Why Pastor E.A. Adeboye sat on King’s Royal Stools in Osun & Oyo State–Prophet Adebayo

PROPHET (DR.) SEGUN ADEBAYO is a dynamic vessel of God created for manifestation of His glory in the lives of lost sheep (Ezekiel 34:7-10).

His Ministry, CHRIST APOSTOLIC WORLD END-TIME REVIVAL MINISTRY (CAWERM) is a multi-dimensional ministry assigned with the apostolic signs for miracle and breakthrough.

His trip to the United Kingdom in the first week of December 2023 led to a three weeks revival in Europe as signs and wonders manifested in the lives of many. He returned on Tuesday 26th of December 2023 for other spiritual activities in Nigeria.

IN OUR FIRST INTERVIEW OF THE YEAR with The Man of God on Tuesday, January 2nd, Year 2024 he revealed several events that will characterize Year 2024 and why the nations of the world must honor God and shun wickedness.

The Prophet described Year 2024 as a very interesting Year with daring consequences for evil minded people but goodness and mercy for children of God.

He warned Christians, leaders of nations and political gladiators all over the world to pray for a kind and productive weather in Year 2024.

In this PART 2 of the interview, the Man of God spoke on reasons why Nigerian Christian Leader and General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) PASTOR ENOCH ADEJARE ADEBOYE was seeing praying for and touching the royal cap of the new Soun of Ogbomosho land, His Royal Majesty OBA OLAOYE GHANDI who is a former Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God (Diaspora) under Pa Adeboye.

As if that was not enough, the following week, Pastor Adeboye was caught again sitting on the royal stool on Oba Francis Alao, the Olugbon of Orile Igbon in Oyo State. Even though palace sources and RCCG sources denied that the seat was the one meant for the royal father but inscription on the seat suggests it was the one meant for the royal father.

In this new broadcast, Prophet Adebayo gave insights into the two situations.

Find out more in this PART 2 of the Red Exclusive Encounter.






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  2. This pastor and Asabe are hypocrites and dysfunctional. In going through his previous viewpoints and sermons, the credibility issue seems to be at odds with the biblical doctrines. He said he will never take money from no one, but he turns his pastoral mission to a corporate entity. He once criticized Pastor Adeboye but now supports him. Please stop all this nonsense and ask for God's forgiveness. Asabe is a sychopant who embraces and promotes the pastor's arrays of embellishment. We need to be reminded that God is watching all the drama unfolding here.

  3. Then you are oblivious of the history of your the Yoruba race. Why aren't I surprised? The FG scrapped history in schools, making quite a large number of the youths who are now semi-literate about their races/history or the progenitors of their origins and possible etymology of the language as well. It's a huge pity and very unfortunate. The lies with the brigands thatrulingruled without the say-so of the people!

  4. Baba Adeboye is using Late Pa Akindayomi mantu pa Adeboye is a millionaire but what has he done for the children of pa Akindayomi the owner of the powerful Mantu that was given to him on trust. His members contributed money through ties and offerings to built school but his members cannot afford the school. It is abomination for him to sit on that chair let’s call a spade a spade Adeboye needs to respect his culture. You guys should stop deceiving us.

  5. Whats Prophet Adebayo saying, wats wrong in our Traditional Heritage, what's being used to make all dis Meds: Tablets, Capsules etc even powdered Meds not to even mentioned some made wit fruits, flowers n d Salad, Lemons, we all eating inc d afore mentioned Trees & leaves using today, r dey not frm Trees n leaves. We need to educate ourselves more. He also sd some things which doesn't really tally eg walking d Dogs, did God not tell us to take care of Animals; some of dem r sources for feeding eg foods whyl some of dem r also good helpers, n some of dem eg Horses, Dogs esp, r very loyal, always alerts u of danger n @ same time always prepared n ready to defend u her owner to d end; wit her life. . 

    In terms of his sayings abt ppl not going to Church. Our body' is d Church of Christ n Christ is d head n founder of d Church In Ephesian 1:22 – 23 n Colossians 1: 24 Corinthians 12:12 – 26 & all d ppl dat who accepts Christ's gift of Salvation n follow His teaching's much more than a building. May our Dear Heavenly Father Lord God lead us thru, open our inner eyes, ears, hearts n fill our brains wit wisdom: knowledge n understandings, as well as {AWA} open ours hearts to luv, care n kindness, to inc good long lasting health, wealthy peaceful live full of joy n happiness IJMN … Amen !!!

    Bless Up y'all🙏✌😘