Why you must kill your flesh to escape Spiritual Attack—Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries

greatest enemy of man is on the rampage. This enemy has disguised himself,
Pretending to be a friend. Sadly enough, the enemy has been accepted, pampered
and celebrated. As a result of all the alluring attractions which, he dangles
before man, he has been offered a seat and crowned as king. This enemy is the
devil. Yes the devil is on the rampage. However, he does not come with fearful
looking horns on his head. Rather, he comes through a bait- something that is
acceptable to us – the flesh. It is our greatest problem.

is the area where many of us have been defeated in the practical sense of the
word; except you know how to handle the flesh, you can not understand what the
Bible calls abundant life. Of course, you can operate on the minimum level and
be satisfied. You can not understand how sweet it is to serve the Lord until
you deal with the flesh. If you don’t want to become a permanent deliverance
candidate, you must deal with the flesh. The flesh must receive a devastating
blow. The
bible says

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any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily
and follow me”

(Luke 9:23)
are three keys to the understanding of what it takes to follow Jesus.
deny yourself, Two, take up your cross daily.
follow Jesus. The Bible says, “If any
That leaves nobody out. Everyone is included, your academic level
notwithstanding, whether you are educated or not, whether tall or short,
handsome or ugly. The Bible simply says, “If
any man”.
The call of Christ goes out to all and Sundry. You owe yourself a
great duty to heed that call.
heed the call of Christ, you must deny yourself. To deny yourself means you
should forget about yourself. It also means to forget your-self in the hands of
God. To follow Christ, you must be ready to lose the sight of yourself, and
must renounce yourself. You have to look away from your personal rights and
opinions. The bible says in 1 Corinthians chapter 15:31,
die every day”
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Author ‘Overpowering Witchcraft’
did Paul
the great apostle choose to die daily? It is simply because the flesh
constitutes a great hindrance to Godly living. The flesh is, the man within us
who seek to control the affairs of men. The flesh in not visible, yet it holds
a powerful influence. It is in constant rivalry and conflict with the spirit.
place of abode is the head where he controls, enforces, dictates, manipulates,
whispers, tilts and influence his host. The flesh is the totality of the way of
life which we inherited form nature. For example, you don’t have to teach a
child how to steal or tell lies. It is a natural thing to do evil.
flesh does not always come up in a negative way. There are times when the flesh
takes up some positive manifestations. It may sometimes bring you money, fame,
position or one form of worldly advantages or the or the other. But whatever
the flesh does there is always a negative intension behind it. If the enemies
of our lives were not harboured by the flesh, there would have been no problem
of satanic attacks. Then every deliverance minister would have been jobless.
flesh is that part of man which is in rebellion against God. It is the evil
entity within each human being that propels him to go against his makers – God.
The Bible calls the flesh various names in identifying the various shades of its
character. The Bible calls it, “sin in
the flesh”.
It also calls the flesh, the “Old man”. It calls it, “sin
which dwells within”.
Again it calls it, “every evil present within”.
It also refers to the flesh as, a “different
The flesh of sin, which functions against the law of God.
 The flesh is that recalcitrant old man which
forbids the practice of everything that is spiritually sound in the life of the
believer. When the believer says; “I am
going to be holy. I will read my Bible regularly. I will pray and fast
, the flesh will raise up every conceivable opposition.

is that being which produces action of self-satisfaction. The flesh engages in
self-satisfaction all the time. It is the key that the devil uses to gain
control over your life.
is the producer of evil works within and without. This is exactly why
repentance amounts to the destruction of the works of the flesh.
flesh is the fountain head of all sins. Name any sin. It emanates from the
flesh. Anger, impure thoughts, lust, adultery and fornication are evidences of
the fact that the flesh is on the throne. You may be free from some particular
sins, but the flesh is ruling your life through some other types of sin. You
are not free totally.

