Untold Secret of how MKO Abiola’s brother, Uncle Bashy died on October 2nd + How Romance with IBB caused him role as Family Head

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika….’IBB might be feeding MKO Abiola’s family but not The Abiola Family of Abeokuta’

It is no more news that Alhaji Mubashiru Abiola, the surviving
younger brother of late business mogul and winner of June 12, 1993 Presidential
election, Bashorun MKO Abiola passed away at age of 73 on
Friday, October 2nd 2015. His remains were laid to rest the next day
beside the grave of his two late wives. His funeral was attended by top
dignitaries including former minister of Mines and Steel Development, Alhaji Sarafa Ishola, General Manager
of OGTV, Alhaji Ayinde Soaga, his elder brother, Yaya Soaga, Chief Taiwo Sobande and a member of the House of Representatives, Mikahil Kazzim. Others who attended are
Engineer Ramon Abiola, Lekan Abiola,
Jamiu Abiola and Dr. Doyin Abiola.  However, scion of the Late MKO Abiola dynasty
Kola Abiola and his siblings, Deji and the rest were absent. Honorable Lola Abila Edewor, MKO’s
eldest child was equally absent.

The late Alhaji
Abiola in his life
time was known to have drawn a lot of bad blood among some members of the large
Abiola family of Abeokuta. It was during the 20th anniversary of the June 12,
1993 Presidential election, won by late business mogul Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola two years ago, which fell
on Wednesday June 12, 2013 that the unbelievable happened.

 A statement from Alhaji Mubashiru Abiola aka Uncle
that General Ibrahim Babangida, the man who annulled the
election of his elder brother was the pillar of the Abiola family led to the
denouncing of Uncle Bashy as Head of Family by a segment of the family.
 The 20th year celebration kicked
off with encomium from several interest groups and state governments in the
South western part of the country in honor of the late politician who died in
the military dungeon under General
Abubakar five years
after struggling for his mandate.
 News paper headlines were greeted the next day
(June 13th) with interviews purportedly granted by the now late Alhaji Mubashiru Abiola acclaiming the
man who annulled his brother’s election, General
Ibrahim Babangida
as the “Pillar of Support” for their family. The
interview which was granted to both electronic and print media soon went viral
as many Nigerians were quite surprised at Uncle
Bashy’s statement.

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Ibrahim Babangida
did not only annulled MKO Abiola’s election which was adjudged the freest and fairest in
the history of election in Nigeria but the June 12 winner was subsequently
arrested and jailed under IBB’s successor, General
Sani Abacha and later died under General Abdulsalami Abubakar.
Chief Mohammed Murthala Olanrewaju Abiola,
the newly appointed head of the Abiola  family issued a communiqué in a Press
Conference hours after late Bashy’s
acclaim that IBB is the pillar of the family,  informing the general public of the decision
of the family to de-rob Uncle Bashy
from parading himself as head of the family and spokesman of any arm of the
family. The Conference which was witnessed by Secretary of the family, Engineer
Saliu Babatunde Abiola
took place in Lagos and Ogun state (South West
Nigeria) respectively.
Chief Mohammed Murthala
Olanrewaju Abiola
who is the Aare-Ona Kakanfo of Ode-Ile
in Abeokuta, Ogun state and an accomplished accountant gave a vivid description
of the character of Alhaji Bashir Abiola.
He described the “Head of the Family” as someone who lacks good manners and
scruple. He equally went into history of how their late father, late Salaudeen Abiola allegedly disowned Bashy some fifty years ago and how Bashy became a thorn in the flesh of his elder brother, late MKO
before his demise in 1998.
Late MKO Abiola
Your Soar Away Africa’s number 1
Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika
reproduces excerpts from that encounter two years ago. It is a quite revealing
encounter on happenings within the Abiola family. Enjoy the excerpts.

