President Buhari might not finish his tenure — HRH Bola Adegunloye | Says ‘Aso Rock needs Urgent Spiritual Cleansing’ + Story of his life…

Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’With this stick i can carry out any spiritual solution’
 His Royal Highness, Chief
Augustine Bola Adegunloye
is a well-respected Nigerian
trado-medical expert of over 40 years of practice. He is equally a gifted seer
renowned for his gift of accurate prophecy home and abroad.
Fondly called “Baba Egbeji” as a
result of his traditional title, Egbeji
of Nigeria
, the founder of St.
Augustine Healing Home
(At Ishoru
town in Ejigbo-Lagos, South Western Nigeria) is one of the strong men and
living legends in the four corners of Nigeria as the high and mighty of the
Nigerian society holds him in very high esteem as a result of his gift of
prophecy, astrology and traditional medicine. Among his  numerous titles are; Commander of African Medicine (CAM) which he received in 1990 and Supreme Commander of African Medicine
(SCAM) which he received in 1991 among other medical and humanitarian titles he
received home and abroad. Some of the countries that have honored him for his
feats in traditional medicine practice are the Republic of Ghana which described him as a ‘Rare gift to mankind
and the nations of Africa’.

The highly respected trained
astrologist and trado-medicine expert paid a royal visit to the Corporate
Headquarters of  Nigeria’s leading soft
sell magazine, CITY PEOPLE  (City People
Plaza) in the Gbagada Area of Lagos
in the early hours of Monday June 13,
where he was hosted by the Publisher Dr. SEYE KEHINDE and members of the editorial staff. The Egbeji of Nigeria who specifically
invited your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika to the Round
spoke on so many issues affecting the country among which is the
urgent need to carry out an urgent spiritual cleansing on Nigeria’s seat of
power, Aso Rock and the Commercial
City of Lagos. However, the man called Egbeji
Ogun of Nigeria
who has given several prophecies that has come to pass said
Nigeria will need to pray for President
Muhammad Buhari
as a top Christian denomination is already praying that the
President should pass away so that their candidate can emerge as the next
president of Nigeria. 
Every opinion celebrated in this
interview is not of this blog but that of the great seer, HRH Bola Adegunloye as
shown to him by his creator, God Almighty.
.  The Egbeji can be reached via 070-26-8822-75,
080-3352-11-07 or via his website  Enjoy the excerpts.
Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’Leaders of Redeemed Church
wants Osinbajo to succeed Buhari but that will never happen’
Sir, you have recently given predictions
about certain things that are going to happen in Nigeria and why Nigeria as a
country needs emergency spiritual cleansing at the moment.  Can you speak further on this development and
how they will affect Nigeria?
Thank you
very much, brother, you see, like I said in my early predictions, Nigeria needs cleansing, the country
needs spiritual cleansing. Abuja and Lagos need spiritual
cleansing. The several crises presently hunting the country is happening
because there is no spiritual cleansing and because of the five hundred human
heads buried inside Aso Rock villa by our late President, Sani Abacha because he wanted to become
life president but God didn’t allow it. That is why we are witnessing several
problems in Nigeria. So, there is
need for spiritual cleansing in Lagos and Abuja in order to relieve
Nigeria from all the problems happening
in this country at the moment. For instance, in Lagos, there are fire outbreaks
and a lot of calamities going on. People are dying on daily basis. It is those
that are popular that their names are being published and those who are popular
are the ones we hear about and the unpopular ones are in the majority. So,
there is a need for spiritual cleansing so as to make Nigeria a smooth running
country. I also revealed that we should specially pray for (President) Buhari
because there is no peace in Abuja. He (Mr. President) may likely
pass away, he may likely not finish his tenure but if we all pray and something
emergency is done, there will be no problem.

