“Although I am A Born Again Christian but I once signed Autograph on a female fan’s breast” – Olu Peters | Untold story of Sir Shina Peters’ US based brother

Celebrity blogger, Gbenga Dan Asabe, Yomi Peters & Gbenga Peters
Since 1996, when he dumped his brother’s
band during a tour in America, Gbenga
, the immediate younger brother to the Afro Juju Music maestro, Sir
Peters (SSP) has never
given a second thought about coming home to re-establish himself unlike his
elder and younger brothers Shina and
Yomi who are well known in the
Nigerian entertainment circle.

who along with Yomi the last of the
Peters brothers were band boys under the tutelage of their elder brother Shina, was alleged to have dumped his
brother during a tour of some states in the United States of America
in November 1996, stating irreconcilable differences between him and SSP for
the decision. But nineteen years after, the highly educated Gbenga Peters who is also a sales
executive with an electronic company—RadioShark
in Chicago, USA has debunked the alleged misunderstanding between him and his
elder brother SSP claiming it is a
mere rumor. During a recent holiday to Lagos, Nigeria, the 52 years old
Musician turned business man confessed to Asabeafrika
in his first major media outing in the last 19 years that he didn’t only
seek the blessing of his elder brother before staying back in the United States
of America to form his own band in 1996 but the former  equally gave his blessings and released his
passport to him to enable him stay permanently in the United states where he
later enrolled at a University and graduated as a sales man in year 2000.
Today, he has his own album—-Mr. Cargo,
which was released in 2012 and promoted in the USA with little presence in
Nigeria. Gbenga Peters felt much
more at home with Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog Asabeafrika  when he stormed Nigeria recently as he opened
up to this blog inside his Lagos Hotel suite and told us the story of his early
days with siblings and why he remain the most educated among his siblings.  Enjoy the excerpts.

Reason for visiting Nigeria
on his reason for storming Nigeria recently, the very handsome and gifted Gbenga Peters confessed to this blog “I
came to Nigeria to launch my new album, Mr. Cargo. It is a compendium of
musical composition which involves Juju Music, Makossa, Reggae and Hip-Hop. But practically, it is Juju
Music by 75%. We only have other aspects of music attached to give it a unique

“I mean, some time when they come to
me to sign autographs on their…..Aaaarhhhh(Bum-bum), you know you get to do it
but it must also end there. That doesn’t mean you have to take it beyond that
or do something funny”
Gbenga Peters to Asabeafrika….’My staying back in America was with the full consent of my brother SSP’

How I started my music career
his resume to Asabeafrika, Mr. Cargo as fondly addressed gave a
background of how he started music “We got music from my mother; she was a
Choir mistress in the Cherubim and
church when we were younger. That was where we all got our talents
from. So, maybe I should say it is preordained” Gbenga’s career spans 26 years;
he confirmed it “I started music in 1986 with my brother Shina Peters and that was before the ACE album breakthrough of 1990. Since then, everything has been
good. I have developed further. I play drums and sing at the same time. I sing
treble base; that was where I started with my brother. I was in his band before
I went to form my own band” 

“It is my mother, Victoria Ashake Peters. She had a
greater influence on me. She was a deeply religious woman. She was also
spiritual and that was it, she had the greatest influence not just on me but on
the entire Peters; me, Shina and Yomi

Gbenga Peters with Celebrity Blogger Gbenga Dan Asabe after the encounter

Why I dumped Shina Peters’ band
When Gbenga left Nigeria in 1996, it was
rumored that he had a quarrel with his elder brother Sir Shina Peters and
probably that was what necessitated his absconding from his brother’s band in
1996 during a tour of states in the United States of America, the Peters brother defended himself “Well,
I talked to my brother about it because that was the third time that we
travelled together. So, I called him, I said you know what? I just want to stay
here for a living. So, that was exactly what happened. No rancor, no fighting.
He even blessed me, he gave me my passport and he told me to stay. That was it,
I never did it ordinarily” Trying to convince this blog that he didn’t dump his
elder brother without a formal notification, Gbenga reiterated “Trust me, I
told him and he said to me ‘if that is what you want to do, you pray over it’
and I did that and God told me to do what I got to do just to make sure
everything is alright for me. It was something he knew about; I never did that
behind him. It is as simple as that”.

