Nyesom Wike won’t finish his term as Governor—Prophet Tibetan | Says “Fashola will fail as Super Minister”

Prophet MKO Tibetan

World Renowned Prophet and Seer, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan spoke to Asabeafrika few hours before he flew
out of Nigeria to Atlanta, USA early in the week. The Prophet who
attended to over 50 Nigerians on Ash Wednesday
February 10 in his Lagos church before he jetted out of the country on Thursday,
February 11 granted us audience after four hours inside his Ajegunle-Ilo, Lagos Cathedral.

The very dynamic Church leader and
spiritual healer who launched his Year 2016 Prediction book titled Revelation 2016 on Sunday January 10 took
time to react to the recent Supreme Court Judgment that gave credence to the
PDP elections in Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Abia states. The Nostradamus
of our time expressed the view of the Lord on the legal pronouncements by the
Supreme Court of Nigeria the three states.
The leader of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha
(Europe and Africa) also reacted on several other issues including
the recent appeal by Super Minister Babatunde
Raji Fashola
 (Minister of Works,
Housing & Power) that Nigerians should pay a 45% increase charges to enjoy
power. The man of God also reacted to the recent allegation of Super Eagle’s
coach Sunday Oliseh alleging witchcraft among his staff among many other issues
in the polity.  
However, all opinion celebrated in
this interview is that of the man of God and Prophet of the Living God, Dr. Marcus Tibetan and not of this
blog. The man of God can be reached for further consultation through his
Republic of Ireland office on 00-9353-8996-09994
or his Nigerian Office on +234-08037171-730
(Roamed) Enjoy the excerpts.

Nyesom Wike
Sir, you are on your way to Atlanta
Georgia, we like to quickly seek your opinion on the recent Supreme Court
Judgment on Abia, Akwa Ibom and Rivers States’ elections where the Supreme
Court upheld elections held in those states. Majority of Nigerians felt there
were some hanky-panky arrangements in the apex court’s judgment, especially
that of Rivers State. What is God saying to His people about this?
Thank you
very much my brother, I think you recently interviewed me on some aspect of our
political situation in Nigeria and some things were revealed. Do you know that Absalom was the legitimate son of David, but how did a concubine’s son
(Solomon) succeeded David as King of
Israel? You will recall in the book of 2nd Samuel 11:2, it said at
the later hour of the day, David was at the Pent House of his palace when he
gazed down and saw Bathsheba the
wife of Uriah, having her bath and
he gave instructions that they should bring the lady to him upstairs. And after
sleeping with her and impregnating her, from verse 6 down to verse 27 you will
now see the pure politics that played out between David, Bathsheba and Uriah. He now sent for her husband from
the war front but because Uriah is a
righteous person, he refused to go home and lie with his wife. Because the King
knew for sure that the woman was pregnant and he needed to transfer the
pregnancy to her husband even though there was no DNA at the time. We all know
how the story ended. When you look what transpired between Jacob and Esau, He said
‘It is Jacob I love from the womb, and the older shall serve the younger’ that
is Genesis 25 verse 23. What happened in those three states is the handwork of
the wife of the former Governor of Rivers State, Justice (Mrs.) Mary Odili.
Sir, can you expatiate further?
Odili and his wife are the ones that
circulated the whole money and manipulated everything because (Nyesom) Nwike
has already stolen a lot of money during the regime of Goodluck Jonathan. They have bastard money and they never imagined
in their wildest dream that Nigerians will vote to change the baton and give
power to Buhari. So, the basic fact
is that the entire judgments in those 3 states are fraudulent. 

