I will marry when I am 60 years old – Lagos Celebrity Lady, Hajia Fatima Mohammed + “How I survived my gun shot ordeal”

Hajiya Fatima Mohammed with the GDA after the encounter

Hajiya Fatima Mohammed is a famous politicians in Lagos State, especially in the PDP family.
Very intelligent, versatile and humble to a fault.
 This Borno
State born gender enthusiast is also a philanthropist who has touched several
lives through her contribution to the development of politics. Last Wednesday
October 14th Hajiya who
is very close to the grass root invited a group of friends, business partners
and well wishers to the opening of her brand new events company
“Unstoppable Handlers” which was christened with a wine tasting
ceremony on Wednesday October 14.

The event which was declared opened
by Prophet (Dr.) Israel Ogundipe,
leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis
(Worldwide) had the presence of Nollywood act, Feranmi Ekisola, entertainment consultant  Tessy
Alero Yembra
and a host of media executives, On-air-personalities,
politicians and dignitaries from all walks of life. The event which kick
started at 12ppm and ran through evening had cocktail served with sumptuous
meals to go with as a Deejay gave loveable tunes to serenade guests. 
Your soar away Africa’s number 1
Celebrity encounter blog Asabeafrika was
at the event. We spoke to the ebony beautiful Hajia Fatima Mohammed who revealed many things about herself to us.
She shared her political philosophy and the gruesome story of how she survived
a recent gun attack on her life during the Presidential election on March 28.
The gun shot which left her with a damaged shoulder is what she is still
thanking God for as she was nearly killed during the attack in Lagos. In her
mid 40s, Hajia is happily single and
marriage is not her priority at the moment until she clocks 60. Find out why on
The GDA with CEO, Unstoppable Handlers, Hajiya Fatima Mohammed

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Congratulation for the opening of
Unstoppable Handlers, you have a whole lots of people who came in to celebrate
with you. How did you come by this idea?
management is a passion for me. I only turned my passion into a venture. There
is the axiom which says ‘the day you make your hobby your work, you will never
have to work for the rest of your life. So, for me, turning my passion into a
venture is a turning point.
So, what is the unique selling point
of Unstoppable Handlers?
The unique
selling point of Unstoppable Handlers lies in the choice of our wine brands. We
are here to deviate from the normal brand of wines that a lot of people are
familiar with. We imported our wine brands from Italy, South Africa and from the United States of America and we ensure
that we have only Vintage Wine brands. They are the kind of wine brands that
appeals to all class of connoisseurs. They are classy and equally tasty. That
is the unique selling point of Unstoppable
. Today’s event is to allow our customers and stakeholders come
around and sample the brands and that is why it is called “Wine Tasting Event”,
we say ‘come in and sample the taste, taste, digest and feel the reaction and
if perhaps, it goes with your taste, it can become your delight.
“Eko ti gbabode but you know soon JK will come back. JK is okay; JK will come
back and change the face of what we are going through right now in Lagos”.
Hajiya Fatima Mohammed, CEO Unstoppable Handlers

What are your brands like?

Campari and those on that line (Points to
the Large Wine bar) are the conventional ones but my Donelli is hundred
percent sparkling grape juices, brewed with quality and it has a consumer
pedigree of over 40 years, it is brewed in Italy.
Then you have the Rosso, the Rosso red wine is another very
beautiful brand brewed under the best wine tradition with a pedigree for
quality. We also have Donelli Gold Apple and we equally
have several brands of Champagnes too and our champagnes
are basically Italian champagnes.
So, we mark our service with quality wine delivery for customers. It is a
unique way to add value to service with clienteles.
Prophet Israel Ogundipe of CCC, Genesis Parish declaring the new place open in the name of Jesus

Your name rings a bell within Lagos
Political circle; would you be dumping politics for events management?   

No, no, no,
no, far from it. Politics is my first love, there is no deviation for me but
you know what I say to people all the time, you cannot say ‘oh, politics is a
full time job and as such I will not do anything else’. You have to get
something you are doing by the side because political activities only come once
in four years; in the remaining three and a half years, what would you be
doing? Politics is to be seen as service while business is business. You need
to pay your bills and you equally needs to honor society through politics.
Between politics and events
management, which comes first for Hajia Fatima Mohammed?
Politics is
my first love, it is in my blood and that comes first before anything else.
What is your political ambition like?
I intend to
contest in 2019.
Star Actress & Philantropist, Ms Feranmi Ekisola, Prophet Israel
Ogundipe (CCC, Genesis Parish) Entertainment Consultant Tessy Yembra
with Hajiya Fatima Mohammed

What are we looking at, governorship;
house of assembly or federal lawmaking?

