Moneywise 6: How to get a business coach

Celebrity Blogger Gbenga Dan Asabe with Africa’s Richest Man, Aliko Dangote 

I got to my Financial Mentor’s compound on Saturday at
about 4.00 p.m. with yet, another surprise waiting for me. Parked outside the
gate of his house were five exotic cars: two Mercedes Benz jeeps, one Pajero,
one Mercedes Benz E-class and one Polo car. I walked gingerly into his
sitting room downstairs and made myself comfortable. A few minutes later, my
Mentor came down, held me by hand and led me to a place upstairs I could
describe as an executive sitting room: very sparsely decorated with exotic
Italian furniture.

Seated were five gentlemen, all in casual wears. There
was a white guy among them. They should be in their mid-forties if I were to
guess their ages. Only one face among them was familiar to me; he was an
executive director in one of the new-generation banks. My Mentor got the men to
introduce themselves. This was the line up: one insurance practitioner, one
investment banker, one businessman and one estate agent and another banker who
just resigned from a bank to set up a finance company. The white guy was a real
estate lawyer based in Durban, South Africa. My Mentor
introduced me as his “very good friend
who wants to learn how
to build
lasting riches”.
There is nowhere you are headed that someone has not
been; you need a mentor in your life.
“Now, let us get to the business of the day” my Mentor said as he shifted to the edge of his chair,
signalling that the lesson was about to start.
“Today, I want to
teach you one of the greatest secrets of millionaires which, unfortunately, many
people have refused to embrace even though it is simple. I want to talk to you
about mentoring and how, if you apply it correctly, you will gain incredible
speed in your race to wealth creation”.
“Let me ask you a
question: ‘when you see Mike
Tyson throwing deadly punches and tearing his opponents down with devastating
jabs, what do you think is the trick?”
“Training of course”.  I replied. “But
did he train himself?”
my Mentor asked: “No,
of course, his trainer is at work”.
 I replied.
“Good! Every
skilled footballer you see on the football pitch must have been drilled by a
good coach. Every athlete who wants to be steps ahead/of his peers sits at the
feet of a good coach, receiving instructions which he can put to use. Have you
wondered why some athletes fly around the world with their coaches? They
understand this fundamental trick of success, not just in athletics, but in any
business endeavor. But I am amazed that in business, only few people attach
themselves to business coaches. When people want to start businesses they
prefer to go it alone. Is it surprising then that such businesses plunge into
tragic collapse shortly after take-off?”

Sam Adeyemi

A good mentor holds
you by the hand
. “I
must commend your boldness in asking me for help in your journey towards wealth
acquisition. Very few people do what you have done. A business coach prevents
you from making costly mistakes. He provides a sort of tested road map you can
follow. Attaching yourself to mentors increases your wisdom, builds your
confidence and allows you to achieve peak performance with speed. Many people
are afraid to ask successful people for help, thinking that they won’t have
time for them. I am confirming that that is not usually the case. What many
people don‘t know is that it is lonely up there. Truly, Successful people are
looking for people to whom they can pass on their secrets, but they won‘t come
to you; you have to search them out. How many people know, for instance, that
you can easily ask a millionaire out for lunch? Successful people want to give
back to the system. And the interesting thing about this is that you don’t have
to meet your mentors physically. You can meet good mentors through books. Keep
reading their materials and you will get automatic impartation of business
wisdom. The truth of the matter is that there is nowhere you want to go that
somebody has not been before you”.

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“The Bible is full of instances of people who achieved
supernatural promotions simply by sitting at the feet of the masters. Jesus
had to connect to the ultimate source – God – to fulfill his assignment on
earth. Elisha had to sit at the feet of Elijah for his spiritual
talents to blossom beyond what he could imagine. There are other examples
around you.

“If you
want to learn how to make money, attach yourself to a person who has acquired
wealth the way you want to acquire wealth. What you do is to locate somebody
making money in the area you like and attach yourself to him. It is that
simple. It is surprising that many people pay good attention to the dresses
they choose in a supermarket, but they are careless in choosing their mentors”.

You need to follow
the rules of the game
. “There
are principles underlying a good mentoring programme. I am going to share a few
of such principles with you today”.
Not all that
glitters is gold
. “The
first rule is that you must look for somebody who has achieved outstanding
Success in the area you want to look into, and beg to be coached by him. If you
want to learn how to make money, attach yourself to a person who has acquired
wealth the way you want to acquire wealth. What you do is to locate somebody
making money in the area you like and attach yourself to him. It is that
simple. It is surprising that many people pay good attention to the dresses
they choose in a supermarket, but they are careless in choosing their mentors.
And, attaching yourself to unqualified mentors is as devastating and
time-wasting as not having anybody coach you at all”.
“Take, for
instance, somebody who wants to learn to make money through investment, and he
attaches himself to an investment adviser or a broker who barely can make ends
meet. Of course, it is a matter of time before his or her money is gone. My
advice is that you look for an adviser that has traded with his own money and
has made a success of it. Anything other than this can have unpleasant results.
I have brought my advisers here to demonstrate this point to you. Now, look at
them properly. Why won’t I feel relaxed entrusting my money into their hands?
They are successful people in their own right. I am willing to pay good money
to those who manage my money”
Give before you
second advice is that you should demonstrate to your mentor that you are not a
parasitic protégé. Go out of your way to do something for him. Give before you expect
to receive. I am happy you have done well in this area, too. It doesn’t have to
be money. Find out secretly what he likes and go out of your way to make it
happen. Demonstrate to him that just as he is imparting knowledge to you, you
are also passing it to people around you.
“I am impressed by
your decision to get attached to a mentor. I have long marked you as someone
going somewhere who I would like to assist”.
“I have a package
for you. I have talked to my advisers and they have all agreed to coach you
once you have made up your mind on which route you want to take to acquire
wealth. They have promised not to charge any fee and even if they want to, I
have offered to foot the bill. In addition, however, I advise that you look for
a spiritual mentor. I will later explain why I consider this critical. I leave
the decision on this to you; enough for today”.  
I thanked my Mentor for the gesture and I equally thanked
his advisers for offering to assist. I collected their business cards and we
all walked downstairs where all his advisers drove off in their cars. I bade my
Mentor goodbye, as I continued to
ponder on that evening’s experience.
(Excerpts from the book: “THE MILLIONAIRES CAPSULES” by
AYO AROWOLO. Read “Why we are all stewards of God’s money” tomorrow on this blog)

Ayo Arowolo, Publisher The Millionaires’ Capsules