Quick wins by teens as Code Camp Africa starts

Code Camp Africa participants

youngsters in the Code Camp Africa programme, vacation 2016 is taking a wholly
different turn into an odyssey in computing. Fifteen students registered in the first week of the programme aimed at
equipping participants with knowledge on programming, the language of design in
the world of computing.

excited recounting of what they have done in one week is infectious.
Participants range from eight years to 14 years. They gather for half a day
every day in a classroom at New Hall International School, Chevy Estate, Lekki.

have learnt, in technical terms, HTML Basics, CSS Basics and Computer
Fundamentals. In real terms, they tell of learning how to design websites for
various purposes. Most have programmed websites for games, while others have
designed websites for other things that catch their fancies including sports
and shopping.
The pupils are
learning to code; the computer language used to
develop apps, websites and software.

Andela instructor with Kamsi Emesibe and Ronke Adeniyi

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Adeola is making a website about games. He has learnt to create a registration
code, make links, create a background and videos. Kamsi Emesibe Ebuka is building a website about cars while another is
doing his website about politicians.
pupils say, in the words of young Ronke Adeniyi, that “Code Camp Africa has
taught me that no matter what your age, you can do anything. It is not only
undergraduates that can design websites. It is possible to do anything whether
you are young or old. Code Camp is a new world of fun.”
The organisers
of the programme are Code Camp Africa, a firm
commited to developing capacity in technology
and that inspires and
builds up the interest of young people in technical fields. They have support
from several other companies including
Diamond Bank, who provided sponsorship to bring down the cost for almost half the price.

Diamond Bank Youth Segment rep Adaora Ojukwu addressing the participants

Diamond Bank
has emerged a dedicated sponsor with a keen interest in the project beyond
provision of funds. Officers from its youth segment visit the camp regularly to
monitor activities and the progress of the learners. Diamond Bank plays
actively in the youth segment with various products and programmes aimed at
youth, including the offer of a Diamond Scholar to the participant with the
highest proficiency.
The programme
commenced July 25 and would run until
August 18. The structure is such that the students take on a new project each
week so participants can join every week.

Youngsters at Code Camp Africa

technology firm Andela offers tutorials.
One of the rare gems in Nigeria’s tech industry, Andela is the go-to firm for
technology talent. “Andela selects the top 1% of tech talent from the largest
pool of untapped talent in the world -the African continent”. Andela recruits
the best young talent from the educational system across Africa, trains them
and hires them off to the best technology firms across the world. CNN asserts
that it is harder to get into Andela than Harvard.
Foods provides meals. The food services company that caters for airlines and
more is planning a roll out of outlets across Lagos for its light meal and coffee offerings.
is an organization dedicated to encouraging
greater participation of females in technology.

Excited youngsters at Code Camp Africa

Edwin Momife, chief promoter of Code Camp
Africa, said the idea is to equip the participants with skills and cognitive
ability to use ICT to solve problems. “Digital is the language of today and
more so of tomorrow. Africans need to be able to
address the problems in
their environment with modern technology now
epitomised by the computer.”
Momife added, “We believe that when you teach
children how to code early in life, the African dream benefits.”

Ronke Adeniyi, Abdulrahim Adeola and Benjamin Adeniyi

The future programmers learning to code


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