Secrets of Guru Maharaji, Jehovah Wayoyin, Olumba-Olumba, Moses Orimolade exposed in new album

PROPHET AMOS MODAYIBI OJO aka BABA ELEWUOGBO is a Prophet with Apostolic anointing. Since Asabe Afrika TV discovered him last year when he released his new album “THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY”, his revelations have been quite enlightening especially, to the Christian community in Nigeria and in Diaspora.

Revealing the dirty secrets of principalities, Prophet Elewuogbo comes with a different apostolic touch to the Gospel of Christ Jesus and with him, you are bound to get revelations that will uplift your spirit and deliver you from spiritual paralysis.

In his new album “The gods must be crazy”, he revealed the secrets of many religious principalities and other familiar nuisance in the Christian religion circle. You will find the album very educating and enlightening.

He also offered a special tribute to the founder of Cherubim and Seraphim Church Movement, SPECIAL APOSTLE MOSES ORIMOLADE TUNOLASE of blessed memory.

You will find his revelations interesting.