5 Areas Buhari failed Nigerians—Prophet MKO Tibetan | Says ‘Ex-Minister, James Ocholi was killed’

Propher Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’I have repeatedly told Nigerians in this book that Buhari is not God’s choice’

He is fiery and has no room for diplomacy.
That seems to be the turf of prophets. Right from the era of Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah, Elisha and many other prominent
prophets of the Biblical era, truth and facts have always been the hallmark of
their callings. They were Prophets who spoke to nations; prophets who spoke
truth to power. The case is not different with Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Korede Oluwatosin
of Celestial Church of
; Elisha Parish (Europe
& Africa) in the last one and a half decade, this Ode-Aiye, Ondo
State—South  Western Nigerian born man of
God has given prophecies that has fulfilled their purposes. In his annual
Prediction book, Prophet Marcus
gives direction to individuals, organizations and nations. In most of his
prophetic revelations, nations and personalities who heeded have been saved
from calamities while those who played games with them get the other side.

years ago, when the amalgamation of political parties presented the candidacy
of General Muhammadu Buhari for Presidency, Prophet Tibetan predicted that although, Buhari was going to win the election but he is never God’s choice
for Nigeria but people’s choice. Then, the prophecy looked awkward but Prophet Marcus insisted that Nigerians
were yet to be given the divine leader that will take them out of the dungeon. Last
week, the very gifted seer who is famously known globally as “The Nostradamus” was in the country and your Africa’s number 1
Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika
caught up with him on Thursday May 12 inside the garden of his Lagos cathedral
to talk on President Buhari’s one
year presidency. It was a fiery Prophet
who revealed more of what the Lord had shown him to this blog.

Every revelation or opinion
celebrated here are not of this blog but profoundly that of the Prophet of the
Living God as shown to him by God Almighty. Take a seat and enjoy the total
revelation from The Nostradamus, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan. Enjoy. 

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Any leader who ruled and people are
comitting suicide should know what his legacywould be like’

By Sunday May 29 will be
exactly one year since President Muhammad Buhari became President of Nigeria.
You were one of the very few, if not even the prophet who predicted since 2014
that Mr. Buhari will displace ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and it came to pass.
Would you say Nigerians have faired well under Mr. Buhari in the last one year?
Thank you
very much. The Bible says man propose God disposes. Buhari is a person like
me and he is equally a person like you but our Prediction 2010, 2011, 2012 up
to 2015, the Lord said ‘Buhari is
people’s choice’
you just underline that statement ‘the people’s choice’.
Not God’s choice. Buhari is just like King Saul of our time. So, we cannot
get the best from him.
What do you mean, sir?
Thank God
you came to interview me today. When I was coming down to Nigeria from Dublin
on Monday, the whole aircraft was jam-packed by the Chinese people. I was
looking and I asked ‘is it so bad to this
  Because when we arrived at Murthala
Mohammed Airport
here, majority of the Chinese people couldn’t
feel the immigration forms. They do not know their left from their right. They
are just like you going to Jankara or Owode market to go and
remove a local welder to go and represent Nigeria at the Olympic.
Buhari’s Yuan deal is fake…
Are you saying the Chinese deal
President Muhammad Buhari got for us is a bad deal?
It is a
rubbish deal; it is a totally rubbish deal. If you search history very well,
you will see that the first batch of Chinese
people who came to Africa were condemned armed robbers. Because the home
government in China didn’t want to waste money on them, so they had to push
them to Africa to come and pollute our society, in many African
countries, these Chinese citizens impregnated indigenes and refused to take the
pregnancy. It was so bad. In fact, we had a terrible situation where a
billionaire like Dangote will invite top officers of the immigration and order
them to be signing our passports for these Chinese
people, is that how a good government should run? If the Chinese people stay three years here, they will impregnate half of
our ladies and they will not take the pregnancy from them and they will not
even go with the baby. They are so useless. You know there is a law in their
country which says they cannot have more than two kids or three. In fact they
just adjusted that law after hundred years to make it three kids per couple.
Are these the kind of people we are looking up to take us out of trouble?
Bringing Chinese’s Yuan to
Nigeria to represent Dollars? Automatically that is a rubbish decision. Then
you said we are very close to May 29, yes, you and I are going to see more of
May 29 in Jesus name. By May 29 of 2050, I pray we will all be
alive.  But Buhari may not be there, Obasanjo
will not be there, Babangida will not be there. All these people will not be there
again, we will only say things about them. We will say ‘Oh, we are marking the 10th year of the death of Buhari’,
the death of Babangida, the death of Abdusalam and many others.

