The fairy tale wedding of Prince Sunmade Akin-Olugbade’s Car Designer Son with Billionaire Mike Adenuga’s doctors’s daughter in Lagos …. All the Details of the Easter Monday wedding you won’t read anywhere + Exclusive Pictures from traditional wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Segun Akin-Olugbade
If  Friday April 18 was a Good Friday, then the next day, Saturday April 19 must have been a “Good
Saturday” for the family of top Lagos Medical expert, Dr. Seyi Roberts and one of the prominent families in Egba land,
the families of Prince Sunmade Babajimi
who is the family head of the entire Akin-Olugbade family of Owu Kingdom as their illustrious son, Prince Segun Akin-Olugbade, a British
trained automobile engineer and Car Designer exchanged marital vows with the
first daughter of Dr. Seyi Roberts, Princess Roberts who is an Elon
University of North Carolina
trained English and Psychology graduate in

The traditional engagement ceremony which took place at the Harbor Point, off Ahmadu Bello Way,
Victoria Island Lagos on Saturday 19
had the presence of the cream-de-la-cream of society in attendance. The white
wedding later took place at The Anglican
Church of Resurrection
inside the 1004
, Victoria Island, Lagos on Eater Monday 21 while the grand reception was held at the ball room of
the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria
Island, Lagos in the afternoon of same day. Your African Number 1 Celebrity
encounter blog
asabeafrika was there and brings you behind-the-scene happenings from the one-in-town
event which had all the trappings of royalty.

Prince and Princess Segun Akin-Olugbade
The Newly wedded Engineer Segun Akin-Olugbade and wife Princess
shows their first love amidst dance appreciation from friends
The Fathers & their Royal Blood
Not many Nigerians
who attended the ceremonies knew that both fathers, Prince Babajimi Sunmade
(Groom’s dad) and Dr. Seyi Roberts (Bride’s Dad) who
is said to be one of Nigeria’s richest medical experts on the account of his
status as one of the medical personalities who treats the health of Billionaire
business man, Otunba (Dr.) Mike Adenuga and many other top Nigerians are
royalties. Of course, many Nigerians of old and new generation are very
familiar with the heritage of the Akin-Olugbades of Owu Kingdom as
their Great father, the former Ekerin of Egba-land and 1st Balogun of
Owu Kingdom
, late Chief Ohu
Babatunde Akin-Olugbade
was the former leader of the opposition in the
Federal House of Representatives after Nigerian Independence in the 60s. He
emerged leader of the Opposition after Chief
Obafemi Awolowo
his predecessor was jailed. Last year his children honored
him with a centenary celebration where his auto-biography was launched. His
younger son, the billionaire magnate, Prince
(Dr.) Bolu Akin-Olugbade
who is the younger brother of groom’s father, Prince Sunmade Babajimi Akin-Olugbade is presently the Aare
Ona Kakanfo of Owu Kingdom
. On the part of Dr. Seyi Roberts, if not for his medical nomenclature which deprived
him of being addressed as “Prince” no one ever knew that he too is of royal
blood from Ondo Kingdom.  Dr. Seyi Roberts for your information
is the first son of the late Olotu Omo-Oba of Ondo kingdom, Oba Frederick Adedayo Roberts. He is
also rumored to be one of those whose family lineage might make the line of the
next Osemawe
of Ondo kingdom.

The Presidential spokesman wearing a permanent smile all through as
his best friend Seyi Roberts gives out daughter

(R) Prince Goke Omisore, Dr. Seyi Roberts and others at the event
Meet the Bride & her groom.
The groom Engineer Segun Akin-Olugbade is the third son of Prince Sunmade Babajimi Akin-Olugbade, the Dawodu and Olori-Ebi
of the entire Akin-Olugbade family
of Owu Kingdom. He is a University
Coventry, London trained Car Designer. He is one of the very
few in the black community in the Diaspora and the emerging African market. His
wife Princess Roberts on the other
side is the first daughter of Lagos famous Doctor,
Seyi Roberts
who is one of the personal physicians to billionaire Mike
Adenuga Jnr. and many top Nigerians. She had her first degree in English and
Psychology at the University of Ghana,
Legon before she moved to Elon
University of North Carolina
, USA where she did her masters in the same
discipline. Presently she teaches at a highbrow children school at Lekki area
of Lagos.