Late Sanni Abacha

Buhari should be wary of his VP….
Should we expect Mr. President to
return from his 10 days sick leave healthy?
myself and other people are praying fervently for him to come back but like I
predicted the return of former Taraba
State Governor, Danbaba (Suntai) in
those days, that Danbaba will not
come back to be a (regular) governor again which came to pass, this man
(President Buhari) will come back but he will not be so popular with the public
again. The main problem is that his Vice (Pastor Yemi Osinbajo) is being pushed
by his church (Redeemed Christian Church of God) members, they are telling him
to do this and that. They don’t want real cordiality to exist between him and
his principal and he is not the best candidate for that position. They may be
deceiving him because they have always said ‘very
soon, we are going to produce the president
from our church etc’ it can never be possible. Even he, Osinbajo should urgently pray for his
personal soul because most of these people from Ijebu are always
powerful but in this hour of our time, they borrowed a religion which is not
their religion. Most of our Ijebu people are very knowledgeable
and all spiritual knowledge but most of our people, these pastors
may be ordained by God but they are not doing the real job. They are Pastors
for 419s because they are misleading people.

VP Yemi Osibajo

Lot of people has been mis-lead.
See what happened to (Ex-President) Jonathan at that time. They took him
to Jerusalem,
they took him all over the world that he is going to win, and he eventually
failed. He sent somebody to me and I said ‘you
can never win’
. I didn’t take a dime from him because I know the repercussion
but in this country, there are people who take money from politicians and are
not worried about what will happen afterwards but it is not the best. On every
action there must be equal reaction. So, whatever one does in life, there will
be a process of reaction. When I was in Maroko before the demolition of Maroko
(in Lagos) wife of (ex-President) Babangida came to me. The wife of
(Former Lagos State Governor, Ndubuisi Kanu) all came to me and they built a
house for me. I lost about 4 houses in Maroko then and since that time; Babangida
and (Ex-Lagos MILAD) Raji Rasaki have not been enjoying
good health because of their atrocities at the time. That is why Babangida
does not like to go to anybody for spiritual help because he does not know whom
he has offended.

The Egbeji Ogun of Nigeria, HRH, Augustine Bola Adegunloye

IBB will pass away….
In the last couple of weeks, there
were rumors in town that ex-President Babangida passed away only for him to
return on Sunday June 12 looking gaunt. Is there a way out for IBB?
Well, let’s
pray for him but I don’t see him staying long. He will pass away because,
already, he has committed what is actually worrying him. We pray for his long
life but I don’t see him going further.

President Muhammadu Buhari

Why Buhari banned Fayose from Foreign
In Ekiti State, the drama is getting
messier. The Governor has been doing some things considered belittling to the
office of a Governor. He also went on strike in solidarity with hungry workers.
What do you think is actually wrong with Mr. Ayodele Fayose?
is trying. The first time he was a governor, he did tried for
elderly people. But this time around, there are lots of things happening
between his party and the opposition. He is trying to bring out himself so as
to be relevant. We should pray for his personal soul because he has offended so
many people. He even took down the crown of an Oba in Ekiti
and brought down the Oba. That comes with lots of spiritual backlash. In fact, he
wanted to even travel at the time to do some evil things towards the president.
So, the President oversaw what is happening and he banned Fayose’s movement out of
the country. So, Fayose is trying but I don’t see him succeeding further.

