Fela, Obama, Jesus & I — Dr. Kayode Ajulo + ‘Mum is my Madonna’

Dr. Kayode Ajulo (Ph-D) Founder, Kayode Ajulo Castle of Law Chambers, Abuja

We have not exhausted the briefs from
our memoir-like encounter with Abuja based legal icon, Dr. Kayode Ajulo (Ph-D). It is a different thing to meet lawyers
and get them talking about legal practice, justice system and equity. But in
our own tradition, we get them talking about their humble beginnings; the
uncommon story of their lives and how they picked it piece by piece from the
streets of struggles unto the boulevard of greatness. It took us that far, to
get the Ondo State born former National Secretary of Labor Party and a former
Chairman of Ondo State Radio Vision Services to reveal the untold story of his
life. In this Part Three of the Kayode
Ajulo Exclusive
, your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika brings you more interesting
revelations on the life, career and philosophy of the Ifira Akoko born legal
icon during the Tuesday December 20 encounter inside his Abuja based Castle of
Law Chamber. Here, he talks about his relationship with Barrack Obama, Fela
Anikulapo Kuti
, Jesus Christ and
his mother, Lady Mojisola Christiana
. Enjoy the excerpts.

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What is your connection with President
Barrack Obama of the United States of America?

Barrack Hussein Obama inspires Dr. Kayode Ajulo

Barrack Obama is a symbol. He is the symbol of the
common aspiration of the world. The world in the sense that, if you remember
the famous quote by Martin Luther King Jnr that he has a dream,
that ‘one day, my son will walk
what he failed to say (In that famous quote) was that ‘the son of the black man will be in the white house’. Black man and white house, you can see the contrast. But it happened. That shows
that the world we are living is a world of possibilities. Nothing is
impossible, it is just to dream. I remember about three years ago, I met Jesse
here in Abuja; he
came for one of Chief E.K. Clarke’s foundation event. And we discussed, he said
‘look, I am not seeing Barrack Obama.
What I am seeing is that symbol of hope and possibilities’
. That it is possible,
whatsoever anybody may think of, it is possible. And with God, everything is
possible. So, by trying to talk about the personality of Obama, it is like one is
doing great disservice to what he represents to the world. He represents something
good. Mind you, not up to a century, his progenitors, grandfathers and fathers
were traded with whips and strong act of dehumanization.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’You will need to go back to history of the blacks in America for you to appreciate the Obama reality’

You need to go to Philadelphia, you need to go to Atlanta and visit some of the museums to
see the bitter side of history. Most of the time when I am on holiday and out
of the country, those are the kind of places I visit because one need to
acquire knowledge; you need to see what was done to the psyche of the average African. Just about 50 to 60 years ago,
you need to see what was done to blacks in America.
Even as lately as 80 years ago; there was even an American president, the one who established Liberia. At a time, he was trying to proclaim a law to send blacks
back to America and one of his fears
was that, ‘this people (blacks) may one day, take over our country and it
happened. It is like a fear and a prophecy rolled into one and Obama is that prophecy that came
through. The fear is justified.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’The Obama reality emboldens me to succeed in my endeavor’

The reality of Obama gives me that courage that anytime you are in problem, you
look at it and you say, ‘yes, it is
possible’ and it will be possible
. Whatever you imagine is possible, just
think. And again, you may not know this, each time I am flying, because I fly
at least once in a week. I must be on the plane. Each time the plane want to
land, I do ask myself that question
‘whosoever had this thinking that this big bird that is coming will come down’
at times, I will close my eyes and you see the engine of the plane will be
talking to you, you will hear the way the engine changes tempo. You know, it is
like possibilities, if somebody can create an aero plane experience, then,
everything is possible. So, some of the things you see me do at times, are
quite inspirational.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti gives Dr. Kayode Ajulo esteem beyond Nigerian borders

And what do you have with Fela
Anikulapo Kuti, like Wole Soyinka, he is not a lawyer?

