The Church of God is responsible for 75% of sins committed in Nigeria—Prophet Jolaolu Ogunniran + How he got N7m Honda Pilot Car during Prophetic Service

Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran, Shepherd-In-Charge, CCC, Elyon Cathedral, Ijaiye-Ojokoro-Lagos

Prophet Enoch Jolaolu
is a dynamic and highly respected
Man of God in the Celestial Church of Christ fold in Nigeria. The Ada, Osun State—South Western Nigeria
born man of God is the Shepherd-in-Charge of Celestial Church of Christ,
Elyon Cathedral, Special District
Headquarters on 8, Leratto Avenue by Ijaiye bus stop (Ijaiye-Ojokoro LCDA)
along Lagos-Abeokuta Express Way. His annual 7 Prophetic Wednesdays crusade
took place recently between January 4 and Wednesday February 15th

Banner of the 7 Prophetic Wednesday Service themed ‘GO IN AND POSSES THE LAND’

This year’s edition was tagged ‘Go in and Posses the Land’.  The event which had various
anointed men of God ministering equally had Juju Music Maestro turned Evangelist Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi who
ministered at the 6th edition on Wednesday February 8th,
2017 in attendance. The spirit filled man of God who also recorded a huge
miracle of a brand new Honda Pilot
car given to him by a man he prayer for during the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays hosted
your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika inside his office after a spirit filled service on
Wednesday February 8th. He told us the story of his calling 31 years
ago into the vineyard and how he strayed into the church as a tout and was
eventually called to lead redeem many. He equally told this blog the reason
behind his annual 7 Wednesdays Prophetic Services in the last 15 years. Prophet Ogunniran shared his bitter pain
for Nigeria and the church of Christ with Asabeafrika.
Enjoy the excerpts.

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Why we organized 7 Prophetic

The GDA meets the Prophet….

Why did you organize the 7 Prophetic
Wednesdays since January 4?

Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran leading the Service

This is not
the first time we are organizing this type of prayer program for the beginning
of the year. It is a spiritual program organized for the benefit of people, to
enable them come closer to God and tell God what they want for that particular
year and how they want to have rapport with God. Let me also tell you that it
is not our intention to do the program, it is the spirit of the Lord that
instructed us to organize the program for those who need God’s intervention in
their own lives. So, we can categorically say it is a spirit designed event,
strictly for deliverance purpose. We are vessels in His hand.

Leader Adekoya leads Prayer during the service

Looking at the present trend in
Nigeria, you will see that we are in a season of recession and depression. People
are not happy and so many things are wrong with the economy. As the man in the
vineyard, how do you think people can survive a time like this?

The GDA with CCC, Elyon Cathedral Shepherd-In-Charge, Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran

Yeah, I
think it is a pleasure meeting you people (Asabeafrika). I have been looking
for an opportunity like this, to have some rapport with Nigerians. It is a
very, very disappointing situation to see a nation that God owns, a blessed
country like Nigeria that has every
resources inside her soil and yet we suffering great lack. It is simply because
we are far away from God. We Nigerians are far away from God.

The CCC, Elyon Cathedral Choir in Action

The only thing we
can do now is to move closer to God like what 1st Chronicle 15
to the end told us, that if we move closer to Him, that He is ready
to save us in all our endeavors. We must get closer to God. That is what we
need at a time like this.

President Muhammadu Buhari….’Is he the Messiah?’ Prophet Ogunniran thinks otherwise

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If you are chanced to meet President
Muhammadu Buhari or Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, what would be your advice
to them?

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo….Prophet Ogunniran says God put people like him there to punish Nigerians

My dear
brother, what I will tell you, is that the fault is not from Buhari neither is it from Osinbajo. It is from God.

Prophet Ogunniran to Asabeafrika…’Church is now all about money and not eternity’

How the Church messed up…

Pastor Adeboye & Bishop Oyedepo….Is there any truth they can earn from Prophet Ogunniran and few other moralists?

How do you mean, sir?
What I mean
is that the two leaders have no fault because God has not even transacted any
business with Nigeria again. God is
angry with us. He is very angry with us. That is why He gave us leaders who
don’t have the skill or charisma to take us to the promise land. He is the one
who directed them to be there simply because we are far away from Him. Unless
we come back to God; then, God will take possession and everything will be in

Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran to Asabeafrika…’The Church of God has messed up things in Nigeria’

What we are passing through now, America
was equally in the same situation through centuries. They passed through this
same challenge but when they called unto God,
He delivered them. Anytime Nigeria
returns to God in fair conscience, God will deliver us. Go to Christian kingdom
today, the biggest crimes in Nigeria today; when you count them one by one, the
Christian kingdom has about 75%.

Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly….Frowns at Church running with capitalist intention

You mean the Church?

