Acts that makes your Pastor more Occultic than Born Again—Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder/General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracles International

thrives in the church today. I have heard about pastors who try to manipulate
members who decide to go to other churches. They make what I would call
witchcraft pronouncements against such members. They say, “If you leave this church you will never prosper. Nobody leaves this
church and makes it in life. Go and check it out, all those who ever left this
church have ended up with mysterious sicknesses, accidents, business failure,
death, imprisonment and all kinds of terrible calamity. I am an anointed
Pastor, nobody has ever left me and prospered”
. That is witchcraft. I have
never read anything like that in the Bible. That sounds like what they do in
the occult.
When an occult
member renounces his membership, the other members can go ahead to cast a spell
on him. what some Pastors say when they want to intimidate those who are trying
to go to another church is no different from what lodge members say to those
who attempt to decamp. It appears that the church has become the centre of
witchcraft these days. There are cases of Pastors who have cursed members who
left their churches. Unfortunately, many terrible things have actually happened
to some of these members.

manifestation of witchcraft is the practice of using unlawful methods to obtain
results. If you fail to repent of these practices you will continue to live
under the sentence of death.
‘Rebellion is a form of Witchcraft’ Dr. D.K. Olukoya

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Rebellion as an Act of Witchcraft…
Rebellion is an
evidence of the presence of witchcraft in your life. God hates rebellion with
perfect hatred. Failure to repent of rebellion is to be ready to face the
consequences of being a witch. God has never tolerated rebellion at any time.
He denounces it in very strong terms. Unfortunately, deep-seated rebellion
resides in the heart of so many Christians. The plague of rebellion has spread
from Pastors to congregations, elders to ordinary members, workers to new
members and from children to adults. This shows that rebellion has become the
order of the day. And from what was been stated time and time again in this
chapter, it is clear that rebellion is an evidence of the manifestation of
witchcraft. It goes without saying, therefore, that the church has become the
centre of witchcraft manipulation.
Any sincere
believer will admit that obedience and submission which happen to form part of
the fundamental requirements which God expects from those who belong to Him
have become virtually non-existent in many churches. It is crystal clear that
obedience and submission is fast disappearing in churches today.
Many people find
it difficult to submit to God and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit. Obedience
has become the greatest thing which the modern man tries to avoid by all means.
That is why rebellion and disobedience are more visible in an average
congregation. But we all know that the more visible these vices are, the more
pronounced the presence of witchcraft in that particular congregation.
It is easier to
go wrong than to do what is right. Many people do what is convenient to them
not knowing that they are giving in to witchcraft elements to come into their
lives. Although, it is easier to tread the part of disobedience, obedience
pays, Joseph had to make a choice between obedience and disobedience.
Obviously, the
easiest option was disobedience. He found himself in Portiphar’s house where
he had unlimited favour with his master’s wife. It was easier for Joseph
to decide to go in a convenient way by accepting the advances which Portiphar’s
wife made. After all, he was sure that if he had accepted to commit immorality
with her, he would have been in her good books as long as he lived in that
Obedience to God
was not palatable to the flesh. It was also clear that to refuse to lie with Portiphar’s
wife was to face a threat of being scandalized. Joseph decided to obey
God, if he had disobeyed, he would have faced the consequences of being a
witchcraft practitioner.
Every student of
the Bible knows that disobedience and rebellion have continued to cause havoc
in the lives of individuals. It also leads to destruction and disintegration of
communities and nations.
The heights of
arrogance is to rebel against the Almighty. It is amazing that arrogant and
rebellious people who try to do everything to resist the Gospel are the least
intelligent. While professors are embracing Jesus and praying with
holy aggression, school drop-outs are going everywhere with signs of rebellion
and arrogance.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya….’There is a need for everyone to know a thing or two about Witchcraft
Between the dullards & the intelligent Student…
During my school
days, I discovered that the students who put on the most flashy dresses were
the dullards. People who are truly intelligent are generally humble. They
hardly show-off. But people with empty skulls make the loudest noise. But why
should a human being be arrogant?
What does man
really know? Take a look at the heavens, the stars, the seas, the animal
kingdom and the plant kingdom. Is there any room for arrogance? What has man
created? The sun is 93 million miles away from the earth. How long do you think
it will take to cover 160 million kilometers by road.
That is
obviously more than what anyone can achieve in a life time as it will take more
than 180 years to cover the distant. Yet God’s word holds the sun and earth
together. That word is so important that we are told that he exalts His word
above His name. What the devil did to Adam and Eve was to make them
disobey the word of God. The devil knew that the moment he succeeded at making
mankind to disobey God, he would successfully carry out his plans. The moment
man disobeyed God, he became a witchcraft practitioner since rebellion and
witchcraft are the same.
Although God has
demonstrated His supremacy over man, yet man has continued to live in arrogance
and rebellion. God created the galaxies, the stars, the moon and so on. Yet man
has continued to position his will against the will of the Almighty. That kind
of attitude sparks of demonic pride. That was exactly what Saul the first king of Israel
