Joke of the Day: Special Wishes to the Sheikh

A Yoruba man
was sitting with an Ibo man and a Hausa man in Saudi Arabia, sharing a smuggled barrel of beer when all of a
sudden some Policemen entered their apartment and arrested them. They were
initially given a death sentence and
ordered to be remanded in prison pending execution.

But during
the national Independence Day celebration a few weeks later, the Sheikh decided that the Nigerians would
be among those to be granted amnesty. They were to be released after each had
received 20 lashes of the whip.
As they were
preparing for their punishment, the Sheikh
declared “It is my first wife’s birthday
today and she asked me to allow each of
you ask for one wish before your whipping but you cannot wish for exception
from whipping”
The Hausa
man after a few seconds, said:
“Please tie a pillow to my back
before the whipping”
This was
done but the pillow could only withstand 12
out of the 20 lashes
before it got torn into shreds. Seeing this, the Ibo man said: “Please tie two pillows to my back before
This was
done and the pillows withstood all the 20 lashes. The Yoruba man saw this, but
before he could make his wish, the Sheikh
said “You are a Yoruba man and since you belong to the same ethnic group with
the President of your country, you are permitted to have two wishes”
The Yoruba
man gave that privilege some deep thought and came out with his wishes “Thank you, Most Royal and Merciful Highness. My first wish is to receive 100
lashes with the strongest, toughest whip available”
“If you desire that, so be it” The Sheikh replied with a questioning look on his face”
“And your second wish?” he asked
“Tie the Ibo man to my
back before the whipping”
(Culled from
the book “First 100 Jokes of Our time” by Olaleye Falore)


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