Dr. Seye Kehinde listens with rapt attention as The Egbeji speaks on Nigeria

Buhari’s 1 Year not favorable to the
Sir, let’s talk about one year of
(President) Buhari in government. How would you assess his one year period in
The last one
year has not been favorable to the masses but what they are trying to do is to
impress Nigerians but if you go into the town, you will see that people are
suffering. There are lots of things happening. No light, things are not moving
fine. They want to use the style of Awolowo but gone are those days when
those principles are working. Secondly, Buhari is using iron hand to treat
the country. He is not a force man anymore. So, anything he needs to do must be
done with a tone of civility. I won’t say he has not tried but what he has done
is bellow expectation.
Baba Egbeji giving his spiritual messages as everybody listens with rapt attention’
Ambode, APC in danger….
How about Lagos State, what is your
impression of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s one year in office?
Lagos state?
(Laughs), in that case, I will talk generally about the APC. There is no
cordiality within the APC. Now, Ambode doesn’t like Fashola.
He doesn’t even follow the way Fashola was rulling in Lagos. During
the era of Fashola, he used to share gifts to traditional rulers and
traditional chiefs during festive seasons. But this man (Ambode) does not even
listen to anybody. Anybody that has done something with Fashola, he does not want
to see them which is bad. Now, they want to do the Local Government election,
he started to appoint persons from his caucus to administrate, which is very
bad. As he is behaving now, he will make APC
to lose Lagos to another party. Not PDP ooo, because there is going to be
another strong party that will rise and be influential. People are already
aware of PDP and APC, another party will emerge that will do a lot of things.
does not comply with instructions from elders, there was a time
I wrote to him through Prince Olusi on things that needed
to be done for Lagos; he said ‘Ok, I will
answer you, I will do that’
. I practically prayed for him to win Lagos.
(Jimi) Agbaje was supposed to be the one to win Lagos but may God
forgive us, I had to do my job. We prayed fervently for him and he won. Same
thing with Buhari, his agents were promising lot of things. They gave us
only two
hundred thousand naira
and if they come here now, I will tell them.
They said ‘Baba, don’t worry, when we
enter we are going to do this and that’.
But after the inauguration, they
don’t even talk to me again. If I call them, they will not answer my call or
they say ‘Baba, we are coming’ and I
am not that type of person that goes about knocking doors to say ‘Oh, I am here ooo, bring this and that’,
I don’t do that. It is not that I have money but I am very contented with what
I have. Yorubas say ‘Ao le rin,
kori ma jin’
. Ko si eni to le so pe
oun o lese but a o ni moomo d’ese tori awa, tori awon omo wa’
(Nobody is a
saint but we won’t intentionally sin because of our hereafter and the life of
our children).  I have only a wife with
children. All of them are graduates with four from the University of Lagos.  I don’t believe in anything than doing good
and being faithful because on every action, there must be equal reaction
because whatever I do is what God will return to me.

& CEO, City People Magazine, Dr. Seye Kehinde & His Royal
Highness, Augustine Bola Adegunloye after the Round Table