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye….His Church runs a school that is out of rich of children of ordinary members

Yes, the
Church commits about 75% of societal crimes today in Nigeria, so what are we
talking about. The Bible didn’t lie by saying judgment will start from the
house of God, that is the church. The church is deeply enmeshed in a very big
mess. Most of the iniquities we talk about are now committed in the church.

Bishop David Oyedepo….Runs Church with capitalist intention?

It brings me to the question of
Pentecostal Churches who uses free offerings to establish schools and over bill
the masses to pay school fees of their wads. Is that not part of this
humanitarian crime?

Male Congregants praised God in Songs and Prayer

That is what
I am saying because they have cut some people off their education system. So,
if I don’t have millions now, I cannot send my children to school; and I am in
your church. You are preaching eternity to me and you that you are preaching
eternity to me; you are not even close to it. You are a red tape capitalist. It
is only when we come back to God in fair conscience that peace will reign in Nigeria.

Female Congregants praised God in Worship & Prayer

What did you see to the recent
controversial Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria edict to regulate the
finances of churches? Do you think we need the policy for the transparency of
the church?

Shepherd-In-Charge, CCC, Elyon Cathedral, Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran taking a lead of the service

It cannot
work. It cannot work.
I mean, the rules specified a term of
20 years for church leaders and mandated the church to open her books for
That policy
cannot work. 

Representative of Evangelist Ebenezer Obey, Pastor Abiodun Awinle commands powerful prayer points during the service 

churches are not even registered. They just started one day and nobody
questioned them. Why? Because they are Nigerians; even a foreigner is a pastor
in our country today, and he has no working permit; he has no permit to stay in
our country and we are saying ‘we have
. So, it cannot work. I cannot buy something of N20 and you come
and tell me that you have a Price Control
Policy, so I should sell it for N10.
No way. It is not done. It cannot work. Let us pray to God, to come down and
stabilize this country for us.

Prophet Lekan Johnson leading a prayer session while Assistant Shepherd, Superior Evangelist Akinkuotu Adewale directs from behind

We have mineral resources, far, far richer
resources to make us richer than any country in the world. In fact, we are richer
than America. Where America stands today, if Nigeria is truly in God’s hands, we will
surpass their success. That is the truth. We would surpass them far. In the
good olden days, an American Dollar
was 70 Nigerian Kobo to a Dollar. So, how did we get to a rise of over N500 today?
What happened to our innovation? What happened to our ingenuity? What happened
to creativity? How did we get here?

The GDA & other male congregants at the service

Who do you think should take the
blame, the church, the political class, or the masses?

The Choir of CCC, Elyon Parish brought the heavenly hosts down with their craft

In fact, I will not blame the so called politicians. I am blaming the church
leaders. The church leaders are corrupt. When they are eating under a
particular government, that government is good. But the moment the source of
food is gone, then, the government is not good again. They will preach against
the government. That is just it. So, the church is to be blamed in all
fairness. The church has a big role to play in terms of moderating the culture
of both the government and the people.

Female Congregants blessed God with their worship

How God called me…

The GDA meeting Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran inside his office

How did you get your calling?
question is a wonderful question. It is a long story.

Evangelist Adele Olamilekan aka Beula ministers in songs of worship

I think you can tell us so that
people can learn from you?
I was a
tout. I started my life as a tout.
So, how did a tout became a church

Women from other denomination stormed the CCC, Elyon Parish event

I dropped
from high school, it is not that I didn’t see someone to sponsor me but I
dropped out of school and started roaming about. The way I came into the
vineyard, I can’t explain till date. It is a wonderful story of my life. I
think God had a hand in it.

Young men raised their voice to God at the 7 Prophetic Wednesday Services of CCC, Elyon Cathedral

Were you from a polygamous family?

Female Congregants praying to God at the event

My father
had problems with child bearing. I supposed to be the last child if my dad was
lucky enough to start rearing kids early in life. He married a woman and for 23
years, there was no issue. After they departed and the woman married another
man, she became pregnant.

Some male congregants asking God for their own blessing

Maybe your dad and the woman are not
meant for each other?
No, that is
not the case. I can’t really call it destiny. I think it is family problem.
Yeah, my father actually came from a polygamous home, brilliant and
enterprising. He didn’t attend any school but he was a very brilliant person.
He was brilliant, social and dynamic. In fact, I am privileged to be his son. I
am happy he is my father.
You are from which state?

Pastor Abiodun Awinle from Decross Ministries ministering at the event

I am from Osun state. From a town called Ada
under Boripe Local Government Area, near Iragbiji. In fact, family had to appeal to my mother to marry my
dad. They wanted to see if my dad was actually suffering from an ailment. And
immediately they married each other, she conceived and I was born. They brought
me into the world and because they pampered me, I became spoilt.

