Aso Rock Voodoo latest: Top bizman recounts how he battled Juju inside Aso Villa

Late Gen. Sani Abacha
ex-Presidential spokesman, Dr. Reuben Abati revealed his master
piece article on ‘the other side of Aso Rock’ which is the seat of Nigeria’s
government, reactions, like fast-moving waters have continued to trail the
veteran journalist’s revelations. Dr. Reuben Abati in an October 14,
2016 article published in the Guardian Newspaper and massively
syndicated across several medium platforms told Nigerians that Aso
the seat of Nigeria’s government is not only spiritually jinxed but
laced with some mystic voodoo powers that has affected many of her elite
occupants negatively in years past, causing some to lose their lives or face
terrible illnesses that defies medical solution.

Dr. Reuben Abati
Dr. Abati in his widely read article gave
instances and innuendoes of personalities who have become victims of the
ill-wind of Aso Rock Villa which was built by ex-Nigerian Military
President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

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However, majority
of Nigerians have taken different lines of opinion over Dr. Abati’s article. While
some, either out of deliberate ignorance, or intellectual high hardness abused Dr.
by throwing his opinion to the back end of rational thinking,
many others have taken his voice to be true as they rationalized the facts that
indeed, there is a large amount of evil enterprise hovering over the Nigerian
political space and by extension, Aso Rock villa.
Femi Adesina
Few days
ago, Mr.
Femi Adesina
, the new occupant of Dr. Reuben Abati’s office in Aso
has written what many Nigerian sees as a counter article to nullify
the influence of Dr. Abati’s article. The article titled ‘The Unspiritual Side of Aso
has instead of dousing the efficacy of Dr. Abati’s revelation
instead re-validated the article to be true. Many people who read through Mr.
Femi Adesina’s
reaction agreed that the new Presidential spokesman only
came to re-confirm the truthfulness of Dr. Abati’s revelation but in a new
form of awareness.
Mrs Mariam Abacha
The Dudu Revelation
However, one
man who has come out to use his experience to knock down Mr. Adesina’s reaction and
validate Dr. Reuben Abati’s assertion is Mr. Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Dudu.
an ex-TV and content producer gave a shocking exposure of how his association
with Aso Rock couple of years back ruined
his business and destroyed his person until he located and found Christ
. Hear his full story as shared on famous blogger, Chris
Kehinde Nwandu’s
facebook page in reaction to Mr. Femi Adesina’s
My reaction to Abati and Adesina’s
I saw the writer and the topic, I rushed to this piece by FEMI Adesina. I was sure I was
going to be let into a good helping from a word smith which Femi
is. The contents of the epithet he wrote on his sister’s death still stands as
the best piece I have ever read from him. Maybe because of the emotional
bruises of the topic”
“Late in the night when those
Ostriches strolling the grounds make their strange noises, I was always having
goose pimples and convinced I was in a house of horror. I could also add that I
lost every material thing I bought, equipments or personal items, post Abacha.
My cars, my cameras, all mysteriously went to dust”
on the other hand too is another word certified engineer. Anytime I see
a piece from him I rush to read, except during the dying era of his erstwhile
boss, when I couldn’t stomach the spin being dished out to sanitize the stench
coming out of the Presidential palace. I understand a man has got to do his job
and I also reserve the right to reject a menu. It is not impossible FEMI
too might gradually get to that state of pantomime if the change vessel
eventually berths in the port of anomie as we are gradually getting into. After
reading both Abati and Adesina, my summation is that you
are both right”
My Aso Rock Story                             
“During the
era, I was introduced to the Abacha family by the late
. The purpose was to produce TV commercials in respect of Mariam
pet project on women and children, multi camera coverage of
the 1 million man match (By Daniel Kanu). My crew and I were quartered at a
point in the Abuja Sheraton for 13 months, because we had to move the complete
studios to Abuja. I became a regular visitor to Aso Rock for 13 months so
much that my cousin who recently retired at the highest echelon of immigration
service was given the rare privilege of always driving beyond the designated
official car park into the bowels of Aso Rock itself to drop and pick me
every day. This was rare in the security blockade mentality of the Abacha
The Alujonus inside Aso Rock…
“On the day Abacha
died, I was in Jos with the topmost musicians in this country spread over 4
hotels at the beginning of a 36 state tour for the presidency. It was the last
