The Regal Wedding of Ayotunde Kaka & Saufiyyat Owolabi in Lagos + Exclusive Pictures you won’t find anywhere!

Ayotunde and his bride, Saufiyyat exchanges their first romantic glance at the event

 Sunday June 7th 2015 was regal, it
was colorful and it was extremely classy as  the famous
family of Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun state South West Nigeria and the Owolabi families of Iragbiji and Ibadan in Oshun and Oyo state respectively staged a glitzy nuptial
for their son, handsome Hamzat Opeyemi
Ayotunde Kaka
and their daughter, beautiful Saufiyyat Opeyemi Ajike

Both said  “I do” in a Nikkai Ceremony that took place inside the cool ambience of Anchor Event Center off Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi-Ikeja Lagos. The Nikkai event preceded a classy wedding
ceremony where both families pulled the cream-de-la-cream of society to the
Although it was the sixth month of
the year and some 38 days to the grooms’ birthday (July 15) those who had the
privilege of attending this celebration of immense love confessed that in all
terms of sheer class, the Kaka
wedding was the best in terms of ethics of the Nikkai tenet of the Islamic religion complimented with solid family
values. The presence of eminent friends and well-wishers from all walks of life
also added to the upscale tempo of the event. 
Among the class of people who witnessed the occasion were politicians,
technocrats, business men and entertainers. 
The event which started at 10 am dot ended at 6pm with Apala traditional music exponent Musiliu Haruna Ishola dishing out tunes
and sounds that made the occasion merry.
Your soar away Africa’s number 1
Celebrity encounter blog Asabeafrika got
exclusive pictures and snippets from the events for your delightful read. Enjoy
the read and pray to celebrate yours like this.

The Handsome Hamzat Ayotunde Kaka, still waiting for his missing rib
The Beautiful looking Saufiyyat Opeyemi Ajike admiring the Love of her life, Ayotunde Kaka in the ‘Nuptial arcade’

The Kaka Standard
Those who
know groom’s dad Senator Adegbenka Kaka
right from his public service days as Deputy Governor of Ogun state in South West Nigeria will tell you that the Ijebu-Igbo
born politician is a stickler for time and there is nothing that irritates him
like the activities of time waters. No wonder the event which was to start by 10 am dot began some minutes ahead as
the Senator was the first to lead members of his family which comprise of
grooms’ mother Alhaja Safiyyat Oladunni
and groom’s step mother Alhaja
Latifat Kaka
and a powerful delegation from the Kaka dynasty of Ijebu Igbo into the Anchor
Event Center
venue of his son’s Nikkai
ceremony as early as 9:45 am. The former Senator of the Federal Republic
was said to have been upbeat for the event and equally mounted pressure on all
acquaintances that arrived his Lagos abode for the occasion.

The Groom; Hamzat Ayotunde Kaka arrives with friends for his nuptials
Ayotunde & Wife cut their traditional wedding cake

Meet the Bride’s family
The bride’s
father Alhaji Moshood Owolabi is
from Iragbiji
in Osun state and the bride’s mum Alhaja
Sherifat Oluyomi Owolabi
is from Ibadan.
They both led a powerful delegation of relatives and well-wishers decked in
their colorful Aso Ebi to the
wedding ceremony and took their seat by 10
dot according to the dictates of groom’s dad, Senator Gbenga Kaka. While bride’s dad who is an Engineer and
business man led top members of his family from Iragbiji to the occasion,
the bride’s mum, Alhaja Sherifat Oluyomi
equally had a sizeable number of her own family members from Ibadan
in Oyo state. She was wearing a permanent smile all through the event.

The Sheikhs waiting to conduct the Nikkai
The Moshood Owolabi family from Iragbiji

Meet the dashing groom.
The groom, Hamzat Opeyemi Ayotunde Kaka is the
very handsome and humble first son of Senator
Sefiu Adegbenga Kaka,
a former Deputy Governor of Ogun state and former Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial zone. He red Agric Economics from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye in
Ogun state and later got his
masters’ degree in accounting from the University Of Hull, United Kingdom. Ayotunde Kaka famously known as AK among his circle of friends is a
chattered accountant with many years of 
experience both home and away. Apart from running several of his
father’s investments, he is equally into his private business as a consultant
to several local and international firms. Ayotunde
is the MD/CEO of OCS Inventory
and Professional Services
, an accounting consultancy firm. Very quite and
unassuming, the Kaka boy loves
football as a hubby and he is an Arsenal
fan for life. He is equally a director of Solace
farms ltd.