Sir, Thanks for giving us your
attention after this emergency family meeting. Two days ago (June 12) the 20th
anniversary of your late brother, MKO Abiola’s June 12 mandate was celebrated
across the country. But what drew attention from all quarters was the statement
made by your immediate elder brother, Alhaji Mubashiru Abiola aka Uncle Bashy
that former military president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida who annulled
Abiola’s electoral mandate has equally been the pillar of your family in the
last 20 years. How do you react to this statement?
Thank you;
(Cleared his throat), I am Chief
Mohammed Murthala Olanrewaju
I am the Osi Baale of Agbado land and the Aare Ona-kakanfo of Ode-Ile,
Abeokuta in Ogun state. The truth is that this kind of thing has been happening
long time ago, even before the death of MKO
because Bashiru Abiola
(Uncle Bashy) as we know him is not acting like the true son of our father. He
behaves like a bastard. Initially, in those days, our father was a party leader
in Chief Awolowo’s Action Group at Oja-Agbo
in our area, Abeokuta. During the political crisis of Awolowo and Akintola,
tried to divide the party, so he became the leader of the anti-Awolowo group;
we call it “Demo”. And since our father was the Action Group Party leader in
our area, Bashiru as a son to Salaudeen Abiola who is his father,
went and joined Osanyintola group which is “Demo”,  and planned with them to come and burn down
our father’s house. This same Bashiru, since that time, he has
been a traitor to his own family. So, if we go back to history, we will always
find facts. I don’t want to talk much; initially I wanted us to distinguish and
define MKO Abiola family and Abiola family. There is a difference between the two; Abiola Family is the parental source of
all the Abiolas whereas MKO
family is strictly for Moshood
Kashimawo Olawale
Abiola, which
includes his wives and his children. Abiola
belongs to Chief Salaudeen
our father and because we are many, we have sons and daughters who
are grown ups. They are under the umbrella of Abiola family. But when
we are talking of MKO Abiola family
which Bashiru is claiming to be the
head, I can not argue with him but for (The larger) Abiola family, no way, because he lacks the leadership quality to
lead such a big and rational minded family. All of us are learned, we have
accountants and engineers among us. MKO
is an accountant, I am an accountant. Our elder sister is a banker, Sule Abiola is an engineer. This Tunde (Secretary of the family) is an
engineer. There is another Taju who
is an engineer. The youngest of all of us is a PHD holder in Business
Administration, he works with Habib Bank.
So, we are many and I can tell you there was never a time we appointed him head
of the family. So, claiming to be the head of Abiola family, I think he is just making jest of himself.

The Late Alhaji Mubashiru Abiola aka Uncle Bashy

You wrote a letter to Uncle Bashy in
June 2004, titled “Sovereignty of Abiola Family” where you drew his attention
to certain illicit character he displayed and why he should not be seeing doing
so. You also made mention of one Kazeem Family he uses to defraud your family,
can you expatiate on why you wrote him such a strong worded letter?
What really
happened then was not different from what is happening right now. The Kazeem family is from maternal side of MKO Abiola and they have their own
identity. They don’t put MKO in
their name; they just go simply by the name Kazeem family. They have their own head there but because of the
hanky-panky of Bashiru Abiola, he
joined Kazeem family with his own MKO
, I will not say Abiola
family. So, anything we want to do in our family, he will invite the Kazeem family, even if we want to do
meeting, he will say they must come. So, that was what got me angry and
warranted the letter. I said there must be sovereignty of Abiola family. We are
Abiola family not Kazeem family, it is not mixed. We are
enough. We are not short of personalities.
“He is a lazy man, he has no job. So
anytime he needs money, he either brings knife or juju or meet MKO in his bedroom and he will say ‘I will kill you if
you don’t give me money’. Several times, MKO reported him to us—“E wo,wo,wo
Bashiru, O fe pa mi o”

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika…’Most of MKO Abiola’s wives except Simbi & Kudi are traitors’
So, how do you feel with his 20th
anniversary statement that Babangida is the “pillar of your family”?
Maybe from
his own side, I don’t know him (IBB). I met IBB last when he came to MKO Abiola to beg for financial
assistance sometimes ago. Most of the funds he was spending then was MKO’s
monies; foreign currency. I was in the same sitting room with Babangida and MKO; that was the day I saw him last. That was around 1991 when he
was planning his transition program. But with what Bashy is now saying, I can not explain it because I don’t normally
go to Ikeja (MKO’s palatial mansion), maybe Babangida has a room there as the head of MKO family. But he, Bashiru who is everywhere, he is
everywhere. Because he can not sustain himself, he begs for money everywhere.
He has turned himself to nuisance in the presence of MKO’S friends because he will go there and beg for money. So, in my
own conclusion, what he is saying is understandable to only him. As I already
said, he is a traitor. And you can not far fetch that from his ignominious
submission two days ago.
Is it true that he equally had
problems with MKO in his life time?
times, times without number. He is a lazy man, he has no job. So anytime he
needs money, he either brings knife or juju or meet MKO in his bedroom and
he will say ‘I will kill you if you don’t give me money’. Several times, MKO
reported him to us—“E wo,wo,wo Bashiru, O fe pa mi o (Mimicking MKO; “See
Bashiru want to kill me o”). So, this is what is happening to us, right from
his youth, he has been a rascal and that was why I was telling him that he
should change before he dies. But he equally told me that he is getting old,
that I should bear him until his death. That he can not change.
Lola Edewor-Abiola…Shuns Uncle’s funeral like her brother, Kola