The Various division of labour of the

flesh operates a very  beautiful satanic
division of labour. There are fleshly agents in the area of sexual immorality.
They handle a particular department of temptation. There are also agents in the
area of speech and those who are responsible for lying, cursing, exaggeration
and so on.
there are those that are responsible for the sins of the heart like pride,
malice, envy, jealousy, evil thoughts, anger etc. So the flesh gives out
various assignments in order to send the sons of men to hell fire. Either it is
lying or, fornication, selfishness or anger, all these things are fellow
instruments in the workshop of the flesh.

flesh often comes with a powerful surge, when least expected by careless men
and women. The flesh can be likened to a mango tree. The fact that there are no
fruits on it at a particular season does not mean that it can no longer bear
fruit. In the same vein, do not rejoice that the works of the flesh are not
visible in your life at a particular season. Unless your repentance is genuine
and your spiritual temperature is hot, you may discover that the flesh will
rear up its ugly head again.

fact that the mango tree is not producing fruit now does not mean that the
mango fruit is not there. It is just waiting for the season, a convenient
season when the environment would be conducive. Do not think that you are free
from a particular sin because you do not have the tendency of falling into it.
Do not think that you can never commit fornication or adultery. It might be
because the environment is not conducive and you are always before watchful
eyes. Only God knows what you will do when a secret opportunity comes. That is
why some respected believers or men of God have fallen into one abominable sin
or the other.
flesh waits eagerly for any opportunity to strike. It can keep quiet for one
year, someday it will strike the unsuspecting victims. This is why a pastor can
beat his wife and a sister can slap the husband after she had just finished
personal evangelism. The flesh may put on a religious garb yet it still remains
Mr. FLESH. The Flesh is that arrogant, disobedient, rebellious, sinful nature,
that makes it difficult for man to put God in the right position. This is the
reason why some people prefer to dwell on it. And such are ready to argue on
what is in the Bible.
I told a sister not to wear trousers because of the spirit husband. She came
back and started to argue with me. It is very easy to argue and even win the
argument. Often times the flesh is behind such clever arguments.

‘Your attires can draw worldly evil to you’ Dr. D.K. Olukoya

The tiny evil girl and the teacher…
happened, many years ago when I was a school teacher. There was another teacher
who was also born again. Somehow, he did not believe in total separation from
the world. Whenever I challenged him concerning the traces of worldliness in
his life, he would explain everything away. For example, he was always fond of
hanging some fashionable chains on his neck. I told him that such an action was
an evidence of worldliness; he argued.
However something
happened in the school which shook him to his foundations. A fifteen year old
secondary class three student walked up to him to say, “Teacher, I just, want to say that I love you”. “But I am your teacher. Do you know the
meaning of what you are saying? What kind of love are you talking about?”

She simply replied: “You are free to take
any decision but whether you like it or not. I love you. There is nothing you
can do about it”.
He tried to flog her, then on a second thought he dropped
the cane and rushed to me to narrate his strange experience. He said “something strange is happening to me, the
more she says she loves me the more I began to fall in love with the tiny girl.
Is she trying some evil power on me?”
It was then he
decided to listen to me and receive counsel on the Christians’ attitude to the
The flesh is not
submissive to the will of God. The flesh wants to be noticed. It does not want
to be embarrassed. When it receives insults, it reacts negatively. It is the
flesh that pushed people to commit suicide saying:. “It is better to die than to live a shameful life”.
The flesh gets
angry wherever it is not congratulated. If you forget to acknowledge the flesh,
it gets angry and sometimes, an inward anger may be concealed, waiting to be
provoked again, that is the flesh.
When flesh is
accorded recognition and given an exalted position, it is happy. Put the flesh
under instruction, or supervision and he is unable to express himself freely.
Mr. Flesh will feel bad. Does that describe your attitude?
Every little
opportunity that the flesh has, it always wants to dominate.
The flesh gives
us the tendency to think that you can do something without God. But then the
Bible says,
“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not
on thy own understanding”.
The flesh leans
on his understanding. The flesh will always present worldy alternatives to the
wisdom of God.
Two brothers
entered a bus and one of them was led by the spirit to share the gospel with
the people in the bus. The one who had the leading told the second brother to
preach. The second brother refused because there were many ladies in that bus
and he was ashamed of making grammatical slips before them.
However, the
first brother stood up and preached a fiery message. God took control, the
entire bus was electrified by the fire of the Holy Spirit. The second brother became jealous. He decided to stand
up to preach an additional sermon. Was he-led by the Holy spirit? No. He was led by the flesh. Self was on the throne of
his heart.
Self always want
to succeed. It does not want to fail. If the flesh goes out on evangelism and
nobody got converted. It will become jealous of those who have gained some
converts for the Lord. The flesh may even develop complete hatred for those who
are succeeding. Those who live in the flesh would even down-play  those who are successful in order to satisfy
himself and cover his shame.
The flesh does
not want to be disgraced. The man of the flesh would rather borrow money than
cut his coat according to his own cloth.
The flesh wants
everybody to know that it is important ascribing glory to himself. A man of the
flesh would want to ascribe glory to himself and take credit for everything.
The black scientist and his botanical ignorance…