time I entered Aso Rock. During this period, I sometimes would stay for 14
hours just to meet the man or the wife for just 4 minutes to preview my job or
take a briefing. I witnessed (the visits of) topmost Nigerians like (Alhaji
Alao) Arisekola bring their praying mats along for a meeting that
might not exceed a few minutes but which they will have to wait days on end before
being attended to”
“I always
had a very, very eerie feeling in Aso Rock. I was convinced there was
something very, very dark and evil lurking in those walls. Late in the night
when those Ostriches strolling the grounds make their strange noises, I was always
having goose pimples and convinced I was in a house of horror. I could also add
that I lost every material thing I bought, equipments or personal items, post Abacha.
My cars, my cameras, all mysteriously went to dust. After his (Abacha’s) death,
I became penurious, my studios closed down, all my staff who had enjoyed 13
months in Sheraton, left overnight
and I entered the darkest tunnel of my life. For the first time in my adult
life, I was taking commercial vehicles. It was a year of intense spiritual
battle that eventually got me out of the hole”
Presidents have died in Aso Rock, two first ladies have died
in or out of Aso Rock. Not to mention countless tragedies that befell the power
brokers who have taken refuge there, some of which were chronicled by (Dr.
Reuben) Abati. How many tragedies have we read about American White House or (London’s) 10 Downing
? I know why Aso Rock is quicksand”
My Political Purgatory…
“I was
involved in politics at low levels for a period of 6 years till 2007. It was an
expose for me. Politics in Nigeria is the deadliest enterprise anybody can get
into. You are immediately sucked into a world of voodoo, terrifying spiritual
experiences and your soul almost torn apart in miasma of sacrifices, late night
spiritual cloak and dagger, travels into never lands, etc. You enter politics
you enter the world of darkness. The experience was so traumatic it led me out
of fear and trepidation, to JESUS. I ran to Christ and got saved when I watched
my soul descending into abyss”
Why Aso Rock is dangerous…
is the pinnacle of political power in Nigeria. Both the leadership
and even the clerical hands regard the place as next to heaven. The result,
massive and very dark spiritual accruements get buried in those grounds or
beamed by spiritual Bluetooth into its grounds. No president, military or
civilian has occupied that palace without importing marabouts and men with
third eye into its grounds and I dare say, including its present occupants. Abati
was right, only those who God is kind to will exist un-scattered in and out of Aso
“However, if
I understand Femi (Adesina) very well, you can only fall to its evil spell
if you are a spiritual paper weight or you worship the wrong god. I think Femi
should actually wait and write his experience in hindsight. It’s sometimes
premature to analyze a life experience when you are still living it. I don’t
pray that he will say a year from now that Abati was right after all. However,
people like Femi and Abati always live to write about it
maybe because their mind set in the first place is anchored on the transient
nature of that cocoon and a solid spiritual template. A world ever so
complicated”. Mr. Hundeyin who is the CEO, Dudu Productions
concluded his shocking revelations. 
Baba Egbeji
How Egbeji Ologun Predicted the
Horror of Aso Rock
Meanwhile, a
top Nigerian seer and trado-Medical expert His Royal Highness, Oba
(Dr.) Augustine Bola Adegunloye
has warned the nation early in the
year, calling the attention of Nigerian political elites to the need to
sanctify Aso-Rock the seat of power and cleanse the place off the
several demons disturbing the villa. Dr. Adegunloye who is the Egbeji
Ologun of Nigeria
in an exclusive video interview (Check on with Asabeafrika earlier in the
year (April) said a former military Head of State (General Sani Abacha) burried
about 500 human heads inside the villa all in his desperation to stay put in
power as life President.  The seer warned
that the spirit of people killed are the ones disturbing the peace of the villa
and her occupants and that if care is not taken, more souls will go in the
dispensation. However, the Egbeji said there is a possible
solution to the spiritual problem facing Aso Rock villa if political leaders
can consult him and ask him way forward “There
is something we can do about it but that is if they (ruling politial elites)
are willing to listen to us”.
HRM Bola Adegunloye’s interview
despite revealing the secret of the spiritual problems facing Aso
, gave a caveat. Catch the video on our youtube channel and hear
what he asked Nigerians to do to chase off the evil spirits resident of Aso


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