Gbenga Peters aka Mr. Cago

My American life
what has life been like for Gbenga
in the United States? the Abeokuta born Music star reacted  “So far everything has been okay. When I got
there, there was a lady that helped me with my papers and stuffs like that. I
finished my school and I started working; I worked at one big company called RadioShark, they are into heavy
electronic; laptops, television and other electronic items. I managed the
company for eight years. It was an inspiring experience for me. I studied
business administration at Illinois
in Chicago”

“Her family takes me as
theirs; I have never seen that kind of love before. They love my food. They
always beg me “Olu, please, we love
Jollof rice and Ogunfe” (Laughter).sounds funny, you
know. It is such a unique family experience”.

Olu Peters

The American babe who changed my life
how it was easy for him to change from Music to studying business
Administration in America Gbenga who
is today the only educated one among the three Peters of Shina, Gbenga
and Yomi told asabeafrika the story
behind it all “Well, it was my girl. She told me to enroll and she said that is
the best way to do it and I just went for it. It was due to her influence. Her
name is Shurell.  That is what they call her, she is a black
American, I have her to thank for everything. She changed my perception
totally. She was just too wonderful and that was how it worked for me in the
United States” Speaking further on how he was able to juggle his talent with
education, Gbenga said “I think the
ultimate is God, when God tells you to go ahead for anything in life and the
time is right there, I think the best thing is to do it at that time because
God’s time is always the best. I have done all that, I have worked at the
corporate level in the United States and I feel this is the right time to yield
to my artistic side by releasing an album. That is the reason why I am here
(Nigeria). It is called Mr. Cargo and I know you have heard
it and you love it. That is the paramount reason I am in Nigeria”.