You mean he said that to you?
He confirmed
it. He told me that.
Is it equally true that your father
disowned him as a teenager?
It is true.
It is inside my document there. I will like you to take that document and read
it carefully, when he got to Primary Six,
because he is older than me by a year and a half. He was born in 1942, I was
born in 1944. So, his experience is not all that more than my own. When he was
in Primary Six, I was in Primary Five. But when you get to primary six in those
days, you have to sit for G2. They call it G2 that was the Awolowo free
education system then. So, he (Bashy) refused to sit for that G2. Then our
father said he should go and obtain form to enable him enter secondary school,
he refused as well, because naturally, right from his school days, he has been
a rascal. He hated to be tasked. So, it is that rascality that has germinated
up to his adulthood. So, our father disowned him. It was MKO who went after him
after several years and rehabilitated him. So, you can see that he is playing
to type with his activities and antecedent.
But to be sincere, has there been any
such money from IBB that was shared by the Abiola family in the past?
Not to my
knowledge. Not to my knowledge but I heard and I read in the paper that he
(Bashy) used to go to Babangida in Minna
and he (IBB) will give them money. I don’t know the people he takes with him
but surely not me. I am not aware.
Does he declare such money?
He never
declared any money to the family. He never declared any money to the family,
maybe after some time, he will just blab over it when we are discussing. Even
when Obasanjo was in power, he went
there, Obasanjo gave him money for
the family; he never gave anybody. When I confronted him, he said it is he, Bashiru that went to greet Obasanjo that the money was meant for,
not the family. Look, I don’t know IBB
and I am not in any game with him. Even when Kudi was killed and IBB
attempted to attend that funeral, I told people there if Babangida entered that my brother’s compound, (Ikeja) I will kill
him and I was there. I meant it. People who were there that day knew that I
tried to “shake” him but he escaped before I reached ikeja. I was the one who even received Ishaya Bamaiyi that day.
It was when I escorted Bamaiyi out;
I quickly went somewhere to take soft drink. So, when they came to inform me
that IBB was around, I rushed down there but he was smart enough to have left.
Are you now speaking on behalf of the
Abiola family that General Ibrahim Babangida has never given you a dime?
IBB has never given Abiola
family any money. I am not talking about MKO
family but Abiola family.
That is why I am telling you the press to help us analyze the difference
between MKO Abiola family and Abiola family because what is going on
with Bashy issue is very ridiculous.
So, who is really in-charge of Abiola
I am now. It
started with the MKO legacy campaign, there was a paid publication in Guardian
newspaper, I sign and spoke for the family. So, I am the head of the family.
Are you now confirming that Alhaji
Mubashiru Abiola is no more the spokesman for the family?
We have
never elected him to be spokesman; we only gave him a privilege which he has
consistently misused. Because some people know him as the junior brother to MKO, they go to him and instead of him
to re-direct them to us, he usurp leadership role and play his tantrum. The
whole thing started with Governor Segun
regime in Ogun state. The Governor gave us financial assistance for
the June 12 celebration many years ago. After the celebration, we decided to go
and show appreciation and we decided to appoint a leader among ourselves. As an
elderly one among us, we decided to allow him play the leadership role. We
didn’t elect him as head of the family but leader of that particular delegation
to Osoba but he soon continue to
fool himself around after that.

Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika….’I stopped going to MKO Abiola’s house
because of the activities of his wives with his traitors’

We also leant Osoba re-built his
house for him at a point in time?
That was a
continuation of the whims and caprices of Bashiru,
I will only say that he is not faithful to Osoba.
He purposely by himself razed his own house, put fire. Yes, everybody knows and
the papers even carried it at the time. He did that purposely, in order to
extort money from Osoba and Ogun
state and Osoba indeed gave him. It
is Osoba that repaired that place he
calls his house now.
In a recent interview, he equally
complained that the Abeokuta family house of the Abiolas has remained
deplorable because Government didn’t come to their rescue. Is he the estate
manager of the giant structure?
It is part
of the issues I raised in my letter to him; he has converted the family house
to his personal estate. He has taken in tenants in all the apartments and he is
collecting rents. Instead of repairing the house, he is spending the money. He
spent the money without recourse to anybody, even my own apartment, a two
bedroom flat at the upper part of the property, if you go there now, you will
see that I locked it with chain. I had to do that because he broke into the
apartment and rent it out, it was when I threatened to take him to the police,
claiming that I lost substantial sum of money in the apartment that he quickly
begged me and sent away the tenant because he knew it was a case that could
swallow him. So, I had to lock that place. It is under lock and key now; I hope
he hasn’t broken into the place again and rent it out because it has been long
I went there. And he is desperate for money.