Dr. D.K. Olukoya founder MFM

The flesh is
secretive. A man who live his life on the flesh doesn’t want anybody to know
his secret.
I have a
scientist friend who made a discovery that would have made  him a billionaire. He discover a tropical
root in the bush which, when processed would produce unusually large species of
farm produce. The scientist experimented with the root, he planted yam in a
secret location. By the time of harvest, the yam were so large that the
villagers ran away calling the tuber, demonic yam. The only problem he had was
that he could not identify the botanical name of this miracle root. So she
decided to send a sample to an American
botanist to help him identify the wonder-root. He waited in vain for a reply.
None came.
Two years later
he traveled to America and discovered
that the botanical expert had been able to find out the name and the uses of
the root. The only problem was that the white scientist had decided to
monopolize the discovery. That was how the Nigerian scientist lost a great
opportunity. If he had shared his discovery with fellow Nigeria scientists, the
case would have been different, but he lost that great opportunity.
The flesh is
always very defensive. It hates to be critized. That is why the Bible says, “The flesh profiteth nothing”.
If there is
something that will send majority of people to hell fire, it is the inability
to control the flesh. You cannot experience revival in your spiritual life
until Mr. Flesh is dead. As long as the flesh continues to rear up its
head, you still have a long way to go. Why don’t you close your eyes, at this
point and pray this prayer point.
“Every enemy of spiritual revival in my life come
out now, in the name of Jesus”.
The flesh does
not like to accept correction. If you fail to accept correction you will never
grow. Students who hate correction can never become first class students.
Self is always
ashamed of accepting blame, rather it is fond of shifting blames to others.
A minister
friend of mine surprised me recently. There was a crisis in his church that
involved his pastors. It was such a big crisis that it almost resulted into a
big fracas. The general overseer friend of mine tried to mediate in the
conflict, they shouted him down. Then he patiently addressed them begging them
to give peace a chance. Before they could understand what was happening the
general overseer, who is far older than I am, prostrated before all his forty
pastors. Then he started crying. The pastors were overwhelmed. The overseer’s
actions broke down every resistance in them. You may ask: “But how can a general overseer prostrate before his pastors? The
overseer must have been dead to the flesh”.
The flesh is
greedy, and always wants to possess all. The flesh is very domineering. Women
who are ruled by the flesh want to dominate their husband at home.
Again those who
try to hide their age are ruled by the flesh. The flesh always likes to protect
his own interest.
The flesh is
pompous and proud. It can manifest its ugly characteristic whether in the
classroom or in the market place. We often see the flesh in action in the
church: on the pulpit or in the choir.

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, a deliverance minister per excellence

The flesh like
to be alone. It likes to dominate, so as to be praised.
It avoids
participation in group projects where its own effort cannot shine and be
singled out.
Some people
break out form a big ministry like ours saying that God told them to go out,
it’s the flesh. I know a brother who also broke out of a ministry saying, that,
God told him to start a ministry. He borrowed ten thousand naira from an
unbeliever to hold a crusade. At the end of the crusade, he was only able to
raise three thousand naira. The unbeliever who lent him the money decided to
embarrass the pastor during a church service. I wondered why he had to borrow
money to hold an evangelistic crusade. Certainly the crusade was not sponsored
by the Holy Spirit but by the flesh.
Certainly, you
will agree with me that something has to be done to the flesh for believers to
be fervent for God.
(Excerpts from the book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr.
. Olukoya, Founder/General
Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracle


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