3 Reasons why Ambode cannot run Lagos successfully – Prophet MKO Tibetan | + “How Okonjo Iweala lost her glory of becoming Nigeria’s 1st female President”

Prophet MKO Tibetan

In continuation of our exclusive
encounter with renowned seer, Dr. MKO
, the only Nigerian prophet who predicted the emergence of President Muhammad Buhari in the 2015
election; we hereby present his spiritual insights into certain activities in
the Nigerian political arena as well as issues facing the political leadership
of Nigeria’s most populous state, Lagos
under Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

The Prophet who predicted the
emergence of Governor Ambode as far
back as December 12, 2014 gave a deep spiritual insight into what he described
as the inability of the governor to perform as against the high expectation of
Lagosians who voted his candidacy on April 11. The Prophet also revealed how
former coordinating minister of the economy, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala lost her glory to become Nigeria’s first woman
president which was predicted 10 years ago due to her infamous role in the
recently disbanded President Goodluck
6 years misrule.

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who is the leader of Celestial
Church of Christ,
Elisha Parish,
Europe & Africa (With Head Church in Dublin, Republic of Ireland) spoke to Asabeafrika inside his Lagos, South
West Nigeria office.
Everything said in this interview is
the total expression of the highly gifted Prophet of God as directed by the
Holy Spirit and not the opinion of this blog. And clarification can be made
through his Nigerian office on (0) 803-7171-730 or his Dublin Office on
+3538-9960-9994. Enjoy the excerpts.
Recently, Lagosians started
complaining about the return of armed robbers to the city, bad vehicular
traffic and other social disturbances. Sir, do you think Lagosians got it wrong
by voting in Governor Akinwunmi Ambode as predicted by you last year?  
Well, Ambode has handcuff in his hands.
Dr. MKO Tibetan with Asabeafrika
How do you mean, sir?
The very day
they sworn him in, it was just like somebody who walked into jail. He was
looking at the seat from outside and was seeing the glory not the gory
(Laughter) it was just like what happened between President (Barrack) Obama and
the American people, when he was campaigning, he said ‘Yes, we can’. But when
they locked the door of the White House
behind and showed him all they do in America
behind closed door, his eyes turned red and when he came out, he discovered
they cannot. So, Ambode is a victim.
Among the 36 commissioners they picked, 5 of them are Christians while the rest
are Muslims. Lagos state is a Muslim state; there is nothing Ambode can do. When you look at the
list of the commissioners, those are the list given to him by his godfather. He
only came to Alausa to open and
close door for the people Tinubu want
him to work for. That is the problem. So, what we need to say now is that Ambode cannot perform. 

Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode

money, it was later they knew it was one Alhaji’s
name that was (allegedly) there. All the monies they made all through the 8
years rule of Fashola is being
(Allegedly) paid into one person’s account. And one person has the right to
draw the money out, so, what would they use to pay workers? This was discovered
by Ambode. Then, when Fashola was leaving, there was no
single dime in the vault. So, what do you expect him to do? And he said he
wanted to work with the Navy; does he want to move the entire Lagos resident
into the River? Ambode will succeed
if the mantle can be released to him. You know if you give a goat to someone as
a dash and you are still holding the rope that means the goat is not going
anywhere. So, the rope on the neck of Ambode
is in the hand of Tinubu. But now it
has been settled, let’s see what will happen in the month of November and
December because they are going to help Tinubu
to wash his (dirty) linen and spread it outside. That was the reason why they
want to use Fayemi and all the
people he hated in the ministerial appointment. 

It is just to spite him. Fashola
has not offended him, he played the game down to earth, all the recreation
centers in Lagos has been (allegedly) shared between Fashola and Tinubu, even
the SAN they gave to him today, they work it for him. He has never won any
major case here in Nigeria and Fashola
is not a politician, Fayemi too is
not a politician, even Ambode too is
not a politician, they are technocrats. So, what do you expect them to do?
There is nothing they can do. They wanted to loot and they are simply there to
loot. And when you look at Baba Hamzat
who can help them achieve the best, now Tinubu
want to rubbish him. Tinubu has no
respect for anybody because he is a drunkard, he is a chain smoker, the drug is
working on him twenty four seven. Now, he has already spoiled Ghana. Early this
October, he (allegedly) ran out of Nigeria to the Gambia. Shame will not allow him to stay at home because everybody
is asking him question and he is dodging those questions. Because already they
are removing his tap roots, they will bring Fashola back to Lagos to come and re-structure Lagos. The son of Baba
will still be relevant as the Governor of Lagos State after Ambode, he is coming back.

“When you look at the list of the
commissioners, those are the list given to him by his godfather. He only came
to Alausa to open and close door for
the people Tinubu want him to work
for. That is the problem. So, what we need to say now is that Ambode cannot perform”.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

You mean the immediate past Lagos
state commissioner for works under Fashola?