“Ten years ago I asked my Church
members, I said ‘Sir, government money and your money which one is easier to
spend?’ my church members answered that faithful Sunday, that ‘Government money
is easier to spend than private money’ and I said to them ‘a time is coming
before 2020, all those who spent government money will vomit it”
Mary Odili

How do you mean, sir?
How would
the Supreme Court err with such a serious issue? Even the International
Community knows there was no election in Rivers state that shows that the
judiciary under Buhari is still in a
mess. And if Buhari collects all the
stolen wealth from greedy politicians and business men and the judiciary is
still in a mess he has done nothing because the judiciary is the only hope of the
ordinary citizen. What happened in Rivers State is purely the handwork
of Mrs. Mary Odili, it was that woman that bribed “Kekere-Ekun”. The
tribunal and the Court of Appeal dismissed the elections, how can the Supreme
Court upturn the whole thing? There is no judgment there; it was just a cock
and bull declaration, a kangaroo judgment by a fraudulent system. And this is
the decision of the Lord, all the people that has hand in that miscarriage of
justice, between now and 2020, they will all be under the ground.
Doing what sir?  
They will
all die, they will all die; you don’t just do such a thing and go scot free.
You remember when I was talking about the embezzlement by Governor Dariye and all of them and today he is facing his judgment?
Ten years ago I asked my Church members, I said ‘Sir, government money and your
money which one is easier to spend?’ my church members answered that faithful
Sunday, that ‘Government money is easier to spend than private money’ and I
said to them ‘a time is coming before 2020, all those who spent government
money will vomit it’ and that is one of the reasons why you cannot come here
and bribe me with money or give me anything, I will look at your age, how can a
43 years old boy come and tell me that he is giving me a jeep? Where is he
working? What is his biography like? Who is his father and how did he come
about the money? So, automatically, those who killed Harry Marshal in Abuja are back on stage. They are back on stage
but this will be their last dance because that judgment on Rivers, Akwa
and Abia is a stupid judgment and the Lord said He is going to deal
with the perpetrators.
What do you see in Bayelsa’s own
victory where PDP won?  
That is the
only state PDP truly won just to console the embattled, lost, failed, derailed,
downgraded, excommunicated, barbaric and one of the useless President we ever
had in our time, Gooluck Jonathan.
So, automatically he would want to use that to cover his shameful face just
like what Obasanjo did when he lost
in all the LGAs in those days, telling them to make PDP win the election
at all cost. Yes, PDP is dead just like I predicted in 2011 but what we have
now is the carcass of the party, just like the carcass of a tiger, when you run
into it you still tremble, there is nothing like PDP again. And because PDP was
founded by a secondary school certificate holder, you know Atiku Abubakar had only a Secondary School certificate before he
was made a Comptroller of Customs but they covered it up. I don’t know where he
kept his brain and up till today, the brain he did not have at the time, even
though he said he want to rule Nigeria, that is why he is in a drum, they are
rolling him every time and he cannot be anything again. He should just be
waiting for the story of Halliburton.
That is the new phase of his life, we are still waiting to see if “Kere-Ekun”
and Mrs. Odili can go to America and
help him turn the case of Halliburton
and deliver them all from going to jail.

There is nothing Fashola can do, people write reports and give to him. Has he
worked in NEPA before? No, how many
cases did Fashola won to become a
SAN, it was just a cock and bull story. It was just the packaging of the same Tinubu.

