Why Bola Tinubu & Oba Akiolu of Lagos need to beg Ooni of Ife — Egbeji Oloogun

In this red-hot exclusive with Asabe Afrika TV, renowned seer and traditional medicine healer, His Royal Highness, Oba (Dr.) Augustine Bola Adegunloye the Egbeji Oloogun of Nigeria traced the recent social and political calamities that befell two big Lagos figures, Oba Rilwan Osuolale Akiolu the Oba of Lagos (Olowo Eko) and Asiwaju Jagaban Bola Tinubu, ex-Governor, ex-Senator and now national leader of All Progressive Congress (APC) to their unmannered behavior to the revered stool and person of His Royal Majesty, Oba Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi (Ojaja II) the Ooni of Ife.

The very gifted seer who have constantly warned in the past that Lagos and Abuja (Nigeria’s capital city) needs spiritual cleansing noticed that both Bola Tinubu and his self-appointed Olowo Eko have been engulfed by the vestiges of power and affluent hence they don’t respect constituted traditional authorities like the Ooni of Ile-Ife. The two disrespected the Ooni of Ife at different times in a social gathering.

The Egbeji Oloogun who predicted the fall of Adams Oshiomhole in the last September 19, 2020 Edo gubernatorial election and the imminent fall of Bola Tinubu in 2023, urged both Tinubu and Oba Rilwan to go and beg Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi.

Both Tinubu and Oba Eko lost valuable properties to the recent carnage in Lagos which sprung as a result of alleged shooting of peaceful protesters at the #ENDSARS protest at Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos. It was suspected that Bola Tinubu and his puppet Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu might have invited military authorities to shoot at the protesters.

In another situation, Oba Rilwan Akiolu was accused of calling in police men on protesters around his Iga Idugaran palace, Lagos Island which led to the shooting and killing of two young men, hence the ‘massacre’ of the Oba’s palace which led to the loss of cash (inside coffin) and his staff of office.

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  1. Baba, do you have advive for the Oba of Benin? He too is very rich and merciless to the poor people in the land he now claim as his own. He had used his personal thug to destroy the palaces of other chiefs. He seize lands from poor communities and sell them to who ever he want. Baba can you advice the Oba of Benin not to enslave the people with juju? The population of the Binis reduces any time a new oba is installed on the Bini throne. Baba please help save the Binis at the hand of a very dibolical man from Oduduwa land.. Thank you for your wisdom.

  2. Oshé ⚡️ nobody should buy these stolen artificats or disrespect them because of bad men these items are sacred if you understand your history and culture you can attempt to sell or mock something that is sacred. The battle is for the land which has been desecrated and not for the egos of men. Ashë🗣⚡️ the jaw play is the love showing between them. LOBATON.

  3. Those who looters during the riots did it out of hunger and poverty. so therefore their generation are not going to suffer. Those who steals the important money in their country are going to face the consequences. Well done baba that was a good speech you made out there. The ancestors are very angry the way the leaders are treating the youth's however ancestors open op the door for the youth's to do on do to the elder who are not taking their words serious .

  4. Nonsense! The disaster that will befall Ooni himself is still with thunder warning up. Let them gather more thugs to go and attack Tinubu and Oba Akiolu, gbogbo owo ti won ba gbe ara won ni won fi ma se. Their assassins they sent to Tinubu and Oba Akiolu came back empty handed.

  5. Papa Egbeji only trailed, adopted and adapted words ushered by MKO Tibetan. The "oracle" said nothing about these issues. Contrary to what Baba said, Lagos owe Tinubu a lot of gratitude. And Tinubu have not declared nor went to Abuja to stake the claim that he wants to be president in 2023. And for you Gbenga, do you as a journalist not understand that many images on social media are doctored propaganda? Also, protesters in London DID NOT go to Tinubu's house. You need to really get your facts right before you release broadcasts otherwise you'll start to lose credibility. Also, the image of Seyi Tinubu and Oba of Lagos you referred to was a doctored image which is 100% FAKE. There is NO Igba Irunmole that is affecting Tinubu or Oba of Lagos. PLEASE LEAVE ASIWAJU TINUBU ALONE!

  6. Oba Adegunloye is saying the true .
    The Oba of Lagos and Tinubu are very too proud.They think everything is money,they don't know that vanity upon vanity is vanity.
    Only 6 feet .I don't know the the reason that the Oba of Lagos should be worshiping money.God will deliver them from their foolishness.

  7. What spiritual cleansing is this man talking about? There is no cleansing that is possible through him or any man except the blood of Jesus Christ. He is always using the word spiritual cleansing to deceive and lure those that he speaks about to come cringing in fear to see him. He is self centered and fake. This is his own way of getting at the rich and powerful politicians who have so much at stake and so much to lose and are desperate. This traditionalist is using fear and guilt as weapon of control. Will he who is saying this one will die and that one will die immortal? I say no. He is not and surely he will also one day breath his last as amortal being. He is the one that desperately needs repentance and cleansing of the blood of Jesus Christ for lying and deceiving people that he as mortal is arrogating the power of cleansing which falls within the jurisdiction of the blood of Jesus Christ to himself. .

  8. In all of these, I don't know what Tinubu has done for you.Egbeji,don't bear false witness or talk about what you don't know.I believe you Egbeji are the one feeding Prophet Tibetan all the false prophecies he is spewing out these days.Let me tell you the truth,you are partisan-PDP-You should be careful.