Untold Story of my Love Life with Buari Oloto — Ex Wife, Alhaja Amope Kinoshi + Why she re-married her school life lover

Alhaja Amope Kinoshi, CEO, Soak Ventures Ltd & ex-Wife of Alhaji (Dr.) Buari Abu Alade Oloto

Alhaja Sherifat Abiodun
Amope Kinoshi
sells classy lady shoes, bags and
fashion accessories on Lagos Island. Her store, Soak Ventures Ltd at Oceanic Plaza, Balogun street, Lagos, is a
beehive of activities for big Lagos Madams who don’t mind the money that goes
into their fashion kits. This woman of style who is jovial and business savvy
is not only famous among her circle of friends but equally amiable in attitude.
Sometimes ago, she disclosed the
secret of her once upon a time relationship with popular Lagos land merchant
and socialite, Alhaji (Dr.) Buari Abu
Alade Oloto
. It was weeks after the Wedding
of  her only child for the
famous land merchant in the person of Barrister
(Mrs.) Adijat Omodolapo Oloto
married, Iwo-Osun State born Bolaji Saka.
The ceremony took place with that of her half sister,  Tawakalitu
Folashade Oloto
, an accountant who married Nasir Dawodu Orieran on an auspicious Sunday June 30th
in Lagos. The event which had two prominent kings from the Yoruba Kingdoms of Oyo and Lagos in the person of
Iku-baba-Yeye, Oba (Dr.) Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi (111) the Alaafin of Oyo and Oba (Dr.) Rilwan Osuolale Akiolu, the Olowo Eko and Oba of Lagos
was the talk of town for many months as Fuji Music Czar, K-One De-Ultimate staged a very huge performance to usher the two
Oloto girls into marriage life.

Dr. Buari Oloto with Daughters  Folashade & Omodolapo on their wedding day

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During the christening of her first grandchild,
a girl in the heart of Suru-Lere—Lagos,
Asabeafrika got some best kept
secrets of her life which has never been shared with anyone before. This blog
engaged the beautiful Ereko—Lagos Island born lady for two hours and she told
us a bit about her relationship with Dr.
Buari Oloto
the father of her lawyer daughter, Dolapo. She is presently married to Chief Taiwo Kinoshi whom she described as “The Love of my life”.

Amope with Dolapo & half sister, Folashade on their wedding day

Alhaja Amope Kinoshi spoke to Asabeafrika in the
presence of her elder sister, Mrs.
Olabisi Fowora
and a couple of friends and associates from Lagos Island.
Enjoy the excerpts

Congratulations Madam. Today, we are
celebrating the delivery of your granddaughter. How do you feel at the moment
as the newest grandmother in town?

Alhaja Amope Kinoshi to Asabeafrika….’Buari Oloto is a very strict man but kind as well’

I am very
grateful to Almighty Allah. Because
what my daughter has been doing since the beginning of her life is great. She
is a much disciplined child and one that has made me proud. So I am happy and
thankful to God, she is the apple of my eyes.
How would you describe Barrister
Adijat Omodolapo Saka?

Omodolapo Adijat Saka (Nee Oloto)

She is my
daughter, she is a girl groomed with a great sense of discipline. She is well
disciplined, she is well trained. She loves everyone around her, she is a great
person and I am proud to be her mother. The pride of every mother is to see her
child grow to make success. She gives me joy and that is why we are here today
to celebrate a new phase in her life.
What were the potentials you found in
her as a kid that showed she was going to be a lawyer later in life?

The GDA meets Omodolapo inside her Car on Wedding Day

I know she
can talk. So immediately she told me she wanted to read law, I knew she would
be successful at it. She didn’t bother my head at all because my daughter can
talk and she can defend anybody. It is something that you will find in her
anytime and to God be the glory, today she is a lawyer.
On her wedding day with her half
sister, you looked so stressed up until the brides arrived. What actually was
going on in your mind at that moment?

Omodolapo Adija (R) with Half Sister Folashade Tawakalitu Oloto on their wedding day

heartily). What was on my mind that day was very interesting. That day which is
30th of June was a very special day. I witnessed it in peace and
good health and I pray to witness more of such days on planet earth In-Sha-Allah. I was not really stressed
up, I was just agitated like any other mother. Before then, there was fear and
anxiety, but on that very day, all my fears disappeared. T’eyan ba ge’shin ninu mi, ko
le kose
(If anyone rides a horse in my tummy, the person can never stumble).
That was how I felt on that very day of my daughter’s wedding. It is a great
feeling of accomplishment. I pray every good mother will experience such in
their life time.
Can you also use this opportunity to
describe your former husband and father of your daughter, Chief (Dr.) Buari
Alade Oloto. A lot of people believe he is a very fiery man. As his former
wife, how would you describe him?

The Dr. Buari Alade Oloto with daughters, Dolapo, Folashade & their hubbies


He is just a
disciplined man. You know there is nobody that does not have his own style. That
is his own style. In most cases, people miscomprehend his strength of character
and see it as high handedness, no; he is just a simple man. He is not wicked
but he is very intelligent and he dislikes people being cheated. He is a man
who loves to see things being done in the best way. He abhors stupidity and I think
you can see that in all his children, he ensured they all earned good education
and well brought up. You can see it in their attitude and character.
People say he is a no nonsense man
and we all saw how he took charge of the event during your daughters’ wedding

The Dr. Buari Alade Oloto brings the Alaafin of Oyo to his daughters’ wedding Nikkai

(Cuts in).
Yes, he is a no nonsense man. He can voice his opinion out right away and you
think he is angry with you. He can shout at you now. But from here to that
place, he has forgotten. In fact, he will be the one to even call you for
another assignment.  So, he doesn’t
begrudge people. He is a peace loving man and I think we should respect him for
his lifestyle.
Can you recollect some of the good
moments you shared with him while your romance lasted?

The GDA meets Alhaja Amope Kinoshi

again) Emi O le so yen o (I don’t
want to say anything on that issue o) (laughs heartily as she tries to discard
the question)
I think it will make a good reading
for his fans? Just a bit about your relationship won’t be a bad idea?

The GDA engages Alhaja Amope Kinoshi

You mean I
should talk about our relationship
Yes, we want to know?
At least
during my stay with him, he was a good man. He was an amiable person and a
disciplined father. That is all I can say to you.
So, how is your relationship now?

Alhaja Amope Kinoshi….Omo Nana Kukuru L’ode Ereko…

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Of course,
it is cordial because my daughter is there. We have a common connection which
is my daughter. So, our relationship is still cordial. I respect his views and
he equally respects mine. So, I don’t think there is anything unusual about our
We learnt you are now married to Chief
Taiwo Olanrele Kinoshi from Kenta area of Abeokuta, tell us something about

Amope Kinoshi and her Lawyer Daughter for Buari Oloto, Omodolapo Adijat

I don’t know
how to describe him, he is the love of my life, and he is everything to me. He
is there for me, Taiwo is there for me. He is a loving man; he is kind not just
to his wife alone but to everyone around him. 
He is very kind to everybody around me, everybody he knows and I am very
happy I am married to him. He is a generous man. A man with full understanding,
I thank Almighty Allah for the kind
of love he is showering upon me.
So how did you meet your present

Amope Kinoshi & her younger Brother

heartily) We met quite a long time when I was young. He was trying to chase me
then, but I didn’t understand him. We went apart for a long time until we met
again and the love picked up and here we are (Smiles).
Was it around the time you left him
that you met Dr. Buari Oloto?

Lady Amope Kinoshi on the Phone

No, that was
not it. Then, I was a student and he was equally a student. We were both young
and were just too exuberant to understand the challenges of romance or love life.
I was a student of Lagos Anglican Girls
High School
, Surulere while he was a student of Ansarudeen College, Isolo. He was just chasing me about then
but it never graduated into an affair. It was after I left Alhaji Oloto and he came
back and we ignited the romance all over again. He is based in the United
of America and he has been there for me from time to time.
Is he also a business man like you?

The GDA speaking to the Lagos business woman Amope Kinoshi

No, he is an ICT guru.
A lot of your friends came from
Balogun market to honor your daughter’s wedding ceremony and today, they are
also here to support you. What are you going to say to them?

Alhaja Amope Kinoshi on the Phone (A net worker of a lady)

I don’t know
what to say because I am short of words. I am short of words because everything
that comes to me in the last couple of weeks makes me happy and if you
experience that kind of happiness, if you are too happy, definitely you will be
short of words. I am really short of words; all I can say is that I am one of
the happiest women on planet earth at the moment. I am just happy.
So, who is Alhaja Sherifat Abiodun
Amope Kinoshi?

Alhaja Amope Kinoshi with associates at the naming ceremony of her grand daughter

I am from Lagos Island, from Ereko in the Lagos Island
and  Idumota
area (she went into her Oriki) Ara Ereko Ekirun, Keferi O Layole, Omo
abagi ja ma’a ba eyan ja. Omo Nono kukuru Lode Ereko. Omo Alowo Lowo K’oyinbo
to de, Oyinbo de, Owo naa tun wa po repete
my mother is half Ile-Ife
and half Epe but my father is from Lagos
precisely Ereko. He was an affluent man in his
life time; we have properties and businesses on Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ereko Street.
We are very enterprising people and we don’t joke with our work. We are very
enterprising and religious as well, all that you will find in my Oriki which says much about our people,
their beliefs, their industries and their life style. I am proud of my people,
I am proud of my heritage, I am proud of my religion. I am the last born of my parent;
I hold the sixth position in the family. I am into fashion accessories, (Shoes
and Bags precisely) I travel a lot and do businesses across the globe. We are a
very happy people and that you will see on the faces of my sisters who are here
with me.

Omodolapo with mum’s friend on her naming ceremony day
Omodolapo Adijat Oloto with her hubby, Mr. Saka on their wedding day
The Dr. Buari Oloto & Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Adeyemi Iku Baba Yeye
The Chief (Dr.) Buari Alade Oloto with his legal wife, Hajia Alimotu Shadia aka Iya Oyo
Omodolapo & Half Sister, Folashade in rare pose with the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi
Omodolapo & Saka in prayer mood for their baby
Alhaja Amope Kinoshi’s daughter, Omodolapo with her hubby Mr. Saka and their bundle of joy
Alhaja Alimatu Shadiat Oloto aka Iya Oyo, Alhaji Buari Oloto’s legal wife carries Alhaja Amope Kinoshi’s grand child