Lagos Residents recount tales of woe with Ikeja Electric staff, Fred Odogbo & his boys

A wicked problem is a social or cultural issue or concern that is difficult to explain. One of such is a situation like the wicked power distribution regime of IKEJA ELECTRIC, (Abule Taylor undertaking office) that bills customers to death and throw people into darkness at the flippest of instances.

One FRED ODOGBO the Service Manager of the aforementioned undertaking office in Lagos West Senatorial zone might need to tell security and government officials what he knows about outrageous billings, customer intimidation (with Police and Civil Defense forces), Group Disconnection of consumers against Section 36 of the Power Act, 2005 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, rudeness to customers and senior citizens among many other unethical acts if revelations at our disposal is anything to go by.

On Monday, April 27, one of his marketers, Mr. TONY was said to have engaged in a clandestine money generation exercise around Irepodun community of ojokoro area and environs. TONY who is famous for many unethical misdemeanor was said to have chartered an unmarked van (with no registration of either name or logo of his firm-Ikeja Electric) to carry out the exercise.

A move which made some young people in the community who were around due to the Lock-Down or ‘Stay-at-home’ policy of the Federal Government to question his identity as most of them were not familiar with his face.

He was accosted to reveal his identity but he bluntly refused to do so (despite the fact that he had his ID card hidden inside his shirt). The young people who were on surveillance in the community as a result of the incessant security threats from One million boys or Awawa boys wanted TONY to identify himself but he allegedly refused.

He was said to have succeeded in taking money from some customers in the neighborhood under the guise that his firm is coming to cut off their power before the boys accosted him.

However, everything turned rowdy as the vigilant youths insisted he identify himself or get arrested, especially when it was discovered that the vehicle he brought for the illegal cash-raid was an unmarked vehicle which gives more room for suspicion.

TONY, knowing that his game was over quickly put a call to a leader of the community Mr. Ogbeide who came out of his apartment to bail him from the angry youth. He was never molested, never beaten than forcefully getting his ID card to properly identify him.

It was sure he was on an illegal revenue drive initiative and probably at the instance of his kinsman and boss, FRED ODOGBO.

However, on getting back to his office (which was curiously part of the lock-down as Lagos State was still observing the lock-down by President Buhari as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic), he reported to his boss, FRED and three days later, FRED sent his boys to go and disconnect the entire community from the transformer, both those on Prepaid meter and other users.

All efforts by elders of the community including Police officers at MEIRAN POLICE station to seek his mercy at the troubled community leaders proved abortive as he not only treated them with contempt but equally sent them away on two occasion they visited him in the office. He was said to have asked them to go and pay a certain amount of money before he will give them light.

In this exclusive encounter, residents including elders, women and youths of Irepodun Community told Asabe Afrika TV the several indignation spree, disrespect, including intellectual and psychological distress FRED ODOGBO and his boys has kept the community and other 51 communities in, since he took over as Service Manager at the Abule-Taylor Undertaking office of IKEJA ELECTRIC.

The revelations are quite shocking.

It is an eye-opener to what customers go through in the hands of private power distribution firms in Nigeria.

Find out more in this video.




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