Why Cows are treated better than humans under Nigeria’s Democracy — Prophet Tibetan

Renowned Prophet and famous Man of God, Prophet (Dr.) M. K. O Tibetan in
this exclusive May Day (May 29, 2018) exclusive with AsabeAfrika TV
inside his Lagos church, dissected Nigeria’s situation under democratic
governance in the last 19 years (since 1999) and submitted that the
leaders (both religious and political leaders) didn’t only reduced the
quality of the life of ordinary Nigerians, but had equally failed to
deliver basic dividends of democracy for generality of Nigerians.

Prophet famously known as “The Nostradamus of Our Time” across the
globe, gave several heart breaking reasons why Nigeria is backward at 57
and the citizenry confused. Prophet Marcus Tibetan who is known for
his frank and crisp position on issues concerning situations in Nigeria
and Africa came hard on the political and religious leaders, blaming
them for jointly creating a facade that kept majority from reality.

interview granted in the early hour of Tuesday, May 29 at his Lagos
cathedral (CCC, Elisha Parish) had the man of God speaking his mind on
the cow crisis in Nigeria (herdsmen killings across Nigeria),
corruption in high places, rape and many more vices that has kept
Nigeria ill for decades. Prophet Tibetan later flew out of the country
for spiritual appointments/evangelical engagements in Europe and
Enjoy the video.


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