Prophet Tibetan sets to launch his REVELATION 2021 Book come Sunday 7th, Feb. 2021

As usual, and in tandem with his rare gift of revelations to the world at large, renowned Prophet and acclaimed Nostradamus of our time PROPHET MKO TIBETAN is set to unveil his newly published PREDICTION 2021 book which is a compendium of revelations for nations, individuals and organizations across Africa and the world at-large.

The over 400 Pages book which is a product of over six weeks confinement reveals some shocking details of what is expected to come up in Year 2021 and how Nigerians can react to or handle the Year.

Prophet Marcus Korodele Oluwatosin TIBETAN, native of Ode-Aye in the old Okitipupa Division (Ondo State—South Western Nigeria) came to Lagos in 1985 in search of greener pastures.

As a simple, most unassuming young man endowed with an unrelenting will to succeed, he tried his hands at different jobs shortly on arrival in Lagos, including dry-cleaning, driving and sale of cars.

These are qualities that endeared him to friends and colleagues. Meanwhile, his natural gift of prophecy remained almost dormant until his new sets of friends and church members observed him as a visionary man.
As he grew up, his parents merely noticed “the young Tosin had many old men friends who came at different times of the day to consult him for advice”.

The same thing happened to him as a student of Stella Maris College, Okitipupa. Paradoxically, the Prophet himself did not recognize the fact that whatever advice he offered his old friends at home and the one he gives his school authorities in Okitipupa was a package of prophecy until after some years’ sojourn in Lagos.

Through worship and total adherence to God’s commandments, Prophet Marcus’ visionary gift glaringly surfaced and his popularity suddenly spread across the globe like wild fire.

The Prophet has visited more than ninety cities around the world.
Prophet Tibetan strongly believes in “One man, one wife”. He is married to Mother Celestial Bosede Christina Tibetan (Nee Olagundoye) and they are both blessed with 5 lovely children—a girl and four boys.

As a family man, the Prophet believes in taking good care of his children and providing for their needs and quality education (John 21 verse 18-21)

The Prophet has the rare gift of mastering the Holy Bible and he quotes exhaustively from the Holy book. The remarkable so far was before a large congregation in Toronto, Canada, where Prophet Marcus gave 150 biblical quotations within 45 minutes of preaching.

Prophet MKO Tibetan is a disciplined man of God, he condemns ladies who wear too much ornaments and make-up on their faces including ankle chain.

The Prophet is loved and very well respected in his native town of Ode-Aye. If you love THE TRUTH, please, visit any of his Sunday service and you will find the TRUTH to set you free.

Through his prophetic prowess, Prophet Tibetan has helped to this world children from hitherto hopeless couples, he has united several couples who became victims of marriage accidents including Africans, Americans and Europeans.

The Prophet is gifted with the ability to cure certain chronic ailments such as, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, arthritis, stroke and personality problems.
Unlike most Pentecostal pastors, Prophet MKO Tibetan does not believe in miracles.

Rather he sues for a conceited approach of all men of God to use such ability to ‘perform miracles,’ to visit beggars and destitutes living on the streets of major cities of Nigeria and heal them.

Prophet MKO Tibetan has severally appealed to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to enforce all pastors to have individual private jobs instead of depending solely on their congregation for support.

The Prophet was born on December 20th, 1960 to the family of Pa Daniel Okenola and Madam Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan of blessed memory.

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