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’Like Fela, i don’t follow bandwagon’

Ok, let me
tell you one thing. Apart from law, one of the things that put me in light
frame of mind is music. That is why when you came into my law chamber, you saw
the grand piano, it is just unfortunate I don’t play but I do have good hands
here in Abuja who comes around to
play for me. We have a timetable for it, in the evenings like this, we bring
them and they will play very lovely hymn songs; Christian songs, all the Halleluiah Chorus and the rest. They
sing all those songs that inspire you. Let me also share this secret with you,
anytime I am writing a brief and it is a policy; till date, I can’t write a brief
without listening to good music. Some of my colleagues will tell you it only
happens to them when they are drunk or high on other things.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’I don’t smoke, i don’t drink. But i write my briefs like a spirit under the influence of good music’

I don’t smoke, I
don’t drink. But let me listen to a good music and you will see the beautiful
outcome. Even the next day, I will be reviewing the brief with my team and I
will be asking ‘how manage we were able to bring this out? You need to listen
to good music. I am an Anglican, you
know we play good hymns in Anglican Church; you need to listen to O.A. the King, when they play it, the
inspiration will come down and you will write like a spirit. And apart from
that, if you have been following me, I am one person who believes you must do
your own thing differently, don’t follow the bandwagon. FELA personified that.
Many people may feel that FELA went against the system, no.
The system is always the usual day-to-day life. That one never works with me; I
love to do things by following my convictions. FELA followed his convictions’.
Although, people call him different names but same people celebrated him. FELA is being celebrated all over the world;
you need to be out of the country that is when you know what it means to be FELA.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’I am always grateful to share a country with Fela anytime his music is played abroad’

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Just very close here; West end in the UK,
you go there and visit a club and let them play FELA, you will see the
way people will react. Whenever I am in a club there, and the Deejay plays any of FELA’s music, the reaction is always the same when NEPA or PHCH restores power in Nigeria
and kids reacts with ecstasy. People will say Hee!!! and they will hail him as if they brought the light and they
will start pointing to me ‘Is he not your
brother, is he not your brother?’ and
I will say ‘Yes’. Of course’ I won’t say ‘No’ because you feel so proud. We are
the ones that may not know who FELA is. So, by the time you follow FELA,
he speaks his mind, weather right or wrong because that is one of the major
problems we have in this country, the leaders are afraid to speak. Even to
speak to the populace is a problem not to talk of speaking to the powers that
be. You must be able to speak to the powers that be and once you do that, you
will be able to move. So, for me, FELA personified courage.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’You must be able to speak to power for you to change society’

You equally have the plaque of Jesus
Christ here in your office? I mean a black Jesus?

JESUS of Aramethia is a Black Man, says Dr. Kayode Ajulo

is everything, we have to be sincere. I believe in God, I believe in JESUS.
What many people may not know, I believe so much in scriptures. As God would
have it, I was born into an Anglican family and my mother even raised the bar
because I remember there was a time that my mother with other ladies joined
some evangelical groups in the Anglican
, we call them Egbe Ajinhinrere, and I remembered
that I followed her virtually everywhere in the entire Akure diocese, we were living in Akure at the time and we were really into evangelism. And from
there, I knew the efficacy of prayer.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’The West edited the fact of Jesus’ color in their documented history but i am not lost to it’

When the Bible acknowledged that God said
‘Let’s create man in our own image’,
I believe I am an image of God and you may not believe this, I don’t believe in
standing before any prophet before God answers your prayer. It is just for you
to know the capacity of what God has deposited in you and go all out to achieve
it. It is like you are enforcing the power. Some of us may not know that
through prayer and fasting, mountains are moved and everything is about faith. JESUS
symbolizes that to me. I have been made to believe that He came
into this world for a great purpose. If you don’t want to believe in GOD, at
least, you have seen his image. And by the time you follow the teachings of the
Bible, I am not being scriptural now, I am saying it the way it is; before the
emergence of CHRIST, there have been
a lot of theories about faith, about religion.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’While others brought strife with their leadership, JESUS brought Peace and Love’

This one will come with his own
and all he preaches is about fear and war, the Law of Moses, the Islamic laws,
the Hindus, the Judaists of Judaism were all geared towards having a followership and obedience. So, to earn it, you must be feared under a
draconian law but JESUS CHRIST came and He brought peace. He
brought that peace and that is why he talked about love, that you must love
your neighbor. Before the advent of JESUS CHRIST, nobody ever
believed that you can get people obedient; you can get people’s followership in
being loved alone. You have to show your followers that you are strong, and
that is why you had the Herod Agrippa killing people with
lions and other wild animals.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’The greatest asset JESUS left in the world is PEACE’

But JESUS CHRIST came and brought that
spirit of love and the essence, the greatest achievement, what we need in this
world today is peace. Although, peace will continue to be elusive as long as
human beings reside on planet earth because you will see different struggles
from one family to another, between brothers and sisters, from one street to a
community, from community to a local government area, from local government to
the state; you will see that it will continue to be strife here and there. But
the teaching of JESUS CHRIST, at
least, calms it. I was talking with one
one day, we were discussing about what is taking place around the
world in terms of world peace and social order, and we spoke about what Christianity,
Islam and other faith based organization are doing to stabilize the world.  You see, despite the number of pastors, imams
and other faith men talking about morality, talking about peace and yet we can
see how confusion is all over the place.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’I Started following mum to prayer conventions as a teenager’

