Celestial Church Leader, Pa (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlayede buried on his birthday, May 1st

Workers cleaning up the casket space
Nigerians and faithful of the Celestial Church of Christ from all walks of life
joined in the final celebration of life and funeral rites of one of the leaders
of the fold,
Most Superior Evangelist
Joshua Akande Ogunorunlayede
which took place between Thursday 1st of May which happens
to be the man of God’s birthday and Friday Second of May, 2014.

Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlaiyede who died on Saturday January 11th
at the ripe age of 72 is the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ, Calvary
Parish 1-6 with Headquarters at CCC, Calvary Parish 1.
A big banner donated by the entire prophets of CCC,
Calvary Parish 1 in honor of their Great Shepherd

Baba’s all white marble casket on parade

The final rites of the late shepherd started with a Christian Service of Songs and a big
ceremony in his honor at his home town of Idi-Emi via Aiyetoro in Yewa LGA,
Ogun state South West Nigeria on Friday, April 25th. The event which took place
at one of his parishes, CCC, Calvary Parish IV, Idi-Emi
near CCC spiritual village of Imeko
had notable personalities including business men, politicians, diplomats,
clergies and family members in attendance.

Baba in his final rest
A local artist in Ogba donated this artwork for Baba
The event which started by 5pm with
Christian worships, shorts sermons at intervals was witnessed by over 25 Men of
God from various parishes of the Celestial Church in the South Western part of
Nigeria. Other activities like special drama, dancing and general celebration
organized by the youths of  Idi-Emi
community continued until the next day, Saturday 26th with foods and
drinks given in abundance to visitors. Some of the house owners in the
community also made brisk fortunes as they converted their homes to mini-guest
apartments for legion of visitors that came from all walks of life for the
celebration of life of one of Celestial Church of Christ’s greatest leaders.