Bride’s mum & family from Ibadam. She is 2nd on the right.
Bride’s dad, Alhaji Moshood Owolabi leads daughter to Nikkai Lecture

What about the beautiful bride?
Fausiyyat Opeyemi Ajike Owolabi is the pretty daughter of Iragbiji, Osun state born Alhaji Moshood Olayiwola Owolabi and
Ibadan Oyo state born, Alhaja Sherifat
Oluyomi Owolabi.
She had her first degree at Yaba College of Technology,
in Lagos and her second degree in architecture at the Federal University of
Abeokuta, Ogun
state. Both Fausiyyat and her hubby Hamzat have the name “Opeyemi” as second names and that is
seen by many as “a coincidence of love”

Groom’s mum, Alhaja Kaka joined by well-wishers to welcome her son’s bride
The Kakas receive ‘Letter of Marriage Approval’ from the Owolabis

Groom’s Father is a big man!
The groom’s
father seems to come with lots of goodwill and heavy credentials to his name,
he is equally a man of several achievements and high connection. No wonder, he
was the cynosure of all eyes at his son’s wedding bash. Sefiu Adegbenka Kaka (SAK) can be described as one of the luckiest
and famous politicians in the history of Ogun
state. Born on May 14 1963; the 65 years old farmer turned politician started
his political career as a commissioner for Agric in Ogun state under Colonel
Daniel Akintonde’s
regime and later served as Commissioner for Housing
under the Sam Ewang military regime.
He was later elected deputy governor of Ogun
state in 1999 alongside Aremo Olusegun
and left office with his boss in 2003 when the opposition won power
with Gbenga Daniel of PDP coming on
board. He was elected as senator representing Ogun East senatorial zone under the A.C.N platform in 2011 and ran
his four years tenure until 2015 when he decamped from All Progressive Congress (APC) to the Social Democratic Party
(SDP) and lost the election to the embattled Prince Buruji Kashamu a PDP political lord who is presently facing
extradition charges from the United
states of America
over drug related transactions. Senator Gbenga Kaka is also the chairman Solace Farms Ltd, major distributors of Visa Agro Feeds in West Africa.

The Master of Ceremony Alhaji Fowosere joyfully receives the letter of expression of marriage from the Kakas to the Owolabis
The Groom & The Sheikhs waiting for the arrival of the bride

The Glitzy Nuptials
The real event started at 10:40am
with the arrival of the groom and his men. The segment was conducted by a team
of Islamic clerics. The groom’s family with relatives and well-wishers took
their seat at the left side of the hall while the bride’s family and their
well-wishers took the right side of the hall. The Alaga Iduro segment of
the event was directed by Alhaja Ronke
while Alhaji Osein
aka Omo Jambu-Jambu, an Islamic program presenter on NTA Channel 10, Tejuosho, Lagos handled the Islamic aspect of the nuptial with his
team of Islamic teachers which
include Alfa Abdul-Kabir Suleiman, Alfa Zakariyah Abdulganiyya, Alfa
Abdulkadir and many others co-directing the event. The nuptial
aspect where the groom and his family were expected to carry out certain
traditional rites with the bride’s family was very interesting as Alhaja Ronke Fowosere and Alhaji Osein Abdulsalam complimented
each other with both of them offering traditional and religious salutations to
both families.