So, sir, how do you think God’s
judgment will prevail in Abia, Akwa Ibom and Rivers State? 
Sir, the
judiciary is still sleeping. The man (Buhari) has not gotten to that area, he
is still collecting money from people and we thought that the Vice President
being a lawyer was going to be active but the Vice President (Yemi Osinbajo) is
not active, it is just like somebody who likes taking pictures, the Vice
President likes taking pictures and he likes going everywhere to talk and blow
grammar. He has nothing to offer us; remember the other time the voice of
integrity said ‘the Vice President must not come from Ogun state’, so,
automatically Professor Yemi Osinbajo is a wrong choice for that
position. Everything Tinubu did was
very wrong except the candidacy of Buhari
and even Buhari’s own was just a
wrong apostle to APC and APC has no manifesto, so, we are still at a cross
road. We are in trouble.
President Muhammad Buhari was
recently on a week recess and some of his critics said he is ill and might have
gone for medical treatment? What is the Lord showing you sir?
Yes, the
President is not a generator. He is not a Lister Generator or Mikano,
when you work you have to rest. Age is no more on the side of the man, he can
take two hours; he can take two weeks or even one months’ leave. But he is
doing the right thing for now; although he is people’s choice not God’s choice.
He is old and when you look at the book of Psalm 90 from verse 10 to 14, it
said after the age of 70, rigor and trouble, problems here and there will be
the hallmark of growth and He said the person can only drag it to 80 if he is
strong enough. My father is 95 but he does not want the type of the job Buhari want to do. Maybe Buhari is created for this kind of job
I wouldn’t know but he is free to go anywhere for treatment, let the critics
continue to wail, they are free. Even their own fathers in the village don’t
have good hospitals to treat themselves but Mr. President is going to a very good hospital where they will take
care of him, he can go on leave, he can go to anywhere provided the Vice
is there to run things and we have a conglomerate of
ministers who can run things on his behalf before he returns.
Yesterday there were pockets of
reactions from the Nigeria Labor Congress over the appeal by Mr. Raji Fashola
the minister of Works; Power & Housing that Nigerians should pay more 45%
rate to enjoy power. Do you think this is right?
Yes, I told
you before my brother, who is Fashola?
Fashola is a lawyer; he is a square
peg in a round hole.
 The Vice President is from Tinubu and the man who now takes our tax for us in Abuja (Tunde
Fowler) is from Tinubu as well. I advice them to go to the Diaspora and get
somebody who knows how to handle people’s money, somebody who will respect the
tax payer’s money and go to work on time, I told you but they (Government)
refused. How can you carry 3 basins to the stream? You must know that there is
nothing this government can offer at the areas Fashola is holding. He can not do it, how do you expect them to use
a local fighter, a wrestler in the village to go to the Olympics?
Are you saying Mr. Raji Fashola is a
He is a
failure to our own part; we don’t need somebody like that. For instance, look
at Housing; it is a very sensitive ministry and a millennium development goal
projection in all developing nations. The government can even go to London and
look for somebody like Dr. Dapo Williams
who is one of world’s best brains in the area of real estate, mass housing
development and forensic property law. A man who helped Great Britain re-invent
her heritage homes and the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II personally recognized and acknowledged him and
even named a historic department after him. These are brains that Nigeria has
lost to brain drain. Did they name anything after Tinubu abroad? But we knew all the shady business they did over
there. We can never get anything good from Raji
and majority of the ministers. In three months time this government
will be a year older, none of the ministers can perform because they have all
soiled their hands. Unless they are ready to explore the Diaspora eggheads,
someone like Professor Omojoku in the Virginia State University,
he is a computer genius. There are some young Igbo boys in California and everywhere who manufacture their own computer. These
geniuses are all over there on the internet, people who can bring the real
change Nigeria and Nigerians desire but because this government is run by a
group of grandpas, they are even trying to equate what happened in 1993 and
1995 to this modern period it won’t work.
Sunday Oliseh
In your new book you predicted that
Super Eagle Coach, Sunday Oliseh cant bring any change to the National team and
that he is sick, just last week, the same Sunday Oliseh was said to have
abandoned the team on the allegation of witch-craft, what do you think is Mr.
Oliseh’s problem? 
My brother, Oliseh is just a weakling, he cannot
handle the position. Even the local league he handle over there when he was
still running his cause, it turned out to be failure. He cannot take them
anywhere, for there to be success in the National team, you have to go to the
grass root and pick new people, now, look at FIFA ranking we are coming down
virtually everyday. Look at Mbu and
the Under 17s; they are all doing well because they know the history of all
these boys. But Oliseh is just
jumping everywhere because they use the Niger-Delta quota to give him the job
and they are now finding it funny. Everybody know that football is just like
rice and beans which everybody share on Christmas in Nigeria and now they are
making everybody to hate it, there is nothing we can do. Oliseh needs to be removed.

Patience Jonathan is the next biggest problem of Goodluck
after the Vodka Goodluck normally
drinks every morning. During Jonathan’s
reign, Nigeria was always drunk by 8am in the morning. The second biggest
problem he had after Vodka was this Patience.