The Female Band Leader of the Eboni Band
‘Let’s eat, let’s greet’ Dr. Seyi Roberts seems to be saying to friends as they
bombardede him with commendations

 Dr. Seyi Roberts Best kept secret.
This is an
unpublished auto-biography of the man, Dr.
Seyi Robert
. Apart from being one of the founding partners of the famous Holy
Cross Hospital
in Obalende, Ikoyi area of Lagos, the Ondo state born
medical expert is also the Doctor to billionaire business magnate Otunba Dr.
Mike Adenuga Jnr. Dr. Roberts is said to have been a private doctor to the
Grand Commander of Business in Nigeria for the last two decades and equally one
of those who has the ears of the founder of Globacom and Conoil.

Ex-Lagos state Deputy Governor Femi Pedro in a pose with the GDA

Why Minister of Communication Omobola
Johnson stormed the event.
One of the unique
qualities of the event is the fact that the two families are very prominent and
too big to be pushed aside in anything in society. And both the Akin-Olugbade and Roberts’s family pulled the right dignitaries down to the ceremony
thereby creating a maximum effect. One of such prominent personalities who
graced the Akin-Olugbade/Roberts wedding and equally spent the whole day
with the family is the present minister for communication and ICT, Mrs. Omobola Johnson. She was one of
the personalities that stood on the brides’ family side. The minister who sat
without an air of a minister of the federal republic we later gathered is the
niece to bride’s father, Dr. Seyi
Her father, late Chief Bayo Akinola an industrialist
of repute and former Lisa of Ondo Kingdom is the first
cousin to Dr. Seyi Roberts and for
that reason, the family bond remains so strong. 
You see why Mrs. Omobola Johnson played the role of an Ebi-Iyawo.

Omo-Oba Sunmade Babajimi Akin-Olugbade (R) welcoming a guest to his
 son’s wedding to Dr. Seyi Roberts’ daughter
The Newly wedded couple in their best mood with friends

Former Kwara first lady too 
The sight of
Kunle Ojora
and his beautiful wife, Erelu Ojuolape Ojora was
something that added so much glamour to the traditional wedding on “Good
Saturday”. The veteran couple and industrialist per excellence who are equally
of royal blood sat at a very vantage position on the bride’s side as they spent
a whole seven hours during which they carried out some special activities
including the negotiation of bride price from the Akin-Olugbade family of
Owu. But nobody could connect their relationship with bride’s family until when
the former first lady of Kwara State Mrs.
Toyin Saraki
who is equally the first daughter of Chief Kunle and Erelu
Ojuolape Ojora
stormed the Federal
Palace Hotel
venue of the reception on Easter Monday that tongues started
wagging. However, asabeafrika was
able to get you the real gist as we later learnt that Chief (Mrs.) Toyin Saraki
is equally a first cousin to Dr. Seyi Roberts. How? A very
impeccable source at the event confided in us that Toyin Saraki’s mother, Erelu
and Dr. Seyi Roberts’ mother, Madam
Ibirinola Eunice Roberts
used to be sisters from the famous Akinkugbe family of Ondo until they both
married their various husbands. While Toyin’s mum who is the younger one married
the young Lagos royal blood Prince Kunle Ojora; her elder
sister, Madam Ibirinola Eunice Roberts married an Ondo royal blood
in the person of the late Olotu Omoba of
Ondo town,
Prince Frederick Adedayo Roberts.  See how the two sisters invested their love
life in royalty?

The Aare (Dr.) Bolu Akin-Olugbade ready to merry with the merry-makers.

Meet the highly powerful
Akin-Olugbade family of Owu
Akin-Olugbade family of Owu kingdom in Ogun state, South West Nigeria is
reputed for two things; royalty and intellectualism. And once their presence
was announced at the Saturday engagement, every ear stood attentive. Royalty is
their first name while education seems to stick unto them like a second skin.
Apart from the Dawodu (head of
Family) himself,  Omoba Sunmade Babajinmi Akin-Olugbade
whose son, Segun was getting married
to Dr. Seyi Roberts’ daughter, the
other Akin-Olugbades who stormed the event in honor of their big brother are; Aare
(Dr.) Bolu Akin-Olugbade
an oxford trained lawyer and international
business man of repute, Dr. (Mrs.) Tolulope Bolawa (Nee
Akin-Olugbade) who is the Medical Director of the famous Akin-Olugbade Hospital in Abeokuta, Dr. and Mrs. Adesegun
Akin-Olugbade is the Executive Director and General Counsel of African Finance Corporation. Prince
who is a photographer and international business man came
with his wife. And wait for this; Prince Obafemi Akin-Olugbade who is
the first
Gemologist and jeweler based in the United Kingdom. This very
intelligent and dynamic Akin- Olugbade is said to also be a
hot cake in the United States of America where his talent is quite appreciated.
We also had Professor Tiwalade Akin-Olugbade, a former
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University- Ile-Ife. He was
there with his wife and a cream of other younger Akin-Olugbades from various
professional backgrounds.

