Tinubu is greatest Yoruba Leader of this era — Scooba

Scooba to Asabeafrika….’I want Nigerians to give Tinubu his gratitude for piloting our political fortune to this level’
A Lagos
based businessman, Mr. Oluwafemi James
aka Scooba has called on Nigerians to recognize and appreciate the
leadership role of the national leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) Asiwaju
Bola Ahmed Tinubu
in the evolution of progressive opposition in Nigeria.
exclusively to Asabeafrika inside his Afariogun, Ikeja-Lagos South West Nigeria office penultimate Monday evening, Mr. Adejuwon who is the Chief Executive
Officer of Scooba Security Doors Limited
frowned at the manner some Nigerians are trying to downgrade the  political achievements of Tinubu in the making of present day Nigerian democracy. The
business man expressed his frustration this way “I think as a people, we must
imbibe the spirit of gratitude, I don’t know how you see it but to me,
gratitude is a necessary sacrifice we must give to those who took their time
and energy to solve knotty political issues in our polity”

Speaking in
defense of Tinubu, Scooba said “I feel let down that some
people will forget so soon, how Tinubu
stood his grand in the last ten years to save Lagos and the entire South West
from the divisiveness of the PDP. Tinubu
has always risen beyond pettiness to install leaders with gut in positions of
authority. He was the one who gave us Fashola,
he gave us Buhari, he gave us Osinbajo and today in Lagos, he has
succeeded again in giving us another energetic leader, Ambode. So, why should anyone undermine his influence in Nigeria?”

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu with ex-Governor of Abia State & Publisher, Sun Newspaper, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu

Adejuwon who said he is not a politician but a
fan of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu gave
kudos to Sun Publishing Limited,
Publishers of Daily Sun Newspaper for recognizing the role Tinubu played in the election that
ushered in a new leadership at the center in 2015 with the honor of Politician
of The Year
in an elaborate event in Lagos on Saturday February 20th,
2016 “It is a great editorial decision for that newspaper (Daily Sun) to have
recognized Asiwaju as “Politician of
the Year”. In 2015, his singular discretion brought the biggest political
strategy and for the first time, Nigeria was liberated from the political
chains of a near single party state under PDP”
Defending Tinubu further, Scooba admitted that although that the leader-politician like any
other human being might have his shortcomings but he remains a credible leader
in all ramification “I agree with you that in the course of his political wit, Tinubu is bound to step on toes but can
we count that against the number of good things he has done?” Scooba asked with an aggressive tone
that makes him sound more like a wrestler trying to defend his belt. 

“On Tinubu, I can conveniently tell you that he was not a lawyer like Awolowo, he was not a soldier like Obasanjo but he was an accountant like Abiola. He understood the dynamics of
money as the super lubricant of all political hegemony. He understood poverty,
power and freedom of the mind from servitude”.

He made his
points further “Do you know how many people Tinubu is feeding in Nigeria as of today? Through his democratic
credentials, do you know how and what it takes to keep the fire of opposition
burning for 16 years? From AD to AC to A.C.N and APC, who would have sustained
such tempo and use it as a force to sack a ruling opposition? At times when I
think of how our people treat their heroes I just shed tears” Scooba submitted with a hint of regret.

The GDA of Asabeafrika with Scooba

Tinubu not on war path with Buhari
On the
allegation that Asiwaju Tinubu might
have fallen out with President Buhari
over recent ranting by top members of his family like his wife, Senator Oluremi Tinubu who complained bitterly over the spate of economy
under President Buhari’s regime
during a session in the senate and his daughter Folashade Tinubu-Ojo who led market women to Abuja last week to
protest against the government of the day, Scooba
has his answer ready “That is not true. The President can never be at war
with Asiwaju, don’t forget we are in
a democracy and both Tinubu’s wife
and his daughter are advanced adults in their own right, they are fully grown
adults married with their own principles and ideology. So, they are at liberty
to use their discretion without Tinubu’s
input. That does not mean Mr. President is at war with Asiwaju

