Why the Yoruba race is broke & hungry — By Top Cleric

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’The Yorubas have lost touch with reality’
A strong
warning have been handed down to the Yoruba
people of South Western Nigeria—West Africa, urging them to embrace Agriculture
and stop the regime of dependency on the Hausa
people of the Northern part of the country for food produce. The warning was
given by a famous clergy and world renowned Prophet of God, Dr.
Marcus Korede
Oluwatosin Tibetan of Celestial
Church of Christ
, Elisha Parish
(Europe & Africa)

The famous
man of God widely known as ‘The Nostradamus of our time’
lamented the rate at which the Yoruba
race have deteriorated into a ‘begging tribe’ in his Prediction 2015 book which was recently studied by a group of
theologians in Kentucky, United States of America where the
cleric is presently sojourning after an earlier evangelical trip to 6 American
  How the Yorubas lost it…
“Yorubas are known to be hardworking,
intelligent and knowledgeable people of integrity who always fight for their
rights; however, many things have changed with regards to the Yorubas”
Prophet Marcus regretted.
Prophet Marcus lamented further “Street begging is alien to Yoruba race but
laziness has caught up with some who have resorted to begging for alms by the
road sides. Yorubas of today suits up or wear gorgeous agbada to beg for alms at different bus stops in Lagos, Ibadan,
Akure, Okun and some other towns. They fabricate lies that they came from Ekiti
or Oshogbo to Lagos and the person they came to see had relocated or could not
be found”.