Gbenga Peters with Celebrity Blogger Gbenga Dan Asabe after the encounter

SSP’s fatherly role…
confirmed SSP’s role in his life in terms of fatherly support and blessing “He
is doing what he supposed to do as my brother, he is like a father to me now
you know we lost our father in 1996 when we travelled. So, he is doing what he
ought to do for me as a brother. All of us were on tour of the United States
when our father died in 1996, We were all abroad, it was only in 1993 when my
mother died that we were at home and we were able to do the ceremonies together
as one big family”
The story of our unknown sisters
is a public knowledge that before Shina
there was Stella Peters
the first child of their parent but Gbenga
went further and unveiled the
real number of his parent’s children “Yes, Aunty
lives in Abeokuta. We also have Aunty
who is the actual first born while Aunty Stella is the second born and Shina Peters is the first son and third child. But it is only three
of us (Shina, Gbenga and Yomi) who are from the same mother and father. We
share fatherhood. That is the difference. Our sisters are half sisters from
another father”
The Secret of the 3 Peters brothers
what is the secret of the bond between Shina, Gbenga and Yomi? “If not Music,
we come from the same womb, we sucked the same breast, the same father, the
same mother, that is where the bond come from, the same father, the same mother
anyway, so, we cant help it” Gbenga stated
Women don’t run after me like my
brother, SSP
blog asked the junior Peters if he suffers the same fate as his brother SSP
when it comes to women running after him for attention, he gave his response
like this “Nope! Noo, I am a born again Christian” as if to re assure the
interviewer that he is what he claimed to be, he repeated himself “I am a born
again Christian”. So, is Gbenga
saying he doesn’t give attention to women even while on stage entertaining
fans?  “That is not the talk; all women
are like mothers to me. So, I don’t really have any problem with anybody. When
it comes to music, we play the music and just let go. I mean, some time when
they come to me to sign autographs on their…..Aaaarhhhh(Bum-bum), you know you
get to do it but it must also end there. That doesn’t mean you have to take it
beyond that or do something funny”
Yes, I once signed a lady’s breast in
often do women approach Gbenga to
sign on their private parts? “All the time” he spoke like a professor trying to
impact his student with his discipline “Especially over there in America. Yeah,
after performances they do come in group telling you to sign autographs for
them on some major parts of their body” So, which one was Gbenga’s wildest temptation and how did he handle it? “The one in
Chicago” the Peter brother replied with a smile playing on his cheek “She
actually brought out one of her breasts for me to sign on it and you know I
couldn’t reject the offer” (laughter).  Did he massage or fondle the breasts in the
cause of signing on them, with a heavy laughter; Gbenga replied loud and clear “No! I thank God. I think it is a challenge
that comes with stardom”
Why women fall for me
what those women normally do after his generous gesture of signing on their breasts
especially the Chicago experience, he replied “The Chicago lady got relieved
and she wiped my face with her handkerchief and kept it immediately, doing all
kind of stuff to show her happiness. She was shouting and jumping all around;
she was just catching her own fun. And because I am a good dancer, women also
love me, that is why everybody really loves me, even when I was in my brother’s
band all his fans  love me for dancing”  Does Gbenga
dance better than SSP? “Don’t let’s
go there at all. Don’t let me go further. I am not going to say I can dance
more than my brother. That could cause something else”
How I got my Nick name
got the name at Chicago. I lived in New York when I first got to America.
Then I moved to Chicago; One day a
white friend of mine came around and said “why did you come to Chicago?” and I
said ‘well, I just love Chicago
better than New York’. So, he said to me “You are Mr. Cargo” and I took it from
there. That was how I got the name and that was what led to the christening of
my album Mr. Cargo
How people live abroad
in Chicago, how will Gbenga describe his relationship with
Nigerian community in that city? “Very cordial” he answered and continued “Apart
from music I can’t say there is any rapport. Over there, people mind their
businesses a lot. You work, work and work, nothing more. The good thing is that
we entertain the Nigerian community whenever they have a ceremony; we are well
loved for our cultural input. I think beyond that, Juju music has a good
face over there and what we try to do is to consolidate it. People like things
from home, they love local content”
Life as sales rep and entertainer
how Gbenga Peters coped as a
musician and company executive in the United States, he gave a brief “of course
it was easy, if you are into sales, you are as good as a musician. You will
know better than that. I mean, you act as a musician to sell entertainment, to
entertain. As a sales man, you also sell the brand you are asked to sell to the
people. So, my work compliments each other. In sales, customers come first. I
am a sales man before anything else and that is why it is very easy for me to
sell music. I am comfortable being a sales man. That was the attitude that
helped me at RadioShark”.

The GDA in the heat of the encounter with Gbenga Peters at the lobby of his Ikeja hotel

How I met and fell in love with my American

Giving Asabeafrika a detailed report on how he met and married his black American wife, Gbenga went
memory lane “We met in the year 2000. Someone introduced her to me and we went
out together. That was how it all began. For me, it was love at first sight. I
explained my situation to her and she said she could help. And we began from
there and that was how we got started. We travelled everywhere; we went to
Jamaica, we went
Aruba, Barbados and all those islands over there. And she loved it. That was how I became
a citizen. I am now a citizen, finally. Ours is love made in heaven. It is
quite unique. She works as a secretary in government and she is doing well, her
father, her mother are doing well. Her family takes me as theirs; I have never seen
that kind of love before. They love my food. They always beg me “Olu, please,
we love
Jollof rice and Ogunfe” (Laughter).sounds funny, you know. It is such a unique family experience”.

Gbenga and Yomi Peters

Features that endeared me to her….
think she is a beautiful woman. She is very beautiful, and apart from that she
is a Christian. That makes it easier, you can’t look for more. I can tell you
that she did everything for me; she really tried for me and God helped both of
us to make it”.
Have you ever cheated on your wife as
a musician?
Are you sure?
You can’t try that; you can’t even do that. You will get shot. Trust me, you
will get shot. Love is serious over there; it is an emotional thing which must
be guided jealously.
You are in Nigeria now, how do you manage
attention from women when your wife is not there?
I said, I am a born again Christian. It is all about self discipline, you don’t
have to do that. Even if nobody is looking at you, God is there looking at you,
if she is not there with me, you know you can’t hide from God. So, you just got
to do it right at any particular time”.
Growing up experience with SSP &
Yomi Peters
all lived with my grand mother, and we were all brought up at Ijoko Ota in Ogun state. Shina left first, I followed and Yomi stayed with grand mother until she
passed on. It was a very great experience. We lived a good life and we all had
aspirations as we grew”