Groom’s Dad, Senator Adegbenka Kaka with groom’s mum, Alhaja Kaka
The newly wedded Mrs. Saufiyyat Opeyemi Ajike Kaka (Nee Owolabi)

The stylish arrival of the groom
By the time Ayotunde Kaka arrived the venue in a convoy
of SUVs, the atmosphere changed as his league of friends massage his ego and
pampered his mood before he was led into the hall to face the crowd of guests,
in-laws and well-wishers who were ready to watch him perform his sacrifice of
love to earn Fausiyyat’s hand in
holly wedlock. A well trained Muslim boy, Ayotunde
was initially upbeat at the gravity of the atmosphere with the tension
of joy written all over his face but the moment he was ushered into the
ambience of his guests, his mood shot up from zero to hero

The groom & his men waiting for the arrival of his bride Saufiyyat
Dad & daughter in a tete-a-tete; Alhaji Moshood Owolabi shares a joke with his daughter on her wedding day

Salutation to the Groom
Many of the
guests were taken aback as the Master of Ceremony Alhaja Ronke Fowosere sank into a mood synonymous with that of the
gods drawing off the Oriki (Family Praise and eulogies)
of Hamzat Ayotunde Kaka, first son of Senator Sefiu Adegbenka Kaka and drawing attention to his royalty
and describing him as someone who has all at his beck and call and who cannot
be taken for granted in all ramification of life. She described the young Kaka
as a child of destiny and the son of a political hero whose lineage in Ijebu-Igbo is synonymous with hard
work, vision, wealth and societal respect. The Oriki nearly drew tears
off groom’s father, Senatior Sefiu
Kaka’s eyes as the MC
nearly burst his emotions. It was after this that the groom and his men took
their long standing prostrating exercise which is very synonymous with Yoruba
traditional marriages. He prostrated alongside his friends who joined him to
“plead” with his in-laws seeking their blessing to marry their charming
daughter. Both families granted Ayotunde
wish with prayers. 

Mrs.Saufiyyat Opeyemi Ajike Kaka
The groom with his men attempting to prostrate for bride’s family

How Sen. Kaka saved son from
emotional slip.
Ayotunde must have felt the gravity of that
sacred moment of making the greatest decision of his life as he took time to
prostrate for his darling father whom he described as his role model. Sighting
his father’s countenance on such a great day of his life and perhaps
appreciating the sacrifice of such a great dad, the young Kaka lost his composure and nearly allowed the tears to have their
way but for the smartness of his dad who is more matured in issues of emotional
stance. He stood quick to grab his Ayotunde
holding him tight to his chest and both did a merry-go-round dance before the
crowd and the sliding emotions of the young
was halted and the event continued as Ayotunde was escorted to his seat at the “Nuptial Arcade” by his legion of friends. 

The groom receiving marital blessings from his mother-in-law
Members of the Kaka family of Ijebu Igbo

Bride’s dad in ten minutes prayer
beautiful moment came when Fausiyyat Opeyemi
Ajike Owolabi
was led into the ambience by group of well-wishers to honor
“the pleading” of her groom to have her beautiful hand in marriage. Looking
radiant and beautiful, the trained architect got a deluge of prayers from her father, Alhaji Moshood Olayiwola Owolabi who did the prayer sitting but
suddenly stood in the middle of the prayer to intensify the action which lasted
for ten minutes. Bride’s mother Alhaja
Sherifat Oluyomi Owolabi
complimented the prayer session before the entire
crowd decreed blessings into Fausiayyat’s
new journey to matrimony. It was a moment of solemn authority.

The Groom; Hamzat Ayotunde Kaka waiting for the arrival of his beautiful bride
The Bride stepping into the event

Family exchanges letter of
The Kaka and Owolabi family are very dynamic in the art of marriage courtesies.
As the nuptials entered the final stage, the groom’s family directed their
letter of “Marriage Request” to the bride’s family while the bride’s family
promptly responded with a letter of “Marriage Approval” for their children’s
onward journey to matrimony. Both letters were written on gold plates. 

The groom in his moment of decision with the Owolabi family of Iragbiji
The Couple with the Sheiks who delivered the Nikkai lecture

How groom’s family delivered their
Unlike in
other marriages or Nikkai ceremonies where gifts are set on a stage before the
event proper, the Kaka family added
a bit of drama to their manner of presentation as some traditional maids in
blue Aso-Ebi
danced into the hall in acrobatic steps to present bags of clothes, food stuff,
Yam tubers and other related items to the bride’s family. An inspection was
carried out by two members of each family to ascertain if the goods were of due
expectation by the bride’s family. The MC later confirmed to the entire guests
that the groom’s family brought all the desired gifts needed for the marriage
to hold.

