Edo: Democracy & Its Enemies – Louis Odion

Gov. Adams Oshiomhole
writer is daily inundated with a deluge of calls and texts from concerned
citizens of Edo State expressing either apprehension or anger over what,
rightly or wrongly, is perceived as one’s silence – if not aloofness – over the
momentous developments in one’s native state. 
thought this clarification has become necessary. 
who has followed The Bottomline for close to two decades might agree that it is
not in its character to keep silence in the hour of moral crisis.

the terminal date of the Oshiomhole administration now within eye-view, the
succession battle is getting more intense. The space is getting choked with
allegations and counter-allegations of primitive stealing and attempts to shut
the democratic space in the ruling party (APC) and the opposition camp (PDP).
As the ruling party and one professing change,  APC bears the moral burden
to lead by example.
Louis Odion
clearly, anti-democratic forces are regrouping. The vultures are encircling the
Benin air. Predictably, rats, blackmailers, charlatans, name-droppers and
mercenaries are on the loose. 
and out of official circles, so much romanticization and demythologization are
ongoing about perceived progress. What progress? Silicon or real? At what
costs? Who are the political traders and buyers? Who is the thief? The
hypocrite? Who are the prodigals bent on auctioning the family silver?
be sure, one is as concerned as every true Edo patriot about all the disturbing
reports. Left alone, the scorpions and serpents in the basket of treachery will
sting each other to death. But it is our moral and historic duty to curb the
devil. Enough of the rats fouling up the arena with their acrid body
In the times ahead, we
shall be addressing, without fear or favour, the emergent issues in the shared
commitment to defend and consolidate democracy and good governance in Edo.


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