How Ebenezer Obey gave me the name ‘Cash Madam’—Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Edionseri + Reveals 10 Qualities of a Complete Woman

Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Edionseri-Cash Madam with Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Abiola

If you are a great fan of Juju Music
legend, Chief Commander (Now
Evangelist) Ebenezer Obey (MFR), you
would have come across the name ‘Bisi
in some of his numerous special songs and albums done for
special people in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Bisi
is the only woman fondly called ‘Cash Madam’ by the gifted Juju music legend. This rare breed Egba born woman of timber and caliber
has really come a long way in the social scene and till date, she is still a
force to reckon with in the social scene in Ogun and Lagos State
(South Western Nigeria). She is one of Nigeria’s most glamorous and celebrated
society woman. Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Edionseri is that high class woman you
could always watch out for in any octane party in town. The famous Cash Madam recently clocked 80 and she
shared some of the secrets of her life’s success at 80 with a Lagos based
magazine PUBLIC FACES. Your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika brings you a small part of
the interview. Enjoy the excerpts.


Chief Commander (Now Evangelist) Ebenezer Obey (MFR) the man who re-christened Bisi Edionseri from ‘Cash Woman’ to ‘Cash Madam’
How did you come by the name “Cash
My husband
and I were working with John Holt and two other companies in
Ijebu-Ode before we were transferred
to Ibadan that was in 1959. Not long
after then, I became a distributor with other three companies; so, I got a shop
and I started getting goods from them. So, whenever I want to take my money to
the bank, “Alaru” (Laborers) will help me take it there, and when we get
there, the bank will give me six cashiers and a room to count the money. John
, a lawyer from Owoh, Adetunji Oladoyinbo, Funke
are staff I used to meet at the bank most times. So, whenever I
come around I will tell them that I want to go and count my money. Since then,
they named me ‘Cash Woman’ not Cash Madam that everybody calls me
now. Late Apala Musician Yusuf Olatunji, ‘Baba L’egba’ in his
first record said ‘Cash Woman’; it was Evangelist Ebenezer Obey who changed
it to ‘Cash Madam’, because he didn’t know details about me then. So,
the real name is ‘Cash Woman’ because I was the leader of the customers in those
Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Edionseri aka Cash Madam with a young female fan at a party in Lagos
Do you still have a best friend that
you can confide in?
My very
close friend is late now and since then, my children have been my best friends.

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Do you still oversee your businesses?
I still
oversee my businesses, especially Farm
and Poultry business, but for
contract jobs, I have retired about twenty years ago but my children have taken
Cash Madam (2nd left)with others and a bride during a wedding ceremony
Who is Cash Madam as a family woman?
A housewife
and a super mother
What is your philosophy of a complete
A woman that
is submissive, she caters for her children, her husband must be happy with her;
the in-laws and families must speak well of her, she must not be lazy in her
business or office work. She must engage in what can support the husband, she
must be religious with the fear of God and not gossip about the family. She
must mind her business; she must also know that anybody that has the fear of
God has everything. If a mother does all these, when she is old, she will rest
and reap the fruit of her labor.
Cash Madam (L) in rare picture with a bride and a friend Chief (Mrs.) Odumosu (R)
Where did you get your fashion taste
I inherited
them from my Mom and Dad.
How did you meet and fall in love
with your husband?
He was
working at John Holt in Ibara—Abeokuta
which happens to be where I was buying goods to sell. He was working there as
an accountant, it was during one of those times that I went there to buy goods
that he met me and said ‘Hello beautiful lady’ and that was how the
love started.
Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Edionseri aka Cash Madam….The Pretty Woman at 80
At 80, what are those things that
gladden your heart about your life?
God answered
my prayers, all what I want for my children, God did it.
What are the lessons you have learnt
about life?
I learnt not
to misuse any given opportunity, I have lived and mingled with different
people, I was fortunate to relate with good people, I mind my business and God
guided me in meeting good people and I didn’t spoil the relationship.
Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Edionseri with High Chief Alani Suarau Bankole, the Jagunmolu of Egba Land
You have a son who is the President
of Abeokuta Sports Club, how do you feel about his success?
I am a
foundation member of Sports Club of Abeokuta; I have contributed
immensely to the development of social life in Abeokuta. My membership number at Sports Club is No 33 and then, I was the one that implore all Egba
indigenes to join the club. I am happy about my son being the President because
it gives me fulfillment. After the success of Sports Club, I gathered
people in my house at 121 Ogunlana Drive,
to encourage them to start Abeokuta Club which is now another
prestigious elitist club in Abeokuta,
late Oba
Lipede Mofolorunsho and I were the people that commissioned it.
Cash Madam with a young Male fan at an event
What does life look like back in your
younger days?
Then at 7pm
girls under the age of 20 must be indoors with their mothers, we go to parties
but we don’t go alone but we go with our mothers and we don’t go to night
parties. When I got married, the people that accompanied me there waited to
collect a stained white handkerchief for my parents, and they went back home to
tell my parents and the rest of the family that ‘I am a virgin and it was my husband
that deflowered me’
. When my husband met me, he went back to his family and
brought them to meet mine; there was nothing like boyfriend and girlfriend back
in those days.
How did you get the capital to start
up your business?
My father,
late Pa
Sanusi Ajoade Elegbede
gave me £25 Pounds to start my business
Can you say you have enjoyed your
life to the fullest?
Yes, to the
Where in the world would you still
like to visit?
If not for Ebola outbreak in Africa, I will still like to visit African countries; I have toured
other interesting parts of the world.
How do you unwind?
I bath, eat
and sleep for like an hour or two and if I don’t feel like sleeping, I will
just rest on my bed.
Cash Madam with a groom at a traditional wedding
How do you give back to society?
When my
children were in school, their class mates who their parents have no means of
paying their (school) fee and people that want to start up business too, I
reach out to them. God is using me to help them and their business, now they
are all doing well. Helping people gladdens my heart. Over 30 years now, I have
ordered Lantoro Hospital to attend to anybody who has issues with
medical operation who are financially handicap.
What are your favorite food, color
and perfume?
I eat all
kinds of food, Lafun, Eba, Rice,
Beans etc. All colors except for
green and my favorite perfume is Sahara.
Do you still go shopping?
I only go to
the market to see how things are but not to shop, I now do home shopping.
What role do you think women can play
in national development?
They should
face their work and not be greedy, they should be contented with what they
have, greediness will not allow them to do what is right and they should train
their children and have the fear of God.
Who are your favorite musicians?
Yusuf Olatunji, Ebenezer Obey, Sunny
, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and Wasiu Ayinde
Are you are fan of Nollywood movies?
No, because
they pass wrong message like madness, death and they like cursing. I used to
like them but now, not so much and they should try and put an end to cursing in
At 80, do you still feel strong and
Yes, I look
after my parents. My Mom died at the
age of 104 and my Dad died at the age of 133 and till they were both dead, they
never lost their sight or a piece of their teeth.
Are you on any social media?
I only use
my phones to make calls
Do you have any regrets?
No regrets
at all.
Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Edionseri with Chief (Mrs.) Bisi Abiola at a social outing
We can say you are an epitome of
beauty with many chieftaincy titles. How do you balance this with your religion?
It doesn’t
affect my religion, I am from the Gelede and Yemoja family but I don’t
take part in the rituals, I have never visited the Lisabi Shrine even Olumo
What advice do you have for women of
younger generation?
If I have my
way I will say females (women) shouldn’t put on trousers, but it is hard to
remove that from the society now, all I can say now is that they shouldn’t
dress half naked and they should have the fear of God.


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