The Groom, Ayotunde with friends sharing moments before the marriage lecture
The dashing Ayotunde Kaka ready to dobale for his in-laws

Cutting of the Cake & the Hutuba
The Hutuba
prayer is an Islamic prayer conducted to close a nuptial ceremony to
enable the couple to go and fully prepare for the Islamic leg of the event
which is the Nikkai. The time was 11:45am
and all the top Imams were already
seated for the next leg of the ceremony which is the NIKKAI. The bride and her
groom were allowed to cut their Wedding Cake before they took their exit to go
and change from their wedding attire into their Nikkai attire.

Dad & Daughter arrives for the Nikkai Lecture
The Couple taking Nikkai blessings after the marriage lecture

And the Nikkai took place @ Noon.
By 12 pm,
the atmosphere of the event changed with more dignitaries arriving for the Nikkai ceremony and one of them was Alhaja Salmot Badru, the first female
Deputy Governor of Ogun state who
took her seat near Senator Gbenga Kaka and his first lady, Alhaja Safiyyat Oladunni Kaka. The groom soon arrived in a new
all white Babanriga attire with his group of friends as they led him to
the upper podium where he took his seat in anticipation of the arrival of his
bride. At 12:20pm, Alhaji Moshood
Olayiwola Owolabi,
bride’s dad ushered his beautiful daughter into the
ambience of the Nikkai ceremony
ready to finally hand over his daughter to the Kaka family and to his son-in-law Hamzat Ayotunde Kaka

Bride picks ‘The Most Precious Gift’ of a Quran, Tesbiu & Muslim
Praying mat from the legion of gifts given her by her groom’s family
Some traditional maids with some of the gifts from the groom’s family to the bride’s family

Meet the league of Imams
If there is
one thing you will not find lacking in the life of Senator Sefiu Adegbenka Kaka, it is his religious disposition to
Islam. In fact, when it was time for him to pray for his son’s wife, Fausiyyat, many were surprised to see
the former Senator of the Federal Republic turn to an Islamic cleric and
offering prayers backed with Quranic
verses for the new bride. To help him unite his son and his wife were league of
top Imams from various Islamic organizations led by FADHEELAT SHEIKH
ZAKARIYYAHU MUHAMMAD THANI who is one of the greatest Islamic scholars on
marriage matters in Nigeria. Others are FADHEELAT SHEIKH THAOBATAN ABDULLAH
the representative of SHEIKH IMRA ELEHA from the Moricas family. The MC for this aspect of the marriage ceremony was
Alhaji Imaam Abdulateef Ibraheem,
the Secretary, Mission Board, Ansar-Udeen
Society of Nigeria, Lagos branch.

Bride’s father, standing to offer more marital blessings to his lovely daughter
The Bridegroom listening to Islamic marriage lecture before they are pronounced husband and wife

What the Sheikh said about Marriage
in Islam
The Nikkai segment of Ayotunde Kaka and Fausiyyat
nuptials suddenly turned into a marriage seminar as the guest
lecturer Fadheelat Sheikh Zakariyyahu
Muhammad Thanni
delivered a 60
lecture on the rules, principles and reasons for marriage. The
Sheikh who said marriage was designed by God for man to procreate and multiply
for the purpose of humanity frowned at the recent evil in the global society
where the act of homosexuality is being legalized in some foreign countries.
The Sheikh described such people and their generation as people rejected by
God. Drawing his background from the Quran,
the Sheikh said one day, three disciples of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) approached his wife Aisha asking her to teach them how to be and live like the prophet
without blemishes but she couldn’t find an accurate answer to their question.
One of them promised to put himself on fasting in order to be able to live like
the prophet, the second one promised to evade sleep while the third one
promised to stop talking to any woman in order for him to be able to live a
life of purity. But when Prophet Mohammed returned and heard what
happened,  he summoned a meeting of his
intimate disciples and gave them an orientation concerning marriage and living
a life of purity;  Hear him “Any one who
has the means to marry, let him go and marry as that will stop him from committing
illegal sexual intercourse” the Prophet warned. “But anyone that does not want
to marry can engage in consistent fasting as that will diminish his appetite
for sex” Prophet Muhammed counseled.