How soon sir?
If they want
peace around that NFF, he needs to be removed. There is no voodoo there, there
is nothing there. You remember Okorodudu
the wrestler when he fought Joe Lasisi
the other day; he said Joe Lasisi
gave him a punch and he saw thunder, you could remember those days, that he was
seeing double, it was because that man was going insane (Laughter) Oh, why are
you laughing my brother? It is just the same thing. It has repeated itself
again. It is not a funny matter. Oliseh
is now accusing his own team of witch craft?
Patience Jonathan
Sir, you predicted in your Prediction
2015 book last year that Okonjo Iweala and Diezani Alison Madueke both
ministers of Finance and Petroleum minister under Goodluck Jonathan will be
tried and jailed. Today the PUNCH newspaper has the news that EFCC is probing
both, do you think your prophecy has been fulfilled?
Yes, it is
the fulfillment because Biafrans have already ruled during
the regime of Goodluck, he has
shared money to the Nyesom Nwikes, Godswill Akpabios,
Oduahs, Kingsley Kuku and people like Tompolo.
When you even look at the video and see the way and manner these people were
throwing parties in the creek, you will know that those people in the creek are
monkeys including Goodluck Jonathan
the drunkard. What do you expect him to do? This is a man who read zoology; it
was only God that helped us with Buhari
because Goodluck was only planning
to change the entire Nigeria to a banana republic where monkeys call the shot.
He almost created a cage for all of us so that we can all be jumping about
within the cage but God helped us and if this character had any shame in him,
he supposed not to travel to America
or Switzerland
collecting awards because he is still going to jail. Obasanjo went to jail, it is not a new thing Okonjo Iweala will go to jail because she mismanaged our economy
and the same thing applies to Diezani
Alison Madueke
and all the service chiefs involved in the security
equipment funds scam
Peter Odili
Sir, during the Church celebration of
Mr. Nyesom Nwike’s Supreme Court Victory in Port Harcourt, we saw former first
lady Patience Jonathan with two other governors, Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa and
Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom in the church; what do you think is the fate of
Patience Jonathan? 
Patience Jonathan is the next biggest problem of Goodluck Jonathan after the Vodka Goodluck normally drinks every morning. During Jonathan’s reign, Nigeria was always drunk by 8am in the morning.
The second biggest problem he had after Vodka
was this Patience. This same woman
was a road side food seller before she married him, so, when they got to Aso
, they couldn’t handle it. Her case is just like someone taking a
pig to go and visit a priest; that is the problem. They will soon bounce on
her. They will soon bounce on them (She and her husband) because they have
killed a lot of people around Portharcourt and Bayelsa.
If Nyesom Nwike thinks he can go
scot free, he will still be visited with cancer; that is what is very glaring
and the way the other man died, the man who wrapped himself like a female from
(Cuts in) You mean DSP
Yes, that is
the same way Nwike is going to die.
You know I have predicted it; he will first of all lose his wife before he will
now have the cancer.
You mean Governor Nyesom Nwike?
Yes, he
cannot finish this regime. They can throw parties, they can even cello-tape
dollars and make it a red carpet, don’t worry about it; they are only
celebrating their own mediocrity. The judiciary is stinking and Buhari will need to clear off those old
judges and employ younger people, the government can even go abroad and look
for someone, a qualified Nigerian legal practitioner who can do the job but
this carcass Supreme Court Judge is half dead, he is already in the grave for
taking money from those people and for even telling us that Nwike
won an election. The election that even the accreditation process was wrong and
even the killing on the day was crazy. So, where did you get the figure to make
Nwike the winner? They should go and
take the population of the place before we will disgrace the Supreme Court
judge because the registered number of voters and the accredited numbers of
voters are not the same. So, automatically, they should pursue it to logic. The
case should not be left that way; it should be pursued even up to Hague if
(Read what will happen to Fayose, TB
Joshua, Saraki & CBN Governor by Prophet Marcus on this blog shortly


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