Oladapo, Nwaeze Families Bows Out Of Maltina Dance All8 Academy

Oladapo Family
The curtains fell for the Oladapo and Nwaeze
families as they became the second set of families to exit the ongoing Maltina
Dance All (MDA) family dance show. They were evicted a
fter being put up for possible eviction from the ‘Rhythm of Naija’ and ‘New Age’ dance performances. They now join the Leonard and Maisamari families who left the show
last week.
The three judges – Muyiwa
Jeffery Page and Comfort Fedoke – had carefullydeliberated on the families that will be put up for
possible eviction. The 
Uzodinma and Uterefamilieshad earlier been selected for possible eviction alongside the
Oladapo and Nwaeze families who were earlier selected after their below the bar
performances at the two performance shows. The four families 
had to come back on stage to finetune their
routinesin the ‘Rhythm of Naija’ and ‘New Age’ dance
maintain their slots in the academy.

The tension in the hall was evident as
the four families took to the stage one after the other to keep their dreams
alive. The families competed first to the ‘Rhythm of Naija’ dance style. First
on stage was Uzodinma family who performed to Lil Kesh’s Shoki followed
by the Nwaeze family who upped the tempo with their dance rendition to MC
Galaxy’s Sekem. The Utere family who were next up on stage danced
to Skales Shake Body whilst the Oladapo family who performed
last, danced to Runtown’s Gallardo.

For the New age dance performance, the
Nwaeze family opened the dance floor after which the Uzodinma family followed
with a performance which got both the audience and judges off their seats. Next
up on stage was the Oladapo family while the Utere family capped off the
exciting night with an amazing performance dancing to Egwu, a
song by Flavour.
Nwaeze Family

After all the families had put in their
best performances it was then decision time as two families had to be evicted.
After careful and very thorough deliberations, the judges were unanimous in
their verdict as they were simply not impressed with the performances of the
Oladapo and Nwaeze families who were thus evicted from the Maltina academy.

Comfort Fedoke who commented on the
 said most of the families who have
participated at the eviction showdown always come back to the stage with so
much vibrancy and determination; as she applauded them for their Rhythm of
Naija performances.

Muyiwa Osinaike, – the oldest judge on
the show – while commenting on the dance steps – enjoined the families to
perfect the act of chorography to suite the songs as this bring about the
enjoyment the audience desire to see on the show.

Prior to the eviction showdown, the Oladapo family -who have been up for possible eviction for the second
time -promised to fight their way back as they 
the judges and the audience that they will come back the next day to give their
best and 
maintain their spot in
the academy.
But they were unable to impress the judges with their performance which
earned them their ticket home.

Senior Brand
Manager Maltina Mr
. Wole Adedeji said Maltina Dance All
is one way among many that NB Plc is restating its brand values. “MDA is about
the dancer’s creative ability, knowledge of different dance styles, stamina and
fitness. The task is no doubt enormous but it is a delight to see the result it
has been producing in the last 
7 seasons.
Some of the dancers have taken their career further than the Maltina Dance All
stage; while some are dancing locally others are doing it internationally”. 
He revealed.

The Maltina Dance
All season 
winning family will now take home N10 million while the first and  second
runners up will take home N
3 million and
1million respectively. The show is in tune with the
brands promise of “Sharing happiness,” creating excitement, fun and nourishment
for the entire family, it is equally a 
dance show
where families strive to outdo each other by showcasing different types of
dance steps and styles to compete for the star prize.


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