Trump and the psychiatric test By Louis Odion, FNGE

President Donald Trump of the United States of America

If a bill proposed by a US
Democratic congressman by name Zoe
from California sails through,
then increasingly embattled President Donald
will sooner than later be forced to the psychiatrist’s studio.
Lofgren’s bill, coming on the heels of Trump’s misstatements on
racial issues thought long settled, would seem inspired
by the growing concern over the mental health of the American leader.

He impulsively
tweets on even matters considered far beneath the dignity of the American presidency, raising hell when
calmness will do, trailed by a litany of unforced errors.

The Author, Louis Odion, FNGE…Surprised but not too surprised of the Zoe Lofgren bill


First to raise the red flag months
ago is the American association of
. It broke old convention by issuing a public alert that Trump, from their own observation,
clearly exhibits disturbing symptoms.
Lofgren’s bid appears to lend a new poignancy to the fear Hillary Clinton, Trump’s rival in the 2006 presidential polls, had expressed: “A man who is quick to tweet at the
slightest provocation is not to be trusted with the nuclear button at the Oval
Back in Nigeria, the Lofgren proposal surely resonates.

Wole Soyinka…Cancelled his American Citizenship over Trump’s win

Longstanding has been the agitation by some including mental health experts
that such legal instrument be applied in the leadership recruitment process.
However, their own concern is informed mainly by the perceived craze
of our politicians and public officials to amass stupendous fortune most
unlikely to be expended in three generations assuming each had the DNA of the
biblical prodigal child.  


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