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“As such, they solicit for money to
transport them back to where they came from. Some of such elitist beggars would
put their children in strategic bus stops in Lagos and other places and get
their children to be begging for alms. Yorubas have become lazy and refused to
farm even when rain falls from January through December. Yorubas in Ogun and Ondo states do not need dams or irrigation because water is
everywhere for farming. One is dumb founded that Yorubas now wait for Hausa yam,
maize, tomatoes and onions. The North is the destination for fertilizer and
other farm produce. The Yorubas have become lazy”.
Tibetan cried in his book.
Another Page of the warnings in Prophet Marcus’ book
The Obas have equally lost it…
The Prophet
lambasted the traditional rulers of the Yoruba
race describing them as toothless bull dogs who can only bark not bite “Rather than being champions for struggles
for peace, Obas like the Ooni of Ife (Referring to late Ooni of Ile-Ife) spin
civil strife and crises between Ile-Ife
and Modakeke (towns) to multiply the
fatherless, homeless, widows, orphans and crippled people”.
MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’Mannas will never fall from heaven for
the Yoruba nation. We have to work it out by ourselves’
The Politicians too, lost it…
Prophet MKO Tibetan gave a wiping remark for the
political leaders of the Yoruba race “The
likes of the late Chief Adedibu are
the champions of politics of hate that consumed Bola Ige. They are no longer their brother’s keepers. The refusal
of (an ex) minister of power and steel—Chief
Bola Ige
to assent to a memo of importation of generating sets was the
reason Obasanjo and Atiku regime orchestrated a killer
squad to eliminate him. Their (Obasanjo and Atiku’s) political relevance is
“Yoruba Obas—Ooni of Ife, Alaafin of
Oyo, Awujale of Ijebu land are mere empty shells, a shadow of their fathers and
forefathers in terms of worth and influence. They slept off when the emirs
planted their sons in strategic positions in Army, Customs, Police etc”.
A Page of the Warning in Prophet Marcus’ book
Yoruba R’onu…
Prophet Tibetan reminded the Yorubas that “Late Pa Ogunde (Actor, Composer &
Musician) in his days rendered a befitting ever green piece—“Yoruba Ronu”. When
Ogunde was awarded a national honor
at Abuja, nobody, even his children could step forward to pick up the award.
This is a shame to the Yoruba race because we don’t immortalize our past
heroes. Odious as his case was, the Northerners stood behind (Late General Sani
Abacha’s Chief Security Officer Major Hamza) Al-Mustapha during his trial until he was finally set free”.
The Prophet
added “It is in Yoruba land that (people
like) Buruji Kashamu and Iyabo Obasanjo would use pages of paid
advertisement to derogate Olusegun Obasanjo and the Obas would keep mute. Earnest Shonekan was made the interim
President and his brother was in Prison. Ogunde had said it all—“Yoruba Ronu”.
A page of warning to the Yoruba nation
Why the Obas are selfish…
Prophet MKO Tibetan gave his reasons for the lackadaisical
attitude of the Yoruba Obas to their
subjects “Yoruba Obas and leaders are
cowardly and selfish; they never do what they are supposed to do at the right
time. Who among the Yoruba leaders that can bell the cat? Is anyone ready at
this time?”
of Ijebu
still wants more lands and (he is still) organizing Ojude Oba
(festival) to convert Naira to Dollars or Pounds and invest in other countries.
The Ooni of Ife is agitating for the
latest Lexus car to adorn his car park so that all and sundry will know that he
is a wealthy paramount ruler. Alaafin of
is roaming about with concubines over the places. This set and type of
Royal Fathers cannot deliver the (kind of) Yoruba race we envision. We need to
come together to fashion out who will be our leader before it is too late”.
Why Yorubas must farm…
The Ode-Aiye,
Oktipupa LGA, Ondo State born Man of
God reminded the Yoruba race how they lost it all to laziness by abandoning
agriculture “Yorubas have forgotten their
origin and anthem that ‘Education
Agriculture’ is
incomplete. They have got to go back to farming rather than relying on farm
products from the north. We should encourage our Youths to invest on mechanized
farming and the rich ones should support the farmers through fertilizers and
other amenities needed”
“We should set up Agricultural College
or foundation where our Youths will be educated on how to convert farm waste to
useful things for the betterment of our communities and the nation at large”.
The Yoruba Women too…
The no
nonsense Nostradamus has a word for Yoruba women too “Up to early 1970s, Yoruba women were respectful and submissive to
their husbands but now reverse is the case. Yoruba ladies dance nude in parties
and no leader or elder can curb these immoralities in the Yoruba race. Also,
our Musicians add to the trend of immoralities through their songs and videos. Remember
the days of Haruna Ishola, Ayinla Omo Wura and others who
sang meaningful songs during their days. The Yorubas need to go back to the drawing
board and re-shape all that have gone wrong in their custom and tradition”. 
“Yorubas have become lazy and refused
to farm even when rain falls from January through December. Yorubas in Ogun and Ondo states do not need dams or irrigation because water is
everywhere for farming. One is dumb founded that Yorubas now wait for Hausa
yam, maize, tomatoes and onions. The North is the destination for fertilizer
and other farm produce”.
Cover of the Book ‘Prediction 2015’
The Religious Leaders are guilty too…
Prophet MKO Tibetan has a word for the Yoruba clergies “Some Pastors and General Overseers in the
Yoruba race joined different evil societies, secret cults for spiritual powers
and converge in groves to eat human flesh because of fame and for people to
come to their churches”
(Jeremiah 17)
“Have they forgotten how Pa Joseph (Ayo) Babalola of (Christ
Apostolic Church) CAC, (Pa Josiah) Akindayomi
of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Moses
Orimolade of Cherubim and Seraphim
(C&S) and (Pastor Samuel Bilewu) Oschoffa
of Celestial Church of Christ started their ministries?.
Now, those youths who are jobless go
into pastoral courses claiming that God called them into the ministry. We shall
all see their ends”.
Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’The Yoruba Politicians and Obas are confused’
The T.B. Joshua saga…
Prophet Marcus brought a new dimension to the issue
of the September 12, 2014 collapse of a guest house at Ikotun Egbe area of
Lagos State being erected by the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of
All Nations, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua that killed over 200 South
Africans and member of other nations. Hear him “The recent building that collapsed at Synagogue (Church of all Nations)
was not natural. Evil pastors converged at TB Joshua’s church for meeting and
it was the turn of Joshua to donate blood for the evil society. That was the
reason why the building collapsed”
initiated Chris Oyakhilome
into the evil society and also called Chris
to join but Okotie
disagreed when he saw the secret behind the society”.
Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’Even the Clergy class has disappointed the masses’
The Erastus Akingbola matter…
Prophet Tibetan noted with pain how some Yoruba Obas
and clergy men abandoned Erastus Akingbola a Yoruba banker
during his trying moments: “The Obas,
leaders and Pastor E. A. Adeboye
were alive when the government acquired Intercontinental Bank that belongs to
(Erastus) Akingbola and they never
did anything to help him out of the mess. Remember that Akingbola is an entrepreneur in Yoruba land who gave jobs to thousands
of Nigerians with his bank. But today, some of the workers dismissed from Akingbola’s bank are still looking for
Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’I feel bad with the way Yorubas wait for Hausa’s food produce before they can eat’
Subomi Balogun
and other prominent bankers in Yoruba race could not help Akingbola. Instead, they laid various
false accusations against him, calling him a thief, forgetting that they were
the thieves not Akingbola. It is
always painful when your kinsmen sell you out”
(Gen. 42:43)
The Prophet
gave what looks like a prophetic word; “Akingbola will never die in that mess,
he will still fight back and live. He has no case with the Federal and state
governments; but no royal father lobbied Aso
Rock to get things done for him.
They only go there for what they and their children will eat. All the royal
fathers in Yoruba land are like ‘Oliver Twist’. They are never satisfied—they
always want more”.
“The royal fathers, leaders and elder
statesmen in the Yoruba race should know for sure that they have murdered sleep
and they would not sleep. They need to open their eyes for year 2015 through
2017 when Nigeria should be transformed to ‘United States of Nigeria’ (USN)
because in the current ‘One Nigeria’, the Yorubas have been sidelined. Goodluck Jonathan (Ex-Nigerian
President) is developing the Niger-Delta and the Igbo land while fertilizer is
flowing to the North. What have they done for the Yoruba race in the South
“The royal fathers and the elder
statesmen should not keep us into the pocket of Buhari again. We are not ready to work for Buhari unless he tells us what he is going to do for the Yoruba
race, what will be our share in the government and the position Yoruba will be
in his regime”.
More warnings for the Yorubas
What Yoruba should do now?
Prophet MKO Tibetan gave what looks like an immediate
solution “All illustrious sons of Yoruba
at home and abroad need to converge at Ile-Ife
(Osun State)to figure out a credible leader whom they will follow and whose
opinion they will respect. Yoruba need to reinstate the Agbekoyas—the orthodox Yoruba farmers group on whom they can rely
in case of serious warfare. OPC are off the shoot, but the Agbekoyas are the root in case there is a civil war”.
“In conclusion, Yoruba must stand on
their feet and proclaim the gospel of ‘United States of Nigeria’ meaning each
state will use what they have got to get what they want, as it is in the United
States of America”.
The Man of God liberating his crowd of worshippers with Spiritual Soaps
(All Opinion
celebrated in the aforementioned article are that of Prophet MKO Tibetan as
revealed to him by God. The Prophet can be reached on his Local Lines; +234(9)
080-371-71-730, 080-570-70-783. His
International Lines: 00935-3899-6099-94, 00935-3876-6963-70,
+44796-1714-893, +44740-5426-336)


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