Why I am angry with President Buhari—Prophet who predicted Alamieyeseigha’s death | Says “Tinubu’s hegemony is falling”

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’Majority of our politicians are like the biblical Barnabas’
Last Saturday October 17th
we got an audience with Prophet (Dr.)
MKO Tibetan
, the man of God who predicted the emergence of President Muhammad Buhari during the
2015 election and who equally predicted the death of first Civilian Governor of
Bayelsa State, Chief DSP Amaieyeseigha
on Page 93 of his Prediction 2015 book in his Nigerian office.

Our reason among
many others was to sample the opinion of this fire brand prophet on recent
events especially in the political sphere. Again, we wanted him to react to
late DSP Alamieyeseigha’s demise
which he correctly predicted in his book and to equally react to President Buhari’s choice of
ministerial nominees which was sharply against the Prophet’s agitation for 70%
of Nigerian professionals in the Diasporas. The man of God who was quite busy
with some prominent guests who visited him for prayers granted us two hours
audience where he reacted to several national issues from the ministerial list
down to the imminent dwindling hegemony of national leader of the APC, Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos and
South West politics. Prophet Marcus
who is the leader of CCC, Elisha Parish, Europe & Africa
(With Head Church in Dublin) didn’t spare Mr.
as he registered his displeasure over the nomination of
indigenous Nigerians with no room for the Diaspora candidates which he said the
Lord want the President to achieve the change he campaigned for.

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Everything said in this interview is
the total expression of the highly gifted man of God and not the opinion of
this blog. And clarification can be made through his Nigerian office on (0)
803-7171-730 or his Dublin Office on +3538-9960-9994. Enjoy the excerpts.

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’It was GEJ who sold Godswill Akpabio out as part of his own plea bargain’

Sir, in your recent interviews, you advocated
for a 70% Diaspora and 30% indigenous inputs for ministerial nomination for the
new government of President Buhari and Professor Yemi Osinbajo. But right now
President Buhari has chosen his cabinet and majority are from the pool of Nigerian
politicians like former Governors Fashola, Fayemi, Amaechi and Ngige of Lagos,
Ekiti, Rivers and Anambra respectively. What is your opinion about the
ministerial list?
Thank you my
brother, I told you before that Buhari
is people’s choice and not God’s choice. That word stands till tomorrow. Buhari knows nothing and when you look
at his campaign in the whole 36 states, you will find nothing important in it;
the only thing he will tell you is ‘I will probe them’, he came to revenge.
How do you mean, sir?
He said he
is going to recover all our loots, all the money they have stolen in Nigeria
but the jet that was carrying him from Kano to Lagos, from Lagos to Jebba is
looter’s jet. The jet belongs to people who stole government’s money. They are
the owners of the jet.  When you look at
the book of James 1, 2 and 3, in James 2 from verse 10
precisely, it said ‘For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he
is guilty of all”
so, what is Buhari
trying to tell us? When he was at PTF, there was a particular company that no
matter what they bided for, they will give it to them; now he said the
petroleum ministry should be under his coffer, it is okay, because they need
money. He was the one that gave an open cheque to them in the past to pipe line
the NNPC from Warri to Kaduna and that is from where they
have been looting the fuel. Even in Abonema you discover there are some
departments that are protected from checks. Even look at the CBN today, it is a
conglomerate of the northern people; automatically, we are under the IOC, we
are under a double system of leadership. Automatically, Buhari cannot do more than this. 
But the Holy Spirit warned
him to make his ministerial list 70-30; that he should chose 70% from Diaspora,
those who know value of tax payer’s money, those who are conscious of time;
those who will never waste their precious time to go to Mecca or Lesser Hajj. Not somebody who will
work till 12pm in Abuja and jump into a private jet and go to his house in Mecca
and Medina. Automatically, when you look at the list, these are the
people he still wants. You know I told you before, to leave him alone because
what the Lord is going to do for him, he won’t expect it. 

“You know if
you have rape a girl before and if you now met the lady again in any hotel when
you now have money, the lady will naturally want to come and join you again but
it will not be counted as rape”

How do you mean, sir?
Oh, the Lord
is going to teach him a hard lesson. What do you expect Fashola to come and do as a minster?

The Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

(Cuts in) But a lot of people
acknowledged that Fashola did so well in Lagos and he was able to transform and
reform Lagos to a desired model state?
Let me try
and answer your question about Buhari,
Buhari is a normal human being like
you, you know I told you before about the book of Psalm 90 verse 10, he said “The
days of our lives are seventy years; and by reason of strength they are eighty
years, yet their boast is only labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off and we
fly away”
. Buhari is 73
going to 74, what are the Zimbabweans enjoying with Mugabe?; nothing. Buhari cannot stay one hour on the
computer, Buhari cannot jug for a
mile as an ex-military man again. So, what do you expect? He has come to
recover the baton from the Southerners and return it back to the North. Look at
all the fake professors he is empowering, those who studied Islamic studies,
they will all gather in ABU in Zaria and they will give themselves
Professorship just to level up. Even the NECO mark in Lagos is different from
the NECO mark in Kaduna and Kano. They have been robbing us for so long, quota
system, federal character etc, just to favor the northerners. So, he has come there
to defend his people.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu; Can his political empire fall apart….

