Prophet warns Aliko Dangote over sudden death in Plane Crash | Says “His body might not be found for burial”

Aliko Dangote
A strong Prophetic warning has been sent to
Africa’s richest man and Nigerian born billionaire industrialist and  founder of Dangote Group of Companies,
Alhaji Aliko Dangote that he should pray against what will make his
private jet to crash and his body lost without the opportunity of being found
for proper burial in the Islamic way. This prophecy was delivered to the Forbes
rated billionaire by no other person than Republic of Ireland based
Nigerian born prophet, Dr. Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan of Celestial
Church of Christ
, Elisha Parish (Europe and Nigeria)

The World renowned Man of God in his new book,
Revelation 2016, gave a full detailed background into the activities of
the billionaire business man who is controlling almost 65% of the Nigerian
economy, and what the Lord has in the offing for him. Starting from Page 188 of
the book which was launched in Nigeria on Sunday January 2016, the man famously
called “Nostradamus of our time” started his prophecy with a tale for the
billionaire industrialist. Hear him;

Cover of the Revelations 2016 by Prophet MKO Tibetan

Message from the Messenger…
“The Lord said I should tell you an event that
happened at Ilaramokin roundabout in Ondo State, Nigeria.
At the Ilaramokin roundabout, there were policemen who normally
exercise random checking of vehicles that pass through the place. There was a
young man who had lived in London for over 20 years. He was waiting for his
landed property papers; he finally got the papers, and decided to come to
Nigeria to see his family and friends. After he had been given the red
passport, he came to Nigeria through the British Airways, and lodged in a
hotel close to Muritala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja. He took a
taxi to proceed to Ilaramokin in Ondo State to see
his parents. When he got to Ilaramokin roundabout, the policemen
stopped and searched the taxi. They saw so much pounds and Naira
in the man’s bag. The policemen arrested him and the taxi driver; drove them
some kilometers away from the roundabout; stopped the taxi and instructed the
taxi driver to get down from the car, but he refused. They shot the driver and
the man from London, and carted away his money and baggage”.

Aliko Dangote’s Prophecy 1

“Be careful, because one day, your jet will
drop you where your corpse will not be found for burial. (1Sam 14:14) You will have stroke and diabetes. Pray
against what will make you sleep without waking up between now and 2021”.
“Twenty years later, the son of one of the
policemen who killed the Londoner was also returning from his trip
abroad. He arrived in Lagos and chartered a car to take him to Ondo
State. When he got to Ilaramokin, he had an accident and
died on the spot. The policeman, while lamenting, confessed to his friends at
the burial of his son that nemesis has caught up with him. (Nahum 1:1-10; Num.
32:23, 20:10, 16; Ps. 49, 94; Judges 1:1-10) The lesson here is: vengeance
belongs to God, and whatsoever a man soweth, he shall reap. The junction where
an innocent blood was shed was also where his own son had an accident and
instantly died”.

Dr. MKO Tibetan

The Revelations…
The Prophet opened his series of warnings with a
question for the billionaire on Page 189 of the book “Dangote, have you learnt
from this story?”
 He continued “It is God who created you and
made you who you are today. No man will die and be buried inside two different pits;
it is not possible.          Why can you
not reduce the price of cement for Nigerians as done in the Republic of Benin?” 

“Read John 8:20; Matt15:16-end; Matt.10; John 4:18-end, John 8:3-end; 1Tim 6:1-10;
Luke 12:9,-end; 1Sam 25) Can you be in Lagos
and America at the same time?      You need to change from your bad ways to
good.     Jer. 1:19 says, “When Nigeria wants to change from the Federal
Republic of Nigeria
to United States of Nigeria, the
trouble will start from the North. We are not Federal Republic of Nigeria
or one Nigeria. A time is coming when each state will go and look for money to
finance herself without any assistance from the Federal Government. That is
what United
States of Nigeria
is all about- a confederation where there is autonomy
of the federating states.If United States of Nigeria does not
come to reality in Buhari’s regime, it will be initiated before year 2040”

The Prophet gave
the billionaire more revelations “The Lord said you will bury members of your
family. Be careful, because one day, your jet will drop you where your corpse
will not be found for burial. (1Sam 14:14) You will have stroke and diabetes. Pray
against what will make you sleep without waking up between now and 2021”.

Aliko Dangote’s Prophecy2

More warnings….       
The prophecy
continued on page 190 of the book “You will hear strange noise. The Lord said
we should warn you and your cartel against ripping Nigerians off. The Lord said
He will quicken your death; He will call you home earlier than expected for
making life difficult for Nigerians. You need to apologize to Nigerians for the
wrongs you have done to them. Your fore-fathers (allegedly) started Boko
Haram and handed it over to Babangida, Obasanjo etc. You do not pay the normal tax rate, yet, you increase
the prices of your products in the country at will. You do not pay charges on
the trucks, cars and goods you bring into the country, yet you still cheat
Nigerians. Reduce the price of cement before you meet your untimely death. Set
up mechanized farming”. The Prophet warned.
(For enquiries on
how to get the Revelation 2016 book,
kindly reach the Prophet through his Dublin, Republic of Ireland office on: 009353899609994, 009353876696370,
009353861033987 or his London office on +44796-1714-893 or +44740-5426-336. His
Nigerian Contact is 080-37171-730)


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