Groom’s Dad, the Honorable Omo-Oba Sunmade Babajimi Akin-Olugbade
 appreciating the male leader of the Eboni band with some crisp Naira note

Meet African Development Bank Chief
who is an in-law to the Akin-Olugbades
Her name is
Mrs. Narie-Laure
a Cameroonian by birth. This very beautiful and well
cultured lady is the wife of Dr Adesegun Akin-Olugbade the
Executive Director and General Counsel of the African Finance Corporation.
The two couple who are global bankers per excellence were said to have met
while Dr. Adesegun Akin-Olugbade was still working with the African Development Bank (ADB) from
where he moved to the African Finance
Corporation (AFC)
which is one of the world’s biggest finance organization.  Mrs. Narie-Laure Akin-Olugabde is
presently the representative of the African Development Bank in Ghana
where she is resident. She and her husband made both the traditional and white
wedding thick with their gait and presence.
Meet Bride & grooms’ Siblings who
made the groom’s train.
Both the Akin-Olugbades
and the Seyi Roberts families gave in their best human resources to
make the occasion thick; while some made the bridal train, others made the
grooms men at their brother’s and sister’s wedding.  Among such is Damilola Roberts, the
scion of the Dr. Seyi Robert’s dynasty, Damilola is a professional swimmer
and Olympic Medalist winner for Nigeria. His brother, Demilade Roberts who is a professional photographer and business
man also made the day for his sister as he coordinated all the photograph
session at the event and equally ensured that all went well on his sister’s happiest
day.  His sister, Dedun Roberts an
architect and alumnus of Kwame Nkrumah
of Science and technology, Accra also played her role
among the bride’s maid as she made things happen for her elder sister, Princess
on her day of joy.  On the Akin-Olugbade
side, we had Akinbo Akin-Olugbade
who is the second son of Prince Sunmade Akin-Olugbade. Akinbo who is a Computer Engineer by training
was seeing running around to make things work out for his brother.  Meanwhile Akinkunmi Akin-olugbade, the eldest of the Sunmade Akin-Olugbade’s children who is presently in the United
Kingdom couldn’t make the trip home as he was said to have been engaged with a
foreign assignment. Akinkunmi Akin-Olugbade, 35 had his first degree in Engineering
at UNILAG while he made a second
degree at the University of Birmingham,
Birmingham City, United Kingdom. He is said to be single, eligible and
searching. Children of Aare Bolu Akin-Olugbade also made
the train with their unique look and splendid dress sense.  

Prince Segun Akin-Olugbade and his new wife, Princess Roberts

How Aare Bolu Akin-Olugbade’s Owu
title changed at the event
Trust this dandy
and stylish Billionaire and younger brother of groom’s dad, Aare (Dr) Bolu Akin-Olugbade, the
Oxford trained lawyer and business man is a show-stopper any day, any time.
When he arrived the venue with his beautiful wife, Ladunni in his Customized 2014 Roll-Royce Phantom car with tag
number “Bolu 9” every eyes turned in his direction at the car park as
the security guys ensured he had a good space to park. The Aare later moved majestically
to a special seat arranged for him beside his senior brother, Omo-Oba
Sunmade Akin-Olugbade
where he acted the role of one of the fathers of
the groom (Baba Oko) and equally took part in the act of paying of dowry and
other custom related activities. But the real show started when the
entertainment began, as the Eboni Band which gave several
melodious tunes to the delight of guests started singing the praises of Bolu Akin-Olugabde in relation to his
title as the Aare Ona-Kakanfo of Owu Kingdom, one of his bouncers quickly
corrected the musician by whispering something into his ears. And immediately,
the music man re-echoed the message out by singing and describing Akin-Olugbade
as what? Aare Ona-Kakanfo of the Universe; yes Aare Ona-Kakanfo of the Universe,
nothing less. Of course the musician got the reward instantly in naira rain of
N500 denomination.  Please next time you
see Aare
(Dr.) Bolu Akin-Olugbade
, don’t ever make the mistake of describing him
as “Aare
Ona-Kakanfo of Owu Kingdom
any longer or else you are bound to lose so
much in terms of naira and human dignity. Just call him Aare Ona-Kakanfo of the Universe
and ye shall be blessed beyond ordinary word of mouth. Hallelujah!

