Magu at the barricade of Abuja pirates By Louis Odion, FNGE

MAGU: Appointed by The Lion, rejected by the Hyenas and Jackals

introduction lately of the impeachment kite into the ongoing tussle between the
executive and the legislative branches over the jugular of the EFCC—and potentially the soul of Nigeria’s still fragile democracy – has
injected a new twist into what now clearly looks like the nation’s most cynical
power play in recent memory.

Much as no
one has confirmed it, no one has denied either. Impeachment, it must be
stressed from the outset, is the civil equivalent of the nuclear button under
extreme circumstance in terms of unconventional military warfare.

As already
pointed out by legal experts, merely contemplating the impeachment of an Acting
President in the absence of the substantive (and a technically non-existing
Vice President) over a disagreement no more than who has final say over a
public department at all is rather unthinkable, if not lunatic. But it goes to
depict the mortal danger increasingly posed to the national edifice by a senate
apparently overtaken by buccaneers.

President Buhari on ‘How to deal with the Hyenas & Jackals

Of course,
were the impeachment gambit to be pursued any further, there is no prize for
guessing who the beneficiary will ultimately be. Never in modern history has
the instrument of a public institution been so openly abused and parlayed to
the vigorous pursuit of a personal interest.
It would
have been most farcical were it not so tragic that what is truly a desperate maneuver
to shield an evil enterprise is being camouflaged elaborately before the nation
today as a noble effort to preserve public health.

President Buhari in a tete-a-tete smile session with Chairman of the Hyena’s Club?

More and
more, we are  affronted by the
monstrosity of those who should be described as disheveled inmates of a moral
leprosarium pushing to sack their minder from the either-smelling ward with a
view to breaking loose and imposing their own will on the entire community.
starters, consider the latest in the litany of absurdities at the Red Chamber. Last week, on the day the
Senate spoke loftily on the desirability of founding our democratic principles
and processes on institutions as against mortals, it yet lent itself zealously
to open subversion of the authority of the Independent
Electoral Commission

Senator Dino Melaye…One of the Jackals after a brawl with a Hyena

The Abuja court would not oblige embattled Senator Dino Melaye a restraining order
against the recall process initiated by his constituents in Kogi West. But never mind, the
confraternity at the Red Chamber
would improvise an escape route for a comrade ensnared.
In clear
contempt of the electorate in Kogi West
and utter spite of the nation at large, deputy senate president Ike Ekweremadu, while presiding over the
plenary, declared point blank that the recall process commenced by INEC would, as long as he and company
continue to hold sway, end up an exercise in futility. So, the wishes of the
people of Kogi West no longer matter!
And INEC would be castrated.
No less
self-serving is the argument so far marshaled by the Senate against the
continued stay of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC boss, the basis on which the
senators now threaten hell and Armageddon,
not minding if the nation’s democratic space was shut down in entirety.

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu with his Hypopo… 

But while
arrogating to themselves powers the constitution does not grant them and
seeking to sit in judgment over others in an holier-than-thou posture, the
supreme irony is that a staggering number of the lawmakers are themselves
nothing but pygmies and lepers in moral standing.
With their
individual closet literally bursting at the seams with assorted skeletons
little wonder then that many are in morbid fear of Magu.  We shall return to this
Twice, the EFCC boss has been nominated for
confirmation by the senate; twice he has been denied clearance on the strength
of a security report from the Department
of State Security
now understood to have been written more out of malice
and vendetta than a desire to render public service.

DSS boss, Daura, Who is he? Hyena or Jackal?

It is now
open secret that a cartel of powerful operators in the presidency as well as
the powers-that-be at the DSS had
their own candidate when the vacancy first opened at EFCC in 2015.
President Buhari is believed to have over-ruled that
partnership by settling for Magu who
over the years had built a reputation for ruthless independence of mind as far
as the anti-graft battle is concerned.
But President Buhari’s gross failing as a
leader apparently incapable of reining in the mischief and insolence of own
subordinates—the hyenas and the jackals (apologies Mrs. Aisha Buhari) – was soon inadvertently exposed when that same
unrelenting cabal opted to waylay his nominee at the Senate gate with a rather
salacious “security report” accusing Magu of countless iniquities including champagne lifestyle, drug
abuse and cavorting with graft suspects.

