Why Adeboye, Oyedepo, others need deliverance — Prophet MKO Tibetan | Says ‘Law is better than Prayer’

MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’If you listen to God through the Angel
and the Prophet and your son is doing great, you dont need Adeboye &
Oyedepo in your life’

In the third series of our recent
encounter with The Nostradamus, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan of Celestial
Church of Christ
, Elisha Parish
(Nigeria & Europe) he brought the hammer down on leading Nigerian
Pentecostal Pastors like Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel and Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the Daddy
G.O. of Redeemed Christian Church of God. The gifted seer lamented how today’s
church had taken more passion in stifling the poor and looting the little
riches in their care thereby letting them into a regime of hunger and mystery.

The Prophet & author of several
Prophetic revelation books noted with angst that the church of God rather than
being a comforter zone for the poor has suddenly become a shylock enterprise
where more is taken from the poor than given. Prophet Marcus Tibetan who has severally told British Media and
other outlets in the world how two prominent Nigerian Pastors, Adeboye of RCCG and Oyedepo of Winners Chapel needs deliverance
gave strategic reason why Nigerians need to avoid the antics of the modern
church and face work and salvation.
 Every revelation or opinion celebrated here
are not of this blog but profoundly that of the Prophet of the Living God as
shown to him by God Almighty. Take a seat and enjoy the total revelation from The Nostradamus, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan.

Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Bishop Oyedepo once duped his British congregation’

were the one who said sometimes ago that some top Nigerian Pastors need
deliverance and recently, opinions have been militating against the using of
tithe & free offerings to build expensive schools beyond the reach of poor
members. Is that why you said these men need deliverance?
Let me give
you one explanation now, we want to go to the lab, just see what I want to do
for you. (The man of God arranged a set of seven phones to depict the order of
human creation) now, this is God,
this one is Jesus. Then, this one is
the Angel, this one is the Prophet and this one is your father. Then this one again is your teacher. This one is church. In this order, God, Jesus, Angel, Prophet, Father, Teacher and Church, which is Adeboye, this one has a deal, that you cannot come to my father
except you see me (Points to the item he used to depict Jesus) but this one has
terrible power (Holy Spirit) if the son of God want to run into an accident, He
will run quick, He has the ability to run every mile here but there is a deal
which this man (Holy Spirit) has with this one (Prophet) Amos 3 verse 4,5, 6 and 7.
Can calamity or anything befall the city without the noticing of God? It says ‘Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He
reveals His secret to His servants, the prophets’
. Then, Deuteronomy 29; 29
says ‘the hidden things belong to the
. What He has made known to this man (Angel) He will pass it to these
people (The Prophets).  If the prophet
prophesized through the angel to your father that they are going to give birth
to somebody called Gbenga Asabe, that will be a lawyer, that will deliver his people
just like Isaiah 9 verse 6 & 7,
He said ‘Because we are going to give
birth to a child, all the power will be on his shoulder; he is going to be a
great counselor, mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace etc’
message was given several years ago by Prophet Isaiah to whom? To the world
even before Mary and Joseph were born. So, automatically,
the message will come to your father and your father will impregnate your
mother and give birth. And after 7 years, you will carry your son and give him to
the teacher. Then, this teacher will now train your son and your son will now
become a Professor, become a doctor, become an engineer because he studied
elect-elect. In all these development, do we need Adeboye?

Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan…’In this church, we dont dupe people and we dont breed concubines’

No sir
Do we need
One day, Redeemed Camp will be
No, sir
Then, tell
me the reason why these people will not be a thief. And the Lord said ‘my judgment will start from here’
(Church) why is it not starting from here? (Family) Adeboye (Redeemed Pastor)
is another person, just an ordinary rank in heaven. They won’t take him to
heaven as a General Overseer. Oyedepo
will not be known after 17 days of his burial. He will be dead and gone just
like the crazy man by the road side; all the salads, cow tail, cow leg and
Irish Cream become dust-to-dust. Do they know this at all? Do they know how
they started? Psalm 11 verses 3 say “if the foundation is bad. What can the righteous do?’ It is
economic hardship that led us to Oyedepo, Oyedepo is not good. It
is hardship that led us to Adeboye, Adeboye is not a good
person.  Then, is hardship that led us to
of Fire
, how can you teach me how to be abusing my enemy? How do I know
my enemy?  How can I identify my enemy?
Because the Bible said ‘Even if you are going to church to preach and you
saw the camel of your enemy fall in a pit, it said take up your jacket and save
the live of that camel’
. But the Mountain of Fire is saying ‘Enemy fall down and die’ and since
then, we have been having problem. So, if the word of God now says ‘Judgment will start from here’ (Church)
it can never go wrong. All what Oyedepo has stolen will be
sufficient for his 4th generation, his father was an herbalist.

Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan…’It is economic hardship that drove people in mass number to the church’

God a fool to have waited for Adeboye to be retired from the University
Of Lagos
before He called him? All the game they performed in that
place they call CAMP will be exposed 3 years after his death. That place (Camp)
is still going to be deserted because in Jeremiah 5 verse 31,
go and read it. Then, when you look at Isaiah
verse 9, 10, 11 and 12, go and
read it. Then, go and equally read what is in the book of John 6 from verse 60 to 66, he said ‘if you said my word is too tough for you and you want to join those
people, you can go’.
And when you look at the book of John 15 verse 1 to 3, He said ‘I
am the vineyard, you are the branch’.
Then, you came here several years
back and I granted an interview for you, that is the time of the man in CAC,
that is Lion of Judah (Pastor Akinade) and you were asking me, that the man is
doing revival here and what happened to his legacy after death.

L-R; Mr. Soyemi, a VIP, The Nostradamos and The GDA

In my church, law not crowd works…
The members
of this church (CCC, Elisha Parish) are not more than 200; at times with our
children, maybe a bit higher. I am waiting for Tope (his daughter) to
marry to make it 201. I am waiting for Taiwo (his son) to marry to make it
202, so that we can be doing what we know. Nobody’s wife got missing here, no.
Had it been I had four girl friends and he himself (Chairman of Church’s
Harvest Committee who was seated during the interview) has four girl friends,
and the Baba (Nigerian Church’s Shepherd) has 4 girl friends and 10 concubines,
you know the place will be filled up, and if we can see any herbalist who can
help us use a pregnant woman to put at the entrance of our church, then all the
germs or the worms coming from the dead body of the pregnant woman and her baby
will multiply our membership. So, automatically we know what is going on around
these churches but we are not part of them and we cannot join them. When the
time is up, the Lord will liberate Nigerians because law is more powerful and
important than prayer. If there is a law that every one who works will earn a
living and eat, then you won’t need to burst the heavens with your prayer
before miracles happen. In Genesis 15 verse 12, 13, 14, He said
‘because you used your hand to drive the
birds away from the feast, I will send your children into slavery for 430 years’.
That is law but what we have in Nigeria is that people continue to sin and
they will rush to church and say ‘God will forgive’. The Pastor says ‘Sow a
seed’ and you see someone go and steal generator from his place of work and
donate to the Pastor. Under grace
people commit all sorts of sin and they say ‘all is well’. It can’t be well
because the law works better than prayer.

Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan with a Muslim friend during the launching of one of his prophetic books’

‘Pastors have looted enough from the
 People think you are only angry with Pentecostal
Pastors because your church is a white garment church and not as crowded as
theirs? Is this true?
Oh, God,
that is good? But I just told you now how many we are in this church and what
we do here. We do what the Bible prescribes. We do what the Holy Spirit tells
us to do, we solve spiritual problems first and then feed people with the word
of God because the Bible is only a C-Caution. We don’t need to burry anybody
inside the church or at the entrance of the church to enhance crowd. We don’t
force unhealthy people to fast for ages to get their victory or breakthroughs. Isaiah 10 verses 1 to 4, in verse 1, it
says “Woe to those who decree unrighteous
decrees, woe to those who write misfortunes which they have prescribed to rob
the needy of justice and to do what? And to take what is right from the poor of
my people, the widow may be their prey and they may rob the fatherless”.
you get home, go and read that verse. Today, these men of God even organize
prayer session in the early hours of the day when people are supposed to be
engaged in credible ventures.

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’The Church has looted the poor’

Will that happen in China or America?
No. When you start sharing tracks to a hungry man in the early hours of the
day, inviting him to a church program and when he comes, you still collect from
the little one he has in his pocket. You take from him in the name of offering
and all sorts of monies.  In fact, some
Pastors will even tell you to empty your pocket and trek home, it is called
church trek, and you know we have star trek but this one is poverty trek.  In the Bible, Jesus fed multitude but today these church men dupe multitudes. And
you know what, our people are not wise. They lost it and the Bible said ‘For the lack of wisdom, my people perish’.
When He was talking to gluttonous pastors in the book of Isaiah Chapter 3 verse 13, 14
and 15
, He said ‘The Lord will enter
into judgment with the elders of His people’
for what? He said ‘Because the plunder of the poor is in your
He said “What do you mean by
crushing My people and grinding the faces of the poor?”
, Today, Nigerians
are angry, they are embittered but yet they still go to church to drop the
little they ought to survive on with the Bishop and Pastor. The present
economic crisis is wounding the people; you will never hear Oyedepo
or Adeboye
talk, why? They are contented. Because they have taken enough to satisfy their
family till fourth generation, so you can go blazes. Even if you are jobless,
you must come to church because, church is the next farm, it is the next Michelin
Company it is the next Dunlop. So, my brother,
automatically, the churches are filled up because the mass of the people are
jobless and frustrated.

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’The Church is no more interested in salvation but capitalist ventures and intentions’

God has no church…. 
These days, people jump from Pastor
Adeboye’s Holy Ghost Night to Bishop Oyedepo’s Shiloh and you still see them at
MFM’s Power Must Change Hand, don’t you think our indeed, need deliverance?
But you have
seen the 7 entities of creation as I stated them down (Pointed to all the 7
entities of God, Jesus, Holy Ghost, Angel, Father, Teacher, and Church), if
your son is brilliant, does he need to go to church? It is you the father that
will go and look for one church and say ‘Please, Ese Obasaki wants to
marry Mr. Soleye and both of them are living abroad’ and the bride is
a medical doctor and the wife is a pilot. You know they don’t have time for
church but it is their father that will go and look for a church to wed them.
Then, Adeboye will now be telling lies there that ‘we have 30 choirs, we have three
lay-leaders, and this is what we need to paint the church’
and they will
drop N2m.
Will Adeboye
drop the entire N2m intact? No. That is why He said ‘Judgment will start from the church’. When you look at the Celestial
Church of Christ
, we have lost our leader in the last 3 decades but the
church is still standing, why because God is the owner of the church. What is
the name of the church?

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’Law is better than prayer’

Celestial Church of Christ
What about
Redeemed Christian Church of God
God does not
have a church, he has sent his son. So, it is a mistake
You mean that name is a mistake?
It is a
mistake. And when you go to Oyedepo, what is the name of his
Winners Chapel
No, it is David
Oyedepo Ministries,
just like Alausa (Where Lagos State’s
ministries are situated) so, if anybody should find himself or herself there
and they collect your car from you, you are in the ministry. It is a ministry.
Do you know what Oyedepo did in London?

The GDA & The Nostradamos after the encounter

How Oyedepo duped London
I wouldn’t know sir
Oh, he is a
fraud star in the UK. All the means of taking those pounds from the UK he
devised. He invited 17 Bishops with fictitious names, and he packed everything.
In fact, Nigerians attending his church in London didn’t attend again. So,
these monies they will channel it to Nigeria and he will say God is not poor.
Don’t you remember Idahosa, their godfather? Till tomorrow, late Idahosa
is still the godfather of Winners Chapel. Every year, he still
visits the wife of late Idahosa. But there is something that
connected them. Do I have a godfather? Or have you heard from any one that I
have a godfather? My brother, leave Nigerian Church alone. The problem
Nigerians are facing is what is giving the church a lead.  If Julius Berger can come back, if Dunlop
and Michelin
can come back you will see the crowd reduced from the church. You know, anyone
that is going for night duty can not attend a night vigil.

The People’s Prophet with some of his aides and guests

You are right sir
There is no
work place to go, that is why the churches are filled up to brim. And the only
Night Vigil Nigerians observe now is with their wives, making love in the
night. That is the only company that is available. All Nigerians are good
sexier. When you see all Nigerian men now, they don’t even have Ikebe again because they are busy with
their wives (Prolong Laughter) Ah, ah, why are you laughing…..are you still
with me? I am serious, there is no Michelin in Nigeria again, and how
many staff do you think Michelin has turned out? Because
they run 3 shifts in Michelin, they run 3 shifts in Dunlop.
is no more there. Then, Nigeria Textile Mills are no more
there. All these people have left because of light problem. Because the over
run cost of running a factory is too expensive, the people are at home. Even
the graduates Nigeria has been turning out of universities since 1983, where
are they? Some of them are in London driving City Buses, some are there
driving a taxi to survive.

The Nostradamos, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan of CCC, Elisha Parish (Europe & Africa)

My encounter with a Ph-D Nigerian
driver in USA
“I met a PhD
holder in America driving arms track, he is from Osun state. I mean a PhD holder, driving arms track, putting on his
apparels. You know I can not miss a Nigerian in any country, his tribal marks
were there. So, I went to him and said ‘Baba,
how are you, sir? Are you a Nigerian?’
he said ‘By my marks you should know I am a Nigerian from Ogbomosho’. ‘Oh, your arms track was very smooth, I
never knew Nigerians do drive arms track’
. He said he has left Nigeria over
30 years and he is PhD holder. So, I consoled him, I said ‘You know that your certificate
is just a compliment, you know a soldier who just finished smoking Indian Hemp
might not give compliment to his General. Don’t worry; just be doing your work
here, one day, one day you will return home’
. He replied ‘Ah, Nigeria ke? Where there is no light?
Where there are no good roads, no, no, no, to hell with that country’.
said ‘ok, but I am still going there sir,
it cannot be hell with the country, just help us with prayer’
he said, ‘you can go and pray for them but I am
not coming down there again’. He said
he has used that arms track to raise four doctors; four of his children are
Medical doctors.

The Nostradamos, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan with one of his aides at the Special Encounter with Asabeafrika

So, you think Nigerian Pentecostal
Pastors are greedy?
Tell me who
are the people these men have raised successfully? Most of the children they
christened what are they doing in the society? Is it not children of
yesteryears that were christened with kola nuts, bitter kola, salt, water and
honey; are they not the ones still running the society? In fact, even the
children of these men of God, many of them are into drugs and prostitution. I
know many of them in Minnesota and other places around
the world; yet, their fathers are the bishops and pastors. So, you can see that
they all need deliverance. Most of the big bank rogues that were arrested in
the last decade by EFCC and other agencies are largely members of Redeemed Church. Top people, who sit at
the front of the altar, tell me why judgment won’t start from the church. Very
soon, you will start hearing how these men of God helped politicians’ stash
corrupt monies away into their accounts.   

The Prophet with some guests and aides who visited him during the interview

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