The Omo-Oba and Dawodu of the entire Akin-Olugbade family of Egba land,
 Prince Sunmade Babajimi Akin-Olugbade dashes all the band members
something for making his son’s wedding great with entertainment

Bride’s mother is a Ghanain.
Not many
knew much of her until that day; she is the wife of Dr. Seyi Roberts. Her name is Mrs.
Roberts, a first class
Ghanaian intellectual. She is said to be the secret behind Dr. Roberts’s good
looks and stylish dressing. Mrs. Alero
is the first daughter of top Ghanaian intellectual, Professor
Duncan. The Prof was
at the event with his younger wife as it was rumored that he lost his first
wife (Mrs. Alero’s mother) long time ago. He came all the way from Ghana with
his wife and some prominent members of the Duncan family of Ghana.

A british friend of the bride’s family, Mr. Simon Hopkins
in Yoruba traditional attire
The Aare (Dr.) Bolu Akin-Olugbade digging
 it on at the ocassion

Dr. Seyi Roberts’ mum too
octogenarian mother of Dr. Seyi Roberts also stood up for
her grand daughter’s wedding which happens to be one of the greatest instances
that characterized her life as a child of God as Mama was piloted to the event
in her best regalia. Although very aged but the happy Mama Ibirinola Eunice Roberts
(Nee Akinkugbe) who is also the elder sister of Erelu Ojuolape Ojora made a grand appearance at the event.

Princess Akin-Olugbade (Nee Roberts)
A dancing lady at the Segun Akin-Olugbade & Roberts wedding

The Iyawo Iles
They are
wives of the Akin-Olugbade brothers; leading the pack is Mrs Folake Akin-Olugbade,
wife of Prince Sunmade Babajinmi Akin-Olugbade father of the groom, Mrs.
Ladunni Akin-Olugbade
, the Yeye Aare Ona Kakanfo of Owu Kingdom, sorry,
the Universe
and wife of Prince Bolu Akin-Olugbade with her
Cameroonian counterpart Mrs. Narie-Laure Akin Olugbade wife of Dr.
Segun Akin-Olugbade
of African Finance Corporation.

A serve yourself point for assorted drinks at the event. Everybody, both the rich
and not rich had more than enough to eat and drink.

Why Doyin Okupe Stood all day.
If there was
one man who thoroughly enjoyed himself at the occasion, he was no other person
than Presidential spokesman, Dr. Doyin Okupe. The fat man who
kept his table busy with guests which includes Dr. Duro Soleye, Prince
Goke Omisore
, Dr. Leke Oshunniyi of Multi-shield
and his own brother, Mr. Lanre Okupe, CEO,
Cornerstone Construction Company
really enjoyed every bit of the
occasion and it appeared he never really wanted to go home even when the event
was winding up.  We later gathered that
both Doyin
and brides’ dad, Dr. Seyi Roberts had come a long way
as they both started their medical career on the same day and equally used to
be partners at Holy Cross Hospital before Okupe dumped practice for
politics. Although Okupe who was laughing, throwing banters and enjoying himself
through out the event with lots of bottles of Champagne never spoke to any
press man at the occasion as he was overheard yelling at a press man “I can
never give you my phone number. Ko

A full House of ‘OLD BOYS’, Lanrre Ogunlesi, Niyi Adewunmi,
Doyin Okupe, Duro Soleye and thier friends

 How the Ibadan Grammar school old boys
association hijacked the event
It seems the
event had a mystery woven around the Ibadan
Grammar School old boys Association
. To start with, the groom’s father, Prince
Sunmade Akin-Olugbade
is an old student of that prestigious school
likewise Dr. Seyi Robers the bride’s father is equally an old student of
the school.  Wait for this; on Easter
when the white wedding took place at The Anglican Church of Resurrection
inside the 1004 estate, Victoria Island, it turned out that the
officiating Priest, Venerable Arch-Deacon Muyiwa Oyewole who joined the
couple in holy wedlock was also an old boy of Ibadan Grammar School. Senator
Femi Lanlehin
who is a friend of grooms’ dad and who was there is also
an old boy likewise the Alake of Egba-land, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo
(Okukenu IV) who graced the occasion in person is also an old boy of the Ibadan
Grammar School
and many more other dignitaries who filed out for both
bride and groom’s dad in honor of their children’s wedding.  What a mystery of life? And don’t forget that
even Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr., the man
who pays Dr. Seyi Robert’s fattest bills is also an Ibadan Grammar
School alumnus. 

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