Kola Abiola…Dodged Uncle when alive and shunned him in death

I feel I should ask you this; why do
you think Babangida always flirt with MKO Abiola family knowing fully well that
his decision caused the death of their breadwinner. You just told us how he
came for Kudirat Abiola’s funeral and subsequent events like weddings and all
that in the family. Is there anything you find funny with his gesture?
There was a
publication where I addressed the press sometimes ago, and I said MKO’s wives,
apart from late Simbi and Kudirat are traitors. They are big time
traitors because you see them flirt around with their late husband’s foes
because of money. Because the time Abdulsalami’s
government was planning to release MKO, and the family was asked to go and
prepare, these same group of women went to Abuja to go and collect money. In
fact, they even lodged in Babagana
You mean the man who betrayed their

Abdulsalami Abubakar

Can you mention their names?
They are Bisi, Doyin and Lola, the
daughter. That is why I said I don’t want to indulge myself with issues
relating to MKO Abiola’s family and that is why Major Hamza Almustapha
keeps harping on the fact that MKO
family collected huge sums of money from the military government.
He is not joking, he is not a comedian. He is saying facts but I can tell you
it is not Abiola’s family. It is
probably MKO Abiola’s family. That is why I said, you journalists should help
us enlighten the public about the difference between Abiola family and MKO Abiola
Do you suspect that those women have
some funny relationships with IBB and other MKO’s antagonists that now pretend
as friends?
According to
information at my disposal, I am aware those women get money from anywhere they
can get. So, it is not only from Babangida.
They can even crawl to Abdulsalami
. Anywhere they can get money. Tinubu
was a good ally to MKO Abiola. He
gave enormous assistance to that household but it got to a stage when the whole
thing turned upside down. You know woman to woman, Imagine Tinubu’s wife suspecting MKO
wives. Because they don’t allow him rest, everywhere, Gran! Gran!!
Gran!!! End of the month, Ghana must go for each. So, anywhere they can get
money, they rush in, that is their own job. I entered that house last, maybe
the day we were burying MKO. I don’t go there, I don’t know what is going on
unless what I read in the paper and hear from people.
Is it true that Uncle Bashy and Kola
Abiola have a cordial relationship?
You mean Kola and Mubashiru? It is not true; they are enemies now. Initially, because
of the legacy, Kola was using him.
So, after Bashiru came to me, and I
told him categorically that MKO is only my brother, I am not a member of MKO’s
family. The property of MKO belongs to his children and that is all. If Abiola had not written down a will, it
would have been a different story entirely. Then the parental Abiola family can take up things and
mediate. But MKO has will and we that are his brothers and sisters, he gave us
the little he can. He put us in the will as one time payment.

Doyin Abiola….attended late Mubashiru Abiola’s funeral

So, what do you think about the will?
Right from
the onset, we knew the will was forged. The time MKO passed on, according to
the Yoruba culture, it is we the family that will make plan for the burial
ceremony of our brother. Because I have not seen where a son will carry his
father and bury him because as a son, you are expected to still be mourning
because your father died at a prime age. They killed your father and yet, you
stayed with those who killed your father in Abuja, making arrangement for
autopsy and other mundane things; knowing fully well that MKO is a Muslim and was to be buried on the same day he passed on.
But he still stayed with his father’s enemies. Hence when we were in Lagos
waiting for the body to arrive, they were in Abuja doing something else. Yoruba
says ‘if a friend betrays you, you should not bother because “eni abinibi nda ni” (Brothers betrays
brothers). Even “Omo, n da Baba” (A
son can betray his father) because at the end of the whole show, I heard and I
reads in the paper that Kola got
contract from Abacha. So, that is
why I am not happy with MKO Family.
I am not happy with them till now; I don’t attend their ceremonies, marriage or
other celebrations. I told you it is a long time I have been to that house. I
don’t want to see them because they contribute to the death of my brother. MKO was a breadwinner for the entire
Abiola family, not just his children.
As the head of the family now, what
is the way forward for unity to reign?
Well, I will
try my best. For Bashy, he is no
more the leader of the Abiola family
because two masters can not pilot a ship. It is not possible. Then, in the
Yoruba culture, it is not the age that determines the head of the family, it is
the intelligence. When MKO was the
head of Abiola family, he had so
many elder brothers. Brother Oni Fila,
brother Ganiyu and many others who
were senior to MKO but because of his intelligence, they made him head of the
family. So, Bashiru can not say
because he is older than us, then he can promote himself as head of the family.
It is not possible. He is not qualified. He is not educated, no intelligence.
He is a hooligan from youth age and people see him in his precedence and
So, how does his statement make the
family feel at the moment?
The only
thing is that I will appeal to every sane Nigerian home and abroad, who read
the nonsense he granted as an interview on June 12, 2013, that he is doing what
he is doing based on his antecedent. He is after money. So, it is the love of
money that is making him do all what he is doing. I think it is also lack of
intelligence. He is a disgrace to our family.


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