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Rule of Life’s Rule 10: Only dead fish swim with the stream

Rule of Life’s Rule 10: Only dead fish swim with the stream

Chief Dele Momodu (M) Prince Iyiola Ayoade (R), the GDA (L) and others

Life is
difficult. And the Rule is to thank God. It is so. If it was all fluffy and
easy we wouldn’t be tested, tried, forged in the fire of life. We wouldn’t grow
or learn or change, or have a chance to rise above ourselves. If life were a
series of lovely days, we do soon get bored. If there was no rain, then there
wouldn’t be any feeling of great joy when it finally stopped and we could go to
the beach. If it was all easy we couldn’t get stronger.
So be
thankful it is a struggle some of the time, and recognize that only dead fish
swim with the stream. For the rest of us, there would be times when it’s an
uphill, upstream struggle. We will have to battle waterfalls, weirs and raging
torrents. But we have no choice. We have to keep swimming or get swept away.
And each flick of our trail, each surge of our fins make us stronger and fitter,
leaner and happier.
There is a
statistic that suggests that for a lot of men, retirement is a really bad idea.
Lots of them die within a relatively short time of handing in their briefcase.
They have seized to swim against the current and get swept away. Keep swimming,
little fish, keep swimming.

The GDA, a Nollywood Actor, Uche with Dr. Tope Olowoyeye aka Tope Brown

Try to see
each set back as a chance to improve. They make you stronger not weaker. You
only get burdened with as much as you can carry—although I do appreciate that
at times it may seem as if it’s a whole lot more. And of course the struggles
don’t come to an end, but there are lulls in-between times—backwaters where we
can rest for a while and enjoy the moment before the next obstacle get thrown
our way. And that’s what life is, what it is meant to be; a series of struggles
and lulls. And whatever situation you are in now, it’s going to change. So what
are you in? Lull or struggle? Rain or going to the beach? Learning or enjoying?
Dead fish or healthy salmon?
(Excerpts from the Book: The Rules
of Life
by Richard Templar. Read
Rule 11 in our next post on Asabeafrika)


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