First Lady Aisha Buhari….’Wants all Hyena and Jackals out of the Lion’s Kingdom in few weeks time’

apparent personal inadequacy on the part of PMB is what was invariably
dramatized on the two occasions the conspiring and conniving lawmakers had
waved the “security report” as the smoking gun against Magu at the senate chamber. Today,
historians will certainly have to scour the epochs all over and scratch their
own heads real hard to remember any appointee who has ever been so patently
subversive, so openly defiant of the Commander-In-Chief.

Senate President Bukola Saraki….’Presides over the kingdom of the hyenas and jackals’

Regardless, Magu has consistently and stoutly denied
all these allegations in public court. But that is beside the point. Much more
telling is that at no point was the accused offered an opportunity to defend
himself before the authors of the “security report” filed their memo.

The Lion, President Muhammadu Buhari….Watches from afar…

Nor has the
Senate been fair enough to afford Magu
a chance to also defend himself consistent with the universal principle of fair
hearing or respect for his right and dignity as human being as dictated by
natural law.
Beyond the
municipal law which expressly guarantees the right of reply, Nigeria as a nation and member of the
international community is also a signatory to the universal protocols which
emphasize right to fair hearing as manifest and inalienable right of the human

Senator Buruju Kashamu….An Ambassador of the 8th Senate under Saraki

But beyond
the fine prints of municipal and international laws, it is too obvious the
continued fierce opposition to Magu at
the Red Chamber is more for
For now,
Senate president Bukola Saraki can breathe
easy, having been acquitted of sundry misdemeanors by the conduct bureau after
a titanic trial.

Senator Ahmed Yerima….Another Ambassador of the 8th Senate under Saraki

Same can
however not be said of a good many others, against whom the penal scale seems
to weigh heavily. (To say nothing about other shadowy characters in the house:
from failed contractors, to the practicing pedophile and the fugitive from
American justice over narcotic substances.)

Senator Danjuma Goje…Proudly shares senate appearances with court appearances as a good ambassador of the 8th Senate

instance, Danjuma Goje, erstwhile Gombe governor, still divides his waking
hours between attending senate sessions and making court appearances over an
18-count charge of conspiracy and fraud to the tune of N25billion preferred by EFCC.
Beside the
distinction of jumping bail abroad and therefore qualifying to be called an
international fugitive, Joshua Dariye
has been standing trial since 2007 on 23-count charge of money laundering,
abuse of office and specifically pocketing N1.2b
ecological fund while governor of Plateau State.
Farmer Abdullahi Adamu of Nasarawa state is also being prosecuted by the EFCC on a 149-count
charge of N15b fraud allegedly
perpetrated while he was Nasarawa
governor. So far, his platoon of lawyers are busy assisting him explore all the
tricks in the book to stall proceedings by challenging the competence of the
charge and the jurisdiction of court before the Court Appeal, Makurdi.

Senator Murthala Nyako…..Being piloted out of court by EFCC operatives….Another Good ambassador of Saraki’s senate

Further down
the aisle is Abdulaziz Nyako, son of
a former governor of Adamawa Sate, Murtala Nyako, who made history by being
arraigned alongside his father by the EFCC over alleged siphoning N15billion through various phantom
companies between 2011 and 2013.

Like father like Son…..Nyako Jnr.

Not to
forget Ahmed Sani Yarima, who gave Zamfara State Sharia in 1999 but ironically ended up being docked after office
in 2007 on a 19-count corruption charge by the ICPC including diverting part of
the N1billion meant for the repair of
Gusau dam.

Author Louis Odion FNGE…..Observes the MAGU versus Corrupt Politicians drama with a bruised  heart

Meanwhile, Godswill Akpabio, the immediate past Akwa Ibom governor, is currently under
investigation for alleged “uncommon” heist. While Ms Stella Oduah and Peter Nwaoboshi
representing Anambra and Delta States respectively already have
their multi-billion naira assets seized by the anti-graft agency over alleged
shady dealings. Sadly, these same characters are today among those barricading
the Abuja highway against Magu, invoking the spirit of probity and
decency in vain.


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