Now, imagine if we don’t have Christianity, Islam and the others, can you imagine what would have happened? Of course
the world would have become a chaotic arena; we would have fully fledged
anarchy. That is why at times, you respect this quotation that ‘human beings are the best forms of animal
; but you take law and order from them, they are the beast. So, He JESUS CHRIST brought great sanity to the
world with His message of peace. And mind you, when you look at that JESUS
very well, he is a black JESUS. Because in history, Jesus is from Aramantia;
I am sure you know civilization comes from the black race and when search deep,
those are the Judean in Aramentia.
From what I have learnt,

The Doctor shares a joke with the GDA

from what I have read and from where I have visited,
you see that they are black people; although some people will tell you ‘oh, they are colored people’ but the
way the western media wanted to paint it to us that JESUS is white, no he is not. JESUS
is not white; that one is so clear. JESUS
is from Africa that one is so clear;
nobody can beat that, though some people will say he is from the Middle East but I think we should be
sincere and magnanimous. Jerusalem is Middle East. When you
see Anthony
the man who married Cleopatra, by the time he took over Egypt,
he had to harness Ethiopia and some
areas in Africa and even down to Sudan and where we are here in Nigeria.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’Even though i read law but i am very familiar with History’

Funny enough, the Generals who
help Czar to achieve this feat are
all blacks and of course the black color is a strong color. But till date, how
many of them have gotten commendation from the western media? Mention the great
Generals like Hannibal and, all of them are black. Even General Maxima
is black and it is from his name we got the word ‘Maximum’. It is so, so clear
that he is black but nobody want to acknowledge that in the western media.
Anyway, whatever it is, I am proud of JESUS.

What is the bond between you and your
mum and why did you fail to put your dad’s portrait in this chamber?

Madam Mojisole Christiana Ajulo….Dr. Kayode Ajulo’s Madonna

You know I
told you about FELA and one of the things that made FELA so dear to my mind
is that he speaks his mind. He never does things because it was expected of him
to do them. The conventional expectation is that when you have your mother you
must have your father. But within myself, I so much respect my father and mind
you, my name is Olukayode Ajulo. Ajulo is my father’s name. I carry
his name all over the world. Wherever, I find myself. Even many people call me Ajulo
than Kayode.
So, I think he has a rightful place. But my mum has done so much, I may not say
much because I am very emotional.
Is she alive?

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’Anytime i look up at my mother’s picture, i feel inspired and humbled’

She is
alive. I am very emotional when it comes to my mum. Don’t be surprised I may
break down. So, I won’t be able to say so much but this woman has contributed
so much to my upbringing. She started her life as a seamstress, and that is why
if you can see something I have there

Dr. Kayode Ajulo remembers Mum’s first job as a seamstress with this doll put at a strategic part of his Chamber

(a small doll of a seamstress in action)
each time I am getting into this room, it reminds me of my mum’s humble beginnings.
That is how she started; although, she retired from that to be a book seller.
But one thing still stands out in that, is that throughout in our house, my
mother sow all our clothes. Even till today, I sow and design all my clothes

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’I sew my traditional clothes by myself’

Oh, you mean you are a tailor as well
as a lawyer?
I do tell
them, when some people say ‘oh, you are fashionable’ I do tell them, ‘yeah, that is from my mum’. So, you
know that there are some things you can’t take away. Everything in this office
is just to inspire you. My mum is a special human being.
What is her name?

‘My Mum, Mojisola Christiana Ajulo is my real Madonna–Dr. Kayode Ajulo

Her name is Mojisola
, and if you look at this picture; if you look at it very
well, (Points to mum) to me, this is my own Madonna. She is the real Madonna.
People say Madonna is like the heart despite being a work of arts. I have so
many pictures and photos of my mum but I took this one personally. I took it by
myself. And each time I look at it, it moves me to emotions.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika….’I took my mum’s picture personally because i cherish her mood’

That day I was
about to leave her and you know, mothers will always be emotional when you are
exiting their ambience and I got her in that mood without make-up or anything,
I got her in her natural element, as natural as she is. So, each time, I am
looking at it, it draws me closer to crying. You won’t believe it; sometimes I can’t
look at that picture twice in a day because it evokes deep feelings in me.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo with Celebrity Blogger, Gbenga Dan Asabe

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