdity of a whole Minister of Niger Delta, one elder (Elder?) Godsday
Orubebe exchanging venomous text messages with our famous boxing Champion, Bash
Ali. I still have copies of national newspapers that carried the absurd low
class verbal war from a reputable minister to an ordinary citizen, calling Bash
Ali “A hungry and frustrated man” and all sort of irresponsible comments from
the uncounted mouth of a federal minister, in order saner climes, Orubebe would
have gone either by moral compulsion or leadership force. But till date the man
still sits there as a Federal Minister and when Jonathan was axing the “Unlucky
Nine” last year, he kept the unruly elder. Show me your friend and I will tell
you who you are! It will only happen in Nigeria and to Nigerians.

The most infamous one is the one with a
rude and uncouth minister of Aviation who was reported to have broken all moral
laws under her extra demanding spending culture and threw a bazaar of N255
Million Naira for two bullet proof cars; both the way and manner the cars were
purchased reeked with fraud and total lack of dignity. Even though the house
committee has found her guilty, the 3 man empanelled presidential investigation
committee has found her wanting, the Nigerian people through the mass media
have demanded her immediate removal but Mr. Jonathan the man you all voted for
in 2011 has told it to your face “Do your worst, fools”. Yet you think
you have a stake in your own country? Scheeew!  In fact, to show us how foolish we all are,
this same minister few weeks ago was bold enough to even abuse a reporter
(Aviation Correspondent) who dared to ask her about her fraud case and
recommendation for sack by the lower house. Hear ‘madam bold face’ “I think you
need to go back to school and learn English” the (Dis) honorable minister was
reported to have snapped at the reporter. Let me also tell you this, this is
not the first time the world is making an allegation of car scandal on Oduah. After
her self-serving Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) campaign of 2011 that pushed
Jonathan in, there were allegations about Stella converting some of the
vehicles used for the campaign into her own after the elections were declared
in favor of Jonathan by moving them en-mass to her VGC mansion in Lekki Ajah
area of Lagos where she allegedly re-painted them into SP&G Oil and Gas Ltd, her oil and Gas marketing firm. Don’t let
all us forget how some coordinators of the Neighbor-Neighbor campaign team
headed by Stella wrote the presidency sometime last year that sum of monies
promised them during the campaign was never remitted to their accounts and that
they were abandoned and remain stranded after the election. What a country?
What a leadership? What a future?  With a
human being like Stella Oduah as a Federal minister, Nigeria is terribly in
need of leadership surgery.

The most worrisome one that hits my imagination
today is the blowing up of the High Court building in Port Harcourt, Rivers
State couple of weeks back by suspected agents of the Dagboru Minister that
unfortunately supervises our Ministry of Education, Nyesom Wike. First and
foremost, I want to tell Nyesom Wike to read Psalm 37:8-11  and also learn from the antecedent of his
predecessor, one  Michael Aoondoaaka who
held sway as Minister of Justice During the short lived Musa Yar’ Adua era. Oh,
Mr. Wike, you are intoxicated by power? And you think what you are doing by
making Rivers ungovernable for Rotimi Amaechi is the best thing in political
leadership? You think after this regime you will have a life and still walk
free in Port Harcourt with your debasing charisma and obnoxious mannerism? You
are a stupid man and I tell you today, that God is watching you and He will
surely pay you in full at the appropriate time. You have abused the office of
Minister of Education by ranting too much and talking like a fool all the time.
The best thing you could have done is to resign and jet out of the country to
save your already battered integrity. Your Principal would have done better by
redeploying you to the ministry of special duties, since you enjoy carrying out
such obnoxious special duties in Rivers State; instead of allowing you to
insult and abuse the minds of legion of Nigerian students who might be worried
by your undignified posture as a minister for that kind of a sensitive
ministry. Well, I am not surprised, you lack broad education, you are not a
total Nigerian, if not you would have been very mindful of that office and
thread with care. Your world view like that of your principal is Bayelsa and
Portharcourt and that is why you guys want to kill Amaechi at all cost because
after Presidency, you might not have a say and stay in Portharcourt any longer.
Sir, you are one of the worst things that happened to Nigeria in recent time.
You disgust me and I think enough of this your nonsense as the Honorable
Supervising Minister of education and “Special Minister for Port Harcourt”.   

……Coming Soon=== “How Sierra Leoneans used the thumb to change their destiny”.   

. “If you are
privileged to be reading me as a military officer, Police Officer, lawyer, top
security agent, diplomat or a student, I think you should be ashamed of your
good self any time you see such a man like Mr. Jonathan come across your
television or news paper bulletin shaking hands with other rational leaders,
you should be able to say to yourself “This is not the kind of man I deserve to
lead me”.


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