City People is a big brand in Canada
 I was in Canada recently where I went to
celebrate with the second to my last child; the wife delivered a baby and we
were there in Canada to celebrate with them and it was there I got to hear a
lot about CITY PEOPLE. I didn’t know your magazine is so powerful in that part
of the world and I want to tell you that you are doing a good job. May God give
you long life (Started Praying for City People Magazine Publisher, Dr.
Seye Kehinde
) but one thing I will advise you against is about this
people who believe that you can call out money without side effect; you have to
be careful about them. God has made you great with this magazine. You have
projected so many people that supposed not to be known and today they are
something. I know many of them who used to come and place adverts here but they
dupe people. When people consult them, they dupe and swindle those people.
Because the people already believe that once they appear in CITY
, they are very sure of their integrity yet, they are 419eers and when I look at it, I saw
that there were no returns from them to you. It is only God that makes return
for you. So, I will advise you to be very careful with them, bill them heavily
and let them pay before they can appear because most of these people live in a
room, and when you consult them, they put full wads of naira in a box and pass down
a pipe and they will say you are now talking to your fore-fathers meanwhile
there is another person hiding in the room and carrying out all the shady
activities. It is not the best; they don’t know that they are only killing
themselves once they have the money. If it is not the proper way you gathered
that money, you won’t enjoy the money. If it was the time of Pa
, if anybody wants to make publication they will go to him and
make clarifications. But now, everyone has abused that privilege.
Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika…’Nigeria needs a traditional
Medicine Board to promote the use of traditional medicine in the
What People don’t know about Egbeji
Can you give us a bit of your
I have
several awards here to show what we have been doing in the last 3 decades. I am
the only spiritualist that was sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria
in those days for oversea exhibitions. I created ‘Reflection Program’ on NTA to educate Nigerians on the
purpose of voodoo. A lot of people said what I studied at the time, voodoo,
was evil and those practitioners do kill people. So, I gave them new
orientation. Little did they know that they are practicing voodoo in Nigeria; this Ifa
priests are practicing voodoo because they can work for a
person without seeing them and any original Ifa priest will never advertise
himself, it is wrong. But some of these young ones today will say ‘I am
amoju ifa’
and you will go to them only to discover that they cannot
even say a bit about Ifa. There is karma
for everything that is why I don’t want you to be putting this fake Ifa
priests in your magazine (City People) for advert. Even if they want to
advertise, I know you are not taking money from them but please, let them be
paying money. If you want to do advert, they should pay heavily; if you ask for
certificate, it is an embarrassment because they don’t have one in the first
place. But let them be paying correct money because you are doing your work and
if they feel they need to be heard let them pay hard because they are not
supposed to be coming out but through the help of your paper (City People) they
are been heard. They can’t go to PUNCH or any other publications,
they won’t accept but now they come to you and sell their frivolities at a
cheap price. If you go to them, they cannot even prophesize for somebody and
tell you of your tomorrow.
Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’Nigerian Pastors thrive on
deception. They led ex-President Jonathan into great misfortune’
I spent 7 years in my mother’s womb
 “I spent 7 years in the womb of my mother
before I was born. That is the secret of my power. When I was born, I was born
with set of teethes already in my mouth and both my father and mother panicked.
They went and kept me in a bush that was August
14, 1948
. There was tribal war between Ondo and Idanre in those days, I
am from Ondo Township. My parent left me in the bush and a hunter later
picked me up. I have those pictures in my shrine. I was with the hunter for a
long time; the hunter said he wanted to use me to do medicine but I refused to
die after 7 days of his applications on me. So, he started using native leaves,
put it in my mouth and liver of some animals he started giving me to eat.
Eventually my parents got me back because seers kept telling my father that one
of their kids was somewhere and they must look for him. The very day I saw a
woman on top of the hill of Idanre where the hunter raised me;
she brought beans cake (Akara) and I took it from her and I
was eating, the hunter saw me and scolded me. He said ‘Come here, sit down here. Do you know this woman that gave you Akara?’
I said ‘I didn’t know’. So, I dropped the Akara. I didn’t know she was my
mother but there was a strong feeling towards her and at the end I was returned
home. I started Primary School at Fagbo in Ondo State.
Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’500 human heads are burried
under Aso Rock and the place need to be cleaned up spiritually’
When I was in
the Primary School, the Reverend Father
so liked me and he took me as a mass boy. I served the reverend father for a
while and I later went to United Trade School in Sapele,
State and we did Telecommunications which is now a popular subject now. I
worked briefly at Dugbe in Ibadan as a transmitting officer at NTA.
But I was later relieved of my job because of my higher education, I had my
intermediate certificate from City of Grace of London in telecommunications
studies. They feared that I will overtake them and become their boss one day.
So, I had to join the police. I joined the police as cadet inspector that was
in the early 1960s or thereabout. I was in the police when there was a tribal
war orchestrated by this Agbekoya people. So, I was in the
team that arrested the Agbekoya people. We didn’t arrest
them by power alone, we equally used intelligence. I followed a very tall lady
and later became her friend. She said she has not been able to bear a child and
that she was wishing to marry me. She introduced me to her father and the man
never knew I was a detective. I was always there with the lady and her family
in the community and that allowed me to monitor the community and I will always
return to Iyanganku to relate
what I saw there as a CID. So, one day a top police officer was surprised how I
do go to investigate the Agbekoya people without being
detected and he asked ‘How do you
normally disappear when people
to you?’
and I said ‘sir, you see
that pot there, if I run into it nobody can see me’

Members of City People Editorial board led by Mr. Isaac Ekanem open the session with Baba Egbeji

(Cuts in) You mean a pot?
Yes, Pot, a
very big pot—ikoko nla. It was a spiritual pot we carried from our
investigation site and brought it to Iyangaku
in Ibadan.
The police man is a Calabar man and his rank was inspector. He said ‘Ha, this yeye pot?’ He carried it just
broke the pot gba!. Immediately he did that, he ran mad and rushed into the
main road and a car hit and killed him immediately. So, that was one of the aspects
of my life. I was promoted to Kano where I worked at Bompai
State CID. I was there as a Police officer but my father was against my
being a police man. Ondo people don’t like police men. So, I eventually left the
police force.