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, National Leader, APC

Sensing that
you are likely going to raise more posers for him, Scooba raised his voice higher “Ok, you are all abusing Tinubu but the same man did a lot for
you people here in Lagos and at the national level. I hate ungratefulness.
Look, I will rather tolerate you as a boaster who renders help to me than an
easy going fellow who will never raise a helping hand to cater for my needs in
my low moments. If I come to you now, and I ask a favor from you and you render
the favor, you are free to go everywhere and say ‘Oh, if not for me, Scooba
wont succeed’, yes I will thank  you and
still appreciate you for that because that is your nature. But you don’t boast
around and yet you can’t help me, so, of what value are you to humanity?”
“I have
visited Shoprite mall, Alausa severally, and most times I
can’t even find a space to park my car and I say ‘thank God for Tinubu’. That
is the tough of a leader; to bring into being what never exist. You can join
the bandwagon of people who said he owns the mall and you can also join the
bandwagon of those who said he leased the land out but let me ask you few
questions; ‘how many Nigerian leaders stole money from our coffer and invested
same money here? Do you know the amount of funds sleeping in Swiss accounts? Do
you know how many big funds sleeping in accounts in London, America,
and other countries? Do you know how much of Abacha’s stolen wealth that has been recovered in the last ten
years? But a man who took compassion on people to invest and create wealth and
opportunities for many, we are here, busy talking him down; at times, when I
see how people try to ridicule that man (Asiwaju) drops of tears stroll down my
eyeballs because I know what it means to help people and same people turn back
to stab you in the back. It could be painful, it could be cruel and it could be

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu with one of his foot soldiers, Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi

Between Tinubu, Awo & MKO
When Asabeafrika
asked him to compare between Tinubu,
late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo and late symbol of democracy Chief MKO Abiola who will Scooba
choose as the best Yoruba leader of all times, Scooba became diplomatic.
“If I say Tinubu, you will say I am biased and
maybe because of my passion for his leadership style and vision but I will tell
you a fact today”

Mr.  Oluwafemi James Adejuwon aka Scooba

The security
door expert whose company Scooba Door won the award of Best Security Door Company of Year 2015 by a conglomerate of media
organizations last year  spoke further
“You see, like the Bible noted, everything happens in its own season. There is
a season you were born, there was a season you started your life and a season
will come you will leave behind your legacy and people will only talk about
you” “This is how I see the whole issue, I think God loves the Yoruba
people for giving us from time to time what I call “Interventionist
Leaders”. Obafemi Awolowo was one of
the series of such interventionist leaders; he came to open our mind. I don’t
need to tell you more about what I mean by ‘opening our mind’; today you and I
are great benefactor of that singular act of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo”
“For MKO Abiola, he came to open our eyes;
his decision to damn the consequences and use his political trauma to unseat a
sit-tight- northern oligarchic military government thereby ushering in
democracy was enough evidence that the Yoruba tribe was in danger. But what
happened? Like Jesus, MKO used his own blood to cleanse the
Augean stable and by his death came the consideration for a southern President
in 1999 which brought in General now Chief
Olusegun Obasanjo
. You see, I didn’t want to mention Obasanjo in this interview but I can’t afford to jump the facts of
history. I won’t say because I am Scooba then, I will escape the
tenable facts of history. Good, Obasanjo
rode on that emotion and today, we have proven that we, the people of the South
West hold the lever of the economy of this country”

Mr. Oluwafemi James Adejuwon, CEO, Scooba Doors Ltd

“On Tinubu, I can conveniently tell you
that he was not a lawyer like Awolowo, he was not a soldier like Obasanjo but he was an accountant like Abiola. He understood the dynamics of
money as the super lubricant of all political hegemony. He understood poverty,
power and freedom of the mind from servitude. Tinubu learnt from the shortcomings of both Awolowo, Obasanjo and MKO and he used their individual
challenges to build his own individual strength. He was the lawyer, the soldier
and the accountant in one stead. He reformed the judiciary, built communal
democracy of the traditional institutions, brought lots of self enlightenment
to democratic institution and till date, he is a blind giver who can even give
away his own eyeballs to satisfy the convenience of his people. He is the
combination of Awo’s decisiveness, Obasanjo’s stubbornness and MKO’s generosity.
He is the greatest Yoruba Leader of this era” 


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