Lets’ wait
and see, I would definitely contest and God will guide and bless my intention.
Let’s talk about your recent
encounter with death; recently you were shot at on the street of Lagos during
Presidential campaign. How did you survive the attack?
Yes I was
shot at and it was really terrible; by and large I will say I give all the
glory and adoration to God for saving me. It was a grave shave with death but
somehow God in His infinite mercy just spared my life and I was miraculously
delivered from the jaws of death. It is one experience too hard to explain.
“I don’t believe in poverty
eradication, I don’t believe in poverty alleviation. You cannot alleviate
poverty, you cannot eradicate it but you can palliate it; when I say palliate,
I mean you can cushion the effect”

Asabeafrika’s Gbenga Dan Asabe with Unstoppable Handlers Hajiya Fatima Mohammed

So, what really happened how did you run
into the gun men?

It was on
the day of the Presidential election (March 28), the OPC (Oodua People’s
Congress) had a rally for the President and I was part of that rally and I had
just finished an interview with a television station. When I finished my
interview I went on the (Campaign) truck. I was going home actually and I
bumped into (Segun Adewale) Aeroland’s
campaign team and I am a strong member of the campaign team. And for me,
anything that is PDP works for me. So, I jumped into the campaign team and we
were on the campaign train. I was on that train for about five minutes when the
shots started coming.
Those who shot at you, were they
Well, the Yorubas
will say that ‘’eni ti moto gba oo kin
duro mu numba”
(Anyone hit by a car wont be in a steady mood to pick the
plate number). So, at that point in time it wasn’t about arresting anyone. It
was about ensuring that I was saved. So, everybody was battling to save my life
and today I return all glory to God Almighty for saving my life. It was indeed
a crazy experience but God took control.
Hajiya Fatima Mohammed shares the story of her near shave with death with the GDA

You had a thanks giving after your
recovery in hospital?

O yes, I did
had a thanksgiving service at 10 Degrees
Events Center
in Oregun. It was to say “God, I thank
You” and like I said initially, I return all glory to God Almighty for his
accurate mercy.
Did you have the premonition that you
were going to be shot at?
No, I
didn’t. I have been in politics since 1999 and in 2007 I single handedly coordinated
Jimi Agbaje’s gubernatorial campaign
in Lagos.  In 2003 I was the head of
Planning, Research and Strategy at BATCO and ICG where I worked with the likes
of Kayode Ogundamisi, Segun Mayegun and Fuad Oki. They are all my bosses.  I have always been in politics, grass root
politics and it has never happened, I guess every job has it own hazards and
for me, I have seen the good and the bad side of my job. It is quite
What is your rating of the new regime
in Lagos and did you have any regret that your man Jimi Agbaje is not in power?
Is there a
regime in Lagos?
Of course, we have Governor Akinwunmi
Ambode’s regime
puzzled) Eko ti gbabode but you know
soon JK will come back. JK is okay; JK will come back and change the face of what we are going through
right now in Lagos.
Hajiya Fatima Mohammed with one her of her Special Guests at the opening of the event center

Let’s have much of you beyond
politics and entertainment?

I am just
me, I am human, nothing more but just a simple me.
There is this aura about you that you
are quite rich but elusive? You are very hard to come by?
I am rich
but elusive? (Looks startled)
Yeah, people hear much of your name
in relations to business and politics but your face is quite scarce?
I don’t know
what they mean by being rich but I thank God I can pay my bills my kids are in
school, I can feed my family and if that is what being rich is, I thank God.
But I will say I am comfortable and privileged. I give Him all the praise for
giving me the opportunity to be able to live a decent life.
Do you have a lover in your life?
(Laughs sarcastically) I am happily divorced, happily widowed, happily
everything. I am not married.
Is there room for a romance at the
I am not
even thinking about it for now, not on my item of consideration.
The Jolly Fellow CEO of Unstoppable Handlers with her enthusiastic staff

A lot of great women do crave for
re-marriage no matter the situation, are you not thinking of re-marrying even
if you had a sad experience from an early relationship?