The disobedience of King Saul…
Here was an
excellent soldier, anointed king, handsome man, gifted and elevated by God yet
he lost everything because of disobedience and rebellion. God’s instruction to
him was unmistakably clear. “Make utter
destruction. Don’t spare anything in Amalek”.
But he disobeyed God. What he
did constituted an affront to God. God’s verdict was that the act of
disobedience which was perpetrated by Saul was viewed as an act and a
manifestation of witchcraft.
His disobedience
and rebellion were seen by God as clear manifestations of witchcraft. Saul was given an assignment by God. He
started well but ended up with becoming a 
wizard. God did not mince words, “rebellion is as witchcraft”. That
was how Saul became an enemy of God. He became a wizard through rebellion and
God was extremely angry with him.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Author of the Book ‘Overpowering Witchcraft’
The Modern Man versus Old God…
The modern man
has come up with lots of euphemistic terms which are being used to play down
things that are of great consequences. When someone has sinned against God,
human beings say that he has only made a mistake. When a man becomes angry,
people excuse him by saying that someone has stepped on his nerves.
The proud man is
labelled ambitious, the liar is clever, the thief is smart, the dubious is
intelligent and the wicked is self-assertive. If modern man were to define all
the sins in the Bible, every sin will be given glamorous names. However, modern
man cannot change God’s standard. Today, some people have accepted rebellion and
disobedience as part and parcel of their characters, attitude may sound trendy
but God views them differently.
Rebellion is a
character with stubborn and strong roots. Many Christians detest anything that
will tamper with their evil character. But anyone who wants to be free from
every trace of witchcraft must be willing to go whole-hog and deal with the
stronghold of rebellion. This is an unavoidable task that must be done.
Most of the
common sins which people commit like smoking, drinking, fornication, adultery,
etc. can be likened to tiny pimples when compared with the large malignant boil
of rebellion.
If you want to
get rid of rebellion, you must allow God to penetrate deep into your life. If
you are ready to repent from every sin of rebellion and disobedience today, you
will be free from sentence of death and destruction.
But if you
choose to remain in witchcraft and rebellion, you are deciding to sign your
death warrant. God will not be under any obligation to preserve your life. When
God looks at you, He will say “why should
I preserve you”?
To live longer
in order to commit more sins. To have opportunity to perfect your rebellion”?
God can not preserve such a life. Rather he will allow the sentence of death to
work against your life.
Story of the rebellious sister-in-the-Lord…
I remember the
story of a sister who approached a man of God because she was becoming lean at
an alarming rate. When the man of God wanted to pray for her, he receiving an
instruction from the Lord. He was told to instruct the woman to spend one month
without murmuring, complaining and picking quarrels with others. The man of God
relayed the message to her. In her characteristic rebellious manner, she flared
up. She ended up abusing the man of God. However, the spirit of the Lord
convicted her to her rebellion and she repented by the time she got home.
She complied
with the Holy Spirit and refrained
from every act of rebellion for one month. Surprisingly, she was healed of her
strange ailment. By the time she came to the man of God she had become an
epitome of robust health/ Repentance and obedience were the keys that opened
the door to her healing and health.
At this
juncture, are you prepared to make amends? Will you get rid of rebellion and
disobedience? Are you doing things which God did not ask you to do? Have you
become an expert in rebellion? Are you ready to repent today? Do you know that
if you repent, the Lord will forgive you?
David was called a
man after God’s heart because he never offered excuses for his sins. He always
cried unto God in repentance. On the other hand, Saul was fond of shifting
blames on others. David repented and became a man after God’s heart while Saul
went into rebellion and became a wizard.
Are you
following the foot-steps of David or are you a modern day Saul?
A lot of people
today are so full of themselves. They are possessed with the spirit of personal
independence. They always do what is in their mind. They hate correction. Also,
there are people who cannot control their lips. Such people tell lies, gossip,
use abusive language and exaggerate.
You must
answer  the following questions:
is at the centre of your life?
you please yourself or are you pleasing God?
you learnt how to serve others?
Are  you stubborn and self-willed?
you disobedient?
you follow the dictates of your depraved mind?
you a clever manipulator?
you dominate others through some hidden powers?
you fond of intimidating your friends and colleagues?
you living in rebellion in any area of your life?
your answers to questions 4 – 10 is yes, then you must repent or else you will
continue to be a witch or wizard in the sight of God. Now is the time to  repent and 
settle your account with God. Don’t allow any trace of behaviour that
has anything to do with witchcraft in your life. Don’t be a religious witch.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya….A deliverance Minister extra-ordinary
spiritual maggot inside my destiny, fall down and die in Jesus’ name
lord, let your divine purpose be settled in 
my life
devil will not break the back bone of my destiny, in the name of Jesus.
destiny will not be put to shame, in Jesus’ name
life will not disgrace Jesus, in the name of Jesus
name shall not disappear from the book of life, in the name of Jesus
covenant of sorrow be broken now, in Jesus name.
angel will not disappear, in the name of Jesus.
joy will not cease and my glory will not sink, in the name of Jesus.
the gathering of the tormentors be disbanded, in the name of Jesus.
capture all my floating blessings, in Jesus’ name
prophesy on my destiny to move forward, in the name of Jesus.
(Excerpts from the book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr. D.K. Olukoya, General Overseer
& Founder of Mountain of Fire &