Why Billionaire Lulu Briggs is yet to be buried a year after death — Chief Abiola Ogundokun

Eminent Nigerian and octogenarian, HIGH CHIEF ABIOLA OLADEPO OMOPENNU OGUNDOKUN is the former National Publicity Secretary of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN) and former Tactical Committee Chairman of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State, South West Nigeria.

The Iwo, Osun State South Western Nigeria born elder statesman is the Obanla of Iwo kingdom, Apesin-Ola of Erin-Osun land and J’agun P’ote of the Source (Ile-Ife) in Osun State. A philanthropist, media baron and advocate of a better society, he returned from a short trip to the United Kingdom penultimate weekend.

Chief Ogundokun, publisher of CONSCIENCE INTERNATIONAL Magazine revealed to Asabe Afrika TV reasons behind the delayed funeral of his late friend and elder statesman, High Chief Olu Benson Lulu Briggs who died on 27th of December 2018.

The Rivers State, South-South Nigeria born Oil and Gas baron was said to have passed away in far away Accra, Ghana, at the ripe age of 88 after a brief illness.

However, since his death, it has been a public knowledge that the family under the influence of his first son, Barrister Dumo Lulu Briggs have picked a quarrel with his widow, Lady Evangelist (Dr.) Seinye Lulu Briggs, alleging that their ailing father’s death was orchestrated by her.

In trying to play the role of a good confidant of 40 years, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun was caught in a cross fire where elements loyal to the scion of the Lulu Briggs dynasty accused him of taking sides with the widow and thereby labeling him a bad influence after calling him all sorts of dirty names.

Chief Ogundokun in turn has sued 7 elders of the Oruwari War Canoe family house of Kalabari in Rivers State for defaming him and labeling him an intruder in the Lulu Briggs’ family affair.

In a no-hold barred encounter, the Octogenarian revealed why Lulu Briggs’ family are fighting him and why his friend’s son, Dumo, a Christian is at loggerhead with his step mother over the billionaire’s death.

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