Like I said,
marriage for me is not the ultimate thing for now. Marriage doesn’t complete
me, I do tell women ‘look, you have to be assertive, you have to know what you
want and you have to know who you want. You have to know your limits; you have
to know your capability. Once you know all of these, then you have beyond the
sky as your limit.
But for every woman it seems marriage
is the limit?
marriage is ultimate for some but for me, there is no difference marriage is
going to make in my life. O yes, marriage is basically about companionship,
maybe when I am 55, 60 and I am a bit laid back, then I will begin to think of
marriage but for now, not at all.
Heart-to-heart with Hajiya Fatima Mohammed, CEO, Unstoppable Handlers

Why 60, don’t you think you will
become too old for marriage by then?

That is when
I will truly need a companion but for now I am really busy. I am pretty busy
with lot of things ranging from my business to the education of my children and
service to humanity. I am indeed busy.
If you are to advice 1500 young
female entrepreneurs, what is going to be your advice to them about life?
The first
thing I am going to be telling them is about the gender equity. I am gender
biased I am gender sensitive. I am going to be telling them that you can let
anyone take everything from you but they shouldn’t take away your dignity. You
must be able to put your head high up at every point in time, you know a lot of
us women are so foolish, sometimes we think that when you are helping someone,
like you are doing them a favor and you say ‘well, apart from me doing you a
favor, using my intellectualism, using everything, they want to use their body.
They do not know any better. You can assert yourself and know your onions and
put your foot on the ground and you will go places. You don’t really need to
sleep with people to achieve anything.
The GDA with Star Actress Feranmi Ekisola

There is this impression that women
in politics flirt for success, is that true?

People sleep
with people everywhere, doctors are sleeping with nurses, judges are sleeping
with lawyers, you find a lot of people sleeping with each other in various
discipline. So, when you say people are sleeping with themselves in politics,
yeah, they are men, they are women. So, anything can happen.
But have you been a victim in the
Well, I
haven’t. I have worked with men of integrity.
You have not been seduced before?
Not at all
You have not been embarrassed for
No, I have
not been embarrassed
And you have never been asked out by
a male politician?
Well, ah,
ah! I don’t want to say ‘asked out politically’ because that would be unfair. I
get asked out everyday by different men on the street. They make bold to say I
am a very beautiful black lady, very proud, African queen. So, men would ask me
out but it ends there. I am a very busy person and for me, humanity comes
Hajiya Fatima Mohammed with CCC, Genesis Parish Leader, Prophet (Dr.) Israel Ogundipe @ the Opening of Unstoppable Handlers

What is your philosophy of life?

philosophy of life is to ensure that you are palliating someone’s pain everyday.
Can you expatiate on that?
I don’t
believe in poverty eradication, I don’t believe in poverty alleviation. You
cannot alleviate poverty, you cannot eradicate it but you can palliate it; when
I say palliate, I mean you can cushion the effect. So that it doesn’t feel too
Who is your role model?
I have loads
of role models but I will appreciate Amina
the recent ministerial nominee and I will say I am very proud of
her. I am happy for her level of intelligence. I also appreciate the greatness
and humble stride of my governor for life, Mr.
Jimi Agbaje.
He is a great leader, a thinker, a doer, a friend, role model
and Governor for life. I strongly believe he is one of the real agents
change that we have not been lucky to taste. He is a total
gentle man and creative person, he is my father and he will surely come and
lead Lagos someday.
Hajiya Fatima Mohammed with a couple during the wine tasting and Opening of Unstoppable Events Center

You are from Lagos if I may guess?

No, I am
from Borno State, Maiduguri
Your place is under siege and the
women under shield, do you have a word for them?
I want to
say to my people up north to try to assert themselves and be more enlightened.
My advice is directed to the womenfolk, because there is a northern notion that
says women should be seen they should not be heard. You know, this northern
notion just keep us to the background but we are saying ‘no’, enough of it, we
should go get our voice and make use of our sense in the comity of thinkers.
Ours is a society in quick need of redemption and I believe we will get there.
So, how were you so fluent with
Yoruba language?
My kids are
Yoruba and I used to be married to a Yoruba man; my dad is the one from Borno and my mum is from Delta state. So, I am a summation of
the Nigerian spirit. I am a true Nigerian.
What is your good wish message for
I am not
particularly geared towards the change thing because I don’t really believe
the Change
has come, I will only advise Nigerians to be very patient until that time when
we have people who are the real Change agents in government. It is good to keep
our fingers crossed until that good time arrives. )

The Unstoppable Choice Wines