The CCC, Calvary Mass Choir in Action for a great shepherd 
CCC, Calvary Mass Choir in Action
The train of
events moved to Lagos on Wednesday April 30th with the second edition of the
Christian Service of Songs which took place inside the Church’s Lagos cathedral
at CCC, Calvary Parish 1, by
Calvary Close, behind County Hospital,
Ogba-Aguda-Lagos.  The event which  started 
by 4pm was immediately turned into a Music Jamboree as top Celestial
Church musicians Boro-Boro and Evangelist Akin Adebayo in conjunction with the
CCC, Calvary Mass Choir entertained the over four thousand guests with
unlimited entertainment from 8pm till the wee hours of the next day. Except for
an early morning rain fall, the jamboree might have continued till mid day of
Thursday May 1st. 
Mrs. Linda Ajala one of the Burial Committee Executives
More worshipper storm Baba’s wake keep
On Thursday May 1st (Worker’s Day) which happens
to be the late shepherd’s birthday an interdenominational Wake Keep Service
that which witnessed the presence of conglomerate of Shepherds from the
Celestial fold and other churches took place at the church’s cathedral by Calvary
Close, Ogba-Aguda-Lagos.
  The event which
started by 4pm ended at 8pm to enable faithful to prepare for the New Moon
service which holds every first Thursdays of the month. Early in the day, crowd
of eminent and ordinary people led a hearse that brought the body of the late
man of God from a private mortuary he was kept since January. 
Beautiful Flowery scene dots Baba’s casket as guests
file around to see his face for the last time
Baba’s children (L-R) Tayo, Gabriel, Bose Imafidon and Sunday Ogunlade
The body which
was looking fresh and trim elicited a surge of celebration among youths in the
area that followed the funeral train from Isheri Road down to County-Ogba as people
threw flowers at the hearse taking the body down to
Calvary Close for the
wake keep service and interment. The over thirty minutes event was
characterized with Music, dancing and general celebration as majority of people
who knew the man of God during his life time closed their businesses and
followed the train. Men of God and other interdenominational ministers who
graced the occasion said so many good thing about Baba,
Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua
Akande Ogunorunlayede.
pictures of the event which is presently being displayed here is a living
testimony of the kind of celebration that accompanied the last hour of the
great man on Thursday May 1
st which happens to be his birthday.    
Pa. Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlayede
in his final sleep with his Baptism Certificate
Crowd of Nigerians and Celestians who graced the occassion
The next
day, Friday May 2nd started with a special funeral service at
Calvary Close before his body was finally laid at a private tomb erected in his
honor at the same venue.  The event has
eminent Representatives of the Pastor, His Eminence Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina
Friday Oschoffa and other men of God in attendance. Former colleagues at UBA
also came to honor one of their own, Superior Evangelist (Dr) J. A.
Ogunorunalayede.  A colorful Reception
cum after burial party later took place at the Ojodu Grammar School field by
Isheri Road.
Some Elder Women came to pay Baba their last respect
More crowd bessech Baba Ogunorunlayede’s casket
Born on May
1st 1942 into a humble Christian family of Church of Nigeria
Anglican Communion decent as Julius Ogunlade (his family name) the late
Ogunorunlaiyede got his Ordinary Level General Certificate of Education in 1971
before passing his Advance Level General Certificate of Education a year later
in flying colors; His work experience started with the defunct Rediffusion
Ltd a subsidiary of the then Western Nigeria Broadcasting
(WNBC). Ogunorunlaiyede who had a Diploma as
a Communication Engineer  is reputed for
connecting over  30 communities to the WNBC
grid in Osun State; these towns and villages included Oshogbo, Ife,Gbongon,
Ijebu-jesha, Ilesa, Ilaorangun, Iseyin, Ede, Ilobu, Ikire, Apomu, Ikoyi, and
many other towns.
Scion of the Ogunorunalyede dynasty, Apostle Kayode Ogunorunlayede
lead guests to Dad’s casket during wake-keep.
Some members during the Wake keep, redaing Baba’s mini-biography
Ogunorunalaiyede who was a covenant child as his
father specially prayed to have him after many female children and long years
without a child equally dedicated him to God as his only son. He was
indoctrinated into the Celestial Church fold in 1973 by his Uncle, Superior
Evangelist Ayinde Tinubu
of CCC, Agege Parish, Ogba. Between 1974 and
1975, Ogunorunlaiyede worked with several organizations before his
final birth at the United Bank for Africa where he rose to a managerial
position before he was divinely called in 1977 for divine work. He founded CCC, Calvary Parish 1 in May 1980 and
the church was exactly 33 years last December 1st 2013 before he
passed away on January 11, 2014.
Some Mothers-in-Israel during the Wake Keep Service
Children giving Baba their last respect by his casket
 In 1990 during his tenth anniversary, the
voice of the Lord came down and instructed that his name be re-christened from Julius Ogunlade (Family name) to Joshua
which spiritually means “an angel came to earth via human
Scion, Apostle Kayode Ogunorunlayede with Dad’s wife,
Lady Funmilayo Ogunorunlayede
The CCC, Calvary Mass Choir stage before the Wake Keep Service
The late
shepherd who was renowned for building several cathedrals for God has six
parishes to his credit namely: CCC, Calvary Parish 1, Ogba (founded
05/04/80) CCC, Calvary Parish II,
Akute Ogun state (founded 07/05/87), CCC,
Calvary Parish III,
  Itele Road, Ota,
Ogun state (founded 10/02/89), CCC, Calvary
Parish IV,
Idi-Emi, Ogun state (Founded 04/11/89), CCC, Calvary Parish V,
Old Akute Road, Obawole, Ogun state, (Founded 05/03/95) and CCC, Calvary Parish
VI, Olowora, Isheri, Lagos (Founded 11/03/95).
The Great Man, Baba (Dr) J.A Ogunorunlayede in his final sleep
This all gold bracelet fastend to the casket’s handle explains
better the bearer of the space with a Praying hand

Superior Evangelist
(Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlaiyede
is a recipient of many local and international awards which includes: Distinguished Christian Merit Awards (CMA)
Grand Commander of Healing and Spiritual Administration (GCHSA), Patriotic
Leadership Merit Award (ELMA) among several other awards. He is survived by a
wife, nine children and six grand children.
(l-R) Baba’s wife, Lady Funmilayo Ogunorunlayede
Cross Section of Top Shepherds from various parishes in the
South West who came for Baba Ogunorunlade’s funeral in Lagos
A young prophet reading a Mini-Magazine in honor of Baba