33 signs that shows you are under witchcraft attack —Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Dr. D.K Olukoya, G.O/Founder, Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries

There are two types of witches: conscious and unconscious
Conscious witches are very destructive. They carry
out most of their activities in the night. Their reason for the choice of the
night as the hour for carrying out their wicked activities can be traced to the
fact that most people are not generally alert at that time. That is why we
encourage Christians to pray in the night. They will find it difficult to
attack you if you pray in the night.

of Witchcraft

1.      They
curse people
2.       They control people
3.       They harm people
4.       They destroy things
5.       They corrupt things and people
6.       They damage a lot of things
7.       They cause great damage
8.       They are enemies of God
9.       They are blood thirsty – Whenever their
blood banks are empty they go for more blood by causing accidents.
10.     They lie in wait to destroy souls.
11.     They generally believe that they can conceal
their identity.
12.     They tell lies
13.     They are always proud
14.     Human lives means nothing to them
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, a deliverance Minister per-excellence
How to handle a witch wife…
They are able to
destroy human lives with ease. A lot of men often come to me, to ask what to do
after discovering that they married witches. Some of them have attempted to
drive away the women.
I have been a
Christian for a long time now, but I am yet to see a man who drove away his
wife because she was a witch and later prospered. The witch will not prevent
you from driving her away. She will simply go somewhere else to reinforce and
attack you. The best thing to do is to look for a way of running such wives
through deliverance. Even if she says that she is not ready to go through
deliverance, there are prayer points which the husband can make use of in order
to bombard her into submission.
15.     Witches are very fearless
Those who are
involved with witchcraft fear nothing; that is why some ladies are not afraid
to stay in darkness under the bridge waiting for a lift. Why is she not afraid?
It is because she is a member of the larger witchcraft society.
16.     They lay curses on people with coded
You must be
fervent in the Lord to be able to cancel that kind of coded curses.
17.     They relish human flesh.
These wicked
creatures love human flesh. The Bible says,
“Who hate the good and love the evil, who pluck off their skin from off them
and their flesh from off their bones; who also eat the flesh of my people and
flay their skin from off them, and they broke their bone and shut them in
pieces as for the pot”
(Micah 3:2)
18.     They are robbers, and also  very bloody
They can ride
human beings as horses to their meetings, and can see what is happening in the
light as well as in darkness
19.     They can manipulate their victims in the
dream through  feeding them and through
spiritual sexual intercourse.
20.     They can make use of cannibalistic and
nocturnal animals
21.     They can put marks on people’s head
These witchcraft
agents can put marks of hatred upon people. They can also put evil marks on
properties and certificates. They can programme their operations like a
spider’s web. There are people who see things like the spiders web each time
they close their eyes.
22.     They can put ancient marks on people. With
that kind of mark, they make people older than their age. Such victims often
become expired even when they are just starting life afresh.
23.     Witchcraft instruments are often used to
programme oppression into the atmosphere.
24.     They can inject evil spirit into people’s
They do this by
suppressing human strength and exchanging it with demonic spirit. Such people
find it difficult to control themselves. They experience conflict in
personality behaviour.
25.     They go into astral projection
They leave their
body on earth and travel into the spiritual world.
26.     They can project themselves into another
creature in order to carry out evil activities.
I remember the
story of a particular brother who threw a cutlass at a cat. The cat cried out
in Yoruba Language. That is an example of witchcraft manipulation.
27.     They contaminate their children and kill
28.     They forcefully initiate people into their
How then can
someone know when witches and wizard are working against your life? Here are
the things to look for.
‘If you witness any of the undermentioned signs, then, you need deliverance’–Dr. D.K Olukoya
Signs that you are under Witchcraft Attack
Attack by wicked and intelligent network; If you find out
that you are been harassed by wicked and intelligent witchcraft network, you
must use the weapon of prayer against them.
Denial of divine benefit; If you find out
that you have never enjoyed your divine benefit, start praying against witchcraft
operation in your life.
Pursuit by stubborn household wickedness; If you find out
that unrepentant and stubborn household wickedness are pursuing you, start
praying against them.
Intensive marital turbulence; If you are
suffering form intensive marital turbulence then you must pray against
witchcrafts agents.
‘Almost there’ Anointing; If you have
discovered that your life is being characterized by the anointing of almost
there but never there, then something is wrong somewhere.
Attacks from satanic weapons; If you find
that your life has been turned to a centre where all forms of satanic weapons
are tested then you must take your battle to the gates of witches and wizards.
Let me give you the promise of God, ‘And I will cut off witchcraft out of thy land
and thou shall have no  more soothsayers’

(Micah 5:12)
Attacks on progress in new apartment; If you find out
that you no longer experience progress from the moment you begin to live in a
particular house then you can be sure that witchcraft powers are working
against you.
A brother once packed into a block of
flats in the company of two tenants. The three tenants had very good cars.
Incidentally the landlord was also living with them in the same house. He had
no car. The brother began to notice some development. The first tenant lost his
A few months later the second tenant
also lost his car. The only person who now had a car among the tenant was this
brother. Then he began to have a problem with his car. He decided to go into
section of aggressive prayer when it dawned on him that he might lose his car.
He prayed for hours, days and weeks.
One day the Lord spoke to him, to go and
look into the well at the back of their house. To his amazement, he saw a tortoise.
He decided to bring the tortoise out with a bucket. What he
saw schocked him. The names of the three tenants (Including his) were written
in piece of paper and tied to the neck of the tortoise. He thought of what to
do. He looked everywhere and found nobody. Then he snatched the tortoise,
poured anointing oil on it before burning it. That was how God turned the tide
in favour of the Christian brother. His car began to work and he no longer lost
Strange enough, the landlord had no car
when they packed into the house. By the time the tenants were losing their
cars, the landlord was buying several cars. The brother who prayed would have
suffered like his colleagues but for the power of prayer. He attempted to tell
his fellow tenants who happened to be university lecturers, about what he found
inside the well. They simply told him off, saying that, ‘such stories are not real’.
That was how they continued to suffer while the landlord continue to prosper.
The only person who was exempted was the brother who prayed.
Financial embarrassment: If you are
experiencing unexplainable financial embarrassment or stagnancy in your
business. Witchcraft powers are at work.
Spiritual stagnancy; You must deal
with all forms of spiritual stagnancy. When witchcrafts force want to deal with
a person, they first afflict him with spiritual stagnancy, Once a person is
spiritually stagnant, witches and wizards find it easy to attack him or her.
Hidden and clever devourers; Witchcraft
powers are always clever in programming hidden and clever devourers into the
lives of their victims. You must not allow any hidden and clever devourer to
function in your life.
Buried talents and virtues; Witchcraft
powers destroy people’s lives by burying their talents and virtues. Anyone
whose talent and virtues are buried would never be anything in life. That is
why you cannot afford to allow the powers of witchcraft to tamper with your
talents and virtues.
Disappearance of those who desire to help; Whenever those
who have promised to help you disappear suddenly, you must be conscious of the
fact that powers of witchcraft are at work. These power are very wicked. They
remove helpers from those who are in need.
Chain problems; Some people go
through certain problems which lead to others problems. When one problem leads
to another, and the next one also lead to another, witches are involved. People
who are in this condition generally spend their lives jumping from one problem
to another.
Struggling and working tirelessly before achieving
anything in life;

Witchcraft powers change people’s destiny by making  them to struggle unnecessarily before
achieving anything in life.
Occupying wrong positions in life; most people
are made to occupy wrong positions in life through witchcraft manipulation.
They place them in position that will not contribute anything to their
successful achievement in life.
Untimely death; Witchcraft
forces are responsible for untimely death.
Desert businesses; Many people
have good proposals and invest huge amount of money into their business only to
lose everything at the end of the day. Witchcraft forces turn such businesses
to wastelands.
Unexplainable huge debts: Many people
have found themselves in terrible debts. The amount owed is so huge that the
possibility of getting out of the debt is narrow.
Prayer paralysis: Witchcraft
powers paralyse the prayer lives of their victims.
Evil diversion: Witchcraft
agents also divert their victims to wrong places.
Dead  organs
of the body:

some people are sick mysteriously. Certain organs of their body refuse to
function. Problems like cardiac arrest, kidney failure and so on are caused by
these powers.
Vagabond anointing: witches attack
people by afflicting tem with vagabond anointing. They turn intelligence people
into vagabonds who roam the streets aimlessly.
Gradual loss of goods and properties; Some people
discover that their goods and properties are being lost gradually. That kind of
mysterious loss continues until everything disappears.
Spiritual blindness: Witchcraft
powers agents attack their victims by making them blind spiritually.
Consequently, such people walk into traps set by witchcraft powers.
Verbal traps; Witchcraft powers set traps and
catch people with their own words. These words are later used against them.
Mark of hatred; Some people
discover that they are hated for no just cause. Unknown to such people they
have received marks of hatred from witchcraft agents.
Unexplainable loss of good things; Some people are
fond of losing good things no matter what they do to prevent the loss of such
things. Such people are victims of witchcraft manipulations.
Tortoise and snail anointing: Some people are
generally embarrassingly slow in every area of their lives. Such problems can
only be solved through deliverance.
Leaking pockets: A lot of people
suffer the loss of money perpetually. Witchcraft agents have attached leaking
pockets into their lives. It is even worse when people keep money in a
particular place and it vanishes mysteriously.
Spirit of rejection; Many people are
haunted by the spirit of rejection. They feel rejected by everybody.
Polluted children: Many people’s
children have been polluted by witchcraft powers. They infiltrated into the
lives of the children and turned them into something else
Husband that has been caged by strange woman: The problem of
some women is that they have lost their husband to the control of witchcraft powers.
Backsliding: Witchcraft agent also programme
backsliding into the lives of their victims.
The list is almost endless.
What is the judgment of God against all
these? What is God’s judgment against witches and wizards. Let me state these
in unequivocal terms. God has passed the sentence of both physical and
spiritual death upon all witchcraft practitioners.
God’s judgment
upon them is clearly stated inn Exodus 22:18
Suffer not a witch live.
Do not allow
witchcraft activities in your life.  You
don’t have to kill a witch physically but you can pronounce spiritual judgment
against her. Paralyse their activities. Kill the spirit of witchcraft that is
operating in them. That is why you must be ready to learn how to pray red-hot
prayers  like the psalmist. No doubt the
psalmist was praying against the spiritual powers that was working in the lives
of his enemies. You don’t have to attack physical things. But attack the
witchcraft forces within them.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Author, Overpowering Witchcraft
to get rid of witchcraft Problems in your life
How then can you
get rid of the problems of witchcraft?
You must repent
from all known sins. You must be ready to settle your account with God. Evil
speaking, gossiping, backbiting, slander, malice, anger  must all be repented off, if you want to be
free from witchcraft operations and attack.
Dedicate your
household to the lord
You must get to
the point where you can declare like Joshua ‘As for me and my household we
would serve the Lord’
Train your
children in the way of the Lord
Failure to train
your children in the way of the Lord may lead them into involvement with
witchcraft. When such children acquire witchcraft powers, they may turn back to
attack you.
Be careful
concerning what, where and how you eat
Be careful,
don’t eat just anything. Watch where you eat.
Cleanse your
household and business premises spiritually
You must
sanitise your surrounding spiritually through prayers.
Prayer warfare
against witchcraft operations
You must always pray against witchcraft
operation in your environment
Go for
You must go for
deliverance if witchcraft powers have gained access into your life.
Bring litigation
against them by pleading the blood of Jesus.
Finally don’t
ever attempt to rebuild your Jericho. Whatever God has destroyed in your life must
remain destroyed. Let there be a clean break between you and your past
unregenerate life style.
You witchcraft
powers, carry your evil load, in the name of Jesus!.
(Excerpts from
the book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr. D.K. Olukoya,
Founder/General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracles)


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