Gbenga Peters….’Being a salesman is as good as being a Musician’

Between Dad and Mum, who had the
greatest influence on you?
is my mother, Victoria Ashake Peters.
She had a greater influence on me. She was a deeply religious woman. She was
also spiritual and that was it, she had the greatest influence not just on me
but on the entire Peters; me, Shina and Yomi. I love her and I believe God loves her as well. She was a
conscientious mother”.
What about your dad?
name is Emmanuel Idowu Peters. He
was a good man.
How I handled the 2 father crisis
over Shina Peters…
in 1995, there was news all over the Nigerian media that Gbenga’s brother, Sir Shina Peters had two fathers and
the whole issue was very messy, how did Gbenga
handle the entire scenario? “Nothing really, I don’t think the experience made
any impression on me at all. They were just fighting on their own. That is a
past tense to me. You know when you get money or you are rich, everyone tries
to claim the right for your success. That was the case with Shina
. Like he said in one of his numbers in Ace “omo mini, Aburo mini,
Egbon mi nin se”,
it is all about success and the crave for claims of
rights to success. That was an episode in our lives and it’s a past one at the
moment. We thank God for the experience”.
Questions for Gbenga Peters
How many kids do you have from your
have two; two girls.
Do you need one more, probably a boy?
but I don’t care. I don’t really care. Whatever God gives me is good for me. I
am proud of my girls. I am very proud of them as their father.
Between sales manager and being a
Musician, which one do you like most?
because that is all I know from day one; so, it is music.
How do you intend to establish
yourself in Nigeria haven lived away in the US for 15 years?
I often visit here every two years and talking about consolidating my career
here, it is one thing that God will help me to achieve. My brother Shina Peters listened to the music and
he said “oh, my God, this is the real typical Afro-Juju Music”. And seeing that
I was able to inculcate some other stuff like Makossa into Juju
, it makes it really unique and dynamic. We also have Hip-hop
which is the in-thing in the Nigerian entertainment industry at the moment. So,
the future is quite bright.

Gbenga Peters….’America has thought me a new way to live and reason’

There is a perception that the Juju Music
genre is dying off, how would you react to that?
is what I am saying. I am here to revive it. If people can listen to Mr.
oh my God! Then you will get what I am talking about. If you
listen to the music, you will find out, it is the best answer to your question.
Do you have a role model?
don’t just have any role model.
Do you do books?
You are more of a sales person?
I can sell a car to a drowning man (laughter)
How do you start a day?
day starts with prayer. After my early morning prayer, every other thing
follows. That’s me, prayer first, work later.
am a boxer. I do that often and even in my house, I have a total gym at home. I
enjoy boxing.
What is your best meal?
and Egusi soup
How often do you eat it in America?
you get into my deep freezer in Chicago,
you will always find it there staring at you (laughter), you will get lots of Ogunfe all the way (laughter) and I am
a good cook anyway. I cook very well. Oh, my God my wife loves it.

The GDA with the Peters brothers, Yomi & Gbenga

Who is your best black leader?
What do you hate about people?
don’t dislike anything about people. I like people like Jesus loves the church.
You mean nothing gets you upset about
absolutely nothing; I am a sales man. People curse me all day long when you try
to sell things to people. When you are trying to sell things to people, people
curse you and say “Oh, you mother fucker, get away from me” and I will take it
in my stride. That is why I said I can live with a mad man. Yeah, I can live
with a mad man. That is me.
How old are your children?
must say this; I have a son here. He is twenty
years old. I had him before I left. He is called Adeniji Peters. Over there, I have two girls; they are Ifeoluwa Peters and Anu-Oluwapo
. They are quite young at age.
What advice do you have for fans of
the Peters brothers, Shina, Gbenga and Yomi?
pray God to love them all and keep them good. I love all our fans; they have
been doing pretty good. They have been helping my brother—Shina Peters, helping Yomi,
helping me myself, even before I left. So, may God continue to help them


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