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Why Kalu Is Fit For Purpose

Why Kalu Is Fit For Purpose
Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu,
Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, or OUK, as he is popularly referred, must have had a
premonition of the future when he first walked into the tribunal hearing
elections irregularities that the senatorial seat that was stolen from him by
wrong voting and administration of such would at the end of the day see the day
light of justice. His first response to the annulment of the election of the
Abia North senatorial election was the vindication of the natural law of sowing
and reaping. And how true this natural law is, especially for the strong man
from that part of country who stands tall and powerful than the rest of them
who had stolen the mandate of the people from him and thought it would never
return forgetting the truism that what goes round certainly finds its way

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Since the annulment of the election, OUK has been getting all manners of
endorsements from every quarters of that region and until most lately, the
grassroots from that region joining its voice to drum support for the man so
much believed and hoped on with his capability to meet every responsibility the
office of the senator would bestow upon him once the date of the re-run is
Not only should the grassroots of Abia North roll out its support for
the man, every indigene of the state should do same because the man did not
only touch the life of the populace of Abia North during his two terms as governor
of the state, his impact was felt be all. And it would be of interest of note
that not only the Abians have benefited from the magnanimity of this man whether
in politics or business or outside of both, that his largeness of heart has
reached out to every Nigerian one way or the other. And like the good
philanthropist he is, his charitable heart is not defined without the adage of
the Chinese that it not the giving of fish that draws all men to an individual
but the ability for an individual to teach all men the best method of fishing
with the net and making the relevant catch so that one does not end up as
societal nuisance and a pain in the neck to self.
As governor of the state for two terms, he was able to cover a large
area of the state and brought development and progress to it, and no wonder the
sound of his drum beat is continuously louder and being heard from afar and
near; so one can begin to imagine what he could do when he is elected as
representation to the constituency of the size of just Abia North. The region
would best be represented, no doubt, because he is not only going to bring his
political insights to influence policy decisions that would affect the lives of
those in that constituency to bear in the house, the people should be assured
that his business acumen is going to speak volumes for them and the region.
Why should OUK be the senator to emerge from that region as soon as the
date of the re-run is fixed? The purity of both his political as well as
business heart which is geared towards the down trodden of his people has
continued to speak well for him judging from the recent drum of support.
He has managed the state as governor ones and there cannot be any one
better qualified than he to know what it takes to represent his people of the
size he is destined with assurance. The people, more or less, now realise the
need to see that their votes stand and count and the means to follow up their
political mandate should there be a breach of this when this does not happen.
In all these supports, there should be some wary, worry and caution
amongst those that form the political framework of the PPA so that these
supports do not end up as just flash in the pan to be in the good book of the
politician as has always been the wont of some electorates or groups whose only
job it is to serve as hangers-on to remain relevant in the eyes of politicians
because they are sure of the victory of that politician, which must transcend
in frustrating the politician to meet their selfish demands and inglorious
requests once in office.
The supports that are coming to OUK now should not end with him winning
the senatorial seat of Abia North, it must continue into the office; all hands
must be on board to see that as soon as the re-run is fixed and he is
justifiably voted in as the senator from that constituent, the supports
continue to work with and for him so that he is able to represent and serve
them well.
And OUK, who is a fervent believer of God, must know that God will not
allow him to take what he has not been developed to shoulder; with all the long
wait, he sure must be ready and prepared for the task ahead of him with bold
and ready shoulders waiting to be welcomed to the house of Nigeria decision
making because he is known to many as one man with the immutable courage to
withstand whatever task is thrust upon him. God may be enough, Kalu should have
is plan for representation, too.

Eberekpe Ogho
07065671125, 08163982461, 09092355662


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