Yes, he is
coming back to become governor. It is ordained by God in heaven; but look at
the way Tinubu treated the father? And
when you ask for Baba Aro Lambo, these are the Lagos men. And
look at the other stupid man who calls himself ‘Cardinal’.
Who is that, sir?
I mean Odumnbaku, he was a tailor before.
Are you referring to Baba Eto?
He is not toeing anything. Ko ri nkankan to. He was a tailor before and members of his family
are into this masquerade business. They are into masquerade business in
Abeokuta, they are the ones using cane to look for market women in those days
and look at all the lies he has been lying to everybody around the world that
if you want to see Tinubu, he has
the right. Look at all the money they put in the Christian and Muslim
commission, they gave it to him and he converted into building a cathedral. He
is a member of the Celestial Church and there is nowhere in the Celestial
nomenclature where any of our leader is called “Cardinal”.

Former Gov. Babatunde Fashola

Sir let’s go to Akwa Ibom state, the
former Governor, Godswill Akpabio who is now a minority leader in the senate
was recently arrested by EFCC and later released only to be re-arrested again.
You predicted in your book last year that his political career will collapse.
How do you see his arrest? 

Yes, it was Goodluck Jonathan that exposed him, Goodluck Jonathan has pleaded bargain
and one of the deal is to expose some of the people who swallowed something
big. You know he visited Buhari and
he revealed to him those that have giant money in their custody. The big armed
robbers, big thieves which Akpabio
is one of them. Buruji Kashamu is
equally one of them, and even Alison
Madueke. Even Okonjo Iweala is still coming back to face trouble. She is going to
sleep and never wake up.
You mean Okonjo Iweala?
Yes! Okonjo Iweala. Do you know the Lord
ordained her to become the first female president of Nigeria?
I didn’t know sir
I predicted
that ten years ago, but she missed it, she can never get it again. She was so
callous when she was on seat, if you cannot speak Ibo she can not employ
you and she was there helping Goodluck
to loot and you said you came from World
. It was just like what happened during George Bush’s regime in the USA when Bush insisted his girl friend must rule World Bank and that is what broke World Bank into pieces till tomorrow. Back to the Akpabio issue, Akpabio is a stupid person from the beginning. He is a killer, he
is an area boy, he is just like Buruji
, he is just like MC Oluomo
in Oshodi,
you saw when BBC came to interview MC Oluomo, you saw the way he was
talking to them, telling them all the things he was doing for Tinubu, all the things he was doing for
Fashola and all these people. We
still have a lot of political gangsters parading the street. We have 40 fake
senators under Saraki. Dino Melaye is more or less a moron. He
was there to help the senate president carry his bags. You know he demonstrated
his ability when he helped Saraki’s
wife to carry her bag to the EFCC recently. He is a Body Guard but now they said he is a senator. When you look at it,
can you call Akpabio a good senator?
Can you call Bukola Saraki a good
senator of the Federal Republic? Look at the set of people there, people like T.A. Orji; they settled their way after finishing their states. Is that
fair? Look at someone like Ngige,
when are they going to retire? Why cant their families ask them, brother,
sister, when are you going to retire? The little you have, why can’t you invest
with it and move on? When are they going to quit and allow the young to grow?
They don’t have any idea, their ideas are archaic. Dead ideas, they don’t even
know what is happening in Saudi Arabia
or even in China. They don’t even
have website or a blog. They don’t even have I-Pad.

“Ambode will succeed if the mantle can be released to him. You know if you give
a goat to someone as a dash and you are still holding the rope that means the
goat is not going anywhere. So, the rope on the neck of Ambode is in the hand of Tinubu”.

Dame Patience Jonathan

The recent crane crash and stampede
that led to mass death of Nigerians in Saudi Arabia is a sad tale. What is the
position of the Lord on that incidence?