Some beautiful women @ the event
Saufiyyat gets a gush of affection from sister-in-law, Mrs. Ayobola Kaka Lawal while a guest looks on

 “If you keep fasting, you will not commit lookery, talk less of committing touchery and ending up inside “another
thing” Sheikh Thanni noted jokingly.
Sheikh Thanni gave some of the
reasons why God created the institution of marriage; “Marriage is to multiply
humanity, create family diplomacy, procreation, civilization (Without marriage,
no family-no society-no nation) and finally, to keep the society together and
ensuring future generation. “Islam is against celibacy. It is natural for a man
to want to be with a woman at a certain period of his life as that is how God
made it to be” The Sheikh noted further 
Gariza which is the “Urge” 
to have sex is the only instrument in marriage that God uses for
procreation. So, it is not a sin for a man to want to be with a woman at a
certain period of his life and it is equally not a sin for a woman to desire a
man” “Marriage is a social necessity, it a moral safeguard and an act of
rebirth and that is why God cherished marriage”. The Sheikh noted that there
are few things God wants a man to do in his life time. One is going to Mecca,
offering of 5 times prayer service daily and the last one is marriage. “God
said if you marry, you have won 50% of his marks and there is “Lada”
(Grace) for you; you can use the remaining 50% to worship God and raise a good

Ayotunde & his bride taking Islamic Instructions on Marriage during their Nikkai
‘Now I am here with you’ Bride, Saufiyyat seems to say to her Groom, Hamzat

The Sheikh
finally noted in the Quran where God
admonishes parent never to disallow their daughters from marrying when the time
is ripe and once she found anyone she finds happiness with irrespective of his
religion “The Prophet said it three times, ‘If your daughter has found someone
that is befitting of living with and he is up to the task of keeping a home,
let her marry him! Let her marry him!! Let her marry him!!! The prophet said
this three times and that if such parent refuses her demand, it will become a “Fitna”
(Immorality) and any “Fitna” that arises from your
daughter’s conduct because you denied her the opportunity to marry at that
period, the punishment will be upon you”. 
The Sheikh thanked Senator Gbenga
for granting his son, Ayotunde Hamzat the privilege to do
the marriage before Ramadan and equally thanked the bride’s parent for allowing
their daughter to pick her own choice and not forcing her to marry otherwise”
(Watch out!
More gists, more names & Pics from The
Regal Wedding of
Ayotunde Kaka
& Saufiyyat Owolabi on this blog
tomorrow + “how they met & fell in love”
Alhaji Oriyomi hands over the letter of expression of marriage from the Kakas to her husband, Alhaji Moshood Owolabi
Alhaja Oriyomi Owolabi, bride’s mum jubilates as she receives the letter of expression of marriage from her in-laws
A team of beautiful traditional maids ushered the groom into the unique occassion
Traditional maides dance in with the all gold letter of expression of marriage
The Traditional Wedding Cake
The traditional marriage gifts from the groom’s family to the bride’s family
The Italian designed all-white affair seat for the couple
The groom, Ayotunde Kaka waiting for his bride for the Nikkai Marriage Lecture
The Groom being ushered in by friends for his Nikkai Lecture
The Gift of Tesbiu, Holy Quran & Praying mat picked by Saufiyyat for Islamic blessings by the Sheikhs
Sheikh Muhammad Thani (R) with Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ilory
Mrs.Saufiyyat Opeyemi Ajike Kaka
Mrs.Saufiyyat Opeyemi Ajike Kaka
Here Comes the bride; Saufiyyat Owolabi led in by a team of beauties
Hamazat Ayotunde Kaka and Saufiyyat Owolabi expressed their first touch of expression
Dad & Son; Sen. Adegbega Kaka shows emotion for son, Ayotunde
Bride’s mum offers marital blessing to her daughter
Bride’s dad, Alhaji Moshood Owolabi offering marital blessing to his charming daughter
The Bride, Fausiyyat after the prayers
Mrs.Saufiyyat Opeyemi Ajike Kaka
Ayotunde Kaka’s in-law, Mr. Lookmon Oyewole Lawal (LOL) with wife, Mrs. Ayobola Kaka Lawal and a guest (M)
Ayotunde Kaka on his way to Nikkai Marriage Lecture
Ayotunde & Saufiyyat after their traditional marriage


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