DR. TOPE ALUKO: THE EKITI STATE FOOL – Sunday Osanyintuyi | @SundayOs

Growing up as a child under the tutelage of my
paternal grandma of blessed memory, she always made it abundantly clear that “ Iwe mimo ko ni ogbon” translated as “being
educated does not equal smartness”.  This
old saying is more apt for the recent action of Dr, Temitope Aluko, ex PDP
Ekiti state secretary whom I wish to refer to in this short piece as “Ekiti
2016 has almost not began when Dr. Tope Aluko came
to national televisions displaying evidences of how June 2014 governorship
election was militarized and rigged in favour of current  guy, Ayodele Fayose. Needless to inundate you
with the details of those damming allegations by the “Ekiti fool”; but
obviously Dr. Aluko was either under some spells making those allegations or he
was on a pay roll of enemies of Fayose.

Barely two months after those hellish allegations,
media was filled with images of peace meeting with Fayose by the same old Ekiti
fool last Sunday who said he would never have anything do with Fayose because
he ( Fayose) never won Ekiti election and meant no good for the state.
Of course, a fool will remain so no matter his age,
exposure or educational pedigree.  If Dr.
Aluko truly earned his Ph.D, shouldn’t have known that a meeting of any kind
(peaceful, fightful) with Fayose would leave him dented? Shouldn’t he have been
smart enough to know Fayose is a street man with tout blood in his veins?
Following the media backlash, Dr Aluko made a 360
degree u- turn denying ever making peace with Fayose. In the video, it was
clear when Fayose referred to him as “my son and boy”. He (Aluko) in turn said
the peace meeting was put together by well meaning Nigerians to move the state
forward.  Peace meeting with whom? With a
man you said he was never elected and doesn’t have honour to govern Ekiti
state? Surely, some necessary bolts were off Dr. Aluko’s brain in that video.
 Does this new
“Ekiti fool” want us to believe his
ghost was standing besides Fayose in that video? Does he even think he is
dreaming? How does he want his children to have honour or any respect for him
as a father? Dr. Tope Aluko really showed Nigerians that his Ph.D certificate
was never earned. His awarding institution should do the needful.  It is obvious that Dr. Aluko’s denial is a
second thought having seen his childishness and stupidity are clear to all. How
would a supposed lecturer over 50 years old have his brain filled with virus
not to know Fayose was a mission to nail him? 
The answer clearly is Nigeria politicians never see the danger ahead as
long as it would satisfy personal interest and drop more money in their pockets
to the detriments of the larger society.  
Obviously, Fayose is a master strategist who would
never allow such moment goes off him without further denigrating the person of
Dr. Aluko.  Hear him “I am the father of
all in Ekiti. Dr. Aluko is my son and boy. I have forgiven him. I hold no
grudge against him.”  An HND holder
washing the brain of a Ph.D holder off with pure water! O ma see!!!
Ekiti State, my beloved state of origin currently
has no head, no direction and no road map for a developed future. Governance is
being redefined by Fayose and his team of incompetent people to ‘stomach
infrastructures”. States like Kaduna, Enugu, Imo, etc are on convocations
marketing their states values for investors while Ekiti wallows in the dark.
For all well meaning citizens of Ekiti state, there
is an urgent need to rescue Ekiti future from these charlatans and save our
It is possible 2018!


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