When you
check our Prediction 2015 book, the
Lord said if they (Government) don’t stop using tax payers’ money to send
people to Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem,
they will be bringing their corpses home as from 2015. That is what the Lord
said and it has happened, and next year it is going to be more than this, it is
going to be a plane crash. The plane which will be airlifting them will drop.
We have received a lot of insult from the government of Saudi Arabia and when you look at the huge investment that goes
into hajj, it is quite unfortunate. The entire northern states give one, one
million Naira to each person travelling; So, how much is remaining in the tax payer’s
balance sheet? Had it been that we are now back to the United States of Nigeria,
it could have been better. If you want to use your cattle money to sponsor
people to Saudi Arabia, you are
free. If you want to do Christening, you do your christening with the power of
your economy; but now, they said every dick, tom and harry should go to
Jerusalem, what is special about Jerusalem? They drop bombs in Jerusalem, they
commit all sorts of atrocities in Jerusalem, they kidnap people in Jerusalem,
and they shoplift in Jerusalem. Even in Saudi
, when they are praying, some people from Nigeria are busy stealing
their jewelries. When they say “Allah Akbar” everybody just bow and Nigerians
will be stealing from their shelves and when they catch some of them, their
hands will be cut off as punishment and when you get to Agege Pen Cinema you see
them. People with one leg have their own club; people with one hand equally
have their own club. They are all victims of Saudi Arabia. They cut their legs because they stole people’s
slippers. They cut their hands because they stole people’s jewelries. And that
is what they call Sharia. Look at
the caliber of people who died there, look at a northern Emir and his entire
family wasted, look at the brother of the immediate past INEC boss, they have
been going severally, ten, twenty times, what do you gain from it? Will they
accord you a professorial honor and even the name they accord you simply means
“Visitor” that is “Alhaji” or “Alhaja”. What is special in Alhaji? And when you go to Jerusalem,
they call you JP. So, what is the
meaning of this? It will not put food on your table.
What advice do you have for the
political class who are busy taking the masses for granted?
We have just
three people to beg in Nigeria.
Who are they?
Mike Adenuga is number one; these people don’t
want anything good for Nigeria. The second person is the fake billionaire that
you have, Aliko Dangote, he is a
devil. Then, the third person that we need to work with closely, and they
should expose quickly is the wife of the former president that is Patience Jonathan. They need to arrest
her quickly.
How do you mean, sir?
Because she
is still aiding and abetting, and they should also call in TY Danjuma. Although the voice of integrity says he is going back
to heaven by 2017. Danjuma will die.
He as a person does not know the amount of money he has again. As for Aliko Dangote, if a bag of Cement is
N800 in Cotonou (Benin Republic) and N700 in Ghana and these are cements they shipped from Nigeria and
yet they selling the same commodity for N2500
in Nigeria, where is the humanity in that? And all those that kept trucks with Dangote; Dangote has converted those trucks to his own name, he brought all
these vehicles in without paying duty fee and all the money he borrowed from Erastus Akingbola’s bank
(Intercontinental) they wrote it off. Virtually all bank managers want to deal
with Dangote so that they can right
off his debts and you are calling this man a millionaire? They should give more
licenses for people to bring cement into the country so that cement can be N300
and majority can build and live in their own houses.  My advice to the political leaders is that
they should try and checkmate all these people. Do you know your NITEL was
bought by the late Alamieyeseigha?
He bought it and he used a Yoruba man to front.

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala

Who is this Yoruba man?

I will tell
you later, everybody is going into hotel business. And if you look out well, it
is always a thief that becomes a chief in Nigeria. The thief becomes the chief
and even their children are not shameful. But Ecclesiastes 10 verse 8
says “He who digs a pit will fall into it, and whoever breaks into a wall
will be beaten by a serpent. He who quarries a stone may be harmed by them, and
he who splits wood may be endangered by it”
and if you look down either
verses 17 or 18 it says there that Because of laziness the house decays, and
idleness of hands the house leaks”
my brother we don’t have quality
politicians in this country, we have armed robbers. Can you call late Chukwumerije a politician? can you say
the man who carried the mace from Abuja to his village, that is late Chuba Okadigbo is a politician?, can
you call the man who have been spending Nigeria’s government money from age 26,
that is David Mark, can you call him
a leader? Till tomorrow, he is not tired. Buying gold wristwatch for the
president; then later they will go to Saudi
and Jerusalem and be
putting paper in between a wall that cracked. If this country will be great
again, they should monitor these three people we mentioned earlier.  They should give us consistent power and stop
bringing bills when the power consumed does not commensurate the energy used.
Now, they have taken light in this area (The Prophet’s Abule Iroko by
Ajegunle-Ilo area in Lagos—near Sango Ota toll gate) for the past twenty days.
I have been buying diesel to power the church’s generator, although I am in
town to bury my mother and I will leave shortly. By next year I will think
twice if I will come back to this country in another five years, I don’t think
I will be in this country again until Buhari
leaves. Our next prediction book launch will take place in the first week of December
that will be my last advice to the Republic of Nigeria. We will be waiting for
the inauguration of the United States of
where we can bring Nigeria back, geographically into the old three
regions. We can go and beg the people of Delta and Igbo people and the people
from Benin to resume the production of their rubber and palm trees. They should
bring Chinese experts to help them monitor their refinery. We should let the
north go, let Buhari go and monitor
the pyramids, the groundnuts, let him put it under presidency. He should put
the cows under the presidency not petroleum. They should think about the masses
or else what happened to Aikhomu,
what happened to Aigbe, what
happened to Abiola, what happened to Awolowo’s wife, what happened to Awolowo, what happened to Zik, will happen to them. Death is
coming, it is on the way and it will arrest them, it will kill them, so that we
can know peace. They should go and read what happened to the Syrian soldier who
doubted God’s power and the Prophet’s claim that famine will end in Syria
within 24 hours; check it in 2nd King
chapter 7.
This war is not for the masses as stated in Isaiah 37, Sennacherib
the king of Syria brought war to Hezekiah
in Israel but Hezekiah the king tendered 
the paper before the altar of God and said the war is not ours but yours
Lord and the Lord cut down the kingdom and power of Sennacherib. As from January 2016, we will set a new altar in this
church, anybody disturbing Nigeria; we will put their names there for God to do
justice unto them and their families.


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