CEO, Adesam Videos Ltd, Mr. Samson Adewale at the event

I had the
temperament to do anything I like and nobody challenges me. I became a spoilt
child and from there I graduated into something else because I was over pampered.
But how I became a Celestial church
member, I cannot say till now. Although, my father told me that when he and mum
were searching for fruit of the womb, they told him that he would bear
children. But his first child will be a prophet. I didn’t come from a Christian

Some Fruits laid for blessing and sanctification by members

Oh, you came from a Muslim home?
Never. I hail
from a pagan family, a stark pagan home. They worship Ogun, the god of iron. I later got a baptismal name, Enoch. My name is Jolaolu, the one given me at birth. But I gave myself Enoch when I baptized into Christianity.
Along the line, I became a shepherd. I cannot explain how I became a member of
this church. In fact, this is my 31 years as a member of the Celestial Church of Christ and a shepherded.
By this July, I will be 59 years. I was under 20 years when I became a member
of Celestial Church.

Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran with Celebrity Blogger, Gbenga Dan Asabe

How were you converted?
They brought
Celestial Church of Christ to my
town. And they announced at the time that ‘if
you worship with us, we will give you rice, we will give you tea and so many
. And in those days, when you want to have the privilege of eating
rice, you must wait for festive seasons to get to eat rice and stew. It is
either during Ileya or Christmas festival. And now, you are
told that ‘if you can come to this
church, you will
have the luxury of
eating rice’
. Oh, no, I just jumped at the offer (Laughter). Then, I got
into the church and I got to learn that there were prophets and prophetesses.
The way they behave I didn’t like.

Representative of Evangelist Obey, Pastor Abiodun Awinle commanding the Holy Spirit to heal at the 6th edition of the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays inside the church cathedral

I hated them so much that I decided to be
wicked to a prophet one day. The Prophet was in the spirit and was rolling
towards me, so, I brought out a razor blade and I was about to cut him with it.
As he was rolling near me, I had prepared for the action; I was going to cut
him. Immediately he neared me, I lost composure and didn’t know where I was
again. I lost my memory straight away.

A cross session of female worshipers at another session of the church during the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays service

So, you were arrested by the Holy
I was arrested for 21 days. And you know what? My father came down to the
church and fought them, threatening to deal with them, that they should release
his son to him. In fact on that matter, for ten years, I and my father didn’t
agree. He is now late. But we fought for good ten years because I joined Celestial Church of Christ. Don’t forget
I told you that my father was a pagan. So, there was no way he was going to be
happy with my joining Celestial Church of
Christ. But glory be to God Almighty,
today, in that family, God uphold me as a shining star. Again, God also used me
as a poster of grace, to make my father’s family to know that he has a
surviving son in his life time. So, God used me to promote the family and that
was a rare thing for my father’s legacy.

Prophet Ogunniran to Asabeafrika….’My conversion to Celestial annoyed my Dad but today, i am the shining star of his family’

What about your wife?
Yes, I met
my wife here in Celestial Church of
. She has been very, very supportive. She is a retired Custom
How I got N7million Naira Car gift…

Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran to Asabeafrika…’This is the best assurance that i am serving a living God’

Why is your parish, CCC Elyon Cathedral so unique, here,
there are prophets and a good relationship between the Levites and the church

The Car Gift for Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran of CCC, Elyon Cathedral

That is
God’s mystery because I cannot explain. If people come to your church and they
don’t see the hand of God, they won’t come again. This program (7 Prophetic
Wednesdays) is 15 years old. We have been organizing the program in the last 15
years and God has been attaching signs and wonders to the program. It has been
consistent, we don’t fail and like I said miracles upon miracles has always
accompanied the program; I mean great signs and wonders. In fact, yesterday,
somebody just drove into this compound and gave me a Honda Pilot car worth N7 Million. I was totally dazed.

The New Honda Pilot Car for CCC, Elyon Cathedral Shepherd

You mean someone came in here to give
you a Honda Pilot car just like that?

The GDA congratulates the Man of God @ the Steering

evening around 8pm; In fact, I only knew the man this year and I prayed for him
and God answered his prayers.  After my
prayer, he left only for him to return yesterday and say ‘Daddy, thank God for my life, I did this, I achieved that, this is the key’ and by the time I
stepped out, there was a car standing for me. I was dazed. I think this is just
the accomplishment of God’s covenant with this ministry. I think it is also a
re-assurance of my call. I feel more committed because I was never expecting
this miracle.

Back of the Honda Pilot Miracle Car with Prophet Ogunniran & His Driver taking a stand

Enoch Ogunniran
of CCC, Elyon
could be reached on 080-2316-1108, 080-3381-3052 or 081-3831-3675
for further comments & Spiritual Consultation; or write
[email protected])


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