The GDA in a deep chat with The Egbeji of Nigeria

Why Ondo People hate Policemen…
What did you father want you to do?
He said I
should do any other work than police. You know Ondo people believe
police people are cursed people. So, they detest their children working in the
police. I resigned and I followed a lady to Celestial Church of Christ in Ede, Osun State. Because that
time, I was indeed powerful. If I want to invoke some spirits I will just call
some languages and you will see those spirits appear, short-short spirits
around me. I used to be lonely and people will be scared of me. They will say ‘Please, just leave this man; he is a devil
(Laughter). So, I was at the Celestial Church at Ede
and during their revival, they sprinkle their Holy Water on me and I fell down. So, everyone that came to see me
in that condition will say ‘Shior, you
came to test our Oga and your power has failed you’
. This is your end. I
was in that state for 14 days and I started prophesying for Papa (SBJ Oschoffa)
whom I have not even seen. From Ede, I met myself at Ire-Akari
(Lagos) and I saw myself wearing a four corner sultana as a Prophet.
And I began to prophesy to people. I later prophesized and prayed for a woman
who was barren for 52 years and she conceived and gave birth and she was the
one who sponsored me to India. I later went to study voodoo
in Rovins
Science School
in Bombay, India.  A lady that was having persistent headache
came to me and I helped the lady and the headache stopped.
Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’Lagos & Abuja needs urgent Spiritual Cleansing’
There is something
we can touch with our finger and whatever is worrying anybody will go. I used
to heal mad people but I was warned to stop it because of my grand children.
After I returned from India, I decided I don’t want to be
a Celestial Church member again
because of certain principles of my practice that is not in consonant with
theirs. So, I went down to settle in Maroko. I settled in a place called Lasoye
in Maroko. My land lord who was an Ijebu man loved me so
much and he was the one welcoming people to see me because I like praying too
much. I had a (spiritual) carpet that I used to spread on the sea and I will
walk on the sea. I did that severally until journalists termed me as ‘A
Spiritualist who walked on the sea after Jesus Christ’
. I used to do
spiritual work for important people and I will take them to the bar-beach,
light a candle, walk on the sea and they will be okay. But when they demolished
I relocated to Ikotun and the Federal Government invited us to Barcelona for trade fair. Before I
returned some aggrieved herbalists in Ikotun area put fire in my shrine
and burned down everything. They said ‘how
can this small man be so influential? Government will call him and he will be
the one doing this and that on the television’
. So, they burned down my
shrine but all of them died eventually.

The Publisher of the Nigeri’s No 1 Celebrity Magazine Brand Dr. Seye Kehinde presents copies to Baba Egbeji on arrival

How Traditional Medicine can help
Nigeria economy
So, how do you think the traditional
medicine industry which you belong can help Nigerians?
We are
praying that the Federal Government
will institute what we call traditional medicine board.
The one they are doing in Lagos is wrong because they used a doctor to head a
trado-medical board. What trado-medicalists can do, doctors cannot do it. That
is why many people are having problem, all these small, small cases of cancer,
stroke and diabetes; we can conveniently treat them here. Government should
inaugurate a traditional training board and we will start training some people
at the background. People become ill and they just die anyhow because they
don’t want to go to babalawo. You
will hear them say ‘Ah, I don’t go to
Babalawo, I go to church’ and this
same church people come to us in the night. When they come to us we cut their
tongue and lips….’in Jesus name’ and you say ‘amen’ but you will never know
where they sourced their power. Many of them wear spiritual suits made from
, it is that suits they put on and you see miracles happening and
the moment they remove that suit, the power is gone. And it is not the best but
I won’t blame them; it is because there is no work. A graduate can quote the
entire Bible from the beginning to the end and you will just say ‘wow, my
pastor! I know a prominent prophet but I won’t mention his name that I gave
something that he normally put in his coat and after pressing it, you see
everybody falling down (Laughter).
Baba & His son, Prince (Dr.) Adegunloye Jnr. deliberate on the quality of stories inside the magazine
So, it is because they want money and they
don’t give a damn to what the repercussions will be. So, Nigerian Government
should inaugurate a traditional medicine board. I won’t say I am the best but
if you invite me, i will tell government the truth on how to run it. We can
have a statue that we can be using to treat people and what worries
them will go. This stick in my hand,
I brought it from India and I used to use it to heal several mad people and the
madness will go until it got broken and I had to moderate it like this. It is
so powerful that there is nothing I cannot achieve with it. I used to have
another powerful stick that I used in curing people in those days, I went to Badagry bar beach to heal somebody with
it and that person was totally healed but as we were rounding up, the wave of
the beach just came from behind and took it away from me. Today,  If you go to Cotonou (Benin Republic) you can go to the chemist and buy
traditional medicines but you cannot do that in Nigeria because everything is
politics. The Oyinbo man does not joke with their traditional institutions
and their herb and that is why China is going to rule the entire
world very soon. They are going to rule the world because they know everything.

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and find out what will happen to Dangote, Okoya, Tinubu,
& Others on this blog shortly)


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