President Buhari

VP, Osinbajo is a wrong deal….
So, where did Mr. President got it
In the
Prediction 2015, the Lord said ‘Buhari
must not pick Vice President from
That if he picks the Vice President from Ogun State, that means we are going to have trouble and eventually
he ran into it that is number one. Then, number two, the most notorious human
being in the history of Nigerian politics in the person of (Senator Bukola)
Saraki, this character manipulated and metamorphosed himself to become senate
leader that is number two fault. Then, number three, all the CPC members of Buhari
are still the people in government. Tinubu
only wasted his energy and strategy. What he was trying to avoid from Obasanjo’s
PDP now came to us again. Because when they wanted to kill AD (Alliance for
Democracy) Obasanjo had a closed door meeting with all the South West
Governors of that era including Tinubu pleading them to vote en-mass
for PDP in the South Western States but Tinubu consulted some elites and
intelligentsias among the Yorubas and
he decide to hold unto AD and that is why we are still having this little peace
now, the peace is too little. So, automatically, it was later, Tinubu
now ran into the bunk of Buhari again. And Buhari
himself is even more terrible than Obasanjo.


How is Buhari terrible than Obasanjo?
Because he
will not talk and he knows where he is going, if you marry a dumb,
automatically when you are hurting her she will not tell you because what she
is going to do is inside her, it is only by her action you will know you are in
trouble. Any Hausa or Fulani man dealing with a Yoruba
man or an Ibo man or Delta man or an Ishan man, you are only
playing with fire. Because where they are going, they will not tell you until
you see the action. Now, he will tell the whole world that he is fighting
corruption, he can not fight corruption. Babangida deep his hand into the
national vault and looted until he built a CBN in his house. He built a CBN in
his 50 bed room mansion in Minna.
When (Abubakar) Abdusalami was leaving, he repeated the same thing but Buhari
is not probing this two people now. And he is fighting corruption; and when you
look at the former Inspector Generals of Police and even the new ones coming in
June, the one coming in June is going to be a Hausa man because they are not
comfortable with the new recruitment until when the Hausa IG come that they
will recruit. Even the ten thousand new police officers they are recruiting
know for sure that it is just three thousand slots that will go for the Igbo, the Niger-Delta and the Yorubas.
The remaining seven thousand is for the almajiris.
So, automatically, don’t let us border about May 29, nothing will happen. You
know they just signed the Budget in the first week of May, so, to do what sir?
You know they have been giving you NEPA bill without the light but you have not
die till today. Leave Buhari alone, he will finish his
term and go; it is only two things can affect him, sickness or death. If these
two things permit him to finish the four years; so be it, if it doesn’t permit
him, so be it. You know the Lord has revealed before, that we cannot get the
best. Nigerians are just like somebody in the University of Lagos who finished all his papers and they told him
his professor died. We should go and re-sit our classes in Primary six. We
should go back to Primary School for us to be in touch. That is the trouble at
hand because Buhari is using 1983 to see what is on the table. Somebody who
has won an election, staying four months outside his jurisdiction, watching
everything and he came on board and he has nothing to offer. All he can offer
is chase the person who stole the Boko Haram money, chase star rogues
like Dokpesi,
and the rest. So, where is the money he recovered?

Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Bombarding Niger-Delta with Harcules Plane is a wrong decision for Buhari’

But analysts believed that Mr.
Buhari’s anti-corruption war is one of the best achievements of his regime. At
least, to some extent, it will return sanity to leadership. Don’t you share
this thought?
But you are
a graduate, Gbenga, why didn’t you
stay behind some of your villagers who graduated from the University of Lagos, that you don’t need a degree since you can eat
and earn a living on their integrity? Is that possible?
No, sir
the money is not the issue because they are going to use the money to build new
towns for those people attacked by the Boko
and this are a set of people who didn’t have houses before, they were
living like rabbits. They make clay and thatches as their houses and that was
where they were sleeping. Thank God Boko
now came and helped them knock down those buildings; they are now
going to have an estate. And if they can use the looted funds to build estate,
can you put all the Almajiris in a
water system house and maintain it when there is no education? Let’s see what
will happen.
So, you mean President Buhari is
trying to use those funds he collected from greedy politicians to re-build the
North Eastern part of Nigeria?
The first
thing that will happen in January 2017 is that building will begin for those
people, let’s wait and see. I built for myself, so, it is good for Buhari
too to build for his people. So, don’t expect anything fantastic from Buhari.

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Buhari really broke Tinubu’s heart
because he denied him Vice Presidency and equally disappointed his

You said our China-Yuan deal is a bad
Yes, even
for involving the Chinese people in
our economy, yes, they will build the trains and everything what about the
legs? We are going to have high rate of cancer in all the things we are going
to be consuming. Why are we tired of dealing with America? Why are we tired of dealing with the Britons? Why are we tired of dealing with the Germans? Why are we tired of dealing with the French people?
In a nutshell, the president got it
wrong with the Chinese deal?
He followed
the trend of Goodluck Jonathan, that was what Goodluck did before and
it was a very bad omen for the country. Sir, they will bring the Chinese plane, they will bring the Chinese train but you go to London and see the Virgin train. Go to their underground and you will see everything
there, of course Rome was not built in a day but look at our own stupidity. Who
destroyed our federal roads? It was Dangote. Who spoilt the entire
airport? It was the Hausa people; it
is the Hausa people that will want to
travel out of the country without paying ticket. It was Obasanjo who stopped the bad regime of northern elites sharing
hundred of million naira inside Aso Rock which was the foundation
laid by Babangida then.  He kept
settling the people, they want to make noise, settle them. It was a regime of
settlement and that was what we were facing until Obasanjo came. That was
what led to the death of the former emir of Sokoto who dropped dead
on a Sunday morning after leaving Aso Rock.

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’If Buhari thinks he can use Hercules
Plane to blow off Niger-Delta Creeks he should remember there is God

Buhari must not attack Niger-Delta…
You mean Emir Maccido?
Yes, I
predicted his death that year; he just went there to carry his own allocation
only for him to meet his waterloo. That was how they were sharing the money,
all the money they looted from the Niger-Delta. My only advice to Buhari now is that he should soft pedal
with the people of the Niger-Delta. Those resources in
their area belong to them, you can’t kill them because of what the Lord gave to
them, they are endowed with those resources and you should allow them enjoy
their God given endowments.
Do you think The Niger Delta Avengers
who blew up the gas pipe lines are right for taking law into their hands?
When they
have not blew the place up what has happened to the place? Have you travelled
to Kaduna?
Yes, sir.
Have you
travelled to Kano?
Yes, sir.
Have you
travelled to Abuja?
Severally, sir
They all
have good road networks and great infrastructures but they used the fuel
economy of the Niger-Delta to build
all those places. Sir, how much did they use to pipe gas from Niger-Delta down to Kaduna to establish the Kaduna
? Is the fuel from Kaduna?
So, what is their plan? You know the Bible said when we were still sleeping;
the enemy already set the house ablaze. That is the Hausa people, even on some of their plate numbers; they said they
were born to rule. And the Federal Government of Nigeria approved that kind of
word to be tagged on a car’s plate number. Instigating people against their own
people; so, people born in Kaduna are born to rule. Automatically, my people in
Niger-Delta should not worry. The
best President we never enjoyed was Yar Adua, so intelligent, so
articulate, he is a father; can you imagine how he used diplomacy to take arms
from the Niger-Delta people’s hand with the amnesty deal. But now, Buhari
is taking jet fighters where that innocent man (Yar Adua) removed ammunition.
When two of your sons are fighting, do you go in and bring cutlass to separate

Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Buhari’s Yuan deal with China is a total flop’

No, sir
So, why is Buhari
behaving like this? That means the Chief of Air Staff, the Chief of Army Staff
and the President has no brain. They want to use cudgel, missiles to go and get
their amenities from them? It is not possible; do you think they can know
peace? They can not know peace because they have murdered peace, they should
call the elders there together and tell them what they want. They got a fund
for the Boko Haram ruined towns; they
should go and restructure the Niger-Delta.
They should give them a 5 star hotel there, they should give them good schools,
and they should give them good roads. They should give them everything. Even
the minister they killed the other day, it was not his car tire that got
exploded; they shot the tire.
Late James Ocholi

Ex-Minister, Ocholi was assassinated…

Are you talking of Mr. James Ocholi
the minister of state for Labor?
Yes, they
shot his tire. They laid ambush for him and shot the tire.
Are you sure, sir?
Yes, that
was what the Lord revealed, I was in America.
It was never a natural car accident.
Are you saying that the former
minister of state for Productivity was killed?
Yes, sir. He
was the best minister that we had, if that one rule Nigeria by year 2025, we
could have had a sound Nigeria.
So, why would they kill him?
That is the
problem we have in this country, you know during the era of Babangida,
about three hundred vibrant army and navy officers, they packed them in what? In
a Hercules Plane and dropped them at Ejigbo,
that was the end of their beautiful lives; I hope you remember. Then, again when
and Babangida
were fighting for boys, they wasted some vibrant and good soldiers at Ogudu
again. Then, I hope you are also aware of what happened during the era of Goodluck
, about 5 Lorries of police officers were ambushed, and they perished
all of them, do you know the amount of blood bath everywhere? There is no
purity in all this things.

Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Nigerians have nothing to gain from this regime’

But my question is why would they
kill James Ocholi?
Because he
knows more than them, they want mediocre, if you are too sharp you are in
trouble. Look at what happened to Joseph and his brothers in the
Bible. Joseph is a brilliant dreamer, a good dreamer and you see what
the Lord said to him? He said ‘I took him to go through these tribulations so
that he will be hard in mind and be able to rule his people’, that is Psalm 105 verse 16, 17 and 18. Because Joseph
is too liberal, he was thrown into calamities in order to strengthen him. That
guy (Ocholi) is sound but at the end of the day he was taken out. He says ‘when beggars die no comments seen except
the Lord that blessed the death of the princes’

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’There are many things wrong with
Nigeria that we have to adress quickly or else we are doomed for life’

How Buhari broke Tinubu’s heart…
Are you saying that Nigeria made a
wrong choice with President Buhari?
I said Buhari
is the people’s choice, it is in this book now (Raise a copy of his 2015
Prediction to drive home his point) we are not the one who invited him. It was
a game between him and Tinubu and that is one of the
reasons why the two of them cannot be parley because what they were planning
God didn’t accept it but we are waiting for one thing from Buhari. In Psalm 90
verse 10, 11, 12, He said “The days of
our lives are seventy years”
that is 20, 20 into three places and ten,
making seventy. So, he is above 70. So, if you say Buhari has dementia, it
is not bad. If you say he cannot walk properly tomorrow it is not bad because Buhari
cannot stay two hours before a computer. He does not know what is in
vogue in the town. You see, where you will know that this government has
failed, the light has not stabled. The roads are not in good shape. Then, the
eighteen thousand naira for public servants is not even payable despite the
horrific economic situation. Then the senate is not settled and his plane is
flying all over the world. He says he want to invite investors into Nigeria, who is a fool? He is a fool.
If he thinks he is fooling us, no, he is fooling himself; how would you take
your investment into a country where there is no security. Anytime you are
travelling from America to Nigeria, ask anybody, immediately you are at Murthala Mohammed
, you will see everywhere dark. Everywhere what? Dark, then,
again, Nigeria has no respect for human life. Then, Nigerians do not know their
left from their right and when you see Nigerian millionaires abroad, they enter
public train in Camber-well, in Briston, everywhere you see them they
are in the public transport. A big millionaire in America, in London,
they all enter the arm track and the train, with one car, two sons and a wife.
But in Nigeria when you vote in a common chairman or Councilor into office,
look at most of our local government chairmen, immediately they finish serving,
they start buying houses everywhere. A young guy that is not up to 45 will have
chains of real estates everywhere and then, chains of concubines and when they
are going to the hotels, at times they go with three ladies who will all be
naked at a time, just to satisfy their sexual appetite, they do that with all
our monies.

Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’When Abacha troubled our people we called unto God by the altar and he listened’

How do we get out of the mess, sir?
If we say we
need God’s intervention, it is a lie. We are going to fight for ourselves. And
this people can not solve the problem, if you see those people who have looted
the government, a lot of them have chains of houses in London and Dubai.
And when you look at all the ministers, they are all fake; even they didn’t
even trust themselves. It was that ministerial appointment that brought them together;
they are not bird of same feather. What do you expect of an Audu
at the ministry of Agriculture, when last has he held a cutlass? Does Audu
have a farm? But he is telling us now about cassava and so many
things. Look at a character like Fashola, for somebody who want to go
on a journey abroad to now carry three heavy brief cases on his head and now be
going to Murthala Mohammed Airport, will that be possible? But you said
you gave him three portfolios, does that mean we don’t have other brilliant
minds to man the two other portfolios? We need to fold our hands and be looking
at this man because we are living with somebody who is living in a wrong

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Chosing Professor Yemi Osinbajo as Buhari’s running mate was a Wrong Choice’

Buhari is living in a wrong address…
You mean Mr. President is practically
living in a wrong address?
Yes, sir.
And when you look at the Vice President too, he has no say. Nasir
is the defector Vice President. Osinbajo is just put
there as a green button that can be pressed for emergency. Because it was in
annoyance they picked him. It was a position which Tinubu himself wanted to fill before, and if Tinubu wanted to be Vice
President and you say you want to probe corruption, it will be difficult. If
you want to probe corruption and you want to make a case, you have to start
from Tinubu
and all those people, if you are now telling us that he (Tinubu) used his money
to finance APC into power, I am sorry to tell you this, it is not his money. It
is Nigeria’s money. It is our money. So, automatically we should not be
disturbed. I know one day, he said in Ecclesiastes
5 verses 7
say “For in the multitude
of dreams and many words there is also vanity. But fear God”
and verse 8
says “If you see the Oppression of the
poor, and the violent perversion of justice and righteousness in a country, do
not marvel at the matter; for the controller of the two, the man that holds
their hearts, that holds their spirit, He who has the cane that can cane them
equally is in heaven”,
that is what is happening now. We don’t have the
naira or dollars power to fight Buhari, but by the grace of the
Almighty, the truth will prevail. But my prayer is that he (Buhari) should
leave the Niger-Delta people alone. If he can not dilly dally with them,
he should go to Tehran to go and be importing petrol and leave them alone. It
is quite unfortunate these guys are not like the Ondo state people, they
don’t need to blow up the pipelines. They only need (Spiritual) pad-lock to
lock up those machines. The machines will be there but the function will be
dead. I could remember in those days, in 1983, August 28, when Shagari
sent 17 military trucks to Oke-Igbo to go and destabilize NPN,
they (People of Oke-Igbo) used just one egg to direct the 300 soldiers to the
Evil forest.
we are getting to that point now, we are going there. If they say they want to
use Hercules, there are lots of
things the local people can use that will shock the politicians.
How IBB took Abacha out….
Why are you revealing all these
You see,

Late Sanni Abacha

prophet is a soldier. I am not like Adeboye, I am not like Abiara,
and I am not like Oyedepo. Those are other men but I am the eyes of God, a
prophet fight for his people, a prophet is a soldier. If you like you listen to
him, if you like don’t listen but I am praying to God to show me his end
because the Lord showed me the end of Abacha. We were in the Church on
Sunday and I said ‘why are you not
contributing money again?’
and they said Friday is June 12, that was 1998
and I said ‘is it because of Abacha that
you are not contributing money?’
and they said ‘Yes’. ‘Ooh, my God’, I said
ok. I then collected one candle from the altar and the Lord said to me ‘Marcus, are you worried about Abacha?’
I said ‘Yes sir’. He said ‘don’t worry Abacha is going to die June 8,
by 1:45 in the night. I am going to raise somebody who will kill Abacha’
That He the Lord of host will make dog to eat its own flesh. That he will send Babangida
to kill him. That he will make two of them to fight. So, somebody passed
information to Babangida, Abacha wanted to make himself a
civilian president from military and he had on his list to arrest Obasanjo
and everybody and kill them in jail because he knew they are going to
disturb him. For this, Babangida now sent somebody to carry
a pill to destroy Abacha and Abacha died just like a chicken.
You know when Abacha died, we all jubilated. So, Buhari should pray
because Nigerians know how to jubilate when evil people die. So, you still have
the grace to be a good father, you still have the grace to be a bad father.
Because He said in the book of Isaiah 3
verse 10
and 11, “Say it to the righteous that it shall be
well with them, for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe to the
wicked! It shall be ill with him, for the reward of his hand shall be given


What I am doing now, Oyedepo will not be able to do it, Abiara
will not be able to do it. Then, Adeboye will not be able to do it
because they are comfortable. They are satisfied already, they are 200
comfortable, what they will spend till the time they die, they
have it because they have siphoned, si-tricked, embezzled and then with their
greedy way of preaching, they have gathered enough for their children but
(Prophet) Marcus does not have what
he is going to spend till January and February. I don’t need it because I can
still go to my village and plant cassava. You know I am not too fat and I am
not too lean like Oyedepo, I can still go there to tap banger and to tap pamie. And I can still plant vegetables,
you know when you cultivate a new farm and you put the cassava, the very day
you are cultivating and then you put the fire together, after three weeks, come
and see the cassava. It will come out as if it is fertilizer. All the
attributes that will make me a successful farmer, I have them. I farmed to the
age of 25 and it was Obasanjo who put us in this crisis
today. Had it been we had continued “Operation
Feed the Nation”
Buhari will not even need to tell us
to go back to farm. Does Buhari’s first son have a farm? But
he said we should all go to farm. Why is he not taking the lead? A leader must
always take the lead but he want to command every one of us from Aso Rock, do you know the kind of
amount they use to feed them in Aso Rock? The same thing applies to
the senators and members of House of Representatives; the democracy in Nigeria
is expensive than any one in the world.

Prophet MKO Tibetan in a pensive mood before the interview

Buhari has already spent a year but
here we are with more hardship. There is nothing too fantastic we can gain from
this government, but the Lord will see us three. By May 29 we have 3 years
more. For you to know they are out to fool us, after next year, they will be
planning for the next election. They only use two years to work but this people
have lost a year already so we wouldn’t know what they will tell us to do in
the remaining one year.  He is ruling and
some people are committing suicide, that is to say his government is not good.
Then, look at the Fulani herdsmen, when did it come to all these? For me to
have my farm in Okitipupa in Ondo
State in Ode-Aiye and then, one idiot, one Almajiri who does not know his right from left now take his cattle
from Zaria
and come and destroy my maize and yam. My brother, in our village if you try
this, they will use bees, where my mother comes from in Igodan, if there is war,
you know what they use? They use bees, just one bee, they will charm it and go
and drop it in your village. Every day, ten, ten people will be dropping dead.
So, if Buhari believes it is war that we need, we don’t need it
because when you push a goat to the wall, it will apply its last strength. You
are pushing Nigerians; revolution is very close to us. Do you remember the 1929
Abba women riot? How it started? We are getting close to it; do you tag me for
not getting salary?  You will be taking
money from me without giving me light. Then you want to be taking N200 from me
for a liter of petrol that we have in my village? That is cruelty and it will
be rejected.

The GDA, The Nostadamus And a Mr. Sowunmi, a VIP

(The Prophet
can be reached for consultation on his Local & International Contacts:
+234(0)80978-61-617, 080-5485-3828, 080-371-71-730 or 080-570-70-783. His
International Lines are: 00-9353-899-609-994, 00-9353-876-696-370, 00-9353-861-033-987,
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