Now let’s go back to South West
Politics, there are names of some individuals that are seen to have crisis with
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed the national leader of APC, names like Kayode Fayemi and  Babatunde Raji Fashola. Their appointment as
Federal Ministers by President Buhari is seen as an attempt to deflate Tinubu’s
political influence in the South West. Is that how you see it?
You know Tinubu has no shame; he is just like
somebody who has been selling drug, who has been taking drug, who has been
sleeping with free ladies. Somebody who does not know where even the first wife
is living, see, I don’t know…when they accused Tinubu the other time, we were all here, that he has a fake
certificate. Had it been it was in America or an advanced country, he supposed
to be in prison for now for that act of perjury and forgery. They went to Toronto and every where and nothing
happened, and he was the very same person that took money to Ekiti, took money to Ondo state for political settlement.
Look at what he is causing now in Ghana,
he is a spoiler, he does not know his left from right hand. He came back from
his exile in those days; he was serving Baba
and Aro Lambo and the
rest of them from Lagos state. Then, he wanted to go back and be a senator
again but they said ‘no, why don’t you vie for governor?’ Those are the people
who gave him the audacity and the right of Lagos and after doing that for you,
you now wanted their lives. So, Tinubu
is a person that they need to teach a lesson. There is nothing bad in what Buhari is doing to him, the two of them
are traitors, one claimed to be a retired Army Officer, that means he is a Tiger but at times, Tiger do die in their sleep. If Buhari says he is too clever, one day,
one day the hour will come because He said in the book of Ecclesiastes 5 verse
4, “When
you make a vow to God, do not delay to pay it; for He has no pleasure in fools.
Pay what you have vowed”
and in verse 5, He says “Better not to vow than to vow
and not pay it”
  and Ecclesiastes
6, He says in verse 12 “For who knows what is good for man in life,
all the days of his vain life which he passes like a shadow? Who can tell a man
what will happen after him under the sun?”

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’God is going to give Dapo Sarumi stroke this year’

But if you
quickly take a look at verse 8 of Ecclesiastes 5 He says and I quote “If
you see the oppression of the poor, and the violent perversion of justice and
righteousness in a nation, do not marvel at the matter; for high official
watches over high official, and higher officials are over them”
So, we
should leave it that way. Then, bringing Fashola
in, Fashola has not wrong Tinubu, he is an errand boy to Tinubu till tomorrow. You know if you
have rape a girl before, and if you now met the lady again in any hotel when
you now have money, the lady will naturally want to come and join you again but
it will not be counted as rape. So, they are all political prostitutes. None
were politicians by birth, did Tinubu study
politics in the University? Did he study political science?

“They are
tortoise because the Yorubas say
“Ahun o gbadun ara e, awon to tun gbe sile papa o o le gain anything lara e”
(The stingy man is a liability unto himself as well as society)”.

What Tibetan’s book said about Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

No sir, he studied accounting?
Even the
accounting, he didn’t finish, he claimed he schooled in Chicago but when you get to that school in Chicago you discover that it is a sub-standard school. So, I don’t
see anything special about Tinubu
till he will die. Even though he lives another hundred years to his days, I
don’t have respect for him. Can you compare Tinubu with late Femi
? You cannot. Can you compare Tinubu wit Wole Soyinka?
Can you compare Tinubu even with the
least young boy of yesterday, Tunde
? These are vibrant young men who know their left from their right. Tinubu is a harlot; he robs Peter to pay Paul. He wants everything to come his way but all cannot be so all
the time. So, that is all I can tell you about the whole drama. And (Kayode) Fayemi was a stupid person. Even he
cannot win his second term election; it was obvious he lost out. When he was
contesting somebody (allegedly) gave him hundred
million naira
cash. But on getting to the place now, he became stingy. He
lost that election because he is a stingy person, and the same thing is
happening in Ogun state now. All the APC Governors are all stingy managers. They
are tortoise because the Yorubas say
“Ahun o gbadun ara e, awon to tun gbe sile papa o o le gain
anything lara e”
(The stingy man is a liability unto himself as well as

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….. ‘Late Alamieyeseigha and others like him have turned many Nigerians into walking corpses’

They are all greedy people,
look at the Governor of Ogun state now, using his brother Alhaji Agba as an errand boy, and signing and controlling the
contracts. Had it been Dipo Dina did
not die, had it been (Gbenga) Daniel did not (allegedly) kill Dipo Dina, can he have a way? And when Daniel was (allegedly) killing Dipo Dina the other time, thinking that
is the end of the story, that he will have a smooth ride in the state, reverse
was the case. Like what Tinubu
(allegedly) did in Lagos to Funsho
and Saula, when they
wanted to phase out the Molue transportation system. That was when they jumped
on the bandwagon to attack Saula. Saula (allegedly) helped him to remove Funsho Williams and he settled Dapo Sarumi out of the way. And Dapo Sarumi now is already in trouble. He might die this year.
Ah, ah, why do you say so, sir?
Because he
is going to have stroke, and then, four out the commissioners in Lagos state
will die.
I don’t understand sir, do you mean
old commissioners or newly sworn in commissioners?
All the
re-cycled ones that refused to drop will face trouble. The Lord will send them
a package.

“If you are
a Governor for 8 years, the spoon in your house, the gas you are going to use,
the gas in your car, the pants you are going to wear including the bra your
wife is going to wear, all are being paid for by tax payers”.

Sir, are you talking of a courier or
Fedex package?
No, not
courier; just go back to heaven; what are you talking about? Not courier here,
it is courier to heaven. Not DHL, it is not DMS. What happened to Alamieyeseigha will happen to them.

The Late Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha

One of the reasons why we came here
is over the Alamieyeseigha issue. On page 93 of your 2015 Prediction book, you
predicted that the first civilian Governor of Bayelsa State will sleep and
never wake up. Just last Saturday, October 10 he died after falling into coma
for two days? Didn’t he get your prophecy?
You see,
when you believe you can settle your way to get things that is what happens to
you; in Psalm 49, He said vengeance
is mine. In Verse 11, He said “Their
inner thought is that their houses will last forever. Their dwelling places to
all generation; they call their lands over their own names”
and Verse
12 says “Nevertheless man, though in honor, does not remain. He is like the
beasts that perish”
Then in Malachi
chapter 1
and chapter 2, he said
in verse 1”Woe to those who devise iniquity, and work out evil on their beds. At
morning light, they practice it, because it is in the power of their hands”
it down to verse 4. 

How the Prophecy on Alamieyeseigha came to pass

(Alamieyeseigha) and many of them have cheated a lot of people; the Nigerian
masses are already in the mortuary. They are all walking corpses. Nigerian
masses are all walking corpses. If somebody can steal N14 billion, N13 billion,
N18 billion, how much is he going to
spend before he dies? And let me give you one arithmetic sir, you know if you
are a Governor for 8 years, the spoon in your house, the gas you are going to
use, the gas in your car, the pants you are going to wear including the bra
your wife is going to wear, all are being paid for by tax payers. And this your
8 years money will now go direct to your account. That one is enough for a
normal human being but we are not satisfied, He said in Luke 23 verse 18 he said
Herod sent Jesus to Pilate but both
Pilate and Herod saw nothing wrong with Jesus
and he said “nothing has been done by this man to deserve death” but the people
cried to Pilate, “Away with this man
(Jesus) and release to us Barabbas
who had been thrown into prison for murder and rebellion. So, who is Barabbas? Who are ruling Nigeria today?
The Barabbas, David Mark is a Barabbas, (Godswill)
Akpabio too learnt from him, when
the umbrella of PDP got broken into pieces they all became gangsters, armed
robbers, night marauders and people who want to be riding on jets over night.

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’Buhari’s action is directly against Tinubu’s hegemony’

In fact they even want to pack jets on top of the roof of their houses. We are
not worried, 2nd Samuel 14:14
which says “For we will surely die and become like water spilled on the ground,
which cannot be gathered up again”
and Psalm 49:10 “For He
wise men die; likewise the fool and senseless person perish, And
leave their
wealth to others”. Then He said in the book of Isaiah 55 from verse 4-10, where he cursed the wicked and equally admonish
the wicked  to  return to the Lord so that he can get mercy,
he say “Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him
while He is near”
in verse 8 He said “For my thoughts are not your
thoughts. Nor are your ways my ways” and he was telling us again in the
book of Job 4 verse 9 “By the blast of God they perish and by the breadth of His anger they
are consumed”
and 1st
Samuel 3
and 4, he said Eli, all these your children you cannot
put to check, one day I will come myself and do it and that was what made Hophni and Phinehas to die in one day and the enemies took away the ark of the
covenant. We should not lose hope; we will see light after this tunnel. After Buhari, something wonderful will still
happen among the youth who live in the Diaspora. He has only come as a carpet; Buhari will be used as a carpet because
he has already missed it all with the crop of the ministers he chose.
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