RULE 68: Know Yourself – Solo, Duo Or Team Player

Kano Politician and First son of former Nigerian Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha Alhaji Sani Abacha with wife

If you are going
to change direction – in this case to prosperity from wherever it is you are
now – then you need to know (a) your strengths and weaknesses and (b) what you
are good at – and bad at obviously (and this isn’t the same as strengths and
weaknesses). For example, I’m good at broad strokes, big picture stuff but I’m
not the greatest when it comes to detail.

Get what I’m on
about? You just have to know yourself pretty well and then you will be
confident in the areas you are good at, can brush up in areas you are weak, can
trade on your strengths and get someone else to do all the stuff you are bad at
(or haven’t yet learned or researched or studied). 

And then you’ve
got to know if you are at your best working as part of a partnership, a team or
going it alone. Personally I always need the steadying hand of a partner to
curb some of my business excesses – a overwhelming tendency to shoot from the
hip, be a bit undiplomatic at times, to rush headlong into things, to spend
money wastefully on advertising and not to attend to the detail. I am, however,
really bad in a team of more than two. 
“Am I good on my own or do I need other people
around me?Do I have a role to play in a team and feel happier
in that role?Can I work well with just one trusted partner?” 

So if a business
opportunity comes up that requires teamwork I know I can turn it down or tailor
it in some way, because I know if I say yes, I will make a pig’s ear of it. If,
however, it requires a partnership, I’m much more likely to be interested.
I am also good
working alone. I make decisions easily (not always the right ones but at least
I don’t prevaricate), I am happy in my own company for long periods and don’t
need to bounce ideas off anyone to make them seem real. I can travel well alone
and can speak up for myself. See what I mean about knowing yourself?
You have to do
this exercise if you are to forge ahead with the rest of the moneymakers.
Questions to ask:
• Am I good on
my own or do I need other people around me?
• Do I have a
role to play in a team and feel happier in that role?
• Can I work
well with just one trusted partner?
• Do I know
where my strengths and weaknesses are and do I know the difference?
• Do I know what
I am good and bad at?
My business partner says we work well together
because we are the ‘brains and brawn’. The only trouble is we both see
ourselves as the brains and the other as the brawn. Oh well.  
From The Book; The Rules of Wealth by
Richard Templar
(Read Rule
of Rule